Thursday, December 30, 2021

Gas Cost How Much?! (Photo)

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Anonymous said...

Full service too.


Anonymous said...

If you notice,waaaay behind the Clark sign,there's a Standard sign.That's exactly how it was at my folks house.Right across the street was Standard,while opposite of that was Clark.

Where I grew up was a residential area with lots of small restaurants,gas stations, retail stores,butcher shops,ice cream parlors,bait shops,bowling alleys,bakeries--even little movie houses mixed in. I almost forgot--MANY bars for the polacks to go to after work(I'm half Polish.)

What do we have now in that same area--50 years later?
Dollar General,a laundromat for the Mex and nigs,ONE gas station,a clinic for minorities to get help with drug addiction,a bar,that was exclusively Polish for decades now has many nigs screaming drunk at 2 am after closing time.Literally walking home--screaming.Oh yes,a lot of blacks and Mex.

Bowling alleys are out of business,ice cream shops gone,bakeries gone,one butcher shop out of 20 is left,restaurants(especially after the damn "pandemic")gone,though their heyday was done by the 1990s.

White people--gone--not completely,but cut from 100% to 60 or 70%.Quiet neighborhoods--gone.Safe streets--gone.

Those WERE the good old days indeed.

eahilf said...

Assume the year was 1970 -- just considering inflation/devaluation of the dollar, anything costing 27c in 1970 would cost $1.93 today.

In 1970 the federal gas tax was 4c/gallon -- in 2021 it is 18c/gallon.

Also, every state taxes gasoline, some heavily -- e.g. in CA the tax is 67c/gallon.