Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brittney Watts Murder Update: After Triple Shooting, CBS News Reporter Asks,

Is Midtown Atlanta Safe?
By Nicholas Stix
Updated at 4:29 a.m., on Tuesday, July 19, 2011.


Atlanta murder victim Brittney Watts.

Atlanta is such a dangerous city, ranking among the ten most violent in America on some lists, with rampant black-on-white violence, that one has to wonder: Is anywhere in Atlanta safe?

Defendant Nkosi Thandiwe.

Defendant Nkosi Thandiwe’s mother, Lynnae Francine Thandiwe, is a constitutional attorney, and according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter, Christian Boone, an anti-death penalty advocate.

Brittney and Brian Watts had been married for less than 1,000 days, and had not yet had any children.

Mrs. Thandiwe and her husband have lived together with the defendant, his brother and sister in the same house for the past 15 years.

AlliedBarton Security Services, which employed Thandiwe at the time of the alleged crimes, confirmed that Thandiwe worked for it,

a little less than a year. AlliedBarton conducted a thorough background screening, which included a fingerprint analysis, under the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's strict security personnel clearance requirements. His pre-employment background check revealed no prior incidents.
In a story posted at Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Web site at 5:44 p.m. on Monday, entitled, “Conflicting signs on whether Midtown shooting suspect targeted victim,” reporter Christian Boone argued that Thandiwe may not have targeted Watts, which was odd on two levels: Thandiwe has not, to my knowledge, confessed to the murder or other shootings, and Boone reported that Atlanta police have refused to provide any information regarding motive.

Perhaps Boone’s editor was using sloppy English, and meant to say, “Conflicting signs on whether Midtown shooter targeted victim,” as opposed to “suspect.” Boone’s title presumes Thandiwe’s guilt. But he was neither caught in the act, nor did he confess. Indeed, before turning himself in, he obtained a lawyer, surely through his mother’s help, and immediately lawyered up, upon turning himself in. (If the Brian Nichols mass/spree murder case is any precedent, Thandiwe could have died of old age on the lam, before the Atlanta PD would have caught him.) Until he confesses or is convicted, he is entitled to the presumption of innocence. We don’t know if the suspect, actually, defendant at this point, was the shooter, but we know that the shooter was the shooter.

Boone’s speculation appears to be based solely on the news that the Wattses had returned to the Atlanta area only one month earlier. However, that does not exclude the possibility that Thandiwe had come to be acquainted with Watts. A security guard is bound to cross paths with a great many employees from a building in the course of a day, and if he works the lobby during main business hours, he may see every employee working those hours at least once.

Boone also claims that the Thandiwes have four rather than three children, as previously reported, but I’d like independent corroboration, before taking the AJC’s word on those matters.

Likewise, although one of my readers, “RaYMaN,” who claims to know the defendant, maintains that Nkosi Thandiwe is a graduate of the University of West Georgia, I have not yet confirmed that claim, either.

I knew Nkosi. This is a terrible event and has left all of his friends stunned. He was a graduate from University of West Georgia with a degree in Anthropology (i think). He was a loving soul, and I cannot imagine what brought him to do this.

I send my condolences to the Watts family. I can only imagine what Ms. Watts' family is going through, and I have kept them in my prayers for the past few days. However, his family was respectable and definitely not unruly or misguided. I'm sure they are as hurt and stunned at this occurrence as I, and the rest of everyone who knew him is.

With him waiving his first appearance...I'm starting to wonder if something mentally happened to cause this event. I hope for the sake of her family, and for everyone, it will eventually come out...why???
Another reader, posting anonymously, wrote,
This is a shocking and tragic event. Id like to send my condolences to both the Watts and Thandiwe families. Both have lost incredible family members.

I personally know Nkosi. He is not the overbearing and disgruntled guy they are portraying him as in the media. He is a son of a constitutional lawyer. He is a citizen of the USA. He is a college graduate... a honors graduate at that. He is extremely intelligent and very responsible. He enrolled in college at the tender age of 16 or 17. He is silly and full of laughter. He loves to dance. The reason why the background check came out clear is because IT WAS EXACTLY THAT...CLEAR. He was a good child. No previous run ins with the low. This breaks my heart it has come down to this. He really need mental evaluation because the Kosi I know wouldnt have done anything like this.
It is highly peculiar for a college-educated, 22-year-old black man to have to settle for work as a security guard in Atlanta, the depression notwithstanding, even one without well-to-do, well-connected parents. Since the election of the late Maynard Jackson in 1973, Atlanta has been a thoroughly racist, corrupt, black-run city—if you’ll pardon the triplicate—in which a black man just out of college with a bachelor’s degree can count on a well-paying job with good benefits and likely with supervisory responsibility.


Anonymous said...

It is true. He is a University of West Georgia graduate of 2010. He came in as a Honors student. Where he resided in the Honors dorm until for one or two years because of his age difference. He was 20 or 21 at the time of graduation.

Anonymous said...

Is his father South African? His names are quite common in South Africa, being of Zulu origin.

Anonymous said...

An earlier news item said the suspect will appear in court on July 29.

There are four ways a defense attorney can defend murder. One, my client didn't do it. Two, it wasn't murder but suicide or accident. Three, it was legally justified. Four, it was excusable.

Since the suspect turned himself in with a presumably carefully selected attorney, it will likely be the fourth. The defense options in this case are pretty open ended, considering the location.

Another possibility is a plea bargain to Life Until Parole. This would take place months or even years from now with little media coverage.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

My guess is that his mother is very blonde.

Anonymous said...

I strongly doubt that. As stated earlier a black Atlanta college grad that settled for work as a security guard and then slipped further to robbery and murder. It's laughable, and if he is in fact a graduate in what field did he pursue a degree I wonder. Though I could of course be wrong with the current crop of African geniuses making their mark on the globe today.

Anonymous said...

True. His father is African but I am not sure where in Africa he is from. The mom and kids were born here in America.

Anonymous said...

If you really think it's that easy for a black guy with a degree in anthropology to get a job in Atlanta just because he's black, you're incredibly deluded. Looking around your blog, I can't say that's surprising, though.

Anonymous said...

None of this makes sense. Apparently Thandiwe was seen allegedly driving the car away and allegedly shooting the other two victims in plain view of others. As a security guard he must have been aware of all the security cameras that would capture his every move. Either mental illness, or a very specific agenda are possibile reasons for this horrible crime.(Very specific agenda? Effort on someone's part to instill fear in the public as a result of the obvious randomness of it all. Who would want that? Gang or terrorist sub-culture. No evidence of that with Thindawe, but previosly no evidence of capital murder either!)

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you people find it hard to believe he is a college educated young man working as a security guard. Think about it... its the same reason why other college graduates work as bartenders, waiters/waitress and other jobs not related to their degree.

Anonymous said...

So where is the article about the boy in Florida who killed his parents and had a house party? You are so caught up in Nkosi being black and killing a white girl that you fail to report any recent news. So predictable. Tyler Hadley is his name. Lets see if you will put a 1/3 of the effort into that kid as you put into Nkosi.

I am sure this post will not make it on the comment board.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with this being a common case of garden variety sense of ENTITLEMENT on steriods. I bet as facts come out, the dude hit on MRS. Watts and MRS Watts explained she was married, but since she was (by all accounts) sweet and kind, was not RUDE enough for this jerk to get the message and when it finally dawned on him he was not ENTITLED to have her just cause he wanted her, his anger made him feel ENTITLED lie in wait and to take her life. And then, he felt ENTITLED to flee in the victim's car, and ENTITLED to shoot at more defenseless bystanders blocking his way out of the garage. Then, before turning himself in, he felt ENTITLED to use his mommy's contacts to lawyer up. And now, he feels ENTITLED to plead not guilty, ENTITLED to avoid accepting responsiblity for any of his actions, ENTITLED spend live his life on the tax payer dime . . . . there is no way this guy showed NO signs of this level of SELF INVOLVED ENTITLEMENT before he chose to commit these senseless, heinous crimes. At least he isnt claiming poor disadvantaged black man . . . . yet.

Anonymous said...

The story of the boy in Florida who killed his parents is all over the news. The Brittney Watts murder has been publicized in the Atlanta area only.

David In TN

melissa stanforth said...

These comments are tripping me out! Who gives a fuck if he has a degree or not!?!? Ted Bundy was a respected attorney and a good one at that! If you don't know who Ted Bundy was A. You're an idiot B. Read a book. Having a degree doesn't mean shit. That little thug deserves to rott!! So sick of black people pulling the race card.....think about her family! Her fiancé! Think about all the lives this piece of shit ruined...unreal

Anonymous said...

Who gives a flying FUCK if he has a degree?? Sorry people but having a degree is like having a car these days. Ted Bundy was a respected attorney, how many people did he kill??? I'm so sick of people in Atlanta pulling the race card!!! That little piece of shit thug deserves to rott ....I can't imagine the pain the victims families are experiencing!!! Unreal!! I hope he gets wacked...I don't want my tax dollars paying for his meals in prison....what a nasty thug! Way to rep Atlanta....ugh!

Anonymous said...

These are just punks, who have too much time on their hands to contemplate their miserable lives. Whether their parents failed them , as the kid in FL feels, or they hung around with a bad element, who knows? What I do know is the world would be a much better place without the likes of them and also the guy with the lengthy record of being a sex offender still running around free to burn another victim that he bound for whatever sex act. Until people take some accountablility for their lives and quit blaming others for their situations, an incident like this will occur again and again. I do blame much of this on what people are exposed to on the internet. Exposure to other loser's thoughts will just fuel people with too much time on their hands to do shit like this. I don't care what kind of guy he was, none of you were inciteful enough to realize he was a ticking time bomb. Don't try to paint this guy as something other than being a cold bloded killer.

Anonymous said...

I think the point is that "usually" someone who is motivated to get an education, and conduct themselves in a manner that conforms to the polite norms of our society, doesn't just suddenly go on a shooting spree and kill/mame/and steal.

There are indeed "ticking time-bombs" as one poster indicated, but in reality it is uncommon for such people to go unoticed. (They are usually described as, "Rather quiet individual; usually kept to himself...." That doesn't sound like the "alleged" LOL...shooter in this case.)

Regardless of how inane, or depraved, EVERYONE has a reason for doing whatever it is they do. Find the reason and you have a theory of your case; and in this instance, a motive.

That's the inigma here.... there is no apparent motive and this individual does not fit the standard gang-thug-terrorist profile, which makes me wonder if "navy blue" (ie, upwardly mobile, educated, polite, well-positioned in possibly a service oriented job such as security guard, valet, etc.) is the "new" camo for gang-banger/ or terrorist in waiting! What better way to strike at the core of our society than from within?

JL3 said...

Atlanta isn't safe. I've lived here for nine years and it's been the same - if not escalating - problem.

Blacks hate whites.

They are violent, stupid, and armed animals.

Jesse Jackass and Al Sharpton's greasy head are nowhere to be found.

Anonymous said...

Random thoughts...These people are rebels without a cause. Intelligence does not equate to having common sense or integrity. And once again, as shown by the developments in Norway, people are looking to blame someone for their perceived problems. Many intelligent people turn to crime for whatever reason they create in their minds. Capital punishment for multiple shootings, whether it's one incident or more. Personally, I would love to see capital punishment for those with lengthy rap sheets as well. While we see mostly blacks here in Atlanta perpetrating crimes, sick fucks can come in any color skin.

Anonymous said...

I'm still thinking this was NOT random to the extent that it was violence dilberately aimed at successful white women. Whether he was jealous of their success, or working with others to instill fear doesn't really matter. For a shooter to be ABLE to hit three white women in Midtown Atlanta at lunchtime.... he'd HAVE to be aiming only for them! This is a HATE crime, and should be prosecuted as such.

Anonymous said...

Brittney had been living in Tampa but moved back to Atlanta after taking a new job, for the same company (22Squared). Did she take a job that someone in the Atlanta office wanted? Was this person close with the shooter and convinced him to gun down their rival on their behalf? IT doesn't appear that he knew Brittney but maybe he carried out revenge for another person. Men have done far worse when a woman is involved. Just my theory.

Anonymous said...

His mother a liberal militant raised her militant son to hate whites and he did was he was raised to do despite the fact his mother loved white men just google her name