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Israel Insufficiently Racist, Violent, Towards Gibsmedat Ethiopians




The Baltimore Riots: The Immigration Dimension

By Nicholas Stix


Jailbird Illinois Governor Dies; No, Not That One! And Not that One! No, Not that One, Either!


Illinois governor and convicted felon, Dan Walker

By Nicholas Stix

It’s not Otto Kerner, Dan Ryan, or Rod Blagojevich.

Like the song says, in Fiddler on the Roof, in Illinois, the governor wearing jail stripes is "tradition!"


Baltimore Riots: See What "Peaceful" Black "Protesters" Did to a 61-Year-Old White Man (Warning: Explicit Photo)

Multiculturalism and Anthropomorphism

By Nicholas Stix

At Ex-Army.

See Sam Peckinpah’s Revolutionary TV Series, The Westerner: S01E03 “Brown” (1960), starring Brian Keith and John Dehner, Presented Without Commercial Interruption

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Twenty-two years ago, I started reading a biography of Sam Peckinpah. The author argued that there was a point at which Peckinpah went from being a hack to someone who made TV shows like they were movies. That moment was in this episode. The camera focuses on a bottle of hooch being tied with a string, and hoisted form the street to a roof.

Having seen some of Peckinpah’s earlier work on the series The Rifleman, which he’d also created, and his two previous episodes of The Westerner, I think the author’s judgment was unnecessarily severe. This episode is extraordinary, compared to other TV Westerns, but not for Peckinpah, and certainly not for The Westerner, a uniquely brilliant series, from what I’ve so far seen. The show starred Brian Keith as itinerant cowboy Dave Blassingame. Keith wasn’t much to look at, and played with the greatest restraint, and as a result, he was one of the most underrated actors of his generation, but he never wanted for work.

This episode introduces the character of Burgundy Smith, a scoundrel played by John Dehner, who was a hugely successful ham on TV. He wasn’t a better actor than Brian Keith, but Hollywood loves a ham. The chemistry between the two is as splendid as the contrast between the understated Keith and the over-the-top Dehner.

“Brown” has one of the longest, funniest fight scenes you’ll ever see, and the most unique in its motivation.

Peckinpah wrote three episodes in which he paired Dehner and Keith as friends, enemies, rivals, you name it, and between the affection he held for the characters, and the storyteller’s (like the composer’s) habit of “cannibalizing” material, he updated it in a legendary teleplay set in the present on the anthology series, The Dick Powell Theatre, The Losers, starring Lee Marvin and Keenan Wynn as the same characters! That teleplay aired on January 15, 1963, when Lee Marvin was just about the world’s hottest actor, and was appearing constantly on the small and big screen.

Original air date: October 21, 1960


Published on Oct 18, 2014 by Sam Peckinpah's The Westerner (1960).

Original series run 09-30-1960 thru 12-30-1960.

Episodes previously aired at WEJB/NSU:

“TV Like You’ve Never Seen It! A Foray into Hell: The Premiere Episode of Sam Peckinpah’s The Westerner (1960)”; and

“A Lynching: Classic Sam Peckinpah on TV; The Westerner (1960), Episode 2” “School Days.”

See the earlier classic, Sam Peckinpah-created TV Western, The Rifleman:

“The First Episode Ever of the Classic Western Series, The Rifleman, Starring Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford: ‘The Sharpshooter’ (1958)”;

“Classic TV: The Rifleman: ‘Home Ranch’; Season One, Episode 2”;

“‘End of a Young Gun’: Season 1, Episode 3,” The Rifleman, Written by Frank Gilroy, Directed by Jerry Hopper, and Guest Starring Michael Landon;

“‘The Marshal’: Season 1, Episode 4,” The Rifleman, Guest Starring Paul Fix, Robert Willke, Warren Oates and James Drury, and Written and Directed by Sam Peckinpah”; and

“Chuck Connors is… The Rifleman: ‘The Brother-in-Law’ Season 1, Episode 5 (1958) Created by Sam Peckinpah (Complete Video).”

Of related interest, at WEJB/NSU:

Ride the High Country: A Christian Western from… Sam Peckinpah?!

“Unforgettable TV Music: Two Themes from The Rifleman, Composed by Herschel Burke Gilbert”;

“Classic TV Western Themes from Bonanza, Rawhide, Wagon Train and The Rifleman, with Pics of Young Clint Eastwood, Michael Landon, Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker, Chuck Connors, John McIntire and the Great Ward Bond!”; and

“The Ballad of Paladin from the Classic Richard Boone TV Western, Have Gun Will Travel, Sung by Johnny Western.”

After Setting Loose Their Frankenstein Monster of Murderous Black Race Mania to Gin Up Election Day Turnout, Dems Find That He Doesn’t Want to Come Back to the Lab (Ann Coulter)



By Nicholas Stix

It’s beginning to look as if the Democratic Party can’t whip African-Americans into an anti-white frenzy to turn out on Election Day, and then say, “OK, thanks, guys! That’s all we need.”

How else do liberals explain the upsurge in racial unrest since Obama became president? Why would white racism—their view—latent for the previous 15 years, burst forth meteorically just as the country elected its first black president?

Did we elect this bumbling incompetent, then suddenly remember that we’re racists?

I have an explanation! It’s subtly alluded to in the title of my book, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama. What’s theirs?

Read the whole thing at VDARE.

Standoff at Police Headquarters: Terrorists Seek to Leverage Baltimore’s Racist Black Riots to Engage in New Riots in Ferguson, but Those Mean, Militarized Cops are Intimidating Them Out of It (Photo)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Black Genius Ta-Nehisi Coates: Baltimore’s Riots are Justified Responses to Police Violence; No Comments Permitted, Not Even from White Uncle Tom Sycophants!


This is apparently The Atlantic's pathetic attempt to turn this into a "Tiananmen Square" moment. I heard someone talkng like this on a comment thread the other day, and said that it made no sense.

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Nonviolence as Compliance
Officials calling for calm can offer no rational justification for Gray's death, and so they appeal for order.
By Ta-Nehisi Coates
April 27, 2015
The Atlantic

Rioting broke out on Monday in Baltimore—an angry response to the death of Freddie Gray, a death my native city seems powerless to explain. Gray did not die mysteriously in some back alley but in the custody of the city's publicly appointed guardians of order. And yet the mayor of that city and the commissioner of that city's police still have no idea what happened. I suspect this is not because the mayor and police commissioner are bad people, but because the state of Maryland prioritizes the protection of police officers charged with abuse over the citizens who fall under its purview.

The citizens who live in West Baltimore, where the rioting began, intuitively understand this. I grew up across the street from Mondawmin Mall, where today's riots began. My mother was raised in the same housing project, Gilmor Homes, where Freddie Gray was killed. Everyone I knew who lived in that world regarded the police not with admiration and respect but with fear and caution. People write these feelings off as wholly irrational at their own peril, or their own leisure. The case against the Baltimore police, and the society that superintends them, is easily made:

Over the past four years, more than 100 people have won court judgments or settlements related to allegations of brutality and civil rights violations. Victims include a 15-year-old boy riding a dirt bike, a 26-year-old pregnant accountant who had witnessed a beating, a 50-year-old woman selling church raffle tickets, a 65-year-old church deacon rolling a cigarette and an 87-year-old grandmother aiding her wounded grandson ....

And in almost every case, prosecutors or judges dismissed the charges against the victims—if charges were filed at all. In an incident that drew headlines recently, charges against a South Baltimore man were dropped after a video showed an officer repeatedly punching him—a beating that led the police commissioner to say he was “shocked.”

The money paid out by the city to cover for the brutal acts of its police department would be enough to build "a state-of-the-art rec center or renovations at more than 30 playgrounds." Instead, the money was used to cover for the brutal acts of the city's police department and ensure they remained well beyond any semblance of justice.

Now, tonight, I turn on the news and I see politicians calling for young people in Baltimore to remain peaceful and "nonviolent." These well-intended pleas strike me as the right answer to the wrong question.

To understand the question, it's worth remembering what, specifically, happened to Freddie Gray. An officer made eye contact with Gray. Gray, for unknown reasons, ran. The officer and his colleagues then detained Gray. They found him in possession of a switchblade. They arrested him while he yelled in pain. And then, within an hour, his spine was mostly severed. A week later, he was dead. What specifically was the crime here? What particular threat did Freddie Gray pose? Why is mere eye contact and then running worthy of detention at the hands of the state? Why is Freddie Gray dead?

When nonviolence begins halfway through the war with the aggressor calling time out, it exposes itself as a ruse.

The people now calling for nonviolence are not prepared to answer these questions. Many of them are charged with enforcing the very policies that led to Gray's death, and yet they can offer no rational justification for Gray's death and so they appeal for calm. But there was no official appeal for calm when Gray was being arrested. There was no appeal for calm when Jerriel Lyles was assaulted. (“The blow was so heavy. My eyes swelled up. Blood was dripping down my nose and out my eye.”) There was no claim for nonviolence on behalf of Venus Green. (“Bitch, you ain’t no better than any of the other old black bitches I have locked up.”) There was no plea for peace on behalf of Starr Brown. (“They slammed me down on my face,” Brown added, her voice cracking. “The skin was gone on my face.")

When nonviolence is preached as an attempt to evade the repercussions of political brutality, it betrays itself. When nonviolence begins halfway through the war with the aggressor calling time out, it exposes itself as a ruse. When nonviolence is preached by the representatives of the state, while the state doles out heaps of violence to its citizens, it reveals itself to be a con. And none of this can mean that rioting or violence is "correct" or "wise," any more than a forest fire can be "correct" or "wise." Wisdom isn't the point tonight. Disrespect is. In this case, disrespect for the hollow law and failed order that so regularly disrespects the community.

Baltimore: Video of Racist Black-on-White Riot That “Reporters” Brandon Soderberg and Caitlin Goldblatt at the Baltimore City Paper Insist was a “Peaceful Protest” that Racist Whites Provoked into Violence, and Who “Robbed” the Looters

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Violence in Baltimore

Published on Apr 25, 2015 by Ados Constant.

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Ramirez Cartoon: What was Burned Down in Baltimore

Ted Sizer’s Educational Humbuggery: The “Military Model”



By Nicholas Stix


Breaking News: Report Says that Freddie Gray Had Just Had Spinal and Neck Surgery One Week Earlier, and was Supposed to be Off His Feet!


The arrest of Freddie Gray

By Nicholas Stix

The following report is from a source I had never heard of before today. Thus, although it claims that its report is “confirmed,” it isn’t confirmed in my book. And yet, the report is too explosive to ignore.

If you saw the video of Gray’s arrest, he was in extreme pain, when the cops put him in the paddy wagon. That circumstances has been used to condemn the police for not summoning medical help at the scene, in alternation with condemnation for police supposedly killing Gray from the ride in the paddy wagon.

A law enforcement source said that while there is no problem with calling for and waiting on medical help for a white suspect in custody on the street in a white neighborhood, doing the same for a black suspect in custody in a black neighborhood can be extremely dangerous.

BREAKING: Freddie Gray Had Spine Surgery Just One Week Before Arrest
April 28, 2015

CONFIRMED: Court records show Freddie Gray was receiving a structured settlement from Allstate Insurance and attempted to convert it into one lump sum in early March

EXCLUSIVE: The Fourth Estate has learned that Freddie Gray’s life-ending injuries to his spine may have possibly been the result of spinal and neck surgery that he allegedly received a week before he was arrested, not from rough excessively rough treatment or abuse from police.

The Fourth Estate has contacted sources who allege that Freddie Gray received spinal and neck surgery a week before we was arrested, and was allegedly receiving a large structured settlement from Allstate Insurance. The surgery is allegedly related to a car accident in which Gray was involved.

Sources allege that Gray also attempted to refinance his structured settlement into one lump sum payment through Peachtree Funding.

If this is true, then it is possible that Gray’s spinal injury resulting from his encounter with the Baltimore Police was not the result of rough-handling or abuse, but rather a freak accident that occurred when Gray should have been at home resting, not selling drugs.

The structured settlement from Allstate and Gray’s attempt to convert it into one lump sum payment has been confirmed by Howard County Circuit Court Records



It is reasonable to believe that the injuries Gray suffered after the arrest were not related to the police’s treatment of him at all. Spinal and neck surgery is a large ordeal, and doctors advise weeks of bed rest and taking it easy in order to not rupture the patient’s recently fused spine.

Freddy Gray decided to go out and start selling drugs again instead of healing properly. The police didn’t mistreat him at all; he mistreated himself.

Yes, There is a “Baltimore Riot”; Baltimore Sun is in Extreme Denial

By Nicholas Stix


Would Martin Luther King Jr. Have been Heartbroken by the Baltimore Riots?

By Nicholas Stix


More Riot Humor: Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, on Why She was Late to Her Presser (Poster)


This is Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s Riot: “We Also Gave Those Who Wished to Destroy, Space to Do That, as Well” (Smoking Gun Video)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Mayor Rawlings-Blake has since lied, in denying that she said she’d given the rioters carte blanche to wreak mayhem.

Baltimore Mayor: We Gave Them Space to Destroy

Published on Apr 26, 2015 by Digitas Daily.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake press conference about the Freddie Gray riots.

Transportation in Baltimore: This Bus Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (Photo)

Is There Today Any Governor or Mayor Willing to Attack Black Community Leaders for Starting Riots? Spiro Agnew and the Baltimore Riots of 1968


Spiro Agnew


Monday, April 27, 2015

Taleeb Starkes: “These Black Lives Matter Guys Always Support the Worst People; Freddie Gray? It Could be Freddie Kruger”

By Nicholas Stix


Baltimore: “Protesters” Beat White Cameraman to a Bloody Pulp, Rob Him of His Camera (Graphic Photo)

Breaking News: Chicago White Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles-Recap

By “W”


Baltimore Riot Humor

Baltimore: Images from Mayor Stephanie Rawling-Blake’s Riots: A Burning Police Van (#FreddieGray)

Baltimore: Mayor Stephanie Rawling-Blake’s Assassin Squads are Not Targeting Policemen, They are Targeting White Policemen (Photo of Unconscious, White Cop)

Baltimore: At Camden Yards, Privileged White Male Forces Righteous Black Man to Stab Him (Photo)

Baltimore: Shame on These Racist White Women for Trying to Steal This Poor Black Man's Purse (Photo)

Baltimore: Tonight's Game Cancelled—Fly Away, Orioles?

By Nicholas Stix

Orioles COO John Angelos has been twitting pc garbage that’s Greek to me, in support of the racist rioters beating his white, paying, law-abiding fans to a pulp, but how long will it be before he packs up and takes the club out of town in the middle of the night?

Baltimore: Where is the Maryland National Guard?

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

[Breaking News, posted at 4:45 p.m. ET] Seven Baltimore police officers have suffered major injuries, including one who is unconscious and others with broken bones during clashes with protesters Monday, Capt. Eric Kowalczyk said.
Where is the Maryland National Guard?

Heck, even the Reverend (sic) Al Sharpton is on his way to Charm City.

N.S.: Mayor Rawlings-Blake doesn't want the Guard, because she's waging war on her own police force. It's her accelerated AA program--kill off and maim as many white cops as possible. Those are her guys attacking the police.

Baltimore Riot: Live Video from the City We (Likely) Won’t be Visiting Again

By “W”

At MSN/Reuters.

Black Parenting in Baltimore: A Little Boy’s Contribution to the Fight for Injustice (Photo)

Perfect Anarcho-Tyranny in Baltimore


Members of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's riot coalition: The Nation of Islam, Crips, and Bloods

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

By Nicholas Stix

Black Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake orders her own police force to refuse to protect law-abiding white fans being pummeled by black supremacists outside of Camden Yards before last night's game. Later in the night, she imprisons the white fans within the ballpark, while letting the rioters... run riot outside. She is using the black gangs she's ordered the police to protect, to wage war on her own handcuffed police force. Apparently, her accelerated affirmative action plan consists of killing off and maiming as many white cops as possible.

Breaking News from Baltimore: 7 Cops Maimed, 1 Unconscious, in Today’s Rioting, as Racist Rioters, Including the Black Guerilla Family, Bloods, and Crips, Under the Direction of the Nation of Islam, are Targeting Handcuffed Policemen


Note the red bowties the NOI terrorists are wearing, apparently to emphasize their new alliance with the Bloods

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I added the Nation of Islam, because this has been its show. Why CNN would leave it out… you’d have to ask its bosses.

Rocks, bricks thrown at police in Baltimore
By Dana Ford
Updated 4:45 P.M. ET, Mon April 27, 2015
[Absolutely no comments… ever!]

Story highlights
• Video shows police in riot gear taking cover behind an armored vehicle
• The violence comes the same day as the funeral for Freddie Gray

(CNN)[Breaking news, posted at 4:45 p.m. ET]

Seven Baltimore police officers have suffered major injuries, including one who is unconscious and others with broken bones during clashes with protesters Monday, Capt. Eric Kowalczyk said.

He described those responsible for the violence as "outrageous criminals."

Officers are working to restore order and arrest those who attacked police, Kowalczyk told reporters.

"You're going to see tear gas. You're going to see pepper balls. We're going to use appropriate methods to ensure that we're able to preserve the safety of that community," he said.

[Original story, posted at 4:28 p.m. ET]

Several officers were injured Monday as police and protesters, upset over the recent death of Freddie Gray, clashed on the streets of Baltimore.

The severity of their injuries was not immediately clear, nor was it clear how many officers were hurt.

Video showed police in riot gear taking cover behind an armored vehicle, as protesters pelted them with rocks.

At one point, it looked like officers used tear gas. The Baltimore Police Department said it had heard reports of protesters setting small items on fire.

Earlier in the day, the department said it had received a "credible threat" that gangs were teaming up to "take out" officers.

It did not say where the information came from, nor did it say whether the threat was tied to Gray's death. Gray died in police custody under circumstances that remain unclear.

His death has sparked ongoing protests in Baltimore and raised long-simmering tensions between police and residents there.

"The Baltimore Police Department/Criminal Intelligence Unit has received credible information that members of various gangs including the Black Guerilla Family, Bloods, and Crips have entered into a partnership to 'take out' law enforcement officers," police said.

"This is a credible threat. Law enforcement agencies should take appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of their officers," police said.

Over the weekend, a few protesters vandalized police cars, threw objects at officers, cursed at them and scuffled with them.
About a dozen young men smashed squad cars with garbage cans, climbed on top of them and stomped on them, CNN video showed.
Also on Monday, hundreds attended Gray's funeral. The 25-year-old was arrested on April 12, and died one week later from a fatal spinal chord injury.

The Huffington Post is Recruiting for White Nationalism!

By Nicholas Stix

At Occidental Dissent.

Did Police Commissioner William Bratton “Disappear” a Murder in New York City?

By Nicholas Stix

On Saturday night, a man was shot and killed in Rockaway Park, Queens, on Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach 112th Street, at around 8 p.m. My sources are neighborhood workers, who also reported that an NYPD helicopter flew overhead near the crime scene, following the murder. Yellow crime scene tape was up that night at the crime scene.

A Web search turned up no media reports of the killing.

When I lived in Far Rockaway (1994-1997), local workers claimed to me that at least five murders were committed in 1994 and 1996 that somehow never made the news.

In December 1994, or January 1995, a white Cuban taxi driver told me that during one weekend night in December 1994, between ca. 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. along Cornaga and Mott Avenues, which cross, four different people were shot to death, in four separate attacks.

In 1996, a black security guard named William Jackson, who worked in my building on Beach 15th Street, told me of a murder that had recently been committed in a neighboring building.

I have no idea if those stories were true, but I believe the one about Rockaway Beach Boulevard, because it was still “hot,” when the witnesses were talking about it just a few hours later and the next morning.

I know of only two other murders that New York authorities sought to disappear.

In 1986, authorities successfully disappeared the murder of 19-month-old Christopher Marchiselli. I only stumbled onto this heinous child abuse killing 24 years later. In 2012, the NYPD tried but failed to hide the stabbing murder of 85-year-old Gloria Cadet.

Remembering 19-Month-Old Christopher Marchiselli, One of New York’s “Disappeared” Murders


[Previously, by this writer:

“Gloria Cadet Case: NYPD Gets Caught Hiding a Murder (Again)”;

“‘Disappearing’ Urban Crime”;

“From Compstat to Fakestat: The Epidemic of Fraudulent Official Crime Reports”; and

“Stix Vindicated! Academics, Magazine Confirm Big City Police Are ‘Disappearing’ Crime.”]

Under Mayor Ed Koch, the year 1988 saw a record-breaking number of murders in New York City, 1,896. We can only imagine what the true total was.

However, even that phony number was exceeded the following year, with a new record 1,905 official murders, and that new record was completely shattered in 1990, the first year of the reign of “racial healer,” black socialist David Dinkins. Dinkins’ rule, by far the bloodiest in New York City history, saw the following official numbers for murder: 8,340 in four years, for an annual average of 2,085.

1990: 2,245
1991: 2,154
1992: 1,995
1993: 1,946

Leftwing NYC Family Court Judge Rhoda Cohen Transforms Gruesome Murder of 19-Month-Old Son Through Scalding and Drowning into Misdemeanor Child “Neglect”

By Nicholas Stix
August 7, 2012

I found the 24-year-old article below when I was looking for material on Bronx Family Court Judge Rhoda Cohen, who was the worst family court judge I ever dealt with as a foster-care caseworker, a lifetime ago. For Judge Cohen, it wasn’t over ‘til the unfit mother won.

Not that I ever saw the good judge. Fortunately, I only had one natural mother from the Bronx at the time. Most of them were from Brooklyn, where I lived, which is why I was assigned Brooklyn cases.

When my natural mother had a court date, she didn’t bother showing up. That was sufficient grounds to terminate her parental rights for the son and daughter in question, but not in Judge Cohen’s court. Instead, she had us wait around a few hours, and then just issued mom a new court date. And since it was at least a three-hour round trip to Bronx Family Court, plus waiting time, Judge Cohen wasted an entire day of my precious work time.

Another reason this article is significant to me is that it shows not the police, but a judge “disappearing” a murder.

I have reported, time and again, on police agencies’ routine fraud in compiling crime statistics, but notwithstanding mid-1990s’ rumors of several murders in Far Rockaway, where I was then living, I have rarely managed to find reports of “disappeared” murders. However, I am convinced that many murders have been disappeared in this fashion, as part of the revolutionary dip in crime.

You don’t hide the body, you hide the cause of death, or the report, and thus the stat. Or you hide the report. Murders become suicides, accidental deaths, deaths by natural causes (e.g., drowning), or get lost or stolen. In early 1996, Newsday reporter Leonard Levitt learned of a murder that the NYPD had covered up. Once the killing was exposed, the brass asserted that a reporter had stolen all the police reports of the murder from the press room.

[Postscript, April 27, 2015: I contacted Levitt last year, to ask him about that report, in order to find the name of the murder victim, but he could no longer remember the story.]

As Steve Sailer predicted during the Hurricane Katrina anarchy, medical examiners were bound not to examine corpses terribly closely for signs of trauma or gunshot wounds, once the waters subsided, and to find creative ways to reduce the number of the murdered, while the media would diminish the violence, and he was right. (See my reports on Katrina: 1,900-word version; two-part, 3,900-word version—here and here—and 9,900-word version.)

Note, too, that after the authorities did a preliminary count of the dead (who were determined to be white way out of the expected proportion) following Katrina, they never revised it.

I would appreciate readers sending in any reports where the deceased, who were initially reported to have not been murdered, were later discovered to have been murdered.

As for the following story, I checked the New York Times’ archives under both “Christopher Marchiselli” and “April Marchiselli,” and came up with nothing. Longtime Democratic Bronx DA Mario Merola had died in office, after 15 years, of a cerebral hemorrhage, and under his interim replacement, Paul T. Gentile, the office devolved into chaotic infighting, dissuading Gentile from seeking election.

A black, lefty, low-level city judge, Robert Johnson, was delivered the office on an affirmative action platter by the supposedly rival Liberal and Republican parties, and when he polled only 39 percent in the Democratic primary, he was still the party’s standard-bearer, since the next-highest polling candidate received only 28 percent of primary ballots cast. (The New York City primary system for local offices has since been reformed, and in a primary in which no one polls the majority of votes, there must be a run-off between the two top candidates.)

Johnson became Bronx DA on January 1, 1989, and has controlled the office ever since. It looks like he wasn’t interested in making his ally, Rhoda Cohen look bad, of riling feminist voters, or of “increasing” the number of murders in the Bronx in 1988.

I’ll see if I can find out more about this case, but it won’t be easy.

* * *

Appeals Court Finds Mother Guilty of Abuse in Son's Death
By John T. McQuiston
February 29, 1988
New York Times

A Manhattan appeals court has overturned a Family Court ruling and found a Bronx mother guilty of abuse in the death of her 19-month-old son, who was found scalded and drowned in a bathtub. The appeals court also ruled that her 5-year-old son should be removed from her custody.

Testimony in the case showed that the dead infant, Christopher Marchiselli, had second- and third-degree burns over as much as 65 percent of his body. It also showed that he had fluid in his lungs when he was admitted to Our Lady of Mercy Hospital on Sept. 11, 1986. He died a day later.

The infant's mother, April Marchiselli, a 25-year-old waitress, testified that she had left the boy and his 5-year-old half-brother, James, in a bathtub with running water. She said the water turned scalding hot and Christopher fell face down in the water.

Two physicians, Dr. Rea Herrera and Dr. Daniel Kessler, testified that the pattern of the burns on Christopher were inconsistent with Mrs. Marchiselli's story. They said they believed that the baby had been immersed from the chest down for a few seconds in scalding water.

Both doctors concluded that Christopher could not have accidentally assumed the position that had caused his injuries. They also observed in their testimony that James did not have the strength to immerse the baby and then pull him out again.

In its decision Thursday, the four-judge panel of the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court in Manhattan found that ''the only possibility presented by the medical evidence was the presence of an adult 'outside agent.' ''

The panel also found Ms. Marchiselli's account of what happened to be ''inconsistent'' and that it ''fluctuated wildly.''

The appeals judges said they found it ''puzzling in light of the unrefuted medical evidence and the inconsistencies in the mother's stories'' that a lower court judge had found the dotors' [sic; probably a scanning-caused typo] testimony ''mere speculation'' and Ms. Marchiselli's account credible. The lower court judge, Rhoda Cohen of Bronx Family Court, ruled on Aug. 31, that Ms. Marchiselli was guilty of neglect.

The appeals judges reversed the lower court finding and found Ms. Marchiselli guilty of abuse. They sent the case back to Family Court for disposition of James's future care, according to Lenore Gittis, a lawyer for the Legal Aid Society and James's court-appointed law guardian.

Ms. Gittis, who filed the appeal, said it was up to the Bronx District Attorney's office to determine whether the law-enforcement authorities should further investigate Christopher's death. Efforts to obtain comment last night from the Bronx District Attorney's office were not successful.

CEO Howard Schultz is Still Sponsoring Conversations on Race at Starbucks (#RaceTogether)

By Nicholas Stix

At Countenance.

Socialism vs. Capitalism (Poster)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

This poster is a sentimental journey, back to the days when we had a market economy. Now we have neither a market economy, nor good bread.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

In Baltimore, More Hate Crimes the MSM and Police Ignore (Photo)

Baltimore Freddie Gray Riots: 6 Cops Wounded, 34 Rioters Arrested, Only 3 of Whom were Out-of-State Agitators

By Nicholas Stix

A tip ‘o the hate to Countenance.

The Rule You Always Have to Keep in Mind, When Blacks are Rioting in “Justified” Rage

By Nicholas Stix

The justification is always a lie. This is one of the few things you can count on with black supremacists, and their white allies.

Tawana Brawley…

Rodney King…

Crystal Gail Mangum…

(Countless race/noose hoaxes in-between.)

Trayvon Martin

Mike Brown

Eric Garner

Walter Scott

Freddie Gray…

Rioting: It’s what blacks do.

Baltimore Rioters Destroy Public, Private Property, Loot Businesses (Explicit Video)

By “W”

BTW, AARP lists Baltimore at a Top Ten place for seniors to retire to.


Published on Apr 25, 2015 by News2Share.

Following what originated as a large but mostly peaceful protest over the death of Freddie Gray, dozens of protesters continued on a separate riot. They used bricks from the ground as well as other heavy objects such as benches to break through glass buildings. In some cases, they simply wanted to cause damage to cars and other objects; in others, they entered and stole items ranging from phones to soda and chips.Victims in the video included a McDonalds and a 7-Eleven.

Filmed by Ford Fischer and Trey Yingst
Edited by Ford Fischer

See more at

Chicago: Black, 15, Beats, Kick, Stomps, Manually Rapes Thai Woman, 41, on Chicago El Train in Broad Daylight, and Robs Her of $2,000; His Own Disgusted Mom Turned Him in!


Confessed everything-but-murderer, Deshawn Isabelle

By Nicholas Stix

“Isabelle, who has a juvenile record that includes a conviction on misdemeanor theft, signed a written confession police said.”

ABC is covering up for him. “That includes” means there were other offenses, which I am sure were more violent than “misdemeanor theft,” which itself would have been plea-bargained down from something like felony robbery.

Note, too, that the news readers speaks of “his alleged victim,” while reporting that Isabelle signed a confession, and that the victim had to be hospitalized overnight with a concussion. Not “alleged”; just his victim! This is surely in response to pressure since last summer from the Friends of Black Felons.

This is one case where the apple fell far from the tree. So often today, young felons’ mothers lie for them (Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, et al.), but this felon’s mom wasn’t having any of that. While I of course feel sorry for the victim, I also feel sorry for the perp’s mom, which I rarely do, these days.

Mom recognizes son, 15, in CTA Blue Line sex assault photos, CPD says
By John Garcia
Thursday, April 23, 2015 05:10PM

Deshawn Isabelle, 15, is charged as an adult in connection with a robbery and sexual assault on a CTA Blue Line train. He is being held on a $1 million bond.

In court Thursday, prosecutors said Isabelle's mother recognized him from surveillance photos and took him to the police station to turn himself in.

In court Thursday, prosecutors said surveillance video from the CTA Blue Line train shows Isabelle grabbing the 41-year-old woman from behind, sexually assaulting her and robbing her around 3 p.m. Monday on a CTA Blue Line train near the Oak Park stop.

"The defendant continued to punch victim repeatedly about her head, face and body. Defenden repeatedly kicked victim and stomped on her while making monetary demands of the victim," Joe DiBella, assistant state's attorney, said.

The defendant allegedly stuck his hands inside the woman's jeans and penetrated her sexually, prompting the sexual assault charge. The two were the only passengers in that train car, prosecutors said, and the offender is seen exiting at Cicero.

He took the woman's iPhone, prosecutors said, and $2,000 in cash the victim was going to wire to her family in Thailand.

"Defendant indicated he used the money he took to spend on junk food, his high school graduation costs, and Air Jordan jumpsuits," DiBella said.

Isabelle, who has a juvenile record that includes a conviction on misdemeanor theft, signed a written confession police said.

The victim was hospitalized overnight with a concussion, official said.

Baltimore Police Stand Down, Passively Watch as Racist Black Thugs (Black Lives Matter) Assault and Rob Whites Outside of Camden Yards, While People Scream at Them to Do Their Job

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

At Breitbart.

Obama Justice in Cleveland: Prosecutor Refuses to Prosecute Gun-Wielding, Black 15-Year-Old Who Robbed Barmaid of $200 and Her Car on Camera, and Sexually Assaulted Her, and Who was Caught with Car and the Keys in His Pocket, Claiming Insufficient Evidence

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Craziest story of black on white crime ever? Maybe.

Published on Apr 25, 2015 by Colin Flaherty.

Craziest story of black on white crime ever? Maybe.

I see a lot of crazy stories. And when I saw this story from Cleveland, it made me think this was the craziest story I had ever seen.

Until I started remembering other crazy stories from Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry …

Baltimore: 34 Arrested in Freddie Gray Riots; Corrupt, Racist Cong. Elijah Cummings Seeks to Use Gray Case as Pretext to Destroy Baltimore PD

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

“Cong. Elijah Cummings Says Justice Department Probe Needs to Take BPD Apart.”

“New Emails Show Lois Lerner Fed Information About True the Vote to Democrat Elijah Cummings.”

New IRS emails released by the House Oversight Committee show staff working for Democratic Ranking Member Elijah Cummings communicated with the IRS multiple times between 2012 and 2013 about voter fraud prevention group True the Vote. True the Vote was targeted by the IRS after applying for tax exempt status more than two years ago. Further, information shows the IRS and Cummings' staff asked for nearly identical information from True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht about her organization, indicating coordination and improper sharing of confidential taxpayer information.

Shouldn't Elijah Cummings be wearing bib overalls and wielding a hoe on a tobacco farm in Southern Maryland?

Years ago I visited St. Thomas Manor St. Thomas Manor, near Port Tobacco. The church's cemetery had tombstones with dates from the 17th century engraved on them. Even saw a grave decorated with Confederate flags.

Not unusual. Dr. Samuel Mudd's home, St. Catharine, in Waldorf, Maryland, is on the other side of Charles County, home to Port Tobacco.

Maryland might be a blue state, but it still has red-blooded patriots in Southern Maryland.

“Police: 34 Arrested In Freddie Gray Demonstrations, Violence” (WBAL).

Black Brunch, Baltimore-Style: Black Supremacists Smash Windows of Restaurant with Terrified, Lefty, White Customers Inside; No Shots Fired, or Other Self-Defense Measures Taken

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

A tip ‘o the hate to Steve Sailer.

Baltimore riot video: The gentrified crowd under attack

Published on Apr 25, 2015 by Colin Flaherty.

Baltimore riot video: The gentrified crowd under attack.

So who told the gentrified crowd this was a safe place to be?

did they tell themselves?

The OB/GYN View on Life: (Joke)

“We’re born between the piss and the shit, and it goes south from there.”

Copied and pasted from a lefty commenter at The Atlantic, which was the only thing worth reading there, including the article.

Baltimore: After Last Night’s Orioles Game, Racist Black Rioters Trapped Terrified, White Baseball Fans Inside Camden Yards Stadium (Photo); How Long Before the Birds Fly Away from Charm City?

Police Now Trying to Disperse Rioters in Downtown Baltimore

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

The Maryland National Guard is just up the road in Aberdeen.


Racist Blacks Killed Off “the Wisconsin Idea,” and Acted as Political Midwives to Scott Walker


Robert “Fighting Bob” LaFollette Sr., the progressive father of “the Wisconsin Idea” 

Perpetually scowling, violent, black supremacist Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee Jr. embodies the black destruction of the Wisconsin Idea. McGee once threatened to burn Milwaukee down, if the city government did not submit to his impossible demands, and was later convicted and imprisoned for taking bribes.

By Nicholas Stix


Republican Gov. Scott Walker does not believe in “the Wisconsin Idea”

Baltimore: Non-Violent Protesters Rob and Beat Russia Today Reporter; RT Pulls Video

By Nicholas Stix


Baltimore: Video of Racist, Black “Freddie Gray” Rioter Smashing Window of Police Car

Sunday Multicultural Wrap-Up

By Nicholas Stix

At Countenance. Where else?

Pictures from Baltimore’s Non-Violent, Freddie Gray Riot

After Peaceful Start, Planned Baltimore Riot Marred by Violence

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mitch McConnell and Reince Priebus Love Loretta Lynch; What Now, for Patriots?



By Nicholas Stix


Professor at Texas A&M Galveston Fails Entire Class

By A Texas Reader


Faculty bio for Irwin Horwitz.


A Hard Life in Atlanta: Damon Clay, 17, is in a Medically-Induced Coma in Critical Condition, with Burns Over 70% of His Body (Doused with a Pot of Boiling Rice While He Slept); His “Friends,” Quintavious Barber, 19, and Malik Morton, 18, Arrested for Aggravated Assault and Cruelty to a Child, Among Other Charges


Damon Clay, in Grady Memorial Hospital on Friday

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I thank A Texas Reader, who writes,

Was it white rice?

Or Mahatma brown rice?

This story reminds me of my own neighborhood, growing up, where your “friends” might try and kill you, or try to get you killed.

One of the vic’s black neighbors said, “They were friends—supposedly.”

The charge should be attempted murder, but in the spirit of the times, is aggravated assault.


Teen scalded with boiling rice; 70 percent of body burned

By The Associated Press

April 24, 2015 5:47 a.m.


ATLANTA (AP) — A teenager is hospitalized with burns covering 70 percent of his body after two other teens attacked him with a pot of boiling rice while he was sleeping.

WSB-TV ( reports the 17-year-old victim is in a medically-induced coma in critical condition at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta after Monday’s attack.

Officers have arrested 19-year-old Quintavious Barber and 18-year-old Malik Morton for aggravated assault and cruelty to a child, among other charges.

Relatives of the scalded victim say the two men accused him of stealing a PlayStation 3. Neighbors say the three teens were friends.

It’s unclear if Barber or Morton has a lawyer.

Information from: WSB-TV,

Gang-Rape, This Time; Third Black University of Tennessee Vols’ Football Player Either Charged with, or Suspected of Rape; Is This What the New York Times Means by “Campus Rape Culture”?

That's gang-rape suspect Von Pearson on the left; the colorless, unidentified man on the right is not a rape suspect

A.J. Johnson and Michael Williams' early 2015 mug shots

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Two Black University of Tennessee Football Stars Plead Not Guilty to Aggravated Rape Against Raceless Coed, Trial Set for August 24.”]

By David in TN

University of Tennessee wide receiver Von Pearson has been named as a suspect in a gang-rape.

This makes three Tennessee footballers either charged or suspected of rape. Is this part of the NY Times’ “rape

N.S.: Note how careful WBIR is about referring to the vic as "the alleged victim." Even after Jackie Coakley had been exposed as the UVA rape hoaxer for accusing non-existent white men of gang-raping her, MSM "reporters" continued referring to her as the "victim," when the real victims were the men of the fraternity she'd defamed, Phi Kappa Psi.

UT wide receiver Von Pearson has been suspended from all team activities while police investigate a rape allegation. The female said the attack occurred at an off-campus apartment. April 24, 2015 WBIR
Vols wide receiver suspended amid rape investigation
11:23 p.m. EDT April 24, 2015

(WBIR) - University of Tennessee wide receiver Von Pearson been suspended indefinitely from all team activities amid a rape investigation, according to UT athletic officials.

Pearson, 23, was identified early Friday as a rape suspect, according to Knoxville Police Department Deputy Chief Gary Holliday.
Pearson has not been charged. The announcement comes one day before UT's annual Orange and White Game at Neyland Stadium.

The rape is alleged to have occurred between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. at University Walk Apartments, 2308 Forest Ave., according to a KPD report. A UTPD report notes alcohol was involved and was "group/gang involved."

The Tennessean reports that University of Tennessee police were first to respond, speaking with the alleged victim at UT's Hodges Library, according to a University of Tennessee Police report.

At the library, the alleged victim indicated that a sexual assault had occurred off campus. She was transferred to University of Tennessee Medical Center for evaluation. The case was then turned over to Knoxville police.

KPD was notified about 6 a.m., with a KPD investigator responding to the hospital.

"During the initial investigation, KPD investigators took statements from the victim, several witnesses, and alerted the Sexual Assault Center. This investigation is in the early stages and is ongoing," according to Holliday.

Six people are listed as witnesses in an incident report including two UT football players.

Pearson is a senior from Newport News, Va. He transferred from Feather River College in Quincy, Calif.

According to the University of Tennessee Athletic Department, in his first year with the Vols last fall Pearson played in 11 games, starting in eight of them. He made 38 catches for 393 yards.

A former Vol and suspended Vol are awaiting prosecution for an alleged rape.

Former Vols A.J. Johnson and Michael Williams are charged in Knox County Criminal Court on a four-count rape indictment for an incident alleged to have happened at Johnson's South Knoxville apartment.

Bruce Jenner and the MSM: Pathological Pronouns


Bruce Jenner in 1976, before he began consorting with Kardashians, and lost his mind

The post-K Jenner

Will NFL Superstar Dwight Freeney’s Bank of America Lawsuit Force Big Banks to Reform Their Investment Management Businesses?


“Attorneys for NFL linebacker Dwight Freeney (pictured) announced the filing of the lawsuit against Bank of America in downtown L.A. (CBS)”

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

This is potentially gigantic, because it exposes sordid goings-on at one of the world's biggest banks, which civilians like me and the other readers here would never be privy to. I'm sure Dwight Freeney, 35, thought he was playing it safe and conservative with his investment portfolio.

Freeney, whose salad days were with the Peytion Manning-led Baltimore Indianapolis Colts, is a seven-time Pro Bowler, three-time All-Pro, with a Super Bowl ring, who is a serious contender for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Apparently, even megabanks like BofA, handling trillions of dollars, are eliminating full-time positions, including people handling accounts in the tens of millions of dollars, and filling them with unscrupulous, unvetted part-timers, likely as “contractors” with no benefits. (And then the banks seek to use their own unscrupulousness as an out from having to pay the piper: ‘They weren’t our employees, so we’re not responsible!’ Did BofA inform Freeney of this state of affairs in advance? To ask the question is to answer it.) I can’t imagine how anything could have gone wrong with that strategy!

There’s a concept in Anglo-American law that is as old as investing, called “fiduciary responsibility.” BofA is apparently implying, “Since we were unethical in putting together Mr. Freeney’s team in the first place, we can’t be held to ethical standards in the way things went wrong.”

I can't see BofA letting this go to trial (though I wish it would!), because discovery would be a b---h, and would lead to the next year's blockbuster bestseller, and the blockbuster movie of the year after that.

I think BofA will seek to sandbag Freeney, drag this out, and eventually settle for about $5 million, plus his lawyers' fees. Look for more such lawsuits, and internal reform in the way big banks handle customers' investment portfolios.

This looks like a case of a star athlete who did things the right way, and still ended up broke. I thought only little guys like me got treated this-a-way!

NFL Linebacker Alleges Bank Of America ‘Aided & Abetted’ $20M Fraud Scheme
March 31, 2015 1:50 P.M.

LOS ANGELES ( — One of the NFL’s highest-paid defensive players announced a lawsuit Tuesday alleging Bank of America “aided and abetted” a fraud scheme that cost him $20 million.

Attorneys for Dwight Freeney, a defensive end and linebacker who last played for the San Diego Chargers met with reporters in downtown Los Angeles to officially announce filing the complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court.

According to the lawsuit (PDF), Freeney authorized BofA in 2010 to manage his assets, including his NFL salary.
In addition to BofA, the complaint names Michael Bock, a senior vice-president of the bank’s Global Wealth & Investment Management unit, as a defendant.

Attorneys say BofA did not disclose to Freeney that Eva Weinberg – who was assigned by BofA to manage Freeney’s business affairs – was only a part-time employee at BofA and was not licensed to give Freeney investment advice.

The complaint also alleges BofA, Bock and Weinberg also lied to Freeney about the true identity of Michael Stern, who was brought onto Freeney’s BofA financial team.

According to attorneys, Stern was introduced to Freeney as “Michael Millar”, [sic] a successful Miami Beach businessman, but who was allegedly linked to failed real estate ventures and allegations of bribing Miami city officials.

Once Weinberg and Stern gained control of Freeney’s finances, they “promptly went about stealing at least $8.5 million,” according to the complaint.

“BofA’s deceitfulness is at the heart of our lawsuit,” said attorney Jeffrey Isaacs. “BofA kept Dwight completely in the dark about the qualifications and the backgrounds of the people managing his money.”

A statement from BofA spokesman Bill Halldin denied the bank played any role in the alleged scheme.

“The two people responsible for this wrongdoing have already been convicted,” Halldin said. “The primary wrongdoer never worked for the bank or any of its affiliates and the other person committed her criminal conduct after she left Merrill Lynch in 2010.”

Freeney, who has the 20th best record in NFL history for sacking quarterbacks, earned a Super Bowl ring in 2007, and played in three AFC championship games, has played for the Chargers for the last two seasons. He is currently an unrestricted free agent.

Friday, April 24, 2015

“Houston Woman” Hortencia Medeles Convicted in Sex Trafficking Case

By A Texas Reader

At the Houston Chronicle.

The Invasion of Europe: From Hitler’s Revenge to Gaddafi’s Revenge



By Nicholas Stix


Man Accused in Honor Killing Goes Before Judge in Houston Courtroom

By A Texas Reader

At ABC 13.

If You Build It, Will They Come? (Poster)

The Coup: Not a John Updike Novel (VDARE) Editor Peter Brimelow writes:

The news on Wednesday was very bad. With the confirmation of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, despite her explicit support for President Obama’s Executive Amnesty, the last chance of stopping this unconstitutional coup through congressional action has been lost.

The disgrace of the GOP Congressional Leadership is now complete. Indeed, TEN Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), voted for Lynch—raising real doubts as to whether they ever really intended to oppose Obama at all.

When the Central American “unaccompanied children” farce began last summer (it appears to be starting up again now), was among the first to argue Obama’s Border Dissolution Is Treason. The Answer Is Impeachment. It Would Work. (July 6, 2014).

And impeachment did enjoy a few minutes of fame. But it was hurried aside amid assurances that there were other, more “moderate,” less “risky,” solutions.

These are now utterly discredited and Obama has apparently escaped unscathed.

Only one brave judge currently stands between America and Amnesty. And, given the politicization of the courts, who knows for how long?

Of course, there are still solutions to the current mess. will, of course, continue to emphasize the efficacy and practicality of an immigration moratorium, the ending of birthright citizenship, attrition through enforcement, strategic deportation etc. etc.

And it’s still entirely possible that these solutions could be adopted. That is the significance of the fact that, for the first time, a major Presidential contender—Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin—has just questioned the impact of out-of-control LEGAL immigration on Americans’ employment and incomes.

But, as Editor of, I’m also going increasingly to focus on Plan B—how Americans can salvage enough from the wreck of their great Republic to protect themselves, their families and, ultimately, the historic American nation. A renewed defense of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association will be just the beginning.

Please help us (tax deductibly) in this original and vital endeavor.

Not just your children’s future but-- increasingly obviously--your own will depend on it.

Peter Brimelow

Black Miami PD Assistant Chief Anita Najiy Disrespects the American Flag (Video)


Published on Apr 17, 2015 by fopmiami.

More at Clash Daily.

Na Her Lips Expanded to the Max (Video/Humor)

86% of Greeks, 80% of Italians Want Less Immigration, but Their Leaders Ignore Them! (European Opinion Map)

“Carry the Weight”: UVA, Meet Columbia; Victim of “Mattress Girl” Emma Sulkowicz’ Columbia University Rape Hoax Sues!


Columbia Rape Hoaxer Emma Sulkowicz, aka “Mattress Girl”

By Nicholas Stix



UVA rape hoaxer Jacqueline “Jackie” Coakley, whom this blog honors in its subtitle

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Philadelphia: Black Attack by Mob of “Students” in Subway After School Viciously Beats Two Students, One Almost to Death, but No One Reported It to Police (Video capture photo)



Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Thanks to reader Mike Malfi for the sendalong.

SEE IT: Mob of teenagers beats two high school students in Philadelphia subway station
By Jason Silverstein
New York Daily News
Published: Thursday, April 23, 2015, 2:24 A.M.
Updated: Thursday, April 23, 2015, 9:10 A.M.

A security video showing a mob of students brutally beating two high schoolers in a Philadelphia subway station on Tuesday is being investigated by the city’s transportation officers.

“It’s an outrageous event. This is so dangerous, it’s not even funny,” Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Police Chief Thomas J. Nestel III told

“We have operating trains down there. There are passengers waiting for the train ... it’s horrendous.”

The video, which was time-stamped around 3:15 p.m., shows about a dozen teenagers either participating in a one-minute assault on two male students, or cheering it on.

One of the assailants falls onto the subway tracks, pulls himself out and reenters the thrashing. A girl in the crowd tries to film the fight on her phone.

Several of the teen brutes repeatedly stomp a victim’s head as he’s lying on the ground.

The assault begins one minute into a four-minute clip released by SEPTA.

Some of those involved in the attack — including the victims — fled onto a train moments before SEPTA officers rushed to the platform and others appear to have simply walked away. Nobody involved in the attack reported it to police, Nestel said.

The beating begins abruptly as the students wait for a train to arrive.

Initial reports indicate the fight started over a female student and that the victims were followed into the Spring Garden Station and someone signaled for the group to attack them. The victims are obscured behind a subway map in the video when the beatdown begins.

The victims, both from Benjamin Franklin High School, have been identified, but it’s unclear if SEPTA officers have spoken with them or what their condition is, a SEPTA spokesperson told the Daily News. It’s also unclear if all of the students went to the same school.

Police believe several of the assailants went to the same school and the district is trying to identify those responsible, with suspension or expulsion as possible punishments.

After the assault, SEPTA upped its security at 10 stations that typically see steady student traffic.

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