Friday, December 24, 2021

Officer Kim Potter Found Guilty…of Policing While White

By Nicholas Stix

[“Ann Coulter on Daunte Wright: ‘Give Us the F-ing Facts, NYT. We Know You Have Them.’”]

By Nicholas Stix

A jury has just convicted Brooklyn Center, Minnesota Officer Kim Potter of Man 1 and 2 for killing ultraviolent, mulatto, career criminal Daunte Wright on April 11, 2021.

(How can you be guilty of Man 1 and 2?)

The msm have referred to Wright as a “Black motorist,” just like they did over 30 years ago, with Rodney King (except for now capitalizing “black.”). And “unarmed.” Never mind that a vehicle is a deadly weapon, that “unarmed” blacks murder people, all the time, or that the msm routinely call armed blacks “unarmed,” e.g., Trayvon Martin, who used the ground as a deadly weapon. They’re incorrigible, persistent offenders.

Officer Potter said she mistakenly reached for her service weapon, and shot Wright, when she had meant to taze him. However, since Officer Potter was acting to protect her partner, Sgt. Mychal Johnson, from grievous bodily harm or death at Wright’s hands, reaching for her Taser would have been a mistake. Shooting Wright dead was the tactically, legally, and morally correct decision on Officer Potter’s part.

However, under the unwritten law of Jim Snow/Anarcho-Tyranny/the White Genocide Project, Officer Potter was wrong. Anything she did was going to be wrong. (Just like with President Donald J. Trump.)

“Potter, 49, shot Wright after he tried to flee cops seeking to arrest him on a weapons warrant during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. His death sparked national protests [sic] that happened alongside the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder [sic] of George Floyd.”

[“Kim Potter Guilty of Manslaughter in Daunte Wright Killing,” by Ben Kesslen, New York Post, December 23, 2021 (last updated at 4:12 p.m.).]

(The increasingly pc New York Post requires ongoing corrections.)

The post article says that Officer Potter now faces 11 years in prison… for doing her job. (N.S.: That’s me speaking, not the Post.)

On October 27, 2002, Madera, California, police officer Marcie Noriega shot and killed suspect Everardo Torres, 24. Officer Noriega claimed she had meant to draw her Taser, but accidentally drew and fired her service weapon. Officer Noriega faced neither criminal charges, nor even departmental discipline, and there was no trial by media. The media hushed up and disappeared the whole matter.

[“Joahnnes Mehserle vs. Marcie Noriega: The Identical Act is ‘Murder,’ if You’re a White Cop, but No Crime at All, If You’re a ‘Diverse’ Cop,” by Nicholas Stix, NicholasStixUncensored, October 14, 2011.]

However, when the identical type of situation arose during the wee small hours of New Year’s Day, 2011, the results couldn’t have been more different. blacks were rioting at Fruitvale Station in the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station. There were two reasons for the riot, though no blacks were about to admit this:

1. The racist outrage, whereby the day in question ended in “y”; and

2. In order to celebrate the New Year.

BART officer Johannes Mehserle tried to handcuff black rioter Oscar Grant, who was resisting arrest. Officer Mehserle announced to his colleagues that he was going to taze Grant, and thought he reached for his Taser, but instead drew and fired his service weapon, killing Grant.

Officer Mehserle was hung out to dry. First, of course, came the media and black supremacist “lynching.” Then came the criminal charges and the show trial.

As I wrote in 2011,

“Federale suspects that Alameda County DA Nancy E. O’Malley sacrificed Officer Mehserle on the altar of black votes. I believe that Officer Mehserle was the political prisoner of a race war, independent of the vote issue.

“DA O’Malley indicted Officer Mehserle for second degree murder, which could have gotten him 25-to-life, but his attorney succeeded at getting the trial moved from Alameda to Los Angeles County, where a jury acquitted him of second-degree murder, but convicted him of involuntary manslaughter. Even then, with the case out of her hands, but with Mehserle still having been convicted in a political prosecution, D.A. O’Malley still pushed hard to see that he served prison time, and indeed prevailed. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert Perry sentenced Mehserle to two years in prison, but Mehserle was released after one year for good behavior.”

[Nicholas Stix, idem.]

Officer Potter, like Officer Mehserle, is White, and thus guilty.

Show trials of White cops for justifiable killings (and non-killings) of non-Whites have become an American ritual. The LAPD Four. The NYPD Four. North Charleston Officer Michael Slager. Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby. University of Cincinnati Officer Ray Tensing. NYPD Sgt. Hugh Barry. Minneapolis Sgt. Derek Chauvin, et al. VDARE has been covering them for many years, and will continue covering them.

Not all of the White political prisoners have been convicted, but their lives have all been destroyed, and they have been saddled with debts they’ll spend the rest of their lives trying to repay.

Sometimes the local prosecutor will be a Republican, but typically he’ll be a Communist, er, Democrat.

There is no law in America. The rule of law is dead. We don’t even live under the law of the jungle. That would be an improvement over the current regime. We live within a system in which members of privileged, affirmative action groups get free crimes, while for members of scapegoated groups, i.e., normal, patriotic, law-abiding Whites, merely existing is a crime. And the terrorized Whites have to also listen to the lying, racist sanctimony of White “allies,” who clean up, in hopes that they’ll be spared until last.


Anonymous said...

Multiple charges for the same act is a prosecutor scam. They rack up a series of charges for a single action. Then the accused, facing an incredible series of sentences which takes their entire life, often pleads guilty to get a lesser sentence. Justice is dead in America--the judges and prosecutors have stolen it. Watching old Unsolved Mystery TV shows one sees the update frequently says the killer served his time and has been released. How then is a sentence of 110 years for a truck driver who had an accident, although through reckless driving, just when so many deliberate murderers serve much shorter sentences and are now free?

Anonymous said...

There is no law these days,because enough Whites have gone to the dark side.When juries are chosen,there's a large enough sample of nig loving Whites in our population now,to guarantee White guilt on any charge against blacks.