Sunday, July 17, 2011

Speaking Truth to Black Power in Chicago

Selected Comments by White Chicago Tribune Readers, in Response to Dawn Turner Trice’s June 8 Column, “Mob attacks: Fear, too, is often skin deep; Whatever explanation for recent downtown attacks, answer is not race,” That Were Not Deleted by Staff

There were also some comments by racist blacks who race-baited whites and rationalized away the attacks, and anyone who want sto read them is welcome to hit the link above. However, I saw no need to run some here, considering that the Trib's general strategy has been to work on behalf of black supremacy. I'm presenting a sampling here of the other, human side.

vttk17a11 at 11:10 AM June 8, 2011

When a "community" mass produces young men who swarm in packs to attack anyone deemed a suitable "victim", maybe that community needs to look at how they themselves are neglecting their responsibilities. It is not the time to employ the tired claim of "racism" to misdirect responsibility. Perhaps a better response might be, "Where are the parents and families of these animals?" Why are they not accountable for creating and nurturing these criminals?

These particular attacks appear to be directed at non-blacks by blacks. Why aren't you talking about "hate" crimes here? The black community is a victim of its own attitudes and behaviors when its culture of "the government owes me", "no snitching", and "put it to the man" create generations of criminals who prey on their own community. Do not expect others to accept this just because you do.

Criminals are criminals. Excusing criminal behavior for any reason just perpetuates it. The response of law abiding citizens to these attacks is what anyone would expect. PC does not apply when someone is trying to injure or kill you. Drop the argument that because you accept this situation in your neighborhoods, that we must also accept it. We don't.

A Richter at 6:49 PM June 8, 2011

Could we readers of the Chicago Trib begin a campaign to replace Dawn Turner Trice with you? In three short paragraphs you made more sense than all of DTT's columns in the history of her career with the CT, put together.

TPATRICK at 11:13 AM June 8, 2011

It's wrong to tell the truth. Let's lie about how bad the problem is and this is taking away $$$$ from tourists, hotel, restaurants, offices, Michigan Avenue...I don't even want to go on the CTA anymore. Listen to the Chicago media and they'll protect the problem.

Trent Steele at 12:27 PM June 8, 2011

Remember the good old days when being aware of and knowing your surroundings was considered safe and smart?

Now if you do it, you're "racial profiling" you bad person!

enough_already1 at 6:20 AM June 12, 2011

The ability to profile is a gift from God. It is the ability to learn from the experiences of others and to extrapolate those experiences for our own benefit. If you touch a hot radiator and it is hot enough to burn you, you eventually figure out that touching hot radiators is not a good idea. How many radiators do you need to touch before you grasp the concept? None, if you watch other people get burned and project their experiences onto your own behavior. Virtually every single story on bad public behavior as reported this week involves black kids attacking white people. If you connect the dots and avoid blacks, are you stupid, or merely paying attention to the lesson?

carl23 at 12:48 PM June 8, 2011

in this case, the media refuses to address it...almost a cover-up

williamka at 1:51 PM June 8, 2011

Not sure how these attacks can be characterized as "crimes of opportunity" when it seems evident that travel and coordination is involved. That shows planning and premeditation. I agree with the previous posters about comments from community "leaders" - where are they? And the best outrage you can muster is "senseless acts carried out by ... senseless people"?

Smart Observer at 2:09 PM June 8, 2011

Nice job in creating an imaginary son in your column so that you can pretend to be concerned about imaginary racial profiling so that you can claim to be a victim in the downtown mob actions because of your race. It's telling that you show no concern at all for the actual white victims, but are able to contrive a whole host of imaginary black injustices including your imaginary "walking while black" absurdity . Martin Luther King's dream that men should be judged by the content of their character is here, only not in your column. You should be trying to help the police catch the mobsters instead of accusing the police of racism for trying to do so. Real people were hurt by these kids. Your "race card" fiction helps no one.

unclebob at 3:19 PM June 8, 2011

Large groups of black male youngsters beating up on old white people and all Ms Trice can write about is she's afraid of racial profiling and that we should pity the law abiding peaceful black males.

Ms Trice writes the answer is not race.

I wonder if that would apply if mobs of white youngsters started robbing and beating up old black men.

I don't expect the likes of the good reverend Jessie Jackson or that former nut case preacher of the Obama's to publicly come out with a statement that makes any sense and I would bet good money that there are large numbers of black Americans who are gloating over these crimes.

It is not complicated. It wasn't a mob of Asian youngsters robbing and beating people up downtown.

Ms Trice instead of throwing up this flimsy smoke screen about the ills of society, why don't you direct your efforts towards a more honest and realistic interpretation of what is really going on. The cultural divide in this city is alive and well and is rearing its ugly head. This type of behavior is why disproportionate numbers of black males are in prison.

enough_already1 at 4:53 PM June 11, 2011

BINGO!!! You have hit the nail on the head! If we can't honestly talk about the problem, we will never reach the appropriate solutions thereto.

"Profiling" has gotten a bad rap, but what is it, really? Profiling is merely extrapolating previously obtained information onto new or ongoing situations. If you find out that the perpetrators of urban crime are overwhelmingly black, your natural instinct is to regard blacks with suspicion because the ODDS are that you will thereby avoid danger or damage to yourself.

Look at the headlines on the Drudge Report for the last month: After sorting through the PC rhetoric about "flash mobs" and "groups of youths", you eventually discover that the perpetrators of violent public attacks and robberies are *gasp!* black.

We have been throwing money at "poverty" and we have been doing the "affirmative action" thing for 50 YEARS! If those concepts were valid, we would have fixed our problem decades ago. Decades!

If the crooks are black, that is NEWS, because it lets people assess the danger to themselves and their families. Print the news. Leave the Political Correctness to the Liberal Losers.

mopsie1 at 5:28 PM June 8, 2011

What I don't understand is why blacks never seem to get upset with the other blacks that cause these problems. It's always, always, always because of something whites have or haven't done and I'm sick of it! There never seems to be any accountability.

No, I do not judge individual people by the color of their skin. But we cannot go on ignoring the fact that most of this type of crime is indeed perpetrated by black people. We cannot ignore that the majority of people in prison are black and are there because they actually have committed crimes. This notion that "nobody pays any attention to black-on-black crime" is ludicrous. Didn't the police and court system do its job in the case of the Fenger mob? What I don't understand as a white person is why do some in the black community keep doing this? I grew up in the south suburbs. There were some blacks, some Asians, but it was mostly white and it was nice, it was peaceful and it was well-maintained. There was a thriving business community and everyone felt safe. Now? Forget it. There are aimless black youths walking down the middle of the streets. The high school is ruined and has lost its academic standing, despite PR to the contrary. And crime has increased tremendously.

People talk about "white flight," but what would any sane person of any color do? Stick around until you or your kid is murdered?

nearnorthsider at 8:32 PM June 8, 2011

[Trice:] "Going forward this summer, some gatherings of black kids will almost certainly be singled out. We've heard of "driving while black." Well, we can prepare for "walking while black" or "sitting on a bench while black.""

If that's what it takes to keep the nice parts of Chicago safe, that's what we will do.

twen.t.and.out at 9:49 PM June 8, 2011

What an absolute joke. These types of attacks have been occurring for over a year but are just finally getting some attention in the media. The facts are being told and this is upsetting to people??! FACT: the groups of people that have been responsible for the majority, if not all the attacks are African American males and females. FACT: almost all of the victims are Caucasians. If the race of these attackers and victims were reversed I guarantee there would be outrage expressed by several people of the plack community and the term "HATE CRIME" would be included in every story. As far as your comment regarding your child being "singled out" [Trice wrote of an imaginary son who would be racially profiled, due to the acts of tens of thousands of other black teenagers.] I can guarantee that if your child is dressed normally and acting like a normal teen he/she will not be singles out. Now if your child is with a group if 10 others and the majority of the males in the group are all wearing white t-shirts and pants that are secured around their lower thighs so the only thing covering their buttocks is underwear they may be and probably should be singled out. Rather then venting your anger at the media for reporting facts, vent it toward the parents of these children who didn't raise their kids right. If your kid is downtown behaving they will be just fine.

ejhickey1 at 11:21 PM June 8, 2011

Last night my wife came to meet me downtown near Chicago and Michigan . She took a cab and asked the driver to let her out at the Walgreens on the southeast corner. It was about 6:30 PM. Just before she was getting out of the cab , the driver noticed a group (about 8-10) of black teenagers hanging out around the entrance. He said he didn't think it was a good idea to get out there . she took a look and agreed with him and he drove her about a half a block east . Both the driver and my wife made this call based on the incidents over the weekend. Were they profiling or stereotyping or making judgments based on skin color? Yes ! However , she may have avoided being a crime victim because shortly after that another mob / beating incident occurred about 2-3 west of that corner. Of course she didn't tell me any of this until we saw the news of the attack later in the PM. Glad the Trib is finally reporting these incidents and the skin color of the perps. by the way, she is not going shopping on the Mag Mile anytime soon even if I have to drive her to OakBrook.

djpt7445 at 6:49 AM June 9, 2011

Decades of Gov. social engineering, billions in wasted social programs comes to fruition. Now what Gov. Agency can I apply, to get a refund on my 40 years of paying for all the PC crap.

TruthHurtz1 at 9:00 AM June 9, 2011

In case the Trib is curious as to why their sales continue to plummet, it's because of gutless PC pandering like this column.


[There were too many great comments, many of them vastly superior to the work of the Trib’s pathetic propagandists, so I’m going to skip two weeks’ worth of comments here.]

wegoneape at 2:59 AM June 25, 2011

LIE: "Whatever the explanation, we won't find the answer in their race."

FACT: These were carefully organized hate crimes, and part of an out-of-control, nationwide epidemic covered up by the far left media. In the past year, mob attacks by black thugs on whites have happened in New York, Denver, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Miami, even at the Iowa State Fair. (Google "blacks attack whites"-- you'll be shocked out of your complacency.) Often the "youths" make videos of their attacks, and sell them to websites.

What the media has also covered up is that these "youths" in the latest Chicago attacks shouted racial slurs at their victims. Note that in all media accounts, no reporter ever seems to ask the victim the obvious question, "Did your attackers say anything while they were beating you?" Are we to suppose the "youths" quietly punched and stomped their victims without uttering a word? These stories had the truth blacked out. But we already know, liberalism long ago killed journalism.

LIE: There's nothing about being black that makes a person inherently predatory. It's too bad that young black men have become the poster children for so many of society's ills.

FACT: According to FBI Uniform Crime Reports, black males (6% of the population) commit over 80% of all violent crimes. Blacks males have earned their reputation, Lady, paid for in white blood.

wegoneape at 3:35 AM June 25, 2011

Do I live in Chicago, or on the fictional island of Amity, of Jaws fame? It started with a few attacks on the beach by a mindless primitive beast. Should the city then close the beach? The nervous mayor, fearing a loss of tourist dollars, denied the attacks ever happened. His chief of police backed up the mayor, then realized he made a mistake and was endangering the public. At the big July 4th event, there was a massive police presence, even helicopters overhead. But people were still nervous, watching and waiting for another attack.

Life sure imitates art in Chicago, with the recent attacks by "youths" (of an undetermined race), the beach closings "due to excessive heat," cover ups, nervous mayor Rahm Emmanuel and his police chief attempting to reassure tourists.

Will the Taste of Chicago and its July 4th events be safe? Even with the armies of cops, police helicopters overhead -- as in Jaws -- for the first time in 30 years, all those uneasy visitors are still fearing the mindless, primitive beast they know is hunting them.

I think we're gonna need a bigger police force. Dah-dum ... dah-dum. Dah-dum, dah-dum, dah-dum, dah-dum, dah-dum ...


Incorrigible Truthseeker said...

Great comments from Chicagoans, this is precisely the side of media you will not encounter unless you dig in and go looking for it and maybe in the end it's best that it stays under the radar, that way the opposition doesn't have any idea what White America feels and they will keep on tugging the rope until they completely hang themselves but to disagree with myself on this one I have to say it needs to be fully out in the open so that maybe we won't have to suffer as much loss of life on the road to realization. The more it is talked about right out in the open the more it will have to be addressed by the naysayers and a solid solution obtained.
It appears that White America is finally getting the notion that the so called "Post-Racial" America is a lie. I begin to have hope as I read these comments and others from different MSM outlets, it seems we have found our voice and are no longer afraid to be heard outside of the PC world.

Ryu238 said...

So crime stats are fake...
"FACT: According to FBI Uniform Crime Reports, black males (6% of the population) commit over 80% of all violent crimes. Blacks males have earned their reputation, Lady, paid for in white blood."

Until they arent:

And off course Chicago is famous for their honest crime reporting yes?