Saturday, July 16, 2011

‘I Don’t Know Nothin’ About No Black Murderers!’: Another Lying MSM Journalist—but I Repeat Myself

By David in Tennessee and Nicholas Stix

David in TN: Get a load of this exchange between Larry Auster and alleged reporter Brian Haas of The Tennessean. The so-called reporter had written an article titled, “Black Homicides Reach Crisis in Nashville.” Larry asked Haas, “who is committing the homicides?” Hass claimed not to know and that “race had nothing to do with it.”

N.S. Oh, my.

Auster quoted the man’s article back to him, showing that he clearly knows that the black victims were murdered by blacks. Haas asks why this is happening, but then insists that it’s not his business to say. But the people he quotes all imply in an obvious way—because it is obvious—that the killers all were black.

Note the arrogance of the white police Chief Steve Anderson, in saying that most [read: white] people have no idea what goes on in the projects. Of course, they do, though they don’t say anything, out of justified fear of being vilified as “racist!”

Note too the clear implication of the person who said that killings of blacks are everybody's [i.e., whites'] problem, which leaves no doubt that black-on-black murder is at issue, or that Haas is promoting a call for yet another shakedown of whites on behalf of blacks. At no point did Haas contradict any of his "experts," or quote anyone suggesting that whites (or any other race or ethnicity) were going into black neighborhoods and slaughtering blacks.

The crime “expert” lied, in insisting that “poverty” is the biggest determinant of homicide. Poor whites and Asians who do not live among blacks or Hispanics are murdered at a fraction the rate of blacks and Hispanics. I pointed out in 2003 that the black crime rate is much too high to be explained away via poverty, and in 2005, The Color of Crime definitively blasted away that counterfactual dogma.

Oh, but Haas wasn’t talking about criminals, but about victims. That in itself was a political decision, and he knows it. For several years, the MSM has tried to talk about black crime victims, in isolation from the people preying on them, so as to portray blacks as victims and heroes, but never as predators. Haas knows exactly what he’s doing.

Did he ask police for assailant descriptions? He didn’t even mention them. Usually, with violent crimes, somewhere, there’s a witness.

Oops, but we’re talking about black folks, who in their support for black cut-throats, routinely refuse to aid the police. That’s yet another issue see no evil-hear no evil-speak no evil reporter Brian Haas doesn’t want to know about, even if everyone else is familiar with it.

The man tiptoes around the facts, as if they were landmines. And I suppose they are, since real reporting would likely end his career.


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Anonymous said...

Speaking of black murderers, several months ago, I sent an article I wrote about the Knoxville Horror to an email correspondent who lives in Ventura County, California. He was aware of it as friends had already sent items about the KH to him.

He told me: "People always bring up Manson when you tell them about something like this. Exactly. Whites who committ heinous murders are either druggies or insane. Garden-variety blacks do."

You will recall that two of the defendants in the KH (Thomas and Coleman) had no prior record. Thomas almost joined the National Guard years ago. Coleman grew up middle class in a two-parent family.

David In TN

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As a former resident of Knoxville I followed these black hate murders closely via the local coverage. I was a bit amazed at the lack of Liar Media to cover but very disappointed in the sporadic coverage on the 'Conservative' blogs....this was before I adjusted to the reality that BRA is supported by all political stripes. Since then my reading has migrated to STDV sites mostly.