Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Police Cover-Up of Racist, Black Flash Mobs Collapses: This Time, It’s Greensboro, NC

By Nicholas Stix


Over at Rebellion Blog, Old Rebel has blogged on the newest known case of violent flash mobs, and the police cover-up of it. But he’s figured it out. Greensboro police say mobs of violent teens are meeting up on the weekends and wreaking havoc downtown. Police say it's getting worse each weekend. This past weekend, a former mayor had his business vandalized and another community leader got beat up in Center City Park. "One of the teenagers came up from behind and just punched me in the back and kicked me and knocked me to the floor. Then, he just continued to kick me, punch me, step on me. People were screaming," Mitchel Sommers, executive director of the Community Theatre of Greensboro said.
Old Rebel: Oddly, there are no descriptions of the "violent teens." But with a little detective work, it's easy to figure out. At 2:00 into the video, the reporter notes that the teens use Facebook on their mobile phones to coordinate their actions. And at 2:20 in, this intrepid investigator detected a key piece of evidence the reporter failed to mention - white fingers tapping at Blackberries! So it must be those out-of-control Amish again.
Mitchel Sommers said, “Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of young people--I’m not being dramatic—hundreds came just descending on this area.” The attacks had been going on every weekend for weeks, the attackers had been using social networking Internet sites, yet instead of warning the public and cracking down on the racist attacks, the police and the media covered them up. The racist thugs are so brazen that they are now committing attacks opposite Police Headquarters. Lt. J.T. Cranford of the Greensboro PD said, by way of surrender, “It's a significant issue for us because more often than not, we're vastly outnumbered by the kinds of crowds we're trying to deal with." Tell me again: Why do we pay taxes that go for the job and pension mills that the police have become? Here’s what you do, Lieutenant: You have everyone in the department on alert on the weekend. Have people work overtime, and pay for reinforcements from neighboring departments. ‘Well, we can’t afford that.’ Sure, you can. You arrest every black mobster in sight, and throw ‘em in jail for the whole weekend. Then levy stiff fines on them and/or their parents for the damages, and charge them to the max, with vandalism and all manner of felonies: Gang assaults, hate crimes and, where applicable, robbery. It’ll suddenly stop. And if they don’t pay the fines, then take their parents’ homes, vehicles, etc. Black WFMY anchor, Frank Mickens, laments, “It makes no sense, it makes absolutely no sense.” Sure, it does, Frank. It’s packs of racist, young blacks suckerpunching and stomping lone, middle-aged whites. Blacks call that, “Just having fun.” The black supremacist destruction of Greensboro hits home for Old Rebel, who recalls the town, before and after it was hit by the civil riots movement. Mickens continues, “People really need to hear this. Thanks to our viewers who alerted us to this story. If it had not been for them, who knows, the Police Department hadn’t said anything about it! We promise to stay on top of this for you.” He then urged viewers to email the station stories. So, whites were needlessly harmed, because the PD covered up the danger, and did nothing to stop the violent crimes. That sounds like grounds for a lawsuit. And now, there will be 4-6 more cops on duty on the mob area weekend nights. That’ll impress the mob, alright.


N. Jones said...

Oh, Nicholas, Nicholas!
I am a long time resident of Greensboro, NC. It is a shame that this story has made its way across the internet and has been picked up by a variety of websites. This is a serious case of manufactured reporting by a local reporter looking for sensational attention. The gentleman referenced in your story, did in fact receive some injuries at the hand of late night club-goers exiting the club district downtown. In other exciting news, a planter was broken in front of a local theater. If our youth are planning flash mob violence, they are doing a very poor job of it.
-- P.S. - Most of our downtown late-night partiers are .. wait for it .. White!

Steve said...

Young so long as no one can see the 800 pound gorilla in the living room this will continue.

We need one person to stand up and not be cowering to the race card.

Anonymous said...

The first commenter is right, these yoot mobs are nothing compared to the rash of black shootings and robberies going on in Greensboro.,0,2913694.story

Anonymous said...

In Illinois these Black Rascist flash mobs randomly select and target Whites! Beat them steal from them and hospitalize them! Big mobs 12 to 50 people the police do nothing until after the fact. All you need to do is walk down the street! You will be called WHITEY SCUMBAG and every name in the book by Blacks! It's right out in open RASCISM! On youtube Blacks and the Black Panthers are calling for the extermination of all Whites! People in Illinois want conceal and carry legislation to be passed so people can defend themselfs. Don't vacation in Chicago, Illinois the Black flash mobs are real and violent there.