Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is It Possible for Blacks to Have a Good Time Without Bloodshed? Seattle Reader Asks if “Bite of Seattle” Festival Could Become Blood of Seattle

You have to read between the lines for the race of participants in the various shooting incidents we have had and might have, but the NAACP statement [hit above link] says it all.

There might be more shooting at the Bite of Seattle (a food event at the Seattle Center). There have been problems with black mobs at other events at the Seattle Center (where the Space Needle is located) so I would never take my precious wife there. Too bad such a small percentage of the population [Seattle is only 7.7 percent black!] is allowed to cause so much trouble—but the liberals tolerate it.

Seattle has had a high rate of immigration of liberals from New York and California. Ironically, these people probably came here to escape the problems where they live and their tolerance of minority crime brings those problems here.

You know about the problems in areas such as Belltown, Pioneer Square, and SoDo (the industrial area SOuth of DOwntown) especially when the black night clubs close. Typical liberal Seattle solution—there is talk of getting rid of the closing hours to eliminate closing hour crime! This reminds me of when a mayoral candidate proposed more planters with flowers on the streets to reduce street problems like aggressive beggars, public urination, and crime.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with what you said. Blacks ruin everything.