Friday, December 31, 2021

black man with Extremely Loud, Barking Dogs Allegedly Shot Two Cops, Killing One, at Illinois Hotel

War crime victim, Sgt. Marlene Rittmanic

By N.S.

Illinois Cop Killed, Second Injured in Hotel Shooting

Suspected war criminal, Darius D. Sullivan


David In TN said...

That name Darius keeps coming up again and again. The killers of Cannon Hinnant (yet to be tried) and Gordon Schaeffer had the same moniker.

Anonymous said...

Barking dogs? Barking dogs? The media will only say that the shootings occurred. Not that it occurred for such an absurd reason as the police telling a bad guy to stop his barking dogs. I bet guard dogs at a stash house.

Anonymous said...

Darius should be executed ASAP.
By someone--anyone.

Anonymous said...

According TO WBBM radio,Chicago--"arrests have been made of both thugs wanted."


Anonymous said...

Darius is a very popular name with the colored for some reason. Demetrius also. The black Greeks. Any sort of name with "von" in it too. Also for some strange reason white folks just cannot grasp. Treyvons, Devons, Cleavons, etc.