Saturday, July 30, 2011

When the “Model Minority” Rules: In Hong Kong, Chinese Men Entertain Crowd by Publicly Kicking and Torturing Little White or Eurasian Boy (Warning:

Highly disturbing video)


I found this at Elliott Lake’s blog. Lake thinks the victim is eight years old; he looks younger to me.

Where are his parents during this attack?

Note that Hong Kong is the world’s most progressive, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, Chinese city.

Thanks to dividyneh at LiveLeak.


Anonymous said...

I have seen this video. It is disturbing and should illustrate the fact that the Chinese are fundamentally evil.

Jacob M said...

The "model minority" idea of Asians being so well behaved, talented, etc. is largely an illusion created by the fact that in the US, we are overwhelmingly looking at a small subset of Asians, the cream of the crop and their children, who had the wherewithal to get here. Of course they seem on top of their game, well behaved, etc. They represent the top 1% or so; look at the low crime levels, talent, etc. of our top 1% by comparison (for example the subset of our Americans with a graduate or professional degree) to get a more accurate comparison. They are not a representative sampling of their compatriots back home.

James B. said...

This is beyond sick. Its one thing for kids his own age to pick on him, but adults?

The fact that no one intervened does not surprise me in the least. A lack of concern for others and the community are part of the Chinese culture. This occurs even in a first world, advanced Chinese society (Singapore). I shudder at how much it would occur in the more disfunctional megacities in the mainland.

There was a period where I routinely traveled to Singapore on business to stay for several days at a time; one day while walking to a local grocery story, I observed a young Chinese man slip on some rain-soaked concrete stairs and fall, with obvious pain and possibly a serious internal injury. I (and I alone, a foreigner at that) immediately stepped up to help him up, helped him collect his things, and offered to help him to a clinic nearby. Despite ~40-50 others standing around (nearly all Chinese), I was the only one who offered to help. In case you're wondering, I have no medical training, either, that might spur me to offer help. Though I would expect out of a group that size, that at least some of the people there did. At a later point, I read in a local paper there, a complaint by a native Singaporean that Singaporeans don't help each other anywhere near as much as Westerners helped each other, with a number of examples that person had observed, so I have no doubt this was a unique incident.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's a thief. Just sayin'. I don't speak Cantonese.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese aren't fundamentally evil. They're fundamentally Human, as well as Chinese.

Western countries have attempted to transcend humanity by adopting the pretense of multiracialism. At least the Chinese are honest about their own racist human nature.