Monday, December 27, 2021

Merry Christmas! Bang! Bang! A "Man in California," 23, Has been Arrested and Charged with Murder, Accused of Fatally Shooting His Grandmother and His Father’s Girlfriend as They Opened Presents on Christmas

Mon, Dec 27, 2021 10:41 p.m.

A 23-year-old man in California has been arrested and charged with murder, accused of fatally shooting his grandmother and his father's girlfriend as they opened presents on Christmas. Austin Alvarez was arrested Saturday on suspicion of murder and attempted murder in the deaths of Magdalena Alvarez, 58, and Meisa Rashid, 39. His bail was set at $2.5 million.

California Man Opened Fire on Family as They Opened Presents on Christmas, Killing 2

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Anonymous said...

It seems to be a good idea at minority holiday gatherings,to wear some type of bulletproof armor.That way the uncle can get drunk and try to kill you--unsuccessfully,the son can get p.o'ed about his gifts and try to waste you--unsuccessfully and even the drive-by fatalities in the hood can be lowered.
Thankfully,hoodrats listen to rap records instead of me,


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