Sunday, December 26, 2021

Glenn Loury, Speaking Last February

By An Old Friend
Sun, Dec 26, 2021 7:17 p.m.

Glenn Loury, Speaking Last February

Sensible: Finishes with Booker Washington-style flourish.

Probably skeptical about genetic differences in intelligence and temperament.


Anonymous said...

." Some are instances like George Floyd—problematic in the extreme, without question"

NO! Not problematic. The Floyd boy brought about his own death from heart failure by "hooping" drugs earlier in the day. Go see what "hooping" is from the urban dictionary if you are not sure. Even told Chauvin he could not "breath" before he was on the ground. The Floyd boy more or less killed himself by his bad behavior. No pity for that boy.

Anonymous said...

"black intellectual"?No matter how many times Loury says those two words,he can still only win my "Oxymoron of the Day" award once.

Besides,calling yourself an intellectual doesn't mean you are one.Now if others describe you as an intellectual--maybe.For instance,Sowell may be educated,write well and talk about race in a cognizant manner--but he's black.

What's the difference between a black like Sowell talking and a blm street nig*er espousing his views?

Not a damn thing,in my book--Sowell just has a better vocabulary.