Wednesday, July 27, 2011

White NYC Hate Crime Victim Meets with Hostility from “Reporter,” and Indifference from NYPD

Jason Fordell: Victim or hate criminal?
By Nicholas Stix
Revised and expanded at 2:55 a.m., on Thursday, July 28, 2011.


On July 17, Bronx resident Jason Fordell, 29, made the mistake of thinking that he had the right to ride the subway while white. Now he knows better.

Some blacks were shouting their heads off, and Fordell asked them to quiet down. They immediately responded with racist epithets: “Shut the f--- up, white boy. We'll beat the s--t out of you, cracker.”

Fordell responded in kind to one racist Hispanic who joined the racist blacks, calling him a “s--c.”

Fordell reports that the racist mob—joined by other black and Hispanic riders—beat and robbed the unemployed man of thousands of dollars worth of “goth” leather gear he’d produced and had been peddling. Police were able to arrest one black allegedly racist attacker whom Fordell identified as one of the passengers who piled on.

But when Fordell told his story to WPIX reporter Mary Murphy, she was hostile, implying that blacks and Hispanics had a right to call him racial epithets. The NYPD likewise refused to investigate the attack as a possible hate crime.

Every day in New York City, racist blacks and Hispanics commit countless hate crimes against whites.

A Transit Police detective admitted to me in January, 1991, when I was attacked by a spontaneously forming black and Hispanic gang on the subway, that racist attacks by blacks and Hispanics on whites are a daily occurrence in New York, “but there are some things you can’t say” for political reasons.

The media ignore these attacks, or act as advocates for the racist attackers, as does the NYPD, which also denies that they are racially motivated, even when witnesses report that the attackers shouted racial epithets. For but one such case, when a mob of racist black teenagers murdered Broderick John Hehman in Harlem in 2006, shouting “Get the white boy!” as they chased him into traffic, causing him to get hit by a car and killed, the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force denied that the murder was racially motivated. Typically, commanders like the 63rd Precinct’s Deputy Inspector Kevin McGinn cover up such attacks at the local level, before the Hate Crime Task Force ever hears about them.

Then there are the cases where whites fight back against racist blacks, which is a good way to land in prison.

Back in 1986, when a mob of whites chased Michael Griffith, 23, into traffic in Howard Beach Queens, and Griffith was hit by a car and killed, the media, both locally and nationally, and police and prosecutors painted the crime as a “hate crime” and threw the book at teenagers Jon Lester, Scott Kern, and Jason Ladone, the whites who chased Griffith and his two black friends, Cedric Sandiford, 36, and Timothy Grimes, 20. As Jared Taylor showed in his classic work, Paved with Good Intentions, the media put the incident through a process of propagandistic alchemy, whereby they—together with their accomplices, the black supremacist Three Stooges of Al Sharpton, Alton Maddox, and C. Vernon Mason—turned the truth inside out, in order to demonize and railroad the whites, and idealize the blacks.

The truth is that the blacks were the aggressors that night, blocking the whites’ car, spitting on at least one occupant, shouting racial epithets at them, and threatening them with a knife. The whites then picked up weapons (baseball bats) and friends, and went after the blacks, whose car had broken down. Michael Griffith, meanwhile, was high on drugs.

But the truth didn’t fit the script, so the truth had to give.

In 2005, the media and the NYPD committed a copycat crime against truth and justice with their Howard Beach II Hoax.

Every time I have fought back against racist black attackers, I have been arrested.

In one case, a smirking little Jewish prosecutor with permed hair spoke of “the racial nature of the crime,” in referring to me! (The prosecutor was allegedly a man.) So much for “Jewish ethnocentrism!” (The charges against me would always later be dropped, after much trouble and expense.)


Today, the commander of the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force, Inspector Michael Osgood, considers a white who merely complains about black hate crimes to be guilty of a hate crime.

Today, it is no longer even necessary to fight back against black hate crime assaults, in order for a white man to be arrested by the NYPD. Last year, I was jumped by a large, racist, black female, who had gone to a Waldbaum’s supermarket expressly for the purpose of assaulting a white. She didn’t even act as if she were shopping. Before I could defend myself against her, I was jumped from behind by a man I never saw. That is par for the course in New York, where racist black and Hispanic females know that every black or Hispanic (or possibly even white) man in the vicinity will aid and abet them in such attacks.) It was I who demanded that the manager call the police, since the attackers jumped me by the cash registers in front of a closed-circuit camera and many witnesses. I said, “The videotape will vindicate me!”

When the police came, the supervising officer was a black female sergeant who insisted that the camera didn’t work, and two “respectable,” middle-aged black women popped up, who committed the crime of making false police reports asserting that I was the attacker. And while three middle-aged white shoppers showed me sympathy, none spoke to police on my behalf.

Since I was covered in bloody scratches, the police arrested my attacker and me.

Since my racist attacker was from an NYPD family—she bragged at the store that her brother was a cop—she was shown favoritism by the white cops at the precinct, who let her brother illegally meet with her in a restricted area, and who were ice cold to yours truly. (I made a formal complaint about the racist favoritism of the black supervisor, to no avail.)

Meanwhile, the Hate Crime Task Force, commanded by Inspector Michael Osgood, is a political division of the NYPD, whose function is to terrorize whites and serve unconstitutionally “protected” groups. At times, the Task Force often acts as a Gestapo, hunting after whites who have broken no laws, but who have merely exercised their First Amendment rights, in complaining about black hate crimes against whites.

Practicing racism against other whites is a sure way for a white officer to rise in the ranks, and Inspector Osgood, like others of his ilk, seeks to ride this political horse all the way to being named NYPD commissioner.

But I doubt it will happen. For the same flames of anti-white racism fanned by the Michael Osgoods and Kevin McGinns make it ever more unlikely that a heterosexual white man will be named commissioner, once Ray Kelly retires. The likelier scenario is that a San Francisco type situation arises, in which the only whites (or Asians) who are named commissioner are homosexuals. Otherwise, the commissioner’s job will become a “minority” political perk.

A year-and-a-half after his attempted cover-up of the 2005 Six Little Girls racial attack blew up in his face, Kevin McGinn retired, and now runs a traditional Irish saloon-restaurant. McGinn is significant because, although he is not a lefty, he conducted himself like one. The NYPD is lousy with white cops who go out of their way to harm whites, and side with racist black and Hispanic thugs. When whites who have been victimized by racist blacks and Hispanics have to deal with such whites, especially at the supervisory level (from sergeants on up), they enter a Bizarro World, in which “the law” comes up with surreal sophistry on behalf of black criminals that is as dishonest as anything a journalist could come up with. But cops’ sycophancy towards racist black and Hispanic thugs earns them no brownie points with the latter, and turns law-abiding whites who long defended them, like this writer, against them. Thus does a generation of the children of those erstwhile defenders of the police grow up seeing the police as enemies of the law.

The same policemen, who have gone over to the dark side, likely sing a different tune, when it is their family or friends who have been victimized by racist blacks and Hispanics.

At the WPIX web site, a number of posters supported the racist attackers who beat and robbed Jason Fordell. One such used the nom de cyber, “diklik.”

diklik at 12:26 PM July 19, 2011
All I can say as a white guy is this; we don't like the taste of our own medicine, but I hope this guy is alright. What I would recommend is this; use this experience to try to understand what minorities have to deal with the day they are born. Getting beat one time does not even begin to fully understand what it's like for minorities to deal with such issues for a life time. Like my mom always said, "someone else always has it worse off than you".
I responded as follows:

Where do you live, diklik, the Planet Bizarro? Because that’s the only place where “minorities” have it rough. They don’t suffer from racism, they inflict it on whites and Asians.

You sound like what racial socialists call an “ally.” That’s a white who, in school, at work, in transit, or on the street, sees racist blacks or Hispanics harassing or terrorizing a fellow white, and instead of doing the right thing, helps the racists, even to the point of committing the crime of swearing out a false police report.

Your time will come, diklik, and when it does, I want you to remember what I wrote today. Your racist attackers will not be impressed by you telling them how much you hate your own race. They’ll give you the business, but good, and you’ll deserve every bit of it. Besides, according to your own words, you will require many beatings “to fully understand what it's like for minorities to deal with such issues for a life time.”
* * *
Man Stomped on Train “Because I'm White”
By Mary Murphy
5:09 p.m. EDT, July 18, 2011

"I asked them to lower their voices and then they started in on me, 'Shut the f--- up, white boy. We'll beat the s--t out of you, cracker.'"

Jason Fordell, 29, of the Bronx, said that was the first exchange he had with three black men and a Hispanic man on the #4 subway train near Grand Central early Sunday morning, and by the time the train got to Fordham Road, Fordell says he was being beaten and stomped by other passengers who were egging the original group on. "Eventually, half the car" joined in, Fordell told PIX 11 Monday, showing us his badly bruised left eye. Most of the suspects got away, after stealing his bags and money, and Fordell said the incident should have been treated as a hate crime.

Fordell told us he had been selling leather, Goth-style clothing he designs at an East Village club, before heading home about 5am Sunday morning. He was tattooed and dressed in black, Goth attire--to help market his products--when he transferred to the #4 train at 42nd Street. That's when he asked the group to quiet down.

The argument escalated as the train headed north, Fordell said. "They started saying racist things like white boy this, white boy that.". Fordell said he was getting angry when the Hispanic man joined the taunting, "They're calling me cracker, and so I called him s--c."PIX 11 asked, "So you used a slur?--If you're using racial slurs, why should police call it a hate crime?" Fordell's response: "because they're the ones who started with me."

Fordell told us he's blind in the left eye, so the eye turns in, and the group started taunting him about that. He said he called 9-1-1 and suggested police meet the train at Burnside Avenue. He then lost the 9-1-1 call. Before he reached Fordham Road, Fordell told PIX 11 the beating began, "A bunch of people started stomping on me, and I had footprints on my back."

Fordell said two guys from the original group stole his bags, so he chased them down to the Metrocard booth at Fordham Road. The fight continued. When cops arrived, he pointed out a straphanger that he said had joined in the beating. "I recognized him, because he had an Army hat on.". Police arrested 54-year-old Barminth Ramoutar of Queens, who had no prior criminal record. Ramoutar is being charged with felony gang assault. The original group got away.

Fordell insists the beating was a race thing. "If I was dressed 'hip hop' and I was darker, I don't think it would have happened in the first place."

When we called the NYPD to ask why the incident wasn't deemed a hate crime, a spokesman said detectives had to evaluate a number of things. "Was race the motivating factor in the assault? Our Hate Crime Task Force was not investigating it as a bias incident."

Fordell said the Goth accessories that were stolen were worth between five and ten thousand dollars. He said he started designing because "the economy is so messed up, and I kept trying to find work. I don't want to be on unemployment like everyone else. I manage to pay my rent."

When PIX 11 happened to meet another Goth fan at the Forham Road station on Monday, he sympathized with Fordell but said he shouldn't have complained about the noise. "He should have just switched cars," said Joey Martinez.

(I thank the colleague who sent me this article.)


Anonymous said...

Really good job of late- postings have been very interesting. We need to get you some more commenters go- this site is as good/better than most of the other hbd sites

Dan in DC

Chicago guy said...

What you experienced seems to be the norm these days. The cops, by and large, aren't really your friends. They work in a bureaucratic organization run by politicians and are dependent on them for their paychecks.
The "respectable" looking blacks who blatantly lied, as well as all the black bystanders who join in spontaneously when they see a situation happen is also very common.
Since about one out of three or four black males aged 18-35 is involved with the criminal justice system (meaning they are criminals), you can see how intertwined the black community is with the active criminal element. Almost every so-called respectable black has a son, brother, father, nephew, uncle, etc., who is some sort of criminal. Black cops, even high ranking ones, often have a gang member brother or son. The female ones often have criminal boyfriends. Black employees everywhere often pass on inside information to their cousins who are then able to burgle or rob the place.
The MSM is mostly a propaganda megaphone, as can be seen in the Howard Beach incident, where everything is twisted to serve some ideological purpose. The white enablers combined with the now enabled non-white masses are the two twin snarling dogs menacing us.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence Auster's First Law of Majority-Minority Relations comes into play with this incident:

"The worse any designated minority or alien group behaves in a liberal society, the bigger become the lies of Political Correctness in covering up for that group."

The first corrolary of Auster's First Law is:

"The more egregiously any non-Western or non-white group behaves, the more evil WHITES are made to appear for noticing and drawing rational conclusions about that group's bad behavior."

David In TN

Mad Jewess said...

I left several messages with WPIX-that WITCH.

That sicko female monster made me want to blow up my computer. This was not a hate crime because this poor guy FOUGHT BACK.

These EVIL sobs want white people dead.

You should see the racism I have been through myself. Horrible.. But in many circles, I am not white, because I am a JOO.

Anyway, Nic-good post, sad story.

I donated a few bucks for you and your authors.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post and an interesting site. Your post definitely convinces me not to go to NYC. Being armed is the only equalizer you might have and in NYC that is out of the question.

I was in the city once and enjoyed and have always wanted to go back for an extended stay but that sounds like a bad idea.

jeigheff said...

The city of New York is an unlikely travel destination for my family and me too. The only thing I can say in its defense (not that I really want to anyway) is it's not the only city or town that has this kind of corruption and wickedness going on. But it does sound especially bad there.

Anonymous said...

Really, the Cosmopolitans in the cities like Chicago support gun control to the max BECAUSE they want Whites and Asians to be attacked at will with impunity. I heard a Cook County States Attorney type woman on WLS radio recently who opposed CCW legislation because she didn't want more "youths" being killed.

That could ONLY refer to criminals attacking victims!

Why are Whites so stupid as to vote for these gun controllers all the time in NYC, Chicago and the like? Are you brain damaged by the news media or something?

Anonymous said...

Very good post. Accurate and hard hitting.

My sympathy goes out to the victim.

My question is this: When are White people going to wake up and defend one another? We need to be out in the streets peacefuly protesting the injustices that our brothers and sisters are going through on a daily basis.

We also need to flood major newspaper editors and television network executives with emails and letters demanding that Black/Hispanic on White crime be treated with the same scrutiny and anger as the occasional White on Black/Hispanic crime is.

We need to do what the other side constantly does: point out any racial statements or actions that we disapprove of and perhaps boycott various companies whose money pays for ads on television, radio, magazines, etc.

The time for sitting back and waiting for nonwhites to see how nice we White people are so that nonwhites would take notice and treat us with respect is over. We must all (peacefully) fight back---and now!

Anonymous said...

stix wrote:
"You sound like what racial socialists call an “ally.” "

When are you going to admit that YOU are a leftist? Just like me! I read vdare regularly, have for years. I agree with most of what they write, same with your writing.

But you are the rest of vdare are leftists. But you cannot understand that you.

Socialism, REAL socialism, means supporting the majority by operating the nation for the benefit of the majority. That is the real definition of leftism. Giving the majority what it wants. THat is real leftism and real socialism. The soviet was not and communist china is not, socialist or particularly leftist. No matter what anyone says or whether there is or is not private. If a nation's governance truly reflects the desires of the majority, then that is a leftist nation. There are of course degrees of leftism. A spectrum, etc.

But mass immigration is not leftist. No nation anywhere has a majority that wants mass immigration. If you are against mass immigration, you are a leftist. I am a leftist, and so are you.

If you are for racial segregation, in the respect that you want govt to allow people to segregate themselves, then you are a leftist. I am.

If you support universal healthcare and a strong social state, then you are a leftist. Of course these things require a homogeneous, white nation, at least that is what theory and empirical data show. I am a leftist. Are you? Do you support the right of a people to surround themselves with others like themselves and then if they have a degree of trust and unity among themselves, to vote in a strong welfare state and workers benefits? I do.

The only practical way to get leftism is the USA is to cut back on the federal budget to a great degree, a huge degree. Once the feds have no $, they will have no power. Then we will get defacto secesessions from the unions, and at long last leftism, the same leftism that the Founding Aristocrats thwarted with our present constitution.

Anonymous said...

"GQ" for June had an article "The Good Seed" in which a mother saves the sperm of her murdered son, Nik.

Nik was murdered in the streets by a 30 y/o Black, Eric Skeeter, "crying in court, said he did not know why he'd punched Nik that night and had never intended to kill him." He was sentenced to time served and ten years probation.

Yes, Blacks attacking other races is simply Crime, never Hate.