Monday, July 18, 2011

White Woman Attacks White Female Judge in Family Court (with Video)!

By Nicholas Stix


Victim: Judge Jennifer Upchurch Edwards.

Attacker: Melissa Hardwick or Harvik (depending on the reporter).

Attempted courtoom assault on a judge.

Place: Wayne County Family Court, Monticello, Kentucky.

Time: 2:54 p.m., Wednesday, July 13, 2011.

Melissa Hardwick’s (Harvik’s?) ex-husband was in court, charging his ex-wife with escalating domestic violence, when Mrs. Hardwick began cursing. Judge Edwards held her in contempt and senteced her to 10 days in county, whereupon … just check out the above video! And if you only saw it once, watch it again.

It took three court officers to wrestle the berserk Mrs. Hardwick (Harvik?) to the ground and cuff her, and as they are leading her out of the courtroom, she can be heard threatening the judge: “You’ll be sad when it happens, Jennifer!”

Mrs. Hardwick (Harvik?) denied her ex-husband’s charges. She must have just been unhappy about him publicly impugning her sterling, pacifist character.

Additional charges are expected, which will further impugn Mrs. Hardwick's (Harvik's?) character.


Incorrigible Truthseeker said...

After this display of character is there any question as to the husbands allegations?
I think not.

Jane Doe said...

That woman should have killed her. You dont know the judge, she is a wicked woman who uses her courtroom to traffick kids to the highest bidder. My daughter went to a home where they had no girls and really wanted one, so they got my daughter. Jennifer Upchurch Clark Edwards deserves to die a slow and painful death. She violates constitutional rights, and tears families apart. No wonder this woman attacked her. Look at her face, she is PURE EVIL> I hope someday someone does get close enough to kill her.

Anonymous said...

That Judge should be disbarred. She is able to be bought if you have the funds. It's too bad that women was unable to beat the sh*t out of her. My family is a victim of this judge. She is evil along with many of the attorneys in that region. They are all easily bought.

Anonymous said...

This judge should be disbarred. She will do what you want if you pay her enough. She has victimized many families including mine. How she treats people will be her karma. Someday she will pay the piper along with the attorneys that are under her thumb.

Anonymous said...

It couldn't happen to a better person. This judge should be thrown in jail herself and disbarred. She is garbage and a disgrace to the judicial system and women. Someday she'll get back a hundred fold what she dished out. If you give her enough money she will take your children from you.