Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Brittney Watts Murder: Fellow Victim Lauren Garcia, 23, May be Paralyzed for Life

Lauren Garcia as an undergraduate at the University of Georgia's Grady College, from which she just graduated.


By David in TN and Nicholas Stix

Previously, from WEJB/NSU:

“What Was the Motive in the Atlanta Murder of Brittney Watts? APD Bigwig Calls Craven Killer ‘Bold’”; and

“Brittney Watts Murder Update: After Triple Shooting, CBS News Reporter Asks, Is Midtown Atlanta Safe?”

As if it weren’t already bad enough, Lauren Garcia, 23, one of the three women allegedly shot by Nkosi Thandiwe last week, could be paralyzed below the waist with a “spinal cord injury.”

Security guard Nkosi Thandiwe, 22, has been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated assault in the July 14 killing of Brittney Watts, 26, on July 14. It was just hitting lunchtime. Thandiwe allegedly lay in wait for Watts on the third floor of a midtown Atlanta parking garage at the Proscenium Building, and killed her just before noon with one shot to the neck, while she sat in her Toyota Prius. He then stole her car, and when blocked while trying to exit the garage, shot pedestrians Lauren Garcia in the back, and Tiffany Ferenczy, 24, in the leg.

Watts worked as a digital media supervisor at 1170 Peachtree St NE, for the advertising firm, 22squared, which has posted a tribute to her, and where her colleagues are still reminiscing about, and grieving her death (also here). (22squared’s contact page depicts itself as a no-white men-are- welcome firm, displaying photographs of seven employees, from receptionist to VPs. Six are women—including one black—and one is a Hispanic man.)

Murder victim Brittney Watts.


A bond hearing for the defendant has been scheduled for July 29 in Atlanta’s Fulton County Courthouse. (The City of Atlanta straddles two counties, Fulton and DeKalb, though most of the city is in Fulton County.) Thandiwe is presently in Fulton County Jail.

Given the severity of the charges, and the likelihood of Thandiwe’s defense attorney Rickey Richardson playing the “crazy card,” one would think that Thandiwe would be remanded without bail or bond. However, considering that this is racist “Hotlanta,” Thandiwe comes from a privileged, upper-middle-class family, and his mother is a high-powered, well-connected, Constitutional lawyer, anything is possible.

Shooting victim Tiffany Ferenczy.


The killer also shot Tiffany Ferenczy, 24, in the ankle. According to a July 18 press release from MSL Group, the advertising and public relations firm where Garcia was a summer intern and Ferenczy is an assistant account executive, Ferenczy was released from Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital on Saturday.

Watts, Garcia, Ferenczy, and the alleged shooter all worked in the same building.

There were many blacks in the area, but the shooter targeted only white women. Following their standard m.o. in black-on-white murders, the media have from the beginning compulsively repeated that the shooting was “random,” even though they couldn’t possibly know that. They doth protest too much.

Defendant Nkosi Thandiwe.


Anonymous said...

This blog has always been great at profiling the victims of crimes. Well done. PS: Mr. Stix, there is a site that may be of interest to you!

Trigg Happ said...

Every morning for the rest of her life, she will wake up and think "Dang, I forgot, I had a near fatal encounter with negroid Diversity TNB, so I can't get out of bed without help from my mother, whose life has collapsed around caring for her permanently disabled daughter. In fact, I can't even move my legs. But I know I can make a lot of money by writing a book about what happened, and how we should never jump to conclusions, and that this isolated incident had nothing to do with race. I'll go on TV and say it just the way I'm supposed to say it: Diversity is our strength. I'll become famous for my forgiveness and openness and inclusivity, and most of all, I'll condemn all those racist blogs that said such mean and hateful things about poor, oppressed, marginalized, vulnerable, at-risk, trigg-nigga Nkosi. I'll say we need to atone for the sins of segregation by holding ourselves accountable to people of color for our unearned White privileges. I'll get rich and famous!"

We all know how this plays out. Never never never will she suggest that given how many blacks are running around with murderous hate and voodoo in their hearts, that White girls should consider coming together to purchase guns and join shooting ranges for training.

Never will Whiteys ever advocated preparation and defense, especially not elite Whitey girls in Midtown who all have Obama sticker on their cars and worry that they might be racists because they don't have a black boyfriend or a mulatto baby.

Anonymous said...

Good post by Trigg, but apparently this guy is an anomaly because he is neither "poor, oppressed, or marginalized". According to Nicholas, Nkosi Thandiwe's mother is "high-powered, well-connected, Constitutional lawyer" AND he supposedly has a college degree!

So the apologists will have to be more creative now as the usual excuses for criminal behavior won't work this time.

Anonymous said...

what about grand theft auto too!

Anonymous said...

Action Diversity Voodoo defense atty doing a good job for his trigg-nigga Diversity client:

Alleged Midtown Shooter Undergoes Psychological Evaluation

"Friends and acquaintances of the suspect have expressed shock. They describe Thandiwe as coming from a well-respected family of high achievers and avid recreational runners."

They shouldn't say that. White Humanity hears that as, "Even when an African 'American' comes from well-respected family of high achievers (Affirmative Action beneficiaries who go jobs that Whites deserved) , they are still nothing more than a trigg-nigga Diversity waiting to cap a Whitey up 'en he'ah."

mark said...

The one thing I hate most about this murder is the media handling of it. The dead and wounded are what they are, and the guilty are guilty, but the chronic BS handed out by the media ( on this instance and many others) is what angers me most. "Random" is always used as a descriptor when everyone reading the piece knows this was a targeted act. The killer aimed and he fired, at targets he chose.
Use of the word "random" betrays use of cognitive dissonance, designed to suffocate analysis of the glaring issue of race violence.
Which implies that somewhere in the sector of our society where such decisions are made, someone thinks it is better that people be unprepared and docile, even in the face of persistent mortal danger, than a "dangerous" comment be made. Asking that readers exert such mind control is amazing, and would not work except for a constant drumbeat of "random, random, random".

Anonymous said...

You must not be familiar w this area, because if u were you would know that most of those people working in those buildings are White, even if Atlanta has a large black populations. So this post is ignorant, because anyone would know most of the employees in those corporate towers are white, so obviously the victims are probably gonna be white. As a black woman who went to school w/ her I think this whole post is ignorant! Would it have been better if her murderer were white? None of you people never knew her, you're just waiting for a chance to try and vindicate your racist and ignorant thoughts. Im upset by her murder and Im black, and there are other Black Roswell High Alum that remember her and were upset by this news, so this opinion is pointless and uninformed.

Nicholas said...

@Anon black woman July 27, 2011 6:35:00 PM EDT,

Yet another omniscient black woman. I'm going to call you "Omni."

So, Omni, not only are you descended from "a race of kings," but you are a member of an omniscient race, too.

Well, I've got news for you, Your Omniscience: This was not a random killing.

I know, I'm just another dumb white guy who is unfit to shine your shoes, but unlike you, I do my homework.

Anonymous said...

The next example of what happens when blacks get "empowered"...

Do the right thang

Anonymous said...

I'm currently going through my fourth reconstructive knee surgery, I saw Lauren Garcia on the TLC show "say yes to the dress atltanta" and looked up this story.this story is so incredibly sad and sickening that someone could do this. however Lauren is an inspiration, and as someone again going through a tremendous amount of lower body pain, surgery and adjustment going to physical therapy five days a week with one more surgery on the horizon, seeing Lauren on TLC inspired me greatly and made me grateful for what I do have the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope Lauren sees this/these posts and knows what an inspiration she has become to some others. she is wonderful! :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to why he hasn't been charged with AGGRAVATED BATTERY since Ms.Garcia is now paralyzed. The O.C.G.A 16-5-24 (a) contains crime specific language concerning the loss of limbs or the use thereof. I think the indictment should be redrawn and he should be properly charged with AGGRAVATED BATTERY on Ms. Garcia. As to a random act or being a stranger to stranger crime, I don't think so, there was too much opportunity for daily interaction. This idiot was a security guard assigned to their building and probably saw these girls 1-5 days a week. A blind man could see right thru this BS in a minute. This is very more than likely about one or more of those white girls rejecting unwanted sexual advances from that black creepy lowlife. One thing is for absolutely certain, it was not about killing someone over her car.

Anonymous said...

Typical of a pack of ignorant racists to create a race problem where none exists. (In that way, you are EXACTLY like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who I'm sure you've heavily criticized - barbaric racial epithets and all - for their outrage in the Trayvon Martin case). You've done your homework, eh, Nicholas? I think not. According to a Justice Department report on homicides between 1980 and 2008, 84 percent of white murder victims were murdered by...wait for it...other white people. So where, pray, is this epidemic of black-on-white homicide you and your little friends seem to have created in your sad little world? Ah, wait. Let me guess. Because I cited a government report, you'll just deflect it by saying that those statistics were created by Obama, the Muslim African, and his liberal apologist minions.

There's nothing behind your outrage other than hate and ignorance; facts about race and homicide surely don't support your outrage.

If, as "Trigg Happ" suggests, "White girls" start buying guns and "joining shooting ranges for training", they will need those guns and training for their white male counterparts, not for murderous, hateful, voodoo-practicing blacks. When white women are raped or murdered, the culprit is a white man the VAST MAJORITY of the time. White men have done more raping of black women - and gotten away with it - than black men have ever done to white women (especially since, for hundreds of years, a black man's tortured body would be hanging from a tree before sunset just for being accused of the crime). The fact that most blacks are nearly a quarter European - yet most whites have little-to-no African DNA - proves that.

"People" like you and the vast majority of "people" who have posted here are the exact reason WHY blacks still complain about racism; because you "people" really do still exist. It amazes me how you people will complain about "racist 'Hotlanta' and blacks with "murderous hate" and "voodoo" in their hearts, AS you're making those racist statements. Do you understand the absolute insanity of complaining about racism AS you're being racist? Of course not.

Why would I be shocked, though, knowing the caliber of people in question? An ignorant person cannot possibly know that they are ignorant, as that is the very definition of "ignorant". Fortunately, you people are a dwindling minority whose views, as the years go on, will be relegated to our nation's barbaric past where they belong.