Monday, December 27, 2021

Jeopardy Has New Long-Running Champ—and She isn’t What She Seems

[“USA Swimming Official Quits Over Male Swimmer Competing against Women.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Monday, December 27, 2021 at 11:46:00 A.M. EST

Speaking of which, the most bizarre occurrence in Jeopardy history is taking place right now. In the last few months, there have been some long running champs—all White men—but about two weeks ago, someone called “Amy” started winning. “Amy” looked like a frumpy, unattractive, middle-aged woman—but upon further review—“she” didn’t (at least to me).

I immediately told my mom (who watches the show) that Amy was queer—or even a guy. “Amy” said “she” had a girlfriend. Ah ha! A lesbian! But as “Amy” kept winning games, I became convinced Amy was a man, baby.

Yesterday, Amy confirmed she/he/it [s/h/it, for short] was a trannie—the voice is feminized, but the look is obviously a man dressing in women’s clothes.

“Amy” has won over $600,000—fourth place in Jeopardy annals. Though “Amy” has a great talent for recall, there’s something seriously wrong with “Amy”—and his girlfriend.



Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
It was about 2 games in I realized that "Amy" was probably packing something a little more than meets the eye. The way he's playing, he may eclipse Ken as the GOAT. He has referenced a girlfriend a few times, but I don't know if the "girlfriend" is another gender confused dude or not, my guess is that it's not a bio woman but he's getting pretty famous so I suppose we'll find out at some point.
If he ends up being the all time winningest player ever, it won't change the fact that men have been dominant as the top players in Jeopardy. Not being a physical competition you'd think women would be equally represented as top players but a scan through the top winners reveals (White) men are highly overrepresented. If Amy wins, I suspect the Woke media, always hungry for a great non White male hope, will try to categorize him into "something else" other than another dominating White guy. No, it's still a White guy, just not a hetero one.

Regular viewers will of course remember the "team" competition staged by Jeopardy to "diversity" the top player winners circle, it was all designed to camouflage White male dominance and make Jeopardy more "inclusive". Most Jeopardy viewers were too smart to be fooled though, I remember readers comments in online articles, we all knew what was going on.

ScannersLiveinVain said...

Amy has an uncanny likeness to deceased comedian Sam Kinison.