Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Riot in San Francisco, with More to Come! Cop Shoots Innocent Black Honor Student, Kenneth Wade Harding, 19, in the Back; the

Brothers are (as Always) on War Footing

The late Kenneth Wade Harding, 19. We have no pictures at present of any of his many victims.

(Language Alert: Much Profanity, No Sense)


I got the link, and partially ripped off the title from the tireless Nivius Vir, whom I thank. The video is from the shaky-handed black supremacists at World Star Hip’s Youtube page, who uploaded it on July 17, and gave it the black race mania title, “San Francisco Police Shoot Innocent Victim 5 Times After Chasing Him Down for Not Paying Bus Fare!”

World Star’s further “explanation” goes,

The This Shxt Crazy San Francisco Police Shoot Innocent Victim 5 Times After Chasing Him Down For Not Paying Bus Fare! [Upated w Before The Aftermath Footage] [R.I.P]

Contrast Nivius Vir’s explanation to World Star’s:

Just like the following hours after an earthquake, whenever a violent Negro is shot after pulling a gun on police officers, there is always the great potential for a tsunami of Negro violence.

San Francisco might be burning soon. A Negro that was believed to be possibly linked to the shooting death of a pregnant woman was said to have pointed a gun a police officers. The officers shot him and it was captured on video.

Kenneth Wade Harding, 19, was also a parolee who had been convicted of “rape of a child, promotion of prostitution, and several other felony charges.”

Busy fellow. I can only imagine the tales his juvi file could tell: More rapes and murders?

But let’s just consider what we know of his adult file: How does someone old enough to be prosecuted as an adult get convicted of raping a child alone, and get out in a year or two? When one adds pimping and “several other felonies,” how did he manage to get paroled prior to his 40th birthday?

The answer is, he committed his previous crimes in that Valhalla for black felons, Washington. (See my articles,“Three Race Murders in Seattle”; “Stone Killer Billy Chambers, Who Murdered Seattle’s Beloved ‘Tuba Man,’ Edward McMichael, is Undercharged Yet Again in His Newest Alleged Crimes”; and “War on Competent, White, Male King County, WA Prosecutor James Konat Continues Apace: NAACP Demands His Dismissal, and He is Removed from Two Murder Cases.”)

Most law-abiding citizens lament that there are only 24 hours in the day, but when you’re a full-time criminal, 24 hours are enough to wreak havoc such as to turn entire urban districts into swathes of mayhem.

SF police arrest 35 in protest of fatal shooting
By Marisa Lagos
San Francisco Chronicle
July 19, 2011 10:28 PM

SAN FRANCISCO -- Gunshot residue was found on the hand of a man fatally shot by San Francisco police, officials said Tuesday, a finding that could bolster officers' assertion that the man opened fire on them before he was killed. Also Tuesday, more than 35 people protesting the shooting were arrested in downtown San Francisco.

Kenneth Wade Harding, 19, was shot and killed in the Bayview neighborhood Saturday after he allegedly fired at two officers who had asked him if he had a Muni ticket.

Harding was a Washington state parolee who was being sought for questioning in connection with a Seattle killing last week. He ran from the San Francisco officers and fired a gun from under his arm before the officers shot back and struck him, police said.

About 150 people gathered in Dolores Park at 5 p.m. to protest Harding's shooting and Bay Area police conduct in general.

Dozens of protesters marched from the park through the Mission and Castro districts during the evening, shutting down streets and at one point storming the Castro Muni station. Inside, some protesters threw smoke bombs and used sticks and hammers to smash signs and vandalized a Bank of America branch, according to police.


This is the only sort of image the San Francisco Chornicle will let us see of the riot. It is part of the media policy of hiding the pevasive, mass black violence in this, the Summer of Obama.

They also stopped in front of the Mission Police Station, where they threw a hammer at officers, who were not hit. One protester attempted to take a camera away from a member of a local TV news crew - police made an arrest in that incident, Officer Albie Esparza, a police spokesman, said….

[So, the same TV newsmen who try to get cops killed, get royal treatment from them when they need protection, while the rest of us law-abiding citizens, who need and deserve protection, get doubly screwed: By the media, who misrepresent black and Hispanic cut-throats as victims of “racial profiling,” and thereby get the police to back down from them, and by the police, who treat us with a contempt equal to what we get from the media.]

In addition to Saturday's shooting, there has been outrage over a July 3 shooting in which BART police killed Charles Blair Hill, a 45-year-old transient. Police said Hill threw a bottle at two officers and pulled a knife before one of the officers shot him to death on the BART Civic Center Station platform in San Francisco….

Well, a cop of any color—they all work for the white man—shooting a brother for any reason is certainly a good reason to riot. After all, there is no good reason for a cop to shoot a brother.

And a cop of any color not shooting a brother for any reason is certainly a good reason to riot.

Any tragedy is a good reason to riot.

And any celebration is a good reason to riot.

See my Cincinnati stories:

“Cincinnati Burning”;

“Cincinnati: Recipe for a Riot”;

“Cincinnati, 2002: Return of the Lynch Mob”; and

“In Cincinnati, the Police are Always Presumed Guilty: The Nathaniel Jones Case.”


Anonymous said...

How do you dedicate so much of your time to HATE? You are a lost soul.

jeigheff said...

Hi Anonymous

I can't speak for Nicholas, but I know that I personally experience feelings of anger and helplessness when I read stories like this.

The black folks I know at church and work are really nice people. However, (for example), I'd prefer not to meet a black person who engages in "punch and run" tactics in downtown Austin, where I live. For what it's worth, I'm a white guy who has been sucker-punched by a black guy in the past, so I know what that feels like. Does that make any sense?

It grieves me that there are large segments of our country which seem to be out of control, and which engage in violence at the drop of a hat, whether it's directed at me personally or any other innocent human beings.

Think of Nicholas's blog site as light shining on darkness. It's a darkness that some people want to pretend does not exist, nor do they don't want anyone else to know about it either. The subjects are hateful, not the one who presents them.

If the media reported crime truthfully and thoroughly, a site like this would not be necessary. Regretfully, our country is seized by an insane spirit of political correctness and self-destructiveness. Therefore, I personally appreciate the truthfulness of the reporting here, even though the stories often sicken me.

I hope I have expressed myself politely.


rjp said...

Thanks for doing the research and reporting the facts.

One thing though .....

Nicholas could you please never use the word "Valhalla" when discussing blacks.

Anonymous said...

There is alot of black crime in SF, but blacks just don't have the numbers to cause any major problems. Remember homosexuals, Hispanics and Asians have been on an ethnic cleansing campaign against blacks in SF for a long time and the numbers show it.

Just look at the riot at Dolores Park in protest, mostly professional white communist types. And they can talk the talk, but not walk the Detroit style riot walk.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Wade Harding, 19, is believed to have been a truly fine young black man. He may have had some peripheral involvement with prostitution, murder, robbery, drug distribution and extortion. But let's just step back and give him the benefit of the doubt. He was trying to turn his life around and then was senselessly gunned down by the police. We need to celebrate his life. Another young black man that could have changed the world and now he's gone.

Incorrigible Truthseeker said...

Anonymous said...

He was trying to turn his life around and then was senselessly gunned down by the police. We need to celebrate his life.

You're joking, right? Did you not READ the article before posting? It said that he was currently on the lam from Seattle as a suspect in a murder case there. The chance that this thug was going to turn his life around anytime soon are nil to none and that's giving him the benefit of doubt. He was going to change about as much as the trash mob rabble rousers hanging around the crime scene are gonna call in to give up their welfare checks and food stamps as well as vote against Obammy in 2012. Maybe, just maybe if he had survived the brilliant idea of pulling and shooting a gun at the cops the near death experience may have given him food for thought, but as rapper 50 cent(who has been shot 9 times or so)and the many blacks and hispanics in prison can be used as an example once an ignorant thug, always one.
Thank you Mr. Stix, for being a champion of truth.

Nicholas said...


Thank you for your kind words, but I guarantee you that the guy you responded to was being sarcastic (I hope!). He was very good at it, in using almost every black supremacist, pro-murderer cliche in currency, all the while maintaining a poker face, which is why he seemed so real.

Nicholas said...


Thanks for your kind words, though I doubt they'll make much of an impression on their addressee.

Nicholas said...


I said to meself, "Should I perhaps look up 'Valhalla,' before using it?" But no, I was bold and threw caution to the wind!

Sorry about that.

Never again, in that context.

Nicholas said...


Oh, so what we need is more "diversity" in SF, in order for blacks to attain "critical mass"!

Incorrigible Truthseeker said...

Hi Nick,
Yes, as soon as I clicked to post I wished in retrospect that I would have added "I think you may be joking but just in case"... such is my folly :)
I read so many comments, posts where the person is blatantly trying to be sarcastic to the subtle post of the same and then you have the people that are so completely blinded that I have to question whether or not that person is actually being serious. The sad news is that there are so many folks out there that would fully believe they have the ability to tame a rattlesnake. Some of these posts are very sincere and I just can't help but want to open their eyes.
These posts are harder to spot than the ones that are hardcore liberal where you know the person means what they write but in the end you know they don't really believe their own rhetoric,it's just easier for them to ride the horse til it dies.
On a lighter note I noticed you say you contribute to Amren which is the site where I found your link from another poster, thank you for your work there as well.

Anonymous said...

There is a serious sickness in the Black "community". It would seem that the election of the first Black (or partly Black) President has been perceived as "Carte Blanche" to do whatever strikes their fancy.
In addition to some of the most hideous crimes that one can imagine e;g; the carjacking, sexual torture and grizzly murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Knoxville, the Home invasion and repeated rapes and sexual degradation of five young White people culminating with their being taken to a snowy soccer thrown naked to the ground with each one being shot in the back of the head and then being run over by a pickup truck. One of the female victims miraculously survived and walked bleeding several miles. Most of my colleagues had never heard of either case. The murders of Eve Carson and Lauren Burk also went mostly un-noticed.
The recent "Flash Mob" attacks on Whites have occurred in cities all over the US have received coveragein the MSM but the attackers are always described using very non- specific ways such as "young people", "youths", "youngsters " or "teenagers". The perpetrators of individual attacks such as rapes, muggings etc. tend to be described by what they were wearing as though they'd still be wearing the black hoodie, and baseball cap weeks later. Physical descriptions are limited to estimates of height and weight but never color when the perpetrator is Black. In fact the lack of a racial description causes one to infer that it was a Black offender. However when the perp, is White, it's generally the first thing mentioned vis a vis a physical description.

The MSM has resorted now to make reference to the 30+ year old Kerner Commission report warning that unless vast quantities of money were thrown at solving the problem in the Black community, we would be facing terrible violence. No one can deny that after 50 years of vast quantities of money, AA, Set Asides, Educational programs e.g. Head Start, midnight basketball, bussing etc. ad infinitum, things have INDEED changed . They've gotten worse. Our great cities have become places of fear where there are de facto "no go " zones, our urban public schools have become more like our correctional facilities in that nothing gets "corrected" nor taught and where a successful school day for a teacher and a few serious students is one in which they haven't been assaulted or killed.
Sooner or later one of these mobs of "toddlers" is going to select the wrong "cracker" who is going to be armed and not afraid to defend himself. The result will be a pile of deceased "youths". This will be the first shot fired in Civil War 2.

Incorrigible Truthseeker said...

Anonymous said,
"repeated rapes and sexual degradation of five young White people culminating with their being taken to a snowy soccer thrown naked to the ground with each one being shot in the back of the head and then being run over by a pickup truck. One of the female victims miraculously survived and walked bleeding several miles."


While the Knoxville murders of Channon and Christopher have become a bit more open to the public via certain media outlets and through a televised production on behalf of the Investigation Discovery Channel the above mentioned story hasn't seen the light of day though it can be found by Googling ( or whatever your favorite search engine )it's given tag names "The Wichita Massacre" or "The Wichita Horror."
The crimes were committed by two brothers, Reginald and Jonathon Carr who were ultimately sentenced to death, twice if you include the appeals.
These crimes ranked as one of the three most heinous crimes in the history of Kansas including serial killer Dennis Rader and the Clutter Family killings chronicled by Truman Capote in his novel entitled "In Cold Blood."

thunderbird said...

I saw a dozen of the Dolores Park rioters practicing for the event at a parking lot at 2200 Powell Street in Emeryville. It is a government building.
The diminutive hooded white youths formed a line at the end of the parking lot. As they walked across the lot, the barked orders in the form of names like "Phillip!" "George!". Then they set of a half dozen smoke bombs. Subsequently, they got into their parent's cars and left.