Tuesday, July 19, 2011

White Men Gone Wild in Texas: Seven of State’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives are Listed as “White” (Ha, Ha, Ha!)

By Nicholas Stix

To read the racial descriptions provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety, you’d think the state was besieged by white super-predators… as long as you don’t check the names, faces, or gang affiliations. Then you see that there isn’t a single white non-Hispanic on the list, only one of them even looks white, and given that he, like most of the others, is a member of a racist Hispanic gang (Tango Blast), probably none of them considers himself white. Let’s look at some of these white guys.

Gaspar Loya, III N/A (This week’s star, or “featured fugitive.”)

Rene Morales Munoz Texas Mexican Mafia

Javier Morin Jr. Texas Syndicate

Ricardo Zuniga Barrio Azteca

Ernesto Alonso Garcia Texas Syndicate

Alfonso Gomez Quiroz N/A

Robert Barrera Jr. N/A

The point of identifying Hispanic felons as “white” is, as an AmRen editor suggested, to inflate white crime statistics while deflating or disappearing outright, Hispanic crime stats.

A tip ‘o the sombrero, er, ten-gallon hat, to the crack staff at American Renaissance.

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Anonymous said...

The whitest looking one is labeled as a Hispanic male. Real jokers.