Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Police Cover-Up of Racist, Black Flash Mobs Collapses: This Time, It’s Greensboro, NC

By Nicholas Stix


Over at Rebellion Blog, Old Rebel has blogged on the newest known case of violent flash mobs, and the police cover-up of it. But he’s figured it out. Greensboro police say mobs of violent teens are meeting up on the weekends and wreaking havoc downtown. Police say it's getting worse each weekend. This past weekend, a former mayor had his business vandalized and another community leader got beat up in Center City Park. "One of the teenagers came up from behind and just punched me in the back and kicked me and knocked me to the floor. Then, he just continued to kick me, punch me, step on me. People were screaming," Mitchel Sommers, executive director of the Community Theatre of Greensboro said.
Old Rebel: Oddly, there are no descriptions of the "violent teens." But with a little detective work, it's easy to figure out. At 2:00 into the video, the reporter notes that the teens use Facebook on their mobile phones to coordinate their actions. And at 2:20 in, this intrepid investigator detected a key piece of evidence the reporter failed to mention - white fingers tapping at Blackberries! So it must be those out-of-control Amish again.
Mitchel Sommers said, “Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of young people--I’m not being dramatic—hundreds came just descending on this area.” The attacks had been going on every weekend for weeks, the attackers had been using social networking Internet sites, yet instead of warning the public and cracking down on the racist attacks, the police and the media covered them up. The racist thugs are so brazen that they are now committing attacks opposite Police Headquarters. Lt. J.T. Cranford of the Greensboro PD said, by way of surrender, “It's a significant issue for us because more often than not, we're vastly outnumbered by the kinds of crowds we're trying to deal with." Tell me again: Why do we pay taxes that go for the job and pension mills that the police have become? Here’s what you do, Lieutenant: You have everyone in the department on alert on the weekend. Have people work overtime, and pay for reinforcements from neighboring departments. ‘Well, we can’t afford that.’ Sure, you can. You arrest every black mobster in sight, and throw ‘em in jail for the whole weekend. Then levy stiff fines on them and/or their parents for the damages, and charge them to the max, with vandalism and all manner of felonies: Gang assaults, hate crimes and, where applicable, robbery. It’ll suddenly stop. And if they don’t pay the fines, then take their parents’ homes, vehicles, etc. Black WFMY anchor, Frank Mickens, laments, “It makes no sense, it makes absolutely no sense.” Sure, it does, Frank. It’s packs of racist, young blacks suckerpunching and stomping lone, middle-aged whites. Blacks call that, “Just having fun.” The black supremacist destruction of Greensboro hits home for Old Rebel, who recalls the town, before and after it was hit by the civil riots movement. Mickens continues, “People really need to hear this. Thanks to our viewers who alerted us to this story. If it had not been for them, who knows, the Police Department hadn’t said anything about it! We promise to stay on top of this for you.” He then urged viewers to email the station stories. So, whites were needlessly harmed, because the PD covered up the danger, and did nothing to stop the violent crimes. That sounds like grounds for a lawsuit. And now, there will be 4-6 more cops on duty on the mob area weekend nights. That’ll impress the mob, alright.

Homeowners Foreclose, Padlock, Defaulting Bank of America Branch, After B of A Tried to Steal Their House!


"Sweet justice!" Moving vans come to cart off the bank's assets!



Bank of America Gets Pad Locked After Homeowner Forecloses on It
June 5, 2011
By Kelly Heffernan-Tabor

Collier County, Florida -- Have you heard the one about a homeowner foreclosing on a bank?

Well, it has happened in Florida and involves a North Carolina based bank.

Instead of Bank of America foreclosing on some Florida homeowner, the homeowners had sheriff's deputies foreclose on the bank.

It started five months ago when Bank of America filed foreclosure papers on the home of a couple, who didn't owe a dime on their home….

The couple said they paid cash for the house.

The case went to court and the homeowners were able to prove they didn't owe Bank of America anything on the house. In fact, it was proven that the couple never even had a mortgage bill to pay. [NS: In other words, B of A tried to steal the couple’s house!]

A Collier County Judge agreed and after the hearing, Bank of America was ordered, by the court to pay the legal fees of the homeowners', Maurenn Nyergers and her husband….

…. After more than 5 months of the judge's ruling, the bank still hadn't paid the legal fees, and the homeowner's attorney did exactly what the bank tried to do to the homeowners. He seized the bank's assets….

Sheriff's deputies, movers, and the Nyergers' attorney [Kenny Judd] went to the bank and foreclosed on it. The attorney gave instructions to to [sic] remove desks, computers, copiers, filing cabinets and any cash in the teller's drawers.

After about an hour of being locked out of the bank, the bank manager handed the attorney a check for the legal fees.

"As a foreclosure defense attorney this is sweet justice" says Allen.

Allen says this is something that he sees often in court, banks making errors because they didn't investigate the foreclosure and it becomes a lengthy and expensive battle for the homeowner.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

When the “Model Minority” Rules: In Hong Kong, Chinese Men Entertain Crowd by Publicly Kicking and Torturing Little White or Eurasian Boy (Warning:

Highly disturbing video)


I found this at Elliott Lake’s blog. Lake thinks the victim is eight years old; he looks younger to me.

Where are his parents during this attack?

Note that Hong Kong is the world’s most progressive, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, Chinese city.

Thanks to dividyneh at LiveLeak.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Affirmative Action on Steroids: During the Past 3.5 Years, Gene Gillette Has been Charged with Pistol-Whipping One Man, Tasering an Unarmed Woman, and

with Sexual Assault and Attempted Murder Against Another Man, All While being a Multiple Award-Winning Cop!
Officer Gene Gillette.


RC: At least two people tell ABC7 that they received settlements from the Mount Rainier Police Department after incidents involving Gene Gillette, the cop indicted on attempted murder and sexual assault charges.

In Officer Gene Gillette’s brief law enforcement career, he has been named Rookie of the Year, and Officer of the Year twice! He is the law enforcement equivalent of the outrageous, racist black morons in higher education, who get drowned in awards, endowed chairs, power and money. He was on an upwardly failing trajectory, whereby he could have become another Charles Moose, the racist, incompetent, black chief of the Montgomery County (MD) Police Department, who botched the D.C. Sniper Investigation, which led to racist black Nation of Islam serial killer John Muhammad and his teenaged partner, Lee Boyd Malvo, being able to murder additional victims. In flagrant disregard of county regulations, Moose then sought to cash in on his MSM-created fame, and published a ghost-written “autobiography,” but was forced to resign. There were apparently limits to Montgomery County officials’ “respect for diversity.”


Will Frederick won a $100,000 settlement after, he says, Officer Gillette pistol whipped him in his squad car, causing Frederick to require reconstructive surgery on his cheekbone.

The Mount Rainier PD’s chief of police is Michael E. Scott, a white man. Write him here, to ask him what sort of background checks and psychological and integrity screening led him to hire Gene Gillette, why he heaped awards on this man, and why he kept him on the force, as evidence mounted that he was a danger to society, and to the department.



Sigh! I just caught my breath, and realized that I was thinking like a colorless man, when what I need to do is think in vibrant, diverse color. I now realize that what the folks in Mount Rainier need to do is fire Chief Scott, and replace him as chief-for-life with Officer Gillette, who will bring much-needed new perspectives to the job. After all, after the pistol-whipping and taser attacks, and after Officer Gillette was charged with attempted murder and sexual assault, Chief Scott described him to WJLS reporter Brad Bell as “a model cop.”

Chief Gillette. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

The presiding judge in the case has ordered Officer Gillette held without bail until his trial.

See some of my previous reports on vibrant, diverse hiring practices in law enforcement:

“De-Policing in America’s Cities: Erasing the ‘Thin Blue Line’”;

“The Philadephia Story: When the Cops are Crooks”;

“Diversity is Strength! It’s Also…Police Corruption”; and

“Seven at New Orleans Times-Picayune Win Duranty-Blair Award” (Use search function to find “Antoinette Frank” and “Len Davis”; the article is almost 10,000-words long).

* * *

Gene Gillette involved in two previous Mount Rainier Police settlements
By Brad Bell
July 28, 2011, 2:34 p.m.

At least two people tell ABC7 that they received settlements from the Mount Rainier Police Department after incidents involving Gene Gillette, the cop indicted on attempted murder and sexual assault charges.

Will Frederick was arrested by Gillette in 2008 at a Mount Rainier gas station for drunk and disorderly conduct. He says he was put in handcuffs and sat in the front passenger seat of Gillette's patrol car. Frederick admits he mouthed off. He says Gillette pulled out his gun and hit him in the face.

Frederick had to have surgery to repair facial fractures. He sued for excessive force and won a $100,000 settlement from the a Mount Rainier police.

Terrell Roberts, the attorney for a woman who says she was tasered by Gillette while her car was being illegally towed, received a $75,000 settlement.

After Gillette’s arrest, his chief described him as a model cop who was named rookie of the year and twice officer of the year during his three-year career in the tiny department

“There’s no way this officer, after he’s had two lawsuits in which considerable amounts are paid, that he should be receiving any kind of award being the officer of the year,” Roberts said.

Gillette turned himself in on charges that he attempted to sexually assault and then shot a 20-year-old man July 2. The indictment says that Gillette lured the victim to his house and attempted to force him to perform a sexual act on him, then shot him as he tried to flee in Gillette's car.

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this one.]

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

White NYC Hate Crime Victim Meets with Hostility from “Reporter,” and Indifference from NYPD

Jason Fordell: Victim or hate criminal?
By Nicholas Stix
Revised and expanded at 2:55 a.m., on Thursday, July 28, 2011.


On July 17, Bronx resident Jason Fordell, 29, made the mistake of thinking that he had the right to ride the subway while white. Now he knows better.

Some blacks were shouting their heads off, and Fordell asked them to quiet down. They immediately responded with racist epithets: “Shut the f--- up, white boy. We'll beat the s--t out of you, cracker.”

Fordell responded in kind to one racist Hispanic who joined the racist blacks, calling him a “s--c.”

Fordell reports that the racist mob—joined by other black and Hispanic riders—beat and robbed the unemployed man of thousands of dollars worth of “goth” leather gear he’d produced and had been peddling. Police were able to arrest one black allegedly racist attacker whom Fordell identified as one of the passengers who piled on.

But when Fordell told his story to WPIX reporter Mary Murphy, she was hostile, implying that blacks and Hispanics had a right to call him racial epithets. The NYPD likewise refused to investigate the attack as a possible hate crime.

Every day in New York City, racist blacks and Hispanics commit countless hate crimes against whites.

A Transit Police detective admitted to me in January, 1991, when I was attacked by a spontaneously forming black and Hispanic gang on the subway, that racist attacks by blacks and Hispanics on whites are a daily occurrence in New York, “but there are some things you can’t say” for political reasons.

The media ignore these attacks, or act as advocates for the racist attackers, as does the NYPD, which also denies that they are racially motivated, even when witnesses report that the attackers shouted racial epithets. For but one such case, when a mob of racist black teenagers murdered Broderick John Hehman in Harlem in 2006, shouting “Get the white boy!” as they chased him into traffic, causing him to get hit by a car and killed, the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force denied that the murder was racially motivated. Typically, commanders like the 63rd Precinct’s Deputy Inspector Kevin McGinn cover up such attacks at the local level, before the Hate Crime Task Force ever hears about them.

Then there are the cases where whites fight back against racist blacks, which is a good way to land in prison.

Back in 1986, when a mob of whites chased Michael Griffith, 23, into traffic in Howard Beach Queens, and Griffith was hit by a car and killed, the media, both locally and nationally, and police and prosecutors painted the crime as a “hate crime” and threw the book at teenagers Jon Lester, Scott Kern, and Jason Ladone, the whites who chased Griffith and his two black friends, Cedric Sandiford, 36, and Timothy Grimes, 20. As Jared Taylor showed in his classic work, Paved with Good Intentions, the media put the incident through a process of propagandistic alchemy, whereby they—together with their accomplices, the black supremacist Three Stooges of Al Sharpton, Alton Maddox, and C. Vernon Mason—turned the truth inside out, in order to demonize and railroad the whites, and idealize the blacks.

The truth is that the blacks were the aggressors that night, blocking the whites’ car, spitting on at least one occupant, shouting racial epithets at them, and threatening them with a knife. The whites then picked up weapons (baseball bats) and friends, and went after the blacks, whose car had broken down. Michael Griffith, meanwhile, was high on drugs.

But the truth didn’t fit the script, so the truth had to give.

In 2005, the media and the NYPD committed a copycat crime against truth and justice with their Howard Beach II Hoax.

Every time I have fought back against racist black attackers, I have been arrested.

In one case, a smirking little Jewish prosecutor with permed hair spoke of “the racial nature of the crime,” in referring to me! (The prosecutor was allegedly a man.) So much for “Jewish ethnocentrism!” (The charges against me would always later be dropped, after much trouble and expense.)


Today, the commander of the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force, Inspector Michael Osgood, considers a white who merely complains about black hate crimes to be guilty of a hate crime.

Today, it is no longer even necessary to fight back against black hate crime assaults, in order for a white man to be arrested by the NYPD. Last year, I was jumped by a large, racist, black female, who had gone to a Waldbaum’s supermarket expressly for the purpose of assaulting a white. She didn’t even act as if she were shopping. Before I could defend myself against her, I was jumped from behind by a man I never saw. That is par for the course in New York, where racist black and Hispanic females know that every black or Hispanic (or possibly even white) man in the vicinity will aid and abet them in such attacks.) It was I who demanded that the manager call the police, since the attackers jumped me by the cash registers in front of a closed-circuit camera and many witnesses. I said, “The videotape will vindicate me!”

When the police came, the supervising officer was a black female sergeant who insisted that the camera didn’t work, and two “respectable,” middle-aged black women popped up, who committed the crime of making false police reports asserting that I was the attacker. And while three middle-aged white shoppers showed me sympathy, none spoke to police on my behalf.

Since I was covered in bloody scratches, the police arrested my attacker and me.

Since my racist attacker was from an NYPD family—she bragged at the store that her brother was a cop—she was shown favoritism by the white cops at the precinct, who let her brother illegally meet with her in a restricted area, and who were ice cold to yours truly. (I made a formal complaint about the racist favoritism of the black supervisor, to no avail.)

Meanwhile, the Hate Crime Task Force, commanded by Inspector Michael Osgood, is a political division of the NYPD, whose function is to terrorize whites and serve unconstitutionally “protected” groups. At times, the Task Force often acts as a Gestapo, hunting after whites who have broken no laws, but who have merely exercised their First Amendment rights, in complaining about black hate crimes against whites.

Practicing racism against other whites is a sure way for a white officer to rise in the ranks, and Inspector Osgood, like others of his ilk, seeks to ride this political horse all the way to being named NYPD commissioner.

But I doubt it will happen. For the same flames of anti-white racism fanned by the Michael Osgoods and Kevin McGinns make it ever more unlikely that a heterosexual white man will be named commissioner, once Ray Kelly retires. The likelier scenario is that a San Francisco type situation arises, in which the only whites (or Asians) who are named commissioner are homosexuals. Otherwise, the commissioner’s job will become a “minority” political perk.

A year-and-a-half after his attempted cover-up of the 2005 Six Little Girls racial attack blew up in his face, Kevin McGinn retired, and now runs a traditional Irish saloon-restaurant. McGinn is significant because, although he is not a lefty, he conducted himself like one. The NYPD is lousy with white cops who go out of their way to harm whites, and side with racist black and Hispanic thugs. When whites who have been victimized by racist blacks and Hispanics have to deal with such whites, especially at the supervisory level (from sergeants on up), they enter a Bizarro World, in which “the law” comes up with surreal sophistry on behalf of black criminals that is as dishonest as anything a journalist could come up with. But cops’ sycophancy towards racist black and Hispanic thugs earns them no brownie points with the latter, and turns law-abiding whites who long defended them, like this writer, against them. Thus does a generation of the children of those erstwhile defenders of the police grow up seeing the police as enemies of the law.

The same policemen, who have gone over to the dark side, likely sing a different tune, when it is their family or friends who have been victimized by racist blacks and Hispanics.

At the WPIX web site, a number of posters supported the racist attackers who beat and robbed Jason Fordell. One such used the nom de cyber, “diklik.”

diklik at 12:26 PM July 19, 2011
All I can say as a white guy is this; we don't like the taste of our own medicine, but I hope this guy is alright. What I would recommend is this; use this experience to try to understand what minorities have to deal with the day they are born. Getting beat one time does not even begin to fully understand what it's like for minorities to deal with such issues for a life time. Like my mom always said, "someone else always has it worse off than you".
I responded as follows:

Where do you live, diklik, the Planet Bizarro? Because that’s the only place where “minorities” have it rough. They don’t suffer from racism, they inflict it on whites and Asians.

You sound like what racial socialists call an “ally.” That’s a white who, in school, at work, in transit, or on the street, sees racist blacks or Hispanics harassing or terrorizing a fellow white, and instead of doing the right thing, helps the racists, even to the point of committing the crime of swearing out a false police report.

Your time will come, diklik, and when it does, I want you to remember what I wrote today. Your racist attackers will not be impressed by you telling them how much you hate your own race. They’ll give you the business, but good, and you’ll deserve every bit of it. Besides, according to your own words, you will require many beatings “to fully understand what it's like for minorities to deal with such issues for a life time.”
* * *
Man Stomped on Train “Because I'm White”
By Mary Murphy
5:09 p.m. EDT, July 18, 2011

"I asked them to lower their voices and then they started in on me, 'Shut the f--- up, white boy. We'll beat the s--t out of you, cracker.'"

Jason Fordell, 29, of the Bronx, said that was the first exchange he had with three black men and a Hispanic man on the #4 subway train near Grand Central early Sunday morning, and by the time the train got to Fordham Road, Fordell says he was being beaten and stomped by other passengers who were egging the original group on. "Eventually, half the car" joined in, Fordell told PIX 11 Monday, showing us his badly bruised left eye. Most of the suspects got away, after stealing his bags and money, and Fordell said the incident should have been treated as a hate crime.

Fordell told us he had been selling leather, Goth-style clothing he designs at an East Village club, before heading home about 5am Sunday morning. He was tattooed and dressed in black, Goth attire--to help market his products--when he transferred to the #4 train at 42nd Street. That's when he asked the group to quiet down.

The argument escalated as the train headed north, Fordell said. "They started saying racist things like white boy this, white boy that.". Fordell said he was getting angry when the Hispanic man joined the taunting, "They're calling me cracker, and so I called him s--c."PIX 11 asked, "So you used a slur?--If you're using racial slurs, why should police call it a hate crime?" Fordell's response: "because they're the ones who started with me."

Fordell told us he's blind in the left eye, so the eye turns in, and the group started taunting him about that. He said he called 9-1-1 and suggested police meet the train at Burnside Avenue. He then lost the 9-1-1 call. Before he reached Fordham Road, Fordell told PIX 11 the beating began, "A bunch of people started stomping on me, and I had footprints on my back."

Fordell said two guys from the original group stole his bags, so he chased them down to the Metrocard booth at Fordham Road. The fight continued. When cops arrived, he pointed out a straphanger that he said had joined in the beating. "I recognized him, because he had an Army hat on.". Police arrested 54-year-old Barminth Ramoutar of Queens, who had no prior criminal record. Ramoutar is being charged with felony gang assault. The original group got away.

Fordell insists the beating was a race thing. "If I was dressed 'hip hop' and I was darker, I don't think it would have happened in the first place."

When we called the NYPD to ask why the incident wasn't deemed a hate crime, a spokesman said detectives had to evaluate a number of things. "Was race the motivating factor in the assault? Our Hate Crime Task Force was not investigating it as a bias incident."

Fordell said the Goth accessories that were stolen were worth between five and ten thousand dollars. He said he started designing because "the economy is so messed up, and I kept trying to find work. I don't want to be on unemployment like everyone else. I manage to pay my rent."

When PIX 11 happened to meet another Goth fan at the Forham Road station on Monday, he sympathized with Fordell but said he shouldn't have complained about the noise. "He should have just switched cars," said Joey Martinez.

(I thank the colleague who sent me this article.)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nazi Max Blumenthal on Norway Massacre: If You Don’t Support a Second Holocaust, You’re an “Eliminationist” Terrorist!

By Nicholas Stix

Previously, at WEJB/NSU: “Norway: 91 Dead in Terrorist Attacks; Blond, Blue-Eyed Norwegian Suspect Anders Behring Breivik, 32, in Custody, ‘Wants to Explain Himself.’”


Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stor at Utoya, the day before the massacre.


The no longer enchanted island retreat of Utoya.


Max Blumenthal: Genocidal anti-Semite, looks like a soccer hooligan, claims to be a country music scholar.


Leftists here and abroad are seeking to exploit the Norwegian mass murder, in order to criminalize their political opponents, and see them imprisoned, at the very least.

Suspect Anders Behring Breivik, 32.


Take Max Blumenthal, who purports to be a country music scholar but who, as I remarked some time ago, looks like a soccer hooligan.

Air view of the explosion in Oslo.


But why did Blumenthal lie? Well, it seems that someone here is an “eliminationist”—that would be Max Blumenthal himself, only Blumenthal doesn’t believe in genocide against Moslems, but rather against Jews.

Some readers may say, “Hey, but isn’t Blumenthal a Jew?”

The Oslo bomb explosion, ground level.


I don't know. I believe that Blumenthal's father, Sidney “Sid Vicious” Blumenthal, is one of my brethren, but I do not know the circumstances of Max’ birth.

Blumenthal has called Islamization critics Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, and Daniel Pipes “eliminationsts,” meaning that they believe in conducting a Holocaust against all Moslems.

At ground level, in Oslo, a corpse.


This description of the three writers is based on Max Blumenthal’s … lie. That’s it.

Oslo: Rescue workers attend to one of the wounded.


No matter. Though I realize that my many readers in the neo-Nazi, Nation of Islam, and Moslem communities, respectively, will look askance at what I am about to say, many leading Jews, most notoriously Noam Chomsky, are genocidal anti-Semites.

Blumenthal writes supportively of Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store:

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store visits the Utoya Labor Youth camp a day before Breivik's killing spree. He earned loud cheers with an unapologetic call for Palestinian rights….

Then, the day before Breivik’s terror attack, which he planned long in advance, Norway’s Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stor visited the Labor Youth camp at Utoya. There, he was met with demands to support the global BDS (“BDS: boycotts, divestment and sanctions”) movement and to support the Palestinian Authority’s unilateral statehood bid. “The Palestinians must have their own state, the occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now,” the Foreign Minister declared, earning cheers from the audience.

The “Palestinians” have always said—at least, when they’re speaking in Arabic— that their goal is to kill all the Jews of Israel, or on the planet. Not only would giving them the land that Israel won in an earlier Arab Moslem attempt to murder all of Israel’s Jews make Israel weaker and more vulnerable, but the only purpose of demolishing the wall would be to help the Moslems murder Jews, and eventually successfully invade Israel, as part of a new Holocaust.

Thus, Blumenthal—like Jonas Gahr Store and, apparently, many Norwegian socialists—supports a new Holocaust, and only projects onto Geller, Spencer, and Pipes genocidal beliefs, in order to divert attention from his own genocidal beliefs.


Oslo: The walking wounded.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Low-Life Felon, Andre Muller, Get His Son, Football Star Isayah Muller Killed on His Graduation Day, Attacking Parking Attendants;

Family Demands “Justice” for Andre, and Gets Help from Rupert Murdoch!


The Mullers and their friends are insisting that Andre Muller only fought the attendants in “self-defense,” and demanding that the latter be prosecuted for murder. News reports say that the attendants have received death threats, and are in hiding.

(In all fairness, as evidenced by the opening video, Murdoch is playing both sides, much as he did with same-sex marriage. And we all know how that turned out. And how much has your opportunism helped you with your lefty enemies, eh, Rupe?)

Fox5 News Practices Bizarro World “Journalism” on Behalf of Andre Muller

This is clearly yet more evidence of Rupert Murdoch’s submission to Al Sharpton. How does Sharpton address the “news” mogul? “You my bitch”?



Slain NYC Teen's Mom Wants “Justice” for Son
Updated: Thursday, 30 Jun 2011, 5:43 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 30 Jun 2011, 3:54 PM EDT
By New York Post (Anonymous) [Another Murdoch property.]

NEWSCORE -- NEW YORK -- The wife of the New York City dad who ignited a bloody brawl that left his football-star son dead said Thursday her husband is not the one to blame.

Isayah Muller, 19, was stabbed to death Tuesday when he rushed to help his dad, Andre, who allegedly was pummeling a parking garage attendant he suspected of stealing a $200 bottle of cologne from his car.

"It's not right that [Andre's] the only one charged," his wife Rosa said. "It's not fair they're just focusing on his dad and not my dead son."

The Truman High School running back's father was still wearing a shirt drenched in his son's blood at his arraignment Wednesday.

The 40-year-old father faced charges of assault, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment as Isayah's sobbing mother -- who is pregnant with twins -- and 20 other devastated relatives looked on.

"I want justice for my child," said Muller's wife. "It's all lies. It's all allegations."

Andre Muller, who has six prior arrests and spent 11 years in prison, later walked from the courtroom in a clean T-shirt after posting $10,000 bond….

It ain’t over ‘til the black felon wins.

If you're not black, you're obliged to let them kill you, or let yourself be incarcerated and murdered in prison, simply for defending yourself against them.

Time was, Andre Muller would have been charged with murder, since it was his crime that got his son killed.

Note that the parking attendants are Hispanic (as is Muller’s mother). If they were white, the NYPD would have arrested them. Hell, every time I’ve defended myself against racist black attackers the NYPD has arrested me. I’ve even been arrested when I was unable to defend myself, because a second assailant grabbed me from behind. (Every time the phony charges would get thrown out, after much trouble and expense.) But that’s a long story for another time, the story of racist, white New York City cops, especially at the supervisory level (from sergeant, all the way up to Commissioner Ray Kelly), who have gone over to the dark side.

Just like so many journalists.

A tip ‘o the machete to Nivius Vir.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Black, Christopher Lemar Johnson, 20, Charged with Raping, Beating, and Murdering White, Emma Jean Beasley, 83, in Jacksonville;

Defendant’s Derelict Father: "He wasn't raised like that and he ain't that type of kid"
By Nicholas Stix

(Three accompanying video boxes may require a few seconds to load.)
Murder-rape victim, Emma Jean Beasley, 83.





83-Year-Old Woman Raped, Beaten, and Murdered
By Kevin Rincon
July 11,2011

Jacksonville, FL —
Jacksonville police have arrested a 20-year-old who they believe is responsible for the death of an 83-year-old woman.

Christopher Lemar Johnson was charged with the murder of Emma Jean Beasley. Arrest records indicate he is being charged with burglary, armed sexual battery, armed robbery and murder….

Beasley lived with her son-in-law and her daughter; they were at the hospital visiting their newborn granddaughter at the time. When they got home they found Beasley beaten and the home raided….

The victim.

Monday, July 11, 2011
Beaten, raped Jacksonville woman, 83, gave attacker's details before dying
By Jim Schoettler
The Florida Times-Union

A dying 83-year-old Jacksonville woman gave her daughter a brief description of the man who raped and beat her after breaking into her home Saturday, Jacksonville police said today….

Police arrested [Johnson on Monday, July 11] based on witness identifications - though not the victim's - and fingerprints found at the scene, an arrest report said.

"They [investigators] did a super, super job," said Geneva Griffin, the mother of Beasley's son-in-law, Danny Griffin. "Thank God."

Johnson's family expressed disbelief in the charges after he appeared in court Tuesday morning. Geneva Griffin's response: "We'll let the law take care of that."…

[Johnson] is being held without bail.

Court records show Johnson has prior arrests for trespassing, criminal mischief and defrauding an innkeeper. His arrest report lists him as unemployed and a former student at First Coast High….

Investigators found that a large amount of change was stolen from a jar in the home.

Jewelry and a black Harley Davidson T-shirt were also missing, the arrest report said.

Beasley was beaten with a blunt object, said Schoonover, who called the killing a "brutal, heinous crime."…

Evidence at scene

The arrest report released Tuesday morning said the victim was able to tell her daughter she was raped by someone who was black. No other details were listed.

Beasley was unable to give police any information before she was taken to Shands Jacksonville hospital, where she died, Schoonover said.

Police found a stranger's bloody white T-shirt on the floor next to the victim.

Police also spoke with a witness who saw a man entering the home and later identified him as Johnson, the report said. Other witnesses also provided police with information about Johnson.

Fingerprints found at the scene also matched Johnson's, Schoonover said. Johnson was spotted by police on Moncrief Road West and arrested without incident. Schoonover said Johnson lived about a mile from the crime scene and was known to roam in the area. Several of his previous arrests occurred near his home, records show.

Mug shot of defendant Christopher Lemar Johnson, 20.


Christopher Lemar Johnson Charged with Murder, Sexual Battery in Beating Death of 83-Year-Old Woman
By Jessica Clark and Len Kiese
July 12, 2011
First Coast News


Johnson's father, Reginald Harden, was in court for today's hearing, and said that while he has sympathy for the victim's family, he believes his son did not do it.
“He wasn't raised like that and he ain’t that type of kid,” Harden said….

Police: Man Beat Elderly Woman to Death
Police: Suspect Charged With Murder in 83-Year-Old Woman's Death
POSTED: Tuesday, July 12, 2011
UPDATED: 5:49 pm EDT July 12, 2011


Police said Johnson lived about a mile away from Beasley's home and roamed the neighborhood, but did not know the victim or anyone in the Beasley family.

Family members said Beasley kept to herself and didn't bother anyone. They said she was very sweet and very frail.

For the past decade, Beasley had lived with her daughter and son-in-law, Danny Griffin, on the quiet, secluded property.

Beasley leaves behind two children, four grandchildren and about a dozen great-grandchildren….

Griffin applauded the police for making an arrest so quickly.

“I expect the state attorney’s office to work just as hard, just as tireless as these men and women did, and I know they’re going to do it," Griffin said. "They’re going to put this guy away. He’s never going to be where he’s going to be able to do this to anyone again."

Channel 4 learned that Johnson has previous misdemeanor arrests -- three charges of trespassing over the past two years -- but none for any violent crimes. He was released from jail on May 11 after serving a six-month sentence on his most recent conviction.

"He's been in trouble for some misdemeanors, but this here?" said Johnson's father, Reginald Harden. "I can't just believe this."

Police believe Johnson acted alone and expect no additional arrests in the case.

“I’m hurt," said Johnson's grandmother, Evelyn Harden, as she left the courtroom Tuesday. "I’m hurting for him, and I’m hurting for the other family.”

Defendant Christopher Lemar Johnson being charged in court on July 12.

* * *

First Coast News’ Jessica Clark reported on July 11, “Police believe whoever killed Beasley broke into the home to burglarize it, but the crime escalated, because Beasley was home alone.”

So, “the crime” escalated, and did what it did, “because” the victim was home alone. Why, then, did the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrest Christopher Lemar Johnson, instead of “the crime”? After all, according to the JSO or Jessica Clark, it was “the crime” that raped and killed Mrs. Beasley.

While all burglars are potentially dangerous, if surprised by occupants, rape and murder, especially of unarmed, frail, 83-year-old shut-ins are not part of the profile. They are, however, part of the profile of a racist black psychopath (see Moseley, Winston (Kitty Genovese's rapist-killer; Lee, Derrick Todd ("the Baton Rouge Killer"); Vance, Curtis Lavelle (Anne Pressly's rapist-killer), et al.)

On July 12, Jessica Clark interviewed Mrs. Beasly’s neighbor from across the road, Mary Thornton. Thornton was holding a baseball bat, which she had slept with the previous night, saying, “I mean, it’s sad when you can’t even be safe, or feel safe in your home.”

Those three trespassing arrests were cases where Johnson was about to burgle homes, but got caught in time. That suggests that alert, caring neighbors immediately called the police when they saw a prowler on their neighbor’s property, and/or that alert homeowners spotted Johnson on their property and immediately called 911. If Johnson committed the crimes for which he has been charged, those three arrests were three separate occasions on which he could have earlier raped and/or murdered a person or persons.

Of course, Johnson enjoys the presumption of innocence regarding the instant charges against him. Maybe he just makes a hobby of “roaming” about the neighborhood and trespassing on folks’ property. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

The rape and murder of Mrs. Beasley was committed exactly two months after Christopher Lemar Johnson was released from his latest stint in jail.

Of course, a prowler’s trespass can not only be the beginning of a burglary, but the voyeurism stage of a search for a victim to rape and/or murder, such as was the case with racist serial rapist-murderer Derrick Todd Lee, who specialized in kidnapping, raping, murdering attractive, dark-haired white women, though he also freelanced at burglary, robbery, and violent crimes against white men.

Johnson is presently being held without bond in Duval County Jail.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norway: 91 Dead in Terrorist Attacks; Blond, Blue-Eyed Norwegian Suspect Anders Behring Breivik, 32, in Custody, “Wants to Explain Himself”

Suspect Anders Behring Breivik, 32.

91 killed in Norway island massacre, capital blast
By NILS MYKLEBOST, KARL RITTER, Bjoern H. Amland, Louise Nordstrom, Matthew Lee, Rita Foley, Paisley Dodds and Paul Schemm from Stockholm, Hoenefoss, Norway, Washington, London and Tripoli.
Associated Press
Jul 23, 4:07 AM EDT

OSLO, Norway (AP) -- A Norwegian dressed as a police officer gunned down at least 84 people at an island retreat before being arrested, police said Saturday.


The no longer enchanted island retreat of Utoya.


Investigators are still searching the surrounding waters, where people fled the attack, which followed an explosion in nearby Oslo that killed seven.

Air view of the explosion in Oslo.


The mass shootings are among the worst in history. With the blast outside the prime minister's office, they formed the deadliest day of terror in Western Europe since the 2004 Madrid train bombings killed 191.

The Oslo bomb explosion, ground level.


Police official Roger Andresen told reporters that the total death toll was now 91 and that a suspect was in custody being questioned for both assaults and is cooperating with the investigators.

Though police did not release his name, Norwegian national broadcaster NRK identified him as 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik and said police searched his Oslo apartment overnight. NRK and other Norwegian media posted pictures of the blond, blue-eyed Norwegian.

At ground level, in Oslo, a corpse.


"He is clear on the point that he wants to explain himself," Roger Andresen told reporters Saturday.

National police chief Sveinung Sponheim told NRK that the suspected gunman's Internet postings "suggest that he has some political traits directed toward the right, and anti-Muslim views, but whether that was a motivation for the actual act remains to be seen."

Oslo: Rescue workers attend to one of the wounded.


Andersen said the suspect posted on websites with Christian fundamentalist tendencies. He did not describe the websites in any more details.

A police official said the suspect appears to have acted alone in both attacks, and that "it seems like this is not linked to any international terrorist organizations at all." The official spoke on condition of anonymity because that information had not been officially released by Norway's police.

"It seems it's not Islamic-terror related," the official said. "This seems like a madman's work."


Oslo: The walking wounded.

Norway has not changed its threat level after twin attacks on the capital and a nearby island retreat, the justice minister said Saturday.

Justice Minister Knut Storberget told reporters Saturday the government was in constant discussion with police and were continually assessing it.

"The debate on the threat level is ongoing," Storberget said.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg told reporters Saturday that he had spent many summers on the island of Utoya, which was hosting a youth retreat for his party.

Utoya is "my childhood paradise that yesterday was transformed into Hell," he said at a news conference in the capital at which Storberget also appeared.

Police initially said about 10 were killed at the forested camp on the island, but some survivors said they thought the toll was much higher. Police director Oystein
Maeland told reporters early Saturday they had discovered many more victims.

Maeland said the death toll could rise even more. He said others were severely wounded, but police didn't know how many were hurt.

The island is about 500 yards (meters) from one shore of Tyrifjorden lake, an oddly shaped body of water that is 15 miles (25 kilometers) at its longest and 8 miles (12 kilometers) at its widest.

Shouting, Laughing Supporters of Confessed Clayton County, GA, Cop-Killer/Armed Robber, Jonathan Bun Chant: “Free Jon Jon!”

Murdered Clayton County Sheriff’s Deputy, Rick Day, and his confessed killer, super-predator Jonathan Bun, 17.


Teen Accused of Killing Cop Appears in Court
By Tom Jones
Posted: 1:53 p.m. EDT, July 22, 2011; updated: 8:22 p.m. EDT, July 22, 2011.

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. -- A teenager accused of killing a Clayton County sheriff’s deputy had his first court appearance Friday.

Jonathan Bun is charged with one count of malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime in the death of Deputy Rick Daly. Daly was shot and killed on Wednesday.

Investigators said Bun confessed to the shooting….

[Watch the video in the linked story by WSB-TV’s Tom Jones to see the killer’s friends. I’m guessing these are fellow cut-throats and their girlfriends, though some could be camp followers.]

Warrant: Teen confesses to killing Clayton deputy
By Tracye Hutchins
Posted: July 22, 2011 6:18 a.m. EDT; updated: July 22, 2011 1:53 p.m. EDT.

Besides the armed robbery charge, Bun also is charged with one count each of malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Sheriff Kem Kimbrough said police dogs bit Bun in the face and neck when they found him in some woods near East Fayetteville and Walker Roads in Riverdale Wednesday.

Bun is being held in the Henry County Jail. There was a heavy presence of law enforcement officers at his Clayton County court appearance….

Bun, 17, murdered Clayton County Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Daly, 55, on July 20, as Daly sought to arrest Bun, who was wanted for a January armed robbery.

Bun reportedly confessed to both the murder and the armed robbery to Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) interrogators. He was probably questioned by the GBI due to the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office’s conflict of interest, in investigating the killing of one of their own, and in order to protect the case from the inevitable charges by defense counsel of law enforcement gaining the confession through duress, tampering with evidenece, etc.

Yesterday, Chief Clayton County Magistrate Judge Daphne M. Walker ordered Bun held without bond on all of the warrants in his name.

Bun will now either deny he confessed, or recant, or say that he only confessed under horrific duress, the GBI be damned. His lawyer will seek to get the confession thrown out as evidence in the trial.

Note that Bun’s supporters didn’t even claim that he was innocent of the charges; they just demanded his release. With time, supporters of America’s Jonathan Buns will be demanding their friends’ release the way gangs do in Mexico, with machine guns and hand grenades, and over the corpses of police chiefs.

Raceless, Faceless Man Accused of Swiping iPhone from Undercover Cop Aboard NYC 4 Train

April 29, 2011 11:59 PM

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Police said a Brooklyn man with a criminal history was arrested Thursday after he tried to steal an iPhone from a plainclothes officer on the subway.

Authorities said 47-year-old Kasseim Thomas [N.S.: no picture; you know what that means!] was taken into custody at the Burnside Avenue station in the Bronx after he allegedly swindled [stole; swindled is completely inappropriate here; he didn’t talk the victim I to giving him his property under false pretenses] the gadget aboard an uptown 4 Train.

Lieutenant Kevin Callaghan of the Manhattan Transit Task Force told 1010 WINS Friday that a group of officers –- including one in plain clothes –- were on the Lexington Avenue line looking for pickpockets in response to previously reported crimes.

Callaghan said Thomas “began to crowd the plainclothes officer” and had a sweatshirt over his hand as he reached into the cop’s backpack and removed the iPhone.

Thomas has been arrested 35 times since the 1980s….

Police warn that potential victims can avoid being targeted by noticing odd behavior and not flashing expensive electronics and jewelry in public places.

“People are very engrossed in using their iPhone or BlackBerry. They don’t seem to think it’s a problem,” Callaghan said. “People just have to be cognizant of who’s around them and that these valuables are attractive to criminals.”

If the police didn’t habitually lie about the extent of subway crime, and the MSM didn’t refuse to report on most of it, people would think it's a problem. Meanwhile, whites and Asians have for generations avoided looking at suspicious looking characters on the train, because almost all of the latter are black or Hispanic, and black and Hispanic criminals really don’t like being surveilled by potential victims. It puts a crimp in their style. The criminals’ supporters of all races also don’t like potential white and Asian victims limiting black and Hispanic criminals’ effectiveness. And so, people look to be as oblivious as possible as to their environment, so as to be agreeable food.

P.S.’s Tom Liddy not only scooped CBS NY by five hours, but reported much more information about the suspect.

A serial pickpocket was arrested for swiping a cop's cell phone on a No. 4 train.
By Tom Liddy

MANHATTAN - An ex-con with a lengthy rap sheet was nabbed for swiping a cop's iPhone on the subway, authorities said.

The suspect, Kasseim Thomas, who also goes by Thomas Kasseim, was allegedly spotted by members of the Manhattan Transit Task Force entering and exiting cars on a Bronx-bound 4 train, near 86th Street on the Upper East Side at 5 p.m. Thursday.

At some point, Thomas, who has 42 prior arrests for, among other things, grand larceny, robbery and sex abuse, reached into a backpack belonging to one of the officers and grabbed an iPhone, according to police.

Thomas, who has 17 arrests for grand larceny and is on parole until 2012, was cuffed without incident …

According to state records, Thomas, 47, has done eight stints in prison dating back to 1986, all for grand larceny….

Thomas, 47, was charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property, police said.

I wrote to Liddy, praising his work, while adding,

One niggling correction, however: You mistakenly identified the defendant as an “ex-con.” If Kasseim Thomas is a parolee, he is not an “ex-con.” Until his parole ends, he is simply a “con.” An offender is a convict until he has been released from imprisonment, having served his sentence in full, or he has been pardoned, or has completed his term of parole or probation.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jim Snow at 365Black McDonald’s: In Marietta, GA, Black Manager Tiffany Denise Allen Hands Off Baby, in Order to Allegedly Punch White Female Customer

Busy with Autistic Twin Boys in the Face
By Nicholas Stix
Last revised at 12:27 a.m., on Saturday, July 23, 2011.


On July 12, Jennifer Schwenker took her autistic twin sons and their “service dog,” Barkley, to McDonald’s for lunch, unaware, apparently, that McDonald’s self-chosen nickname is “365black.” Now Mrs. Schwenker knows what that means.

The video shows Miss Allen harassing Mrs. Schwenker, following her around the store, even to the bathroom, after Mrs. Schwenker had notified her that the dog was a service dog, that she had a legal right to bring him in the store, and that she had a certificate to back up that legal claim. (Miss Allen was reportedly off duty at the time.)

Note that Mrs. Schwenker clearly did not throw the soda on Miss Allen. The videotape shows Mrs. Schwenker run in the opposite direction of Miss Allen, to search for her missing son, toss the soda forward onto the floor (stupidly, I might add), with the impact causing it to splash several feet onto Miss Allen, who also clearly saw that Mrs. Schwenker had not thrown the soda at her. (Allen was watching Schwenker the whole time.) Miss Allen was not startled, either, as a normal person would be, under the circumstances, but rather bolted into action, handing off the baby she was holding to the woman she was with, as if he were a football, and running to allegedly attack Mrs. Schwenker. Miss Allen’s companion knew exactly what she had in mind, as can be seen from her unsuccessful attempt to arm tackle her with her one free hand.

That companion was not a psychic. She knew what was about to happen because she knew Tiffany Denise Allen, and because Allen had almost certainly just told her what she was of a mind to do to 'that white b---h,' before Mrs. Schwenker even tossed down the soda.

Am I claiming to be a psychic? Not at all. Rather, I am someone who, in almost 26 years in New York City, has dealt with more “Tiffany Denise Allens” than I can count, from the get-go. In such situations, the racist black woman is determined to racially humiliate the white whom she is targeting. If the white submits, then he (in this case, she) has been humiliated, which gives the racist black woman about five minutes of joyful gloating, before she feels the need to humiliate yet another white. If the white target refuses to submit, the racist black woman ups the ante by “going off.”

If the target is a white man, this is even more fun, because the racist black woman can violently assault him, including scratching him bloody, and know that any black (American) or Hispanic man in the vicinity will sucker-punch and maybe even stomp the white target on her behalf, that any black (and sometimes white!) women in the vicinity will commit the crime on her behalf of swearing out a false police statement, lying that the white man attacked the racist black woman, and the crime victim will then be arrested, thus doubling his humiliation! (Yes, the foregoing is all based on several first-hand experiences, going back to 1988.)

That’s why I believe that after Mrs. Schwenker refused to accept the humiliation of being reufsed service, Allen was following her around with the intention of beating her up, regardless of whether some soda splashed on her, and revealed to her companion what she had in mind. Not in the sense of, “I’m harassing her, and I’m going to assault her,” but rather, “Who the f she think she is? She don’t know her place, but she goin’ learn.”

McDonald’s quickly fired Allen, in order to limit its damages in court, but the chain is fully responsible for what happened, due to its racist, official “365Black” policy, which favors people like Tiffany Denise Allen, based solely on the color of their skin.

I hope Mrs. Schwenker takes McDonald's for millions.

WSB-TV's Diana Davis reports "Allen is charged with battery assault and disorderly conduct." She should be charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of a child, as well: For Mrs. Schwenker's twins, and for the baby she handed off. Let us hope that the child was not Ms. Allen's.

P.S. This case is an example of a phenomenon that I have witnessed countless times, and which is a pillar of Jim Snow: Blacks refuse to follow society's laws, rules, and traditions, but are obsessed with invoking non-existent laws, rules, and traditions, which they demand that whites and Asians submit to. There is a black-Moslem parallel here, in that Moslems refuse to follow Western nations' laws, rules, and customs, while demanding that Westerners submit to them, even to the point of lying about Islamic tenets.

Note too another parallel between Moslems and blacks: Arabs habitually humiliate disabled whites in the Anglosphere, by illegally refusing them service, based on their protector dogs.

The reason I used the word "allegedly" is because the videotape does not show Miss Allen actually slug Mrs. Schwenker. That could be because there was no videotaspe covering the front of the restaurant, but it is at least as likely due to WSB-TV having "edited" the tape, so that it id not show black-on-white violence.

A tip 'o the do-rag to American Renaissance.

In Wilmington (Los Angeles): ‘Stop the Violence!’ Bang! Bang! Bang!

By Nicholas Stix

Shooting Wounds 2 At Anti-Gang Event In Wilmington
July 21, 2011 11:16 AM

WILMINGTON (CBS) — Authorities say gang members opened fire, wounding two people, at an anti-gang program at Wilmington Recreation Center early Thursday morning.

About 30-people [sic] were walking away from the Summer Night Lights program at 325 Neptune Avenue just after midnight when a man in a dark car opened fire on the recreation center.

A 19-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl were wounded and taken to Harbor-UCLA
Medical Center…

The Summer Night Lights program was designed to reduce violence during the summer by keeping public parks open for gang-free activity, free food and programs.

Thursday’s shooting is the second at a Summer Night Lights event in as many weeks….

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC, who always takes his irony supplement.]

Black Female Train Conductor Throws Indian Woman, Hermon Raju, Off a N.Y. Metro-North Train

By Nicholas Stix



Youtube title: “Woman says she's too educated to be kicked off New York train.”

A Selection of Representative Youtube Comments, Which Were Unanimously Hostile Towards the Indian Woman

• To the crazy lady in the video:
You may have all the smarts in the world, but if you don't know how to play well with others, you're clearly not as smart as you think you are.

Here's hoping you don't continue your act and mouth off to the wrong person who might otherwise pop a cap in your disrespectful ***.
Candlestick4155 9 hours ago

• sooooooo.... did anyone else just submit this to tosh?
yippeeskippies 1 day ago

• only a higher education can give someone the gall to say something that stupid.
gaptoofgranny 1 day ago

• Unfortunately she is very representative of many schooled students who think they are better people than those who don't go to college even though they have not yet proven themselves to be as such.

I say schooled because being educated is vastly different from just going to school.
evilminion89 2 days ago

• ...someone to "restore" her public image. Good luck with that.
SanDiegoStudent 2 days ago

• What a's embarrassing. Instead of being humbled and showing some class, she acts like a moron. I saw on CNN that she is looking for
SanDiegoStudent 2 days ago

• Yet another Indian who thinks she's conquered the world and who thinks she's over everyone else by studying abroad. She would have been kicked off the Indian Metro as well if she was in India. Hope she gets a job after all this education, atleast in India...
sejoymathews 2 days ago

* * *

The Indian woman, Hermon Raju, may be pretentious, but I didn’t hear any curses out of her mouth.

From the drift of the edited conflict, it sounds like the black female conductor overheard Raju drop an “f-bomb” while the latter was speaking on her cellphone to a friend, and immediately decided to throw her off the train.

That’s interesting. I hear blacks curse their heads off in public places about a million times a year in front of black authority figures, without ever hearing the latter order them out or off or whatever, or even to shut up. Indeed, the only time I see a black authority figure react at all, it is to support the black miscreant, including in cases of violent black miscreants. (And in more than one case, the black authority figure helping a violent, racist black criminal was a cop.)

So, what do I see on the video? A pretentious Indian woman and a racist black female, the latter of whom is exploiting to the max her little bit of authority.

J.K. Sanders

I had a counseling session with a few brothers not too long along and the question came up about why do black women in authority seem to have such a nasty attitude? From letting you know their the boss throwing their weight around, to speaking down to you like your a child, and having a funky attitude period! Wussup with that? It seems like on the way up the corporate ladder they are cool and laid back and easy to get along with but once they get a top position it’s like a spirit comes on them and they go buckwild! One brutha mentioned that after his girl opened her own business she became extremely bossy and told him this is the new me and if you don’t like it you can step! WTW? (What the World). I personally have seen a difference in attitude from SOME women that are so called big shots in the work force. They have an air about themselves like they can take you or leave you. With an attitude like that many say that’s one of the reasons they are single because a real man wants to be wanted by his woman. Just like I want to want and not just need my woman. Now let me make this crystal clear me and the brutha’s specified that we are certainly not talking about ALL women just SOME women. So please don’t skip that point or you have missed it all….

Lawrence Auster

At least in New York City, black women in any position of authority, even the most trivial such as selling tickets in a bus terminal or or being assistant manager of a grocery store, are the worst, most unpleasant human beings I've encountered in my life. Their hostility takes your breath away. They go through their lives with this massive, fixed hatred (I don't know if it's just against whites, or against all humanity) inside them, along with the sense of entitlement. And yes, now that you mention it, Michelle O. resembles them.
Gosh, it looks as though Oprah with her New Age ministrations to the world and especially to black women has not healed this particular problem, has she?
Of course, I'm not speaking of all black women in positions of petty authority, but this is a pronounced and unique phenomenon which in my experience applies only to black women.

At Youtube, where I found this video (via 100 Reasons Not to Go to Graduate School), all of the posters got off on the humbling of the Indian woman.

(Postscript: And it turns out Raju’s an NYU grad, which is yet another reason to hate her! And she is presently being hated from end of the Internet to the other.)

There are some wonderful folks who upload music and dramatic scenes and stories from TV and the movies to Youtube, to whom I am immensely grateful, but the site is also home to some despicable specimens of humanity. Speaking of which, the person who filmed and edited this video, provided no video or written context. Then again, given the phony title and editing, if the poster had provided “context,” it probably would have been dishonest, as is par for the course with smear videos at Youtube.

If I were in the position of the woman being thrown off the train, I would have been a lot louder and more ornery than she was.

From what I picked up, it was only after the black conductor told her she was throwing her off the train that the Raju raised her voice, and she still was whispering, compared to the average New York black woman in any conflict situation. And yes, I realize that the conductor was speaking really softly. To my readers who have dealings with black American women in urban settings: How often does that happen? But still, pay attention to what the black women is softly saying to the Indian woman.

To the whites and Asians applauding the racist conductor and/or laughing at the woman being thrown off the train, enjoy yourself while you can, because your time is fast approaching. Mark my words: One day you will be at the mercy of one or more racist blacks. And when that day comes, while you’re still conscious, I want you to remember, if ever so vaguely, “Some stupid, despicable, racist white guy on the Internet told me this would happen. Damn him!”