Friday, July 22, 2011

Jim Snow at 365Black McDonald’s: In Marietta, GA, Black Manager Tiffany Denise Allen Hands Off Baby, in Order to Allegedly Punch White Female Customer

Busy with Autistic Twin Boys in the Face
By Nicholas Stix
Last revised at 12:27 a.m., on Saturday, July 23, 2011.


On July 12, Jennifer Schwenker took her autistic twin sons and their “service dog,” Barkley, to McDonald’s for lunch, unaware, apparently, that McDonald’s self-chosen nickname is “365black.” Now Mrs. Schwenker knows what that means.

The video shows Miss Allen harassing Mrs. Schwenker, following her around the store, even to the bathroom, after Mrs. Schwenker had notified her that the dog was a service dog, that she had a legal right to bring him in the store, and that she had a certificate to back up that legal claim. (Miss Allen was reportedly off duty at the time.)

Note that Mrs. Schwenker clearly did not throw the soda on Miss Allen. The videotape shows Mrs. Schwenker run in the opposite direction of Miss Allen, to search for her missing son, toss the soda forward onto the floor (stupidly, I might add), with the impact causing it to splash several feet onto Miss Allen, who also clearly saw that Mrs. Schwenker had not thrown the soda at her. (Allen was watching Schwenker the whole time.) Miss Allen was not startled, either, as a normal person would be, under the circumstances, but rather bolted into action, handing off the baby she was holding to the woman she was with, as if he were a football, and running to allegedly attack Mrs. Schwenker. Miss Allen’s companion knew exactly what she had in mind, as can be seen from her unsuccessful attempt to arm tackle her with her one free hand.

That companion was not a psychic. She knew what was about to happen because she knew Tiffany Denise Allen, and because Allen had almost certainly just told her what she was of a mind to do to 'that white b---h,' before Mrs. Schwenker even tossed down the soda.

Am I claiming to be a psychic? Not at all. Rather, I am someone who, in almost 26 years in New York City, has dealt with more “Tiffany Denise Allens” than I can count, from the get-go. In such situations, the racist black woman is determined to racially humiliate the white whom she is targeting. If the white submits, then he (in this case, she) has been humiliated, which gives the racist black woman about five minutes of joyful gloating, before she feels the need to humiliate yet another white. If the white target refuses to submit, the racist black woman ups the ante by “going off.”

If the target is a white man, this is even more fun, because the racist black woman can violently assault him, including scratching him bloody, and know that any black (American) or Hispanic man in the vicinity will sucker-punch and maybe even stomp the white target on her behalf, that any black (and sometimes white!) women in the vicinity will commit the crime on her behalf of swearing out a false police statement, lying that the white man attacked the racist black woman, and the crime victim will then be arrested, thus doubling his humiliation! (Yes, the foregoing is all based on several first-hand experiences, going back to 1988.)

That’s why I believe that after Mrs. Schwenker refused to accept the humiliation of being reufsed service, Allen was following her around with the intention of beating her up, regardless of whether some soda splashed on her, and revealed to her companion what she had in mind. Not in the sense of, “I’m harassing her, and I’m going to assault her,” but rather, “Who the f she think she is? She don’t know her place, but she goin’ learn.”

McDonald’s quickly fired Allen, in order to limit its damages in court, but the chain is fully responsible for what happened, due to its racist, official “365Black” policy, which favors people like Tiffany Denise Allen, based solely on the color of their skin.

I hope Mrs. Schwenker takes McDonald's for millions.

WSB-TV's Diana Davis reports "Allen is charged with battery assault and disorderly conduct." She should be charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of a child, as well: For Mrs. Schwenker's twins, and for the baby she handed off. Let us hope that the child was not Ms. Allen's.

P.S. This case is an example of a phenomenon that I have witnessed countless times, and which is a pillar of Jim Snow: Blacks refuse to follow society's laws, rules, and traditions, but are obsessed with invoking non-existent laws, rules, and traditions, which they demand that whites and Asians submit to. There is a black-Moslem parallel here, in that Moslems refuse to follow Western nations' laws, rules, and customs, while demanding that Westerners submit to them, even to the point of lying about Islamic tenets.

Note too another parallel between Moslems and blacks: Arabs habitually humiliate disabled whites in the Anglosphere, by illegally refusing them service, based on their protector dogs.

The reason I used the word "allegedly" is because the videotape does not show Miss Allen actually slug Mrs. Schwenker. That could be because there was no videotaspe covering the front of the restaurant, but it is at least as likely due to WSB-TV having "edited" the tape, so that it id not show black-on-white violence.

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Anonymous said...

Don't ever be making a black woman angry. You got's to learn that. They be needing respect up in here.

God help this country.

jeigheff said...

I just did a search for "365Black" and read its definition at the McDonald's web site. This blatant pandering to blacks (or any other group) is sickening. Does anyone really need to be "celebrated" 365 days a year by a corporate giant like McDonald's? I'm not convinced that even blacks themselves buy it; the whole concept is extremely condescending.

I may never return to McDonald's again, especially if McDonald's remains completely silent about the black manager's attack on its white customer. True, I realize that McDonald's is probably facing some pretty strong legal action. But a public apology and rebuttal would be in order, at least in my opinion.