Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rodrick Dantzler: The Excuses

Mass murderer Rodrick Shonte Dantzler.

By David in TN


“Black Mass Murderer Rodrick Shonte Dantzler Killed 7 People in Grand Rapids, Shot 2 More, Ran Down a 10th,Took 3 Hostage, and Then Committed Suicide.”

This story from The Grand Rapids Press has the usual excuses from Rodrick Dantzler's family and friends.

“He just couldn't possibly be in the right mind,” said Dantzler's cousin Cannetha Collins, of Muskegon. “This wasn't a family he hated.”

“Dantzler's neighbors on James Avenue NE offered a possible motive. They said his wife was planning to leave him this week or the next. They speculated it sparked the killings.”

“He must've just snapped,” one neighbor said.


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Anonymous said...

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Whatever the status such behavior is hardly unique. And as usual, "he must have been off his meds" is the excuse.

More than likely, as in other cases, the negro owed the whitey woman a lot of money he never intended to pay back. Probably didn't even have a job period.

The white woman tells the negro she has has enough and the negro goes berserk. The insult to his negro manhood is just too great. He must not only kill her but his own kid and her parents, then try to kill others.

How did that colored guy get a good white name like Dantzler anyhow?