Thursday, December 30, 2021

Is the Universe a Crap Shoot?

By A Longtime Contributor

Happy holidays to you, too, but I guess you don’t celebrate Christmas. We are not religious, but I recommend you read Signature in the Cell by Stephen Meyer. I was raised as an atheist and a believer in Darwinian evolution by means to natural selection of random mutations.

After reading Signature in the Cell, I was absolutely convinced that evolution by random mutation is mathematically impossible. The universe has not existed nearly long enough for mere chance to create what exists—it is far above my level, but the book is incredible. I don’t pretend to know what is out there, but it looks like some kind of intelligence made things happen.

N.S.: Actually, we do celebrate Christmas, but not in a religious sense. An American Christmas, from the Golden Age of America’s civil religion of pluralism (circa 1940-1970), like out of a Frank Capra movie.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Alien invaders claiming to be children are even more common than anybody wants to admit:
Policy in Great Britain is not too challenge any migrant claiming to a child unless they appear to be over 25 yrs. old. Seriously? That policy is just begging to be exploited and guaranteed to allow many adult men to slip through. It's not just insane, it's beyond human reason. They are creating a situation in which mass number of foreign adult males will be placed into schools with real children. Yet, the Woke mass migration fanatics simply don't care.

This article is from Great Britain, I'm not sure what the policy is here in the US, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's much less stringent than in England. I recall reading an article about teachers observing migrant high school students in the US with male pattern baldness and grey hair but their age was not supposed to be questioned or you could be fired. Pure insanity.

Anonymous said...

Sadistic characteristics in that "intelligent being" abound,it would seem.Of course if you believe the Bible,man brought all this on himself by biting the apple--and listening to a female.For that,earthly miseries of war,disease,death and lesser aggravations have been the norm.

On the plus side,occasionally,we get to experience an orgasm--which is supposed to take your mind off the other 23 hours,59 minutes,30 seconds of the day.

Then,if you live long enough,you don't even get THAT!

Now if I was


Anonymous said...

GRA:The last two weeks,all I saw on the covers of the ragmags at the supermarket were these:"Happy 100th Birthday Betty!""Betty White's Centennial Celebration."

They jinxed her.

Obviously though,Betty White won HER game of craps.

A fast talking,game show hall of famer,Ms.White also made time for "The Mary Tyler Moore Show","Golden Girls" and "Hot in Cleveland"--along with innumerable guest shots on everything from "The Carol Burnett Show" to "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson".

All these years,I thought the only person she was married to was Allen Ludden("Password"),but no--he was her third marriage--and last.He died in the mid 1980s.

Another White-y bites the dust.