Friday, December 31, 2021

Some Minneapolis Arsonists, Looters, and Rioters are Doing Time—Three, to be Exact

By An Old Friend

From a PowerLine entry …

.. about the post-Floyd disaster that’s Minneapolis, this comment:

Miguel • 13 hours ago

“The problem with all this crime isn’t the nonsensical notion of ‘systemic racism,’ but rather the fact that inner city blacks, and blacks in general, have been coddled in this country for decades. They now believe that they are exempt from the rules of a civilized society. Almost without exception, these police brutality issues with blacks have been because blacks do not feel they need to obey the lawful commands of police officers. From St. Floyd, to hands up don’t shoot, to the smokes vendor in NCY [NYC], these people don’t feel that laws apply to them. Now, this same attitude has spread to the spoiled brats of white liberals. They also feel blacks don’t need to obey the rules of a civilized society. They also believe that if they act in support of these perpetual victims, then they are exempt from civilization’s rules. The liberal parents of these spoiled brats believe that since blacks commit most crime in America, and because all of their nonsensical social engineering policies over the past 60 years have failed, the solution now is to simply pretend that crime does not exist. black crime is a racist notion of Trump supporters.

The solution to this rapidly spreading criminal activity is to come down real hard on the perps. Real hard. And build more prisons. And keep the criminals in prison a long, long time. In fact, make these privately run prisons.

AOF: One hopes Whites are getting thoroughly sick of the lethal nonsense.

N.S.: Whites have been sick of it for years. The problem is, they need candidates for whom they can vote, in the knowledge that they’ll do what Miguel called for.

They voted for Trump, and he let black drug kingpins out of prison even earlier than they were supposed to be. He responded to the burning and looting of American cities with threats of sending in the National Guard, but did nothing.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if Miguel is this poster's real name,but as I mentioned with blacks who get plopped in front of TV cameras to rant the things White people should be saying en masse--a Mex writing these very accurate views,means nothing to me--unless you are designating Mexicans to do all our talking for us--or blacks,Muslims,or Asians--while WE'RE bound and gagged.

I do not go for that little scheme of excluding White's opinions OR trying to change those opinions into ones the MSM pushes(anti-White,pro-minority).

It's as if we need their approval to speak,breathe or live.BULL!