Friday, December 24, 2021

From Jim Snow to the White Genocide Project

By Nicholas Stix
December 24, 2021

The judicial lynching of White police officer Kim Potter, in contrast to the complete failure to charge the black cop who killed Ashli Babbitt, is just the latest evidence: for over 60 years, the Historic American Nation has been in a one-sided civil war. Now the U.S. is showing unmistakable signs of morphing into an anti-white totalitarian state.

Since its founding on Christmas Eve 22 years ago, VDARE has documented (with some help from me) the ruling elites’ relentless legal disenfranchisement, economic dispossession, and now, genocide of White Americans. For years, I’ve been calling this Jim Snow America—the reverse of the much-denounced Jim Crow laws designed to contain black criminality—but I think we’ve since moved on to the White Genocide Project.

As regards National Question issues—race and immigration—both parties have for generations been treasonous. As left libertarian New York journalist Sidney Zion (1933-2009) used to say, “It’s the two parties against the people.”…

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Anonymous said...

Great to see you with VDare again and with such an educational and truthful piece.I hope it works out for you in every way possible.

You listed various black movements--may I offer 4 categories of White movements in that period of time.They weren't organized(as blacks were),but simply descriptions of Whites and their mindsets,during those periods of time.

1776 to 1929:White Supremacy

Not a derogatory term here,in fact it was the exact,perfect phrase that described Whites in many categories:exploration,innovation,entrepreneurship,building of cities,creating of societal norms and much more.The Great Depression seemed to stop most White citizens in their tracks,but those in entertainment,sports or science continued at a high level of success.

1930 to 1960:White Normalcy

Relying on demographics and ingenuity,Whites not only continued to build OUR country into the greatest one ever,but save the world from three dictators.

1960 to 2001:White Discordancy

The slow descent of Whites,demographically,philosophically,morally and racially--starting with--JFK's assassination.When LBJ took over,we began the process of being more inclusive,paving the way for further demise. The late sixties
began the split of Whites into conservative and liberal groups.Roe vs Wade, in 1973,began our demographic decline that has yet to be stopped.

2001 to present:White Idiocy

Coincidence or not,another major event seemed to change our country.Whites were still in decent shape in most areas of the United States,but 9/11 and later,the 2008 Lehman financial collapse,triggered changes--including Barack Obama's election. Looking back,just the fact that Whites voted for Obama TWICE,indicated that White people's judgement about race had declined to idiotic levels.

We've not hit bottom yet--and more disturbing to me--we have not yet decided to fight against those who wish us to be replaced by blacks,Mex and Muslims.Those enemies include White,commie elites in business and media.

In 2041,what will the next category be titled,
White Exterminancy?(I may have invented that word.)