Friday, July 22, 2011

Black Female Train Conductor Throws Indian Woman, Hermon Raju, Off a N.Y. Metro-North Train

By Nicholas Stix



Youtube title: “Woman says she's too educated to be kicked off New York train.”

A Selection of Representative Youtube Comments, Which Were Unanimously Hostile Towards the Indian Woman

• To the crazy lady in the video:
You may have all the smarts in the world, but if you don't know how to play well with others, you're clearly not as smart as you think you are.

Here's hoping you don't continue your act and mouth off to the wrong person who might otherwise pop a cap in your disrespectful ***.
Candlestick4155 9 hours ago

• sooooooo.... did anyone else just submit this to tosh?
yippeeskippies 1 day ago

• only a higher education can give someone the gall to say something that stupid.
gaptoofgranny 1 day ago

• Unfortunately she is very representative of many schooled students who think they are better people than those who don't go to college even though they have not yet proven themselves to be as such.

I say schooled because being educated is vastly different from just going to school.
evilminion89 2 days ago

• ...someone to "restore" her public image. Good luck with that.
SanDiegoStudent 2 days ago

• What a's embarrassing. Instead of being humbled and showing some class, she acts like a moron. I saw on CNN that she is looking for
SanDiegoStudent 2 days ago

• Yet another Indian who thinks she's conquered the world and who thinks she's over everyone else by studying abroad. She would have been kicked off the Indian Metro as well if she was in India. Hope she gets a job after all this education, atleast in India...
sejoymathews 2 days ago

* * *

The Indian woman, Hermon Raju, may be pretentious, but I didn’t hear any curses out of her mouth.

From the drift of the edited conflict, it sounds like the black female conductor overheard Raju drop an “f-bomb” while the latter was speaking on her cellphone to a friend, and immediately decided to throw her off the train.

That’s interesting. I hear blacks curse their heads off in public places about a million times a year in front of black authority figures, without ever hearing the latter order them out or off or whatever, or even to shut up. Indeed, the only time I see a black authority figure react at all, it is to support the black miscreant, including in cases of violent black miscreants. (And in more than one case, the black authority figure helping a violent, racist black criminal was a cop.)

So, what do I see on the video? A pretentious Indian woman and a racist black female, the latter of whom is exploiting to the max her little bit of authority.

J.K. Sanders

I had a counseling session with a few brothers not too long along and the question came up about why do black women in authority seem to have such a nasty attitude? From letting you know their the boss throwing their weight around, to speaking down to you like your a child, and having a funky attitude period! Wussup with that? It seems like on the way up the corporate ladder they are cool and laid back and easy to get along with but once they get a top position it’s like a spirit comes on them and they go buckwild! One brutha mentioned that after his girl opened her own business she became extremely bossy and told him this is the new me and if you don’t like it you can step! WTW? (What the World). I personally have seen a difference in attitude from SOME women that are so called big shots in the work force. They have an air about themselves like they can take you or leave you. With an attitude like that many say that’s one of the reasons they are single because a real man wants to be wanted by his woman. Just like I want to want and not just need my woman. Now let me make this crystal clear me and the brutha’s specified that we are certainly not talking about ALL women just SOME women. So please don’t skip that point or you have missed it all….

Lawrence Auster

At least in New York City, black women in any position of authority, even the most trivial such as selling tickets in a bus terminal or or being assistant manager of a grocery store, are the worst, most unpleasant human beings I've encountered in my life. Their hostility takes your breath away. They go through their lives with this massive, fixed hatred (I don't know if it's just against whites, or against all humanity) inside them, along with the sense of entitlement. And yes, now that you mention it, Michelle O. resembles them.
Gosh, it looks as though Oprah with her New Age ministrations to the world and especially to black women has not healed this particular problem, has she?
Of course, I'm not speaking of all black women in positions of petty authority, but this is a pronounced and unique phenomenon which in my experience applies only to black women.

At Youtube, where I found this video (via 100 Reasons Not to Go to Graduate School), all of the posters got off on the humbling of the Indian woman.

(Postscript: And it turns out Raju’s an NYU grad, which is yet another reason to hate her! And she is presently being hated from end of the Internet to the other.)

There are some wonderful folks who upload music and dramatic scenes and stories from TV and the movies to Youtube, to whom I am immensely grateful, but the site is also home to some despicable specimens of humanity. Speaking of which, the person who filmed and edited this video, provided no video or written context. Then again, given the phony title and editing, if the poster had provided “context,” it probably would have been dishonest, as is par for the course with smear videos at Youtube.

If I were in the position of the woman being thrown off the train, I would have been a lot louder and more ornery than she was.

From what I picked up, it was only after the black conductor told her she was throwing her off the train that the Raju raised her voice, and she still was whispering, compared to the average New York black woman in any conflict situation. And yes, I realize that the conductor was speaking really softly. To my readers who have dealings with black American women in urban settings: How often does that happen? But still, pay attention to what the black women is softly saying to the Indian woman.

To the whites and Asians applauding the racist conductor and/or laughing at the woman being thrown off the train, enjoy yourself while you can, because your time is fast approaching. Mark my words: One day you will be at the mercy of one or more racist blacks. And when that day comes, while you’re still conscious, I want you to remember, if ever so vaguely, “Some stupid, despicable, racist white guy on the Internet told me this would happen. Damn him!”


Incorrigible Truthseeker said...

I had to play the beginning several times before I could really get what was going on and still had questions until I read the article.
I fully agree that had the woman been black, wearing flip flops with some sequined laced shirt, holding her stickered up, pink cell phone in her hand next to overly long fresh salon fake nails she would have been allowed to do and say as she pleased with no reprimand at all.
As for black women in positions of power I also agree that it seems their personal control crosses into tyranny but as a young man working at a summer job here in Southeast Georgia there was a time when one of the black men had gotten a promotion to crew supervisor of an all black crew which disturbed the guys under him as they pointed out behind his back "You can't give no N**** that kinda power, all he gonna do is f*** it up for everybody else" so I guess it isn't limited to the women, just maybe worse if it happens to be a woman.

Anonymous said...

From what I have experienced many Indian women have "issues" with Black women. They get "insulted" if they are mistaken for being Black. Also, I am a light skinned Black girl and many dark skinned Indian girls that I went to school with were angry/JEALOUS at me for being lighter skinned than they were. They have colorism problems.