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Affirmative Action on Steroids: During the Past 3.5 Years, Gene Gillette Has been Charged with Pistol-Whipping One Man, Tasering an Unarmed Woman, and

with Sexual Assault and Attempted Murder Against Another Man, All While being a Multiple Award-Winning Cop!
Officer Gene Gillette.


RC: At least two people tell ABC7 that they received settlements from the Mount Rainier Police Department after incidents involving Gene Gillette, the cop indicted on attempted murder and sexual assault charges.

In Officer Gene Gillette’s brief law enforcement career, he has been named Rookie of the Year, and Officer of the Year twice! He is the law enforcement equivalent of the outrageous, racist black morons in higher education, who get drowned in awards, endowed chairs, power and money. He was on an upwardly failing trajectory, whereby he could have become another Charles Moose, the racist, incompetent, black chief of the Montgomery County (MD) Police Department, who botched the D.C. Sniper Investigation, which led to racist black Nation of Islam serial killer John Muhammad and his teenaged partner, Lee Boyd Malvo, being able to murder additional victims. In flagrant disregard of county regulations, Moose then sought to cash in on his MSM-created fame, and published a ghost-written “autobiography,” but was forced to resign. There were apparently limits to Montgomery County officials’ “respect for diversity.”


Will Frederick won a $100,000 settlement after, he says, Officer Gillette pistol whipped him in his squad car, causing Frederick to require reconstructive surgery on his cheekbone.

The Mount Rainier PD’s chief of police is Michael E. Scott, a white man. Write him here, to ask him what sort of background checks and psychological and integrity screening led him to hire Gene Gillette, why he heaped awards on this man, and why he kept him on the force, as evidence mounted that he was a danger to society, and to the department.



Sigh! I just caught my breath, and realized that I was thinking like a colorless man, when what I need to do is think in vibrant, diverse color. I now realize that what the folks in Mount Rainier need to do is fire Chief Scott, and replace him as chief-for-life with Officer Gillette, who will bring much-needed new perspectives to the job. After all, after the pistol-whipping and taser attacks, and after Officer Gillette was charged with attempted murder and sexual assault, Chief Scott described him to WJLS reporter Brad Bell as “a model cop.”

Chief Gillette. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

The presiding judge in the case has ordered Officer Gillette held without bail until his trial.

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Gene Gillette involved in two previous Mount Rainier Police settlements
By Brad Bell
July 28, 2011, 2:34 p.m.

At least two people tell ABC7 that they received settlements from the Mount Rainier Police Department after incidents involving Gene Gillette, the cop indicted on attempted murder and sexual assault charges.

Will Frederick was arrested by Gillette in 2008 at a Mount Rainier gas station for drunk and disorderly conduct. He says he was put in handcuffs and sat in the front passenger seat of Gillette's patrol car. Frederick admits he mouthed off. He says Gillette pulled out his gun and hit him in the face.

Frederick had to have surgery to repair facial fractures. He sued for excessive force and won a $100,000 settlement from the a Mount Rainier police.

Terrell Roberts, the attorney for a woman who says she was tasered by Gillette while her car was being illegally towed, received a $75,000 settlement.

After Gillette’s arrest, his chief described him as a model cop who was named rookie of the year and twice officer of the year during his three-year career in the tiny department

“There’s no way this officer, after he’s had two lawsuits in which considerable amounts are paid, that he should be receiving any kind of award being the officer of the year,” Roberts said.

Gillette turned himself in on charges that he attempted to sexually assault and then shot a 20-year-old man July 2. The indictment says that Gillette lured the victim to his house and attempted to force him to perform a sexual act on him, then shot him as he tried to flee in Gillette's car.

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this one.]

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