Thursday, December 30, 2021

Get a Load of This News Hoax by the Daily Beast's Rachel Olding!

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Anonymous said...

I remember Frey the Mayor did say that "national sources" had told him that "far-right-elements" had come to Minneapolis to start the riots.

This bad guy too has crossed interstate lines with an assault rifle and did fire shots at the cops. Even if he just shot at the building he was shooting at the cops.

jeigheff said...

So much for the credibility of The Daily Beast.

Anonymous said...


GRA:If smallpox,measles and shingles vaxx's worked like this current one,there'd be no life on the planet.

Authored by Isabel van Brugen via The Epoch Times,

New COVID-19 cases in the United States have soared to their highest level on record, as the Omicron coronavirus variant is estimated to have taken over the virus’s Delta variant as the most prevalent strain contributing to new COVID-19
The United States is seeing over 265,000 new COVID-19 infections per day on average, according to data kept by Johns Hopkins University, surpassing a prior record of 250,000 daily cases set in mid-January.

The latest wave of infections is largely being fueled by the Omicron variant of the novel coronavirus. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the strain accounts for 58.6 percent of all strains actively circulating in the United States as of Dec. 25, up from 22.5 percent for the week ending on Dec. 18.

CDC officials have said they don’t yet have estimates of how many hospitalizations or deaths out of the total are due to the high transmissible Omicron variant.