Monday, July 25, 2011

Low-Life Felon, Andre Muller, Get His Son, Football Star Isayah Muller Killed on His Graduation Day, Attacking Parking Attendants;

Family Demands “Justice” for Andre, and Gets Help from Rupert Murdoch!


The Mullers and their friends are insisting that Andre Muller only fought the attendants in “self-defense,” and demanding that the latter be prosecuted for murder. News reports say that the attendants have received death threats, and are in hiding.

(In all fairness, as evidenced by the opening video, Murdoch is playing both sides, much as he did with same-sex marriage. And we all know how that turned out. And how much has your opportunism helped you with your lefty enemies, eh, Rupe?)

Fox5 News Practices Bizarro World “Journalism” on Behalf of Andre Muller

This is clearly yet more evidence of Rupert Murdoch’s submission to Al Sharpton. How does Sharpton address the “news” mogul? “You my bitch”?



Slain NYC Teen's Mom Wants “Justice” for Son
Updated: Thursday, 30 Jun 2011, 5:43 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 30 Jun 2011, 3:54 PM EDT
By New York Post (Anonymous) [Another Murdoch property.]

NEWSCORE -- NEW YORK -- The wife of the New York City dad who ignited a bloody brawl that left his football-star son dead said Thursday her husband is not the one to blame.

Isayah Muller, 19, was stabbed to death Tuesday when he rushed to help his dad, Andre, who allegedly was pummeling a parking garage attendant he suspected of stealing a $200 bottle of cologne from his car.

"It's not right that [Andre's] the only one charged," his wife Rosa said. "It's not fair they're just focusing on his dad and not my dead son."

The Truman High School running back's father was still wearing a shirt drenched in his son's blood at his arraignment Wednesday.

The 40-year-old father faced charges of assault, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment as Isayah's sobbing mother -- who is pregnant with twins -- and 20 other devastated relatives looked on.

"I want justice for my child," said Muller's wife. "It's all lies. It's all allegations."

Andre Muller, who has six prior arrests and spent 11 years in prison, later walked from the courtroom in a clean T-shirt after posting $10,000 bond….

It ain’t over ‘til the black felon wins.

If you're not black, you're obliged to let them kill you, or let yourself be incarcerated and murdered in prison, simply for defending yourself against them.

Time was, Andre Muller would have been charged with murder, since it was his crime that got his son killed.

Note that the parking attendants are Hispanic (as is Muller’s mother). If they were white, the NYPD would have arrested them. Hell, every time I’ve defended myself against racist black attackers the NYPD has arrested me. I’ve even been arrested when I was unable to defend myself, because a second assailant grabbed me from behind. (Every time the phony charges would get thrown out, after much trouble and expense.) But that’s a long story for another time, the story of racist, white New York City cops, especially at the supervisory level (from sergeant, all the way up to Commissioner Ray Kelly), who have gone over to the dark side.

Just like so many journalists.

A tip ‘o the machete to Nivius Vir.


Chicago guy said...

Family values on display here, the father showing the son how it's done in the real world with a practical, hands-on approach. The reporting is slanted, of course, saying the son was "rushing to help" his father as though the elder were under attack. In reality they were a team of attackers; the ones who needed help were the parking attendants.
What's with this emphasis on the son being a "football star"? Throwing a ball around well means he has greater value than anyone else no matter what he does? The athletic programs just built up a bigger, stronger future felon better able to assault others, that's all. His father probably also had his own athletic program in the form of prison weightlifting.
These types are streetwise and always try to divert the blame to the victims. Without the tape they would really have been able to lie up a storm about what took place.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish. And I especially like the fact that the father's lame extortion attempt resulted his son's demise. I am certain the "cologne" never existed having witnessed numerous other attempts over the years. Blacks will look for someone gullible and weak, all bluster usually. And I love that the latins turned the tables, in a black and brown battle I always root for the brown. Nice work vato.

Incorrigible Truthseeker said...

As much as I hate to admit it the Orwellian scenario of a camera always watching us has been quite a boon in catching the real story on thugs like this plus prevention of unnecessary actions (like charging the parking attendants) as well as identifying those that would have gotten away had the camera not been there.
I have to ask tho, what kind of streetwise thug, and for sure daddy thug is streetwise, forgets that the basic hispanic (even parking lot attendants) are ALWAYS going to have a blade on them? A homemade one no less.
Seems like the sight of the machete would have stirred some primordial inner response seeing as how it's the preferred method of death in his motherland.
Just my thoughts....

Anonymous said...

An astonishing story and needing the video evidence. This animal caused his son's death over an aggressive argument about a bottle of cologne. These people are just different, way different.

Anonymous said...

When I first heard of this story I felt really bad for the son and father.Isayah was a football star at his school. He seem to have a very bright future ahead of him.Then I saw the video and 3 words poped up in my head (WTF). This dumb ass poor excuse for a father went crazy over something that can be replace.That must have been one hell of a cologne for you to lose your son over.I hope it was worth it you stupid ass.He is suppose to be a role model for his son. He should have said fuck it and let it go. Instead he chose to act like a total jackass and I guess the son just follow his father's lead ( monkey see monkey do). It pisses me off how people atart all this drama over some B.S. Now a young man who could had made something out of himself is dead. You cannot go around starting trouble and swinging at people and think that not one person ain't gonna dish it right back at you and you can't end up badly hurt or dead. You don't know what somebody has on them. They can have a gun or a knife.Why the hell the family would still think the duo was still innocent after seeing this video. They are a bunch of fools.I know they want to believe that Andre and Isayah would not act like that. But nobody is perfect and people f@#$ up. Yes, that includes star atheletes and their dads.People have the right to defend themselves. If some nutjob starts coming at you with a potentially deadly weapon what the hell would you do? I wish it never had to end the way it did. But let this be a lesson. If you are going around acting all big and bad and starting fights. You better be big and bad to finish it.

Anonymous said...

From what I see in the video is that the son is also a thug and knows his way around some gang violence. In the video you see him throw a ton of punches. You want to act like a thung well you get treated like one and for the mother dry up those tears becuase it is making me sick. This has been the story of your life with that sorry ass excuse for a husband and you still don't get that he is a piss of shit. She should have jumped in that room to and got her ass beat.

Anonymous said...

I hope the father was charged & jailed for also causing the death of his son. Only problem with that is it would make the son appear innocent. I'm so disappointed with the true story & how the Fuller's tried to play us for idiots. The Fullers behaved like animals & justice was served from God.. The parking attendants meanwhile deserve a medal for bravery. They did everything by the book. They called the police & repeatedly tried to stop the animals from entering. Even when they were assaulted they remained calm & tried to close the door whilst patiently awaiting the arrival of the police. If these animals had some humanity they would have waited for the police to arrive & settle the dispute but they couldn't...because they had already broken the law by punching (twice) the attendants. So they broke into the attendants booth for a 3rd time to finish the job & continued beating the attendants until God intervened & sent one of them straight to hell. Good riddance & no sympathy here.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Andre, was your son's life worth a bottle of $200 cologne? And then to continue to blame the attendants who went above and beyond by letting you search their bags, the drawers in the office, etc. for it. I guarantee you would have been furious if you were in the attendants' shoes. I am sure you would have thrown racial profiling in. Let's remember, you came in a small confined room with a freaking shovel after you had already assaulted both of the attendants without them fighting back and they were the aggressors? Please! You stupid piece of crap! You had to learn the hard way that you are not the victim. What a moron! You are a poor excuse for a father and human being in general. I feel sorry for the twins that you have now as neither you nor your wife should be allowed to have children.