Friday, December 31, 2021

Notorious, Tenured black supremacist Nikki Giovanni Condemns White American Hero Kyle Rittenouse

By N.S.


eahilf said...

>Nikki Giovanni

Never heard of her.

“Yeah. I believe that it frightened him to think that he somehow might lose his life, and yet his life was no more important than anybody else’s,” Giovanni said. “Couldn’t he realize that he was no different from any caterpillar walking on the sidewalk? ...

Ridiculous as this is, the same, err, argument/suggestion was made in court when the prosecution said something like 'Everyone has to take a beating sometime ...'

Why publicize trash like this from these grotesque black mediocrities and professional victims? -- at least use to create a link that denies the original site more traffic.


Anonymous said...

Like any of these left wing "activists" have a religious bone in their body. Most are atheists. Kyle doesn't ask forgiveness and for good reason. He merely defended himself against assailants who were trying to murder him.

eahilf said...

Here's another/alternative URL for archiving web pages and thereby denying a site traffic: