Monday, December 27, 2021

Interview with a black at a Party Store

[Previously: “Blood Money: Minnesota School Board Voted Unanimously to Openly Discriminate against White Teachers in Pay; Unqualified and Morally Unfit Non-Whites Will Not Only be Hired as Teachers Instead of Qualified, Morally Fit Whites, but Will Get Higher Pay, as Well.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Monday, December 27, 2021 at 1:03:00 A.M. EST

Interviewer: Would you tell us why blacks should get paid more than Whites for the same job?

negro: “Well,we has mo’ expenses than Whitey. We gets pulled over all the time and has to pay dem racist tickets the cops give us, no wait—we don’t pay them—do we? Never mind.

“But because we have such poor driving records, we have to pay mo’ for car insurance. No, now that I thinks about it, I guess blacks don’t actually BUY car insurance.

“Well, we gets charged more fo’ rent, cuz we is black. No wait, Section 8 takes care of that fo’ us.

Food! There ya go—ribs and fried chicken costs more than what White people eat. No—not that either—we gets food stamps. Sh-----t—where does all our money go?”

Party store employee (to negro): “Yes, what can I get for you?”

negro: “Two cartons of cigarettes, a fifth of booze, and $50 in lottery tickets. No, I just don't understand where my money goes.”

Party store employee: “See you tomorrow again, sir.”


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Anonymous said...

A dialog not so totally far from reality. American negro men the largest purchasers of expensive cognac in the entire world. American negro have a certain sophistication about them undeniable.