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What is a Cuckservative?

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Gregory Hood has obviously spent a lot of time reading me and the boys, over at VDARE.

By Gregory Hood
July 24, 2015
American Renaissance

“Fighting words” from the Dissident Right.

The main issues in American politics are mass immigration, demographic change, and the new Culture War against implicit symbols of white identity. A celebrity businessman is now the leading GOP candidate for president only because of his banal truism that illegals from Mexico commit crimes. The overwhelmingly white base of the Republican Party is coping with the brutal reality that European-Americans will be a minority in the country they created. Even the Left is gripped in internecine warfare as an older generation of white progressives grapple with a multicultural monster of its own creation, as minority activists would rather agitate about “white privilege” than suffer through boring speeches about jobs or infrastructure.

The racial question is at the center of American politics and culture. Every new controversy or scandal simply reveals a new facet of the issue racially conscious whites have been debating for decades.

At a time when the Republican Party ostensibly controls Congress, President Obama is unilaterally enacting racially charged policies on immigration, housing, and law enforcement that will have incalculable consequences for ordinary Americans–and there has been no real resistance from the majority party. The only notable thing the Republican-controlled legislature has done is pass a secret trade agreement that has the effect of enabling more immigration–“the worst bill Congress has ever passed,” in the words of Phyllis Schlafly. On top of all this, Justice John Roberts–appointed by George W. Bush–has cemented the legitimacy of Obamacare.

Conservatives should be steamrolling a lame-duck president. Instead, the GOP might as well not exist. Grassroots Republicans who thought they had retaken the government are confused, angry, and powerless. They worked for Republicans in good faith, but get only scorn and contempt. They’ve been deceived, cheated, antd exploited.

In short, they’ve been “cucked,” or cuckolded.

The Dissident Right received one of its periodic media boosts yesterday when Conservatism Inc. functionaries Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller and Erick Erickson of Red State discovered and denounced the insult “cuckservative,” which is being used against the Beltway Right.

These spasms of attention from “conservatives” don’t usually last, but this one is different.

The perfect storm of anti-white aggression by minorities and the media, the abject Republican surrender on virtually every issue, the insurgent candidacy of Donald Trump, and the sheer vacuity of what passes for intellectual debate in the Beltway Right has finally led many Republicans to understand Conservatism Inc. has failed. More than that, Conservatism Inc. has always failed. If every political life ends in failure, to quote Enoch Powell, the American conservative movement is unique in that it began with failure.

As it stands today, after decades of electoral success, the conservative movement has not only done nothing to cut the size of government or preserve traditional values, it has managed to literally endanger the continued existence of the national community. The wholesale dispossession of the ethnic core of the country and the utter political and cultural transformation of American society can’t be defended by any definition of “conservatism,” no matter how expansive.




We can’t even call the Beltway Right self-interested. Even within the pages of its own publications, the conservative movement concedes that leaders such as Ronald Reagan could no longer be elected because of the massive demographic change it has presided over.

Yet this isn’t why they are cuckolds. While the demographic transformation–what the French are now calling “the great replacement”–is important, the fact that “conservatives” dare not lift a finger against it is the least of their sins. They’re cucks because they take pride in degradation and defeat.

Cuckservatives glory in advocating positions that hurt their own supporters and humiliate themselves. They act thrilled and proud when they throw one of their own to the wolves. Like Rich Lowry, they might even thank the people who alert them to the dissidents in their midst. They make self-evidently foolish arguments that ideologically disarm their own constituents and reward their foes. They completely accept the moral standards of people who despise them.

They are like a man who tries to appeal to a woman through acts of submission; they inspire not desire but disgust. Each new conservative surrender inspires only further contempt in the hearts of leftists, which of course encourages conservatives to capitulate even more eagerly the next time. And since the conservative base remains overwhelmingly white–this proves it is “racist”–there will always be a next time.

There’s also the variety of cuckold who gets a thrill from watching another man mount his wife. Such a creature possesses the illusion of control. He can tell himself that he is directing this obscenity and thus remain, in some way, the dominant figure.

American conservatism is perhaps best summarized as maintaining a posture of command even as the reality of control is lost. Thus conservatives cheering on the demographic transformation of the country tell themselves they remain leaders in the new America. The cuck in the corner begging to be degraded is still technically the “man of the house,” for all the good it does him.

We see the premises of cuckservatism at work in the posts by Mr. Lewis and Mr. Erickson. Mr. Erickson says “cuckservative” is “a slur against Christian voters coined by white-supremacists.” Yet one of the charges against cuckservatives is they have utterly failed to maintain Christian morality in public life. What Pat Buchanan used to call “God’s Country” is a nation where the greatest hero in public life is a 65-year-old man in drag.

However, the key to understanding this position can be found in an earlier controversy, when both Mr. Lewis and Mr. Erickson disagreed with Ann Coulter for suggesting American Christians could most effectively serve their fellow citizens instead of morally preening by trying to save Africans. Mr. Lewis suggested Miss Coulter’s position was akin to an immigration restrictionist position, which constitutes a “cry of victimhood” and leads to a politics for the “angry and dispossessed.” An “aspirational” country like ours is one that welcomes more immigration (regardless of the source), sends charity outward, and has a dogmatic belief that the future can get only better.

Superiority is thus shown by not working in your own interest. As Mr. Lewis replied to Mr. Erickson’s initial tweet about cuckservatism, “They want you to be tribal–to only advocate policies that help your tribe. Otherwise you’re a cuckold.”

This is an implicit admission that cuckservatives are consciously not helping their tribe. They seem to think it would be immoral and would lower them somehow. Meanwhile, every other tribe on earth aggressively advances its own interests.

The original definition of cuckold–a man who raises the offspring of another–comes to mind when we think of conservatives’ apparent glee at the replacement of Americans with ethnocentric Third Worlders. But the moral calculus of men like Mr. Lewis and Mr. Erickson reflects a deeper perversion. Like the man who begs to watch as he is cuckolded, they reframe the reality of inferiority as a kind of weird proof of superiority. Their own degradation is proof of their imagined virtue and make-believe power.

The same mental gymnastics take place when it comes to ideology. One of Mr. Lewis’s objections to “racial tribalism” is that it betrays “Dr. King’s vision.” To make such a claim in 2015 reveals either astonishing ignorance or willful deceit.

King explicitly supported racial preferences for blacks and pushed policies more extreme than what Mr. Lewis describes as the “left” racial tribalism of “Netroots nation.” Since Matt Lewis grounds his surrender to leftism in his ostensible Christian belief, he might be also be interested to know that “Rev.” King didn’t just regularly commit adultery but denied the divinity of Christ.




Mr. Lewis’s stance is not uncommon. The fanatical insistence by conservatives that “Dr.” King was really a pro-American supporter of “colorblindness”–in defiance of all evidence–shows the coating of protective stupidity necessary for survival within the Beltway Right. More importantly, it shows how conservatives give progressives moral power over them, granting “the sanction of the victim.”

Anyone who knows anything about King’s life knows he would think today’s conservatives were racist, just as he despised the conservatives of his own time. Yet by denying this and pretending otherwise, conservatives prove their imagined superiority. Like the cuckold farming out his wife, they create the illusion of control even as they concede all power and dignity.



The real story is how a resistance to all of this has arisen. While the Beltway Right obsesses about non-issues like the Export-Import Bank, the Dissident Right is creating a vocabulary to fight “conservatives” who are more eager than their supposed leftist enemies to destroy racially conscious whites. While cuckservatives claim to adhere to abstract principles, wiser men and women understand that ideology is often the echo of racial, cultural, and ethnic interests. And since cuckservatives no longer bother concealing they care nothing for their own white supporters, frustrated whites are looking for alternatives.

The 21st century will be the Century of Identity, as ethnopolitics in the multicultural West replaces the phony Left/Right divisions of the past. While American conservatism knowingly and consciously subordinates the interests of its supporters to a suicidal “moral” vision, the successful political movements of the future will confidently assert the legitimate interests of its members.

As grassroots conservatives are gradually awakening to the reality that Conservatism Inc. is a scam, Beltway operatives will need to make a choice: They can reclaim their dignity and confront like men the forces they are destroying them, or they can sit in the corner and keep telling themselves they’re in control. They can prepare the new age–or they can continue as cucked bootlickers of men who despise them.



An Alternative Theory on the Causes of Detroit's Collapse


"King" Coleman Young, early in his reign, with an obscure white politician

Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

"The Five Causes of Detroit's Destruction."

On Having Black Friends

By Nicholas Stix
August 23, 2010

The satirical blog, Stuff White People Like, contains a January, 2008 essay, “Having Black Friends.”

Christian Lander got the concept for SWPL and his eponymous book from David Brooks’ 2001 book, Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There.

Not that Lander isn’t good at what he does, but credit, where credit is due. After all, years ago, I used to drop my VDARE colleague Steve Sailer a line, whenever it sounded as if he had just ghost-written a column for Brooks or the latter’s New York Times colleague, John Tierney, so I ought to give Brooks credit, when other people use his ideas without attribution. (I’m not talking strictly about plagiarism here.)

My understanding is that Brooks, who combines intellectual curiosity with desperate triangulation—leftward, ho!—still occasionally pens a column based on Sailer’s ideas, but I don’t read him that often these days. (I spend most of my time these days perusing the crime stories that my reader-researchers keep me richly supplied with.)

“Having Black Friends” was guest-authored by Kristen Warner.
Since we are on the verge of electing a black president, it seems important to explain why white people want black friends. Every white person wants a black friend like Barack: good-looking, well-spoken, and non-violent. Obviously, whites want black friends so as not to appear racist (see earlier Obama post). However, if we dig deeper what we notice about white people is not if they have black friends but in fact, how many black friends they have. White people like numbers. They like to count things like stars in the sky and the death toll at Mt. Everest and the number of times they’ve seen Tori Amos and/or Phish in concert. Counting the number of black friends is then clearly a divine imperative. The number of black friends white people possess also illustrates their comfort with black culture. Here’s a handy guide to the number system:
You’ll want to read the rest.
I posted the following comment.

NS: I used to have black friends. But I’ve lived in New York City for 25 years. If you’re white, unless you’re a complete phony, of which the city has a couple million, much of what you want to spend time with friends doing, is complaining about insufferable, black racists, who:

1. Cut in front of you in the checkout line/on the street/subway/bus;
2. Try to humiliate you in the checkout line/on the street/subway/bus;
3. Try to rob you in the checkout line/on the street/subway/bus;
4. Try to rape you in the checkout line/on the street/subway/bus; and
5. Try to murder you in the checkout line/on the street/subway/bus.

My black friends didn’t want to spend time complaining about insufferable, black racists, and so they are now my black ex-friends.

As one of my black ex-friends once said, “It’s all about black and white, and white and black.”

That elicited three responses.
Phyl: You sound like an ingnorant fool, to have lived in NY for so long. I almost feel sorry for your experience with black people.

sosowhat: what the hell are you saying? i think you owe us reading your comment some clarity of what the hell your talking about. why are your ex black friends your ex black friends? because they raped and murdered you in the check out line? huh?

Enigma the Coon: black friends?
Icky poo, echhhhhhhhhhhhh, not me!
I responded to Phyl: Phyl, How could my 25 years of experience with thousands of black racists make me an “ingnorant [sic] fool”? You got some ‘splainin’ to do.

To sosowhat, I wrote: sosowhat?

Trump on Polling High Negatives

By Nicholas Stix

Donald Trump reportedly has a 59% unfavorability rating among Republican voters. His response?

"We're a diplomatic nation, [and] everybody hates us all over the world."

If one responded rationally and honestly, this would be the campaign to demolish the alleged importance of "negatives." My hunch is that if any candidate got a bandwagon rolling, a large chunk of the people who allegedly told pollsters that they would "never" vote for him would, indeed, pull the lever for him.

Unfortunately, rationality and honesty are illegal, so "negatives" will continue to exert a negative influence.

CNN: MH370 was Taken Down by a T-------t Act!

By Nicholas Stix

CNN is now reporting that U.S. intelligence sources say that the plane was deliberately steered off course, and that someone in the cockpit, i.e., the pilot or co-pilot (first officer), caused the explosion. Investigators are focusing on a torn-up suitcase.

There are two main search sites: One in the ocean, and one on Reunion Island.

Wolf Blitzer (6:25 p.m.): "Someone in the cockpit, someone in that cockpit, brought that plane down."

CNN refuses to use the t-word.

Note that this is Malaysian Air, not EgyptAir. The $64 question is, What do Malaysia and Egypt have in common?

All Hail the New Matriarchy!

By Nicholas Stix

At Ex-Army Libertarian Nationalist.

The Five Causes of Detroit's Destruction


Coleman "M----------r!" Young, early in his reign, with an obscure white politician

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

The Five Causes of Detroit's Destruction
By anarchyst
July 29, 2015
Taki's Mag

I grew up in Detroit, and personally witnessed the destruction of a once-great city. There are a number of reasons for Detroit's decline that have never been explored or discussed.

1. "Blockbusting" by greedy real estate agents. Real estate agents would send out postcards with the following: "A new family is moving into your neighborhood. If you want to sell your house, please call me at xxx-xxxx". A "new family" was a euphemism for black families, and was used to "encourage" whites to sell their homes.

2. HUD (Housing and Urban Development) speculators and real estate hustlers conspired to "buy up" and raze the best houses on every block, in certain sections of the city. Quite often, "shacks" were left standing while decent housing was purchased by HUD and razed. This was done purposely to depress property values, to make it easier for speculators to purchase properties at "bargain basement" prices.

I realize that items 1 and 2 counteract each other and are at cross purposes, but they were a reality in 1960s Detroit.

3. The 1967 riots did much to push whites out of Detroit. A little-known aspect of the Detroit riots was the application of spray-painted words on the exteriors of black-owned businesses. The words "soul brother" were spray-painted on businesses owned by blacks, so that the "angels of death" (actually rioters) would spare them from destruction. Whole business districts around the city were destroyed, never to regain their former selves.

4. The election of Coleman Alexander Young, Detroit's first black mayor, who was overtly racist to Detroit's white citizens, while "getting along just fine" with the "movers and shakers" (big business people) of the day (as long as the campaign donations kept coming in)....

[N.S.: "King" Coleman Young's signature line was to make a point of shouting, "M----------r!" in every speech he gave. That is the signature line of black America.]

5. The abolition of the STRESS (Stop The Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets). This anti-criminal program was put in by mayor Young's predecessor and was quite successful in "cleaning up the streets" of criminals. In this program, police officers would disguise themselves as vulnerable old people and walk through neighborhoods as "decoys." Predatory criminals would attempt to rob these elderly citizens and quite often, were dispatched to "the great hereafter." One of Young's campaign promises was the abolition of the STRESS program as too many of "his people" were being eliminated. Upon the election of Young, the program was disbanded.

These are five reasons for this once-great city's demise.

Is Mike Nifong Now a Prosecutor in Cincinnati? Prosecutor Joe Deters Leads Lynching Party; Rushes to Judgment, She Vilifies White Cop Charged with Killing Black Man with Highly Prejudicial Language that Could Taint Jury Pool, and Cause Reversible Error, in Case of Conviction

By Nicholas Stix

Thanks to reader-researcher "W," who wrote,
Glad I am not living in Cincy.

A friend wrote,
The language the prosecutor is using (Deters) is quite shocking in regards to the white police officer.

This is the new normal. Sunny Hosten (or was it the white Aunt Jemima host?) was on CNN today (Wednesday), praising the prosecutor for what blacks and their allies call "a rush to judgment," where blacks are concerned. She emphasized how great it was that the prosecutor got the indictment a mere one week later. Hosten and Auntie also praised the prosecutor for vilifying the cop. It didn't occur to them that the prosecutor's language was extremely prejudicial, and completely in violation of the ethical rules that prosecutors are obliged to follow. This is the sort of language that Mike Nifong used about the Duke Three, and the sort of behavior we've seen, more recently, from Angela Corey in Florida, and Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore City. Corey lost her case, and Mosby will probably lose hers.

I viewed the videotape, but couldn't make head or tale of it, except that the late Samuel DuBose was being as difficult as possible. I could not determine if he tried to escape, but statements by DA Joe Deters implied that that was the case.

Clearly, black supremacists, white racial socialists, and white Republicans agree that white policemen may not enforce the law, where blacks are concerned. Blacks seek to escalate every encounter with white policemen, including refusing to follow lawful commands, and then are shocked that that this can have bloody consequences. Meanwhile, the Federation for the protection and Encouragement of Black Felons keeps ordering police to "de-escalate" all encounters, but the only method I know for that is to slap the cuffs on belligerents, and take 'em in.

"Prosecutor: UC officer 'purposefully killed' DuBose" (Cincinnati Enquirer).

The Koch Brothers, or the ... Cuck Brothers? (Photo)

You Might be a Cuckservative if...

See Pic of the Cuckservative in His Natural Habitat!

White Supremacy

By An Old Friend

I recently saw a video interview of Cornel West wherein he said something about "fighting white supremacy" — Pres. Choom al-Islam isn't doing enough of that, so he's been "niggerized."

Ah, yes, here: Youtube.
"Legacy of white supremacy." "Spotlight on white supremacy." "White supremacy is as American as apple pie." And on and on.

And it occurred to me, "Well if you think white supremacy needs to be fought, doesn't that mean that you think it exists?"

But what someone says off the cuff doesn't necessarily carry that kind of conclusive weight, and I'm not about to suffer reading through West's "production" for written confirmation.

Not to worry! In just now reading this piece by Kevin Williamson disputing Ta-Nehesi Coates's book on reparations, I noticed this:
It is true, as Mr. Coates argues, citing Lyndon Johnson, that “Negro poverty is not white poverty,” at least as measured by many critical metrics — concentration, mobility, various life outcomes controlled for income, etc. But though he spends a great deal of time documenting economic issues, those are not, in the end, Mr. Coates’s interest here: “Reducing American poverty and ending white supremacy are not the same,” he declares. That there is some question-begging going on there — whether “white supremacy” really describes a significant motive force in American public life — goes without saying, but it shouldn’t.

So Williamson quoted written evidence that Coates recognizes white supremacy. (Ending it would presumably mean handicapping it into mediocrity.)

Ann Coulter: Enlightened GOP Consultants' Heroic Struggle Against Troglodyte GOP Voters



By Nicholas Stix


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Apology to the Black Race

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Apology to the Black Race
By anarchyst
July 29, 2015
Taki’s Magazine

This is long-winded, but necessary...

To the black race (USA):

To the entire Black race living in America, we, the Adamic, pink-complexioned race (better known to you as the White race) that came to these shores from Europe, England, Scotland, Ireland and Iceland, apologize for freeing you from slavery by fighting a horrible war among ourselves that cost the lives of almost two million [?] of our own race. We apologize for continuing to fight among ourselves over that very issue, even though you've never told us you appreciate our freeing you.

We apologize for splitting to pieces our entire race, the world over, to take sides with you to help you survive and become a freer race. We apologize for forcing the rest of the world to outlaw the slavery which your ancestors had practiced for thousands of years, even though many nations on your home continent still practice it today.

We apologize for thinking we could civilize you, when you have proven that it is indeed an impossible feat, a feat beyond anything we could have ever imagined.

We apologize for introducing Christianity to you and dragging you away from the Voodoo you previously followed, although you have managed to sneak that religion back into cultic Christianity and our people have accepted it, which is witnessed by their animalistic whooping and hollering and stomping and screaming, instead of respectfully worshiping our God, as they ought to.

We apologize for teaching you to add and subtract (what little you can), thereby enabling you to run a household and pay your bills (what few you will) and count your children other than on your fingers and sometimes toes, when you have so many you run out of fingers.

We apologize for providing you with medical care, instead of leaving you under the witch doctors you used before we arrived, as a result of which you have been able to survive all sorts of diseases to multiply in massive numbers beyond what you could have, without these aids.

We apologize for building schools for you, which we have had to repair over and over, after you vandalized them beyond use. We apologize for inventing computers and the Internet, neither of which you use very much, but when you do use them, it's mostly to bash our race.

We apologize for building factories and businesses that employ you, if you so desire to work. We apologize for creating millions of bureaucratic jobs within our government system simply to give you employment, instead of leaving you to find work on your own.

We apologize for promoting and buying your music, although you refuse to buy ours. We apologize for talking and acting as you do, although you refuse to talk and act as we do.

We apologize for placing you in our movies and TV shows, and elevating you to a fictional, heroic level that you have never reached in real life. We apologize for creating this false image of yourselves in your minds, for we realize after 400 years of trying to help you, that you cannot solve problems and provide leadership and create original thoughts; and the image we've placed in your minds causes you to live in a delusional world. For that, we truly apologize.

We apologize for creating quota systems and forced employment programs to make sure you have the best jobs, if you so desire to work. We apologize for thinking we could educate you so that you could learn to build and help others, when you obviously have only the ability to tear down and take from others.

We apologize for giving you welfare and food stamps, with the result that for four generations over half of your race has not had to work, except in makeshift type of jobs in our governments and bureaucracies.

We apologize for promoting your children in school, as if they could understand basic arithmetic and grammar, such as multiplication and past participles, when we should have made sure they were accustomed to manual labor so that we would not have had to make up jobs for them in our governments dusting seats with their butts.

We apologize for developing farms in our own lands, which you have never been able to do, and that to this day feed most of your race still living in Africa. We apologize for coming to Africa and building farms, from which you have now run us off of and have devastated beyond use, forcing us to continue feeding you.

We apologize for creating the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) and U.S. Government Foreign Aid Programs, and hundreds of charities that funnel billions of our tax dollars and charitable donations to nations around the world run by your race, all because your race cannot take care of itself, by itself, anywhere you live.

We apologize for giving you the right to vote, so you could take over all our major cities and turn them into high-taxed, crime-ridden cesspools that no civilized human being can live in.

We apologize for creating the term "reverend," which your leaders use to give themselves credentials and which their actions have denigrated beyond repair, with the result that no decent person would call himself "reverend," much less a Christian.

We apologize for trying to come up with an AIDS vaccine to stop the epidemic spread of AIDS in Africa, AIDS being a disease that you created and passed on to us after having sexual intercourse with monkeys, and then with one of our idiotic race-mixers who then passed it on to the rest of the world.

We apologize for providing you with warm, custom-made garments instead of the animal skins and leaves that you wore before we arrived. We apologize for providing you with shoes, instead of leaving you barefooted as you were before we arrived in Africa.

We apologize for teaching you how to clean yourselves and your homes, and how to sanitize the water you drink, to keep you from getting even more dreadful diseases than the rest of your race gets that still lives in Africa. We apologize for teaching you to cook your foods, which keeps you from getting the hundreds of parasitic diseases that your race gets that still lives on your home continent of Africa.

We apologize for providing you with solidly built, heated, and cooled homes with grass yards, instead of the straw huts and dirt yards you were living in before we arrived, and in which most of your race is still living in in Africa.

We apologize for inventing sports so that you can make millions of dollars and live like kings, then kill and rape people with impunity, as O.J. Heisman-Trophy-Winner Simpson and Mike Heavy-Weight-Champion-of-the-World Tyson have done, as well as many others among your race.

We apologize for producing such beautiful people for you to race-mix with, and if they won't voluntarily mix, you often casually rape them, as if you were eating a piece of fried chicken.

We apologize for building thousands of prisons around the nation to house dangerous criminals, of which your race makes up over 60%, even though you're only 13% of the U.S. population, and this at an expense of billions of dollars and manpower every year.

We apologize for taking precious metals from the earth on your home continent of Africa, metals which you neither knew were there, nor how to use them, if you had known they were there, but which you love to puncture and cover your bodies with in the most tawdry way imaginable.

We apologize for those among us who have established charitable organizations, donated billions of dollars and hours of time, and have devoted their entire lives to make life easier and better for your race, although most often to no positive result.

We apologize for all the stupid White ministers whom your race has martyred in Africa, where they were trying to evangelize you to a faith that you can't understand, nor do you want to; yet, when you claim to join it, soon pervert it with the Voodooistic concepts you have inherited from your forefathers.

We apologize for building highways and railroads, and for inventing flying machines that you could never have invented, but which you use every day to move about, yet without thinking or appreciating their origins in the least.

We apologize for paying the majority of both federal and state taxes, to maintain the governments which protect and promote, you but fight against our own people at every turn.

We apologize for defeating the major part of the communist threat, which cost us several trillion dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives, but whose doctrines you still wish to have implemented on the backs of our race, to further torture us and tear us down.

We apologize for spending trillions of dollars on welfare and food stamps in the last 60 years, funds which your race received the majority of, although you are a small minority among us.

We apologize for introducing you to the rule of law under a republican form of government, a government that has gone abroad to keep your own warring nations from slaughtering other members of your race by the hundreds of thousands, as they did year in and year out before we arrived, and still do every time we leave them alone and do not intervene.

We apologize for teaching you to read a language that contains more than a few words and a couple of hand signs, which has allowed you to take part in our philosophies, our culture, our art, our industry, our collegial nature, and our freedom, even though as soon as you get around them you pervert them.

For surely, if you could not read, how could you have learned the teachings of Karl Marx, Mao Tse Sung, Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Nikolai Lenin, Howard Zinn, the Damocrat Party, the Neo-cons in the Republicoward Party, and others who hate our race, and have brainwashed you into believing our race is evil and that you are severely oppressed?

We apologize for placing you under the form of government that our own forefathers died to create, and for which you are helping to destroy, instead of leaving you under the anarchy you lived under before we arrived.

For all these wrongs we've carried out against you, we apologize deeply and unreservedly, and if you will please accept our apology, we shall happily and immediately take back all of the above mentioned evils we have cast upon you and return you to your home continent, if you so desire.

We would with the greatest of glee and cheer even provide you with a nice, little stipend for traveling money, if you'd go and take your race-traitor wives and husbands and Mulatto children with you.

We have enjoyed having you here, but because you claim we've been, and are still being, so mean to you, we'd like to atone by helping you get back to where you came from.

You could live in peace without our persecuting you anymore, and we could save ourselves trillions of dollars over the next few years by shrinking our governments and emptying our prisons. We could take hundreds of thousands of security guards and police officers around the country off their jobs and put them to more productive use, and we could celebrate our own culture without offending you anymore.

The white race traitors who hate their own culture and heritage could go with you, and we won't offend them anymore, either. For after a few generations of mixing with your race, they would disappear into the dark tar-mix which your dominant design-genes make up.

International Crisis Alert!

By Nicholas Stix

Is it the Camp of the Saints in Europe? Hardly. Iran Getting nukes, with “Obama’s” help? Please.

This is the big-time, as in NO MORE RADIO DERB!

Chicago: LaToya Jackson, 28, Found Dead with Her 3 Boys, was Strangled

By Nicholas Stix


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ramirez Cartoon: Welcome to the #PlannedParenthood Fetal Body Parts Auction

White Racial Replacement: It’s a Neo-Nazi Conspiracy Theory! (Poster)


Sandra Bland Hoax: Jail Releases More Footage of Bland Before Her Death

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Jail releases more footage of Sandra Bland before her death
Posted 3:15 PM, July 28, 2015
Associated Press/WGNTV

HEMPSTEAD, Texas — Texas authorities are releasing more video of Sandra Bland during her three days in jail.

Waller County Judge Trey Duhon said Tuesday that several hours of jail footage is being distributed to the media, partially in response to conspiracy theories about her death. He says these allegations have prompted death threats against county officials and that the most serious have been turned over to the FBI.

The first portions of footage show Bland being taken out of a patrol car at the jail and questioned by a jailer. She’s then briefly placed in a holding cell before her mugshot is taken and she makes a phone call.

Bland was found dead in her cell July 13, three days after her arrest. Authorities have ruled the death a suicide.

In-Your-Face Illegal Alien Jose Vargas Claims He Wants White People to “Say What They Really Think and Really Feel”


Although a young man, the Filipino Vargas has put on a lot of weight eating American food

By Nicholas Stix


Hispanic Baseball Players: A Separate Team of Their Own?

(Original title: Sammy Sosa, Victim?)
By Nicholas Stix
August, 2003
Middle American News

On June 3, Chicago Cubs superstar Sammy Sosa hit a routine ground-out that had extraordinary consequences. His bat broke, exposing an illegal, cork-filled center. "Corking" makes a bat lighter, so that a hitter can swing it faster. Bat speed generates power, and Sosa, with 505 career home runs and a record three seasons with 60 or more homers, was assumed to be a premier power hitter.

When previous sluggers were caught doctoring their bats, they were publicly humiliated and suspended. In the most recent incident, in 1994, Cleveland Indian Albert Belle was suspended for eight games.

But things have gone differently for Sosa. He refused to admit to what he'd done, instead concocting a ludicrous story, whereby he'd never before used a corked bat, and had accidentally taken to the plate a bat he only used to "entertain" fans during batting practice. Instead of taking his punishment - an eight game suspension - like a man, Sosa appealed it, eventually getting a reduction to seven games. And other Latin players have aggressively defended Sosa, who is from the Dominican Republic, insisting that he was a victim of "racism," who would not have been criticized, were he a white superstar.

Tell that to relief pitcher John Rocker, who was never caught cheating, yet whom minority groups sought to run out of baseball, when he made politically incorrect remarks about immigrants and welfare mothers in New York, in 1999.

Ever smiling when the camera is rolling, Sammy Sosa has for years been protected from public scrutiny. However, San Jose Mercury News sportswriter Skip Bayless describes Sosa as "surly" when the camera is off. The blatant racism of so many Latin fans has similarly been ignored by the media.

In 1998, when Sosa and Mark McGwire were both chasing Roger Maris' single-season home-run record of 61*, newspapers published vitriolic letters from Latin fans, who insisted, with undisguised racial hatred, that McGwire (who bested Sosa, in setting a new record with 70 homers), was getting easy pitches to hit, as if pitchers were trying to help him beat the dark-brown Sosa. But in contrast to the response to racist letter writers that dogged Hank Aaron during his mid-1970s pursuit of Babe Ruth's career home run record, no journalists or politicians drew any lessons regarding racial intolerance from the letters attacking McGwire.

Indeed, sportswriters jumped on the anti-white bandwagon, celebrating Sosa, as if he, and not McGwire, were the home run king, and casting aspersions on McGwire's accomplishments. McGwire had used a legal dietary supplement, androstenedione, that was permitted by Major League Baseball. Besides, McGwire had always been Bunyanesque. He entered the league at 6'5" and 215 pounds, hit a record 49 home runs as a rookie, and weighed 250-255 pounds when he broke Maris' home run record. By contrast, the 6'0" Sosa had begun his major league career a lithe 165 pounds, and hit only 37 home runs his first four seasons combined. In recent years, Sosa has played at 225 pounds, and has long been suspected of using illegal, anabolic steroids, but has largely been given a pass by the media.

And yet, Sosa is a welcome contrast to many other Latin players, such as pitcher "El Duque" (Orlando Hernandez), who come to America to make millions of dollars, yet who -- not unlike millions of Hispanic immigrants, and increasingly American-born Hispanics -- increasingly refuse to learn the language of the land to which they owe everything, which also means separating themselves from most of their teammates.

At least, Sosa learned English.

Sammy Sosa's two most vociferous defenders have been retired, Cuban-born slugger Jose Canseco, and Dominican superstar pitcher Pedro Martinez of the Boston Red Sox. Imitating the style of black race hustlers, Canseco and Martinez have attacked American whites as "racist" for criticizing Sosa's cheating.

Canseco is engaging in a form of racial demagoguery that is increasingly common among white Hispanics, who are notorious for priding themselves -- among other Hispanics, in Spanish -- on their whiteness. However, in public, the same proudly white Hispanics declare themselves "persons of color," and shamelessly race-bait non-Hispanic whites.

Martinez, who is brown, has been Sosa's most aggressive defender, suggesting that he would assault a writer critical of Sosa, and demanding that baseball apologize to Sosa.

Pedro Martinez was once a team-oriented player. At the end of the 2002 season, however, he announced unilaterally that he would skip his last scheduled start. He thereby hurt his team, showered contempt on manager Grady Little, and may even have cost himself his fourth Cy Young Award as the American League's best pitcher. Indeed, some observers have argued that Martinez' racist outbursts regarding Sosa expressed nothing but his bitterness over not winning the 2002 Cy Young Award.

Latin major league baseball players and Latin fans seem increasingly to see themselves as representing a separate team of their own.

Discrimination and Intolerance: The Evil Margaret Thatcher vs. the Beautiful Che Guevara (Poster)

Was To Kill a Mockingbird a True Story?


Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck) and Tom Robinson (Brock Peters) during the latter's trial for rape, in To Kill a Mockingbird

[See also at WEJB/NSU:

“Atticus Finch and the Folly of the Civil Rights Movement.”]

By David in TN

Where to begin? I can't count the number of white liberals I've known who seem to think To Kill a Mockingbird is a true story. In college, I had a political science-history professor who was fairly prominent nationally in his field. He had a doctorate and was once something like President of the National Association of Political Science Professors.

He believed in the Constitution and political process, and considered himself an FDR-JFK Democrat. He also called himself a “Party Man.” Anything the Democratic Party advocated, he supported.

Sometimes I would show him something Lawrence Auster or Samuel Francis had written and he'd say, “Who's this guy Auster?,” or “Who's Francis?” My ex-teacher was a very nice man. He died 10 years ago.

Anyway, his favorite book and film was—surprise, surprise—To Kill a Mockingbird. Once I told him TKAM was a fictional story that never happened in real life.

This Doctor of Arts was speechless.

Corrupt Scholarship/Corrupt Policing: The Revolving Door Between the St. Louis City Police Department, and the University of Missouri St. Louis Department of Criminology




Fearless Crimebuster/Scholar Dan Isom

 By Nicholas Stix

At Countenance, where else?

Atticus Finch and the Folly of the Civil Rights Movement


Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck) and Tom Robinson (Brock Peters) during the latter's trial for rape, in To Kill a Mockingbird

By Nicholas Stix

I no longer think the civil rights movement’s problem was that it believed that whites and blacks were equal. It never did. The movement was always based in totalitarianism. It sought a racial dictatorship of white communists and socialists, and black “race men.”


Hate Crime in South Bend, Indiana: Blacks Shoot White for Having Confederate (Battle?) Flag on His Truck; Black “Witnesses” Claim Flag (i.e., White Vic) is Somehow Responsible; Cut-and-Dried Hate Crime Somehow Becomes a Bottomless Pot of Ambiguity for PC Cops, Who “Would Like to Talk to the ‘Opposing Side,’” and for “Roberta the Reporter”

By Nicholas Stix

Note that “reporter” Megan Hickey identifies the victim by name and face. There is a general rule in the MSM today to never identify the victim of a violent crime. Instead, WNDU has made it easy for the racist attackers—not to mention any other racist blacks—to hunt down and murder the victim.

Hickey doesn’t identify the shooter as black until the 20th paragraph.


Witnesses say Confederate flag incited SB shooting
Updated: Fri 6:29 P.M., Jul 24, 2015
By Megan Hickey

South Bend, Ind. Witnesses at the scene of a shooting on South Bend’s west side Thursday evening said the display of a version of the Confederate flag led to an argument that ended in gunshots.

[The “witnesses” in question have to be black. Outside of places like New York, where white Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas talk like that, you only get that routine from blacks.]

South Bend police are receiving conflicting stories about the moments leading up to the shooting in the 600 block of Birdsell St.

[When a white is charged with attacking blacks, the cops also get “conflicting stories,” but they simply disregard the white’s side. “Reporter” Megan Hickey is acting as if having “conflicting stories” were unusual, when she has to know that it’s the norm at a crime scene. Cops—like honest reporters—must quickly separate the wheat from the chaff. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer honest cops or reporters.]

A shot spotter alert brought police to the scene around 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

Police located the victim, 28-year-old Richard Dillman, who was transported from the scene with gunshot wounds to the cheek and back. Dillman’s injuries are not life threatening.

Beyond those main facts, police say reports vary widely about what led up to the violence.

“A lot of the components of the story are opposing one another,” Capt. Phil Trent of the South Bend Police Dept. said Friday. “Instead of this puzzle having 20 pieces, it has 500.”

[Somehow, when a white is charged with a hate crime, police don’t find things at all ambiguous.]

Police could not confirm the role that a Confederate flag may have played in the shooting.

But friends and family told NewsCenter16 that Dillman was sporting a version of the Confederate flag off the side of his Ford Explorer at the time of the incident. They said the flag had a U.S. Army emblem and writing and was mounted to the back or side of the car.

Dillman, an army veteran from Arkansas, was visiting a friend who lived on Birdsell Street when the incident took place.

“He was driving over here and he got down the corner a bunch of people started yelling at him about the flag,” Dillman’s friend, Cally Baker said. “I don't know exactly what they we're [sic] saying but I can assume Richard was yelling back at them.”

Other witnesses at the scene described an exchange of racial slurs.

“I see this huge Confederate flag and some guys yelling slurs,” said witness J.J. [sic] who asked not to use his last name. “I couldn't tell what slurs were going back and forth.” [Well, that’s an obvious lie.]

Accounts from this point vary widely.

Some witnesses said Dillman was armed but others maintain that he was not.

“I've never known him to handle a gun and for him to instigate something is very hard to believe,” Baker said.

Capt. Trent could not confirm whether Dillman was armed at the time of the argument. The vehicle has been secured on police premises for investigational purposes.

Dillman was the only victim. After being shot twice he drove over to Baker’s home and police arrived on the scene.

Right now, police only have Dillman’s side of the story. [Imagine that! They only have the victim’s side, because the criminals fled. How unusual. Again, when a black makes charges against a white, no matter how incredible, reporters don’t act as if the charges were dubious, without hearing the white’s story. The media just suspends all skepticism. Remember how they handled the Tawana Brawley Hoax, the Duke Rape Hoax, etc.?]

The three individuals, one of whom is assumed to be the shooter, left the scene before police arrived.

“We want to talk to these individuals from the opposing side because we want to get the story and see aggravating and mitigating circumstances,” Capt. Trent said.

Original reports described the suspect as a thin, black male. Some reports said the three men left the scene in a red vehicle with chrome wheels, possibly a Pontiac Grand Prix.

“The violence really needs to stop and calm down here and across the country, whether it’s racially motivated or not,” one witness said.

The victim’s friend agreed.

“When you hear of African Americans and Caucasians arguing it ends up being a race issue,” Baker said. “And it’s frustrating, especially for someone like me that lives in the area. I don’t want people to feel threatened by me and vice versa.” [I doubt any blacks feel threatened by you, dear.] Dillman is expected to be released from the hospital on Friday.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and the search continues for the suspect.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Donald Trump is Promoting Polls That Show Him Leading GOP Pack in New Hampshire and Second in Iowa, but the Polls are Completely Misleading, because Respondents Thought He was Opposed to Illegal Alien Amnesty!


[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Breaking News Alert: Donald Trump Caves in on Amnesty for Illegal Aliens!”; and

“Why Did Donald Trump Turn Tail and Run, on Amnesty for Illegal Aliens? Three Possible Explanations.”]

Why Did Donald Trump Turn Tail and Run, on Amnesty for Illegal Aliens? Three possible Explanations


[Previously, at WEJB/NSU: “Breaking News Alert: Donald Trump Caves in on Amnesty for Illegal Aliens!”]

By Nicholas Stix

Reader-researcher Jerry X writes,

Why do we need an answer when we already know. Trump is just one billionaire, rich enough to finance his own campaign and, to a certain extent, shoot off his mouth without worrying about behind the scene financiers but like Donald Sterling learned, one billionaire can't stand up to the billionaire boys club, their wealth is tied directly into world financial system of which cheap immigrant labor is an important prop. No, Trump will toe the line, so we get to listen to his phony tough talk and have to put up with his bad toupe in our faces for nothing.

Possible motivations for Trump’s cowardly backtracking:

I. Money: His advisors told him how much he stood to lose over a stand on principle. Maybe he made a couple of phone calls to Univision, NBC, Macy’s, etc., and smoked a peace pipe or two. (He also tweeted about his love for veterans today.) It’s nice to talk about patriotism and all that, but this is real money we’re talking about here!

I responded that after wimping out, Trump was yesterday’s news. Unfortunately, I neglected to copy the twit, and either Twitter or Trump’s Twit intern disappeared it.

II. Attention sated: Trump is, if nothing, else, a publicity-whore. Well, he got some attention, and now, apparently, his need to be in the spotlight has temporarily been met.

III. Who was this about, anyway? He suddenly remembered that this whole brouhaha was about white people. ‘White people? What on earth possessed me to do that? Who cares about them?!’

Breaking News Alert: Donald Trump Caves in on Amnesty for Illegal Aliens!



Immigration Patriots Can Strike Donald Trump Off Their List: After All the Tough Talk, He’s Gone Soft on Amnesty
By Nicholas Stix

I thank reader-researcher “W,” who writes,
So, he flashed for about month….

Donald Trump Endorses Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
Disappointing, but not surprising.
By Daniel Greenfield
July 26, 2015
Front Page Mag

Disappointing, but not surprising.

The depressing reality though that is that most of the Republican field has endorsed amnesty in one form or another. Sothis isn't much of a surprise. Trump is using his own vocabulary, but he's echoing the same amnesty talking points you could hear from Marco Rubio... or Barack Obama.

During Friday's interview, Trump said the U.S. should take a two-step approach to the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the country.

"Well, the first thing we do is take the bad ones — of which there are, unfortunately, quite a few," said Trump, who owns three New Jersey golf courses and once owned three Atlantic City casinos. "We take the bad ones and get 'em the hell out. We get 'em out."

But he said the country should take a different approach with "the other ones" — i.e., undocumented immigrants who have "done a good job" since arriving in the U.S.

"I'm a very big believer in the merit system," Trump said. "I have to tell you: Some of these people have been here, they've done a good job. You know, in some cases, sadly, they've been living under the shadows. ... If somebody's been outstanding, we try and work something out.

"But before we do anything, we have to secure the border because the border is like having no border," he added.

I'm sure some people will be tempted to cheer this, but compare it to Obama's own amnesty executive order.

These executive actions crack down on illegal immigration at the border, prioritize deporting felons not families, and require certain undocumented immigrants to pass a criminal background check and pay their fair share of taxes as they register to temporarily stay in the U.S. without fear of deportation.

Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration at the Border:  The President’s actions increase the chances that anyone attempting to cross the border illegally will be caught and sent back. Continuing the surge of resources that effectively reduced the number of unaccompanied children crossing the border illegally this summer, the President’s actions will also centralize border security command-and-control to continue to crack down on illegal immigration.

Deporting Felons, Not Families: The President’s actions focus on the deportation of people who threaten national security and public safety. He has directed immigration enforcement to place anyone suspected of terrorism, violent criminals, gang members, and recent border crossers at the top of the deportation priority list.

Deporting the "bad people" first is already an Obama talking point. People may think they can trust Trump, but not Obama or any of the Republicans, but like them, Trump frontloaded rhetoric about enforcement while keeping the amnesty out back.

And "secure the border first" has been the talking point of every Republican amnesty proponent.

Marco Rubio still supports legal status and a slow road to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants, but now says the government must convince Americans the border is secure before taking those steps.

Trump had already indicated support for amnesty earlier, now he's being clearer about it.

This is in line with what CNN’s Chris Moody reported Trump saying during a press conference in Chicago at the end of June. When asked what he would do about the illegal immigrants already residing in the country once the border was secured, Trump replied, “give them a path,” according to Moody.

When The Daily Caller sought clarification at the time from the Trump campaign, a senior adviser replied with a circuitous answer that emphasized that Trump wanted to secure the border and didn’t believe in “amnesty,” but wouldn’t explicitly reject a pathway to legalization.

Nobody likes the A-word, including Rubio and Ryan who spent the better part of a year arguing that legalizing illegal aliens isn't amnesty if they have to pay a fine. Even Obama made that argument.

The next step would be to get Trump to lay out criteria for who gets to stay and how many of them it would apply to, but good luck getting an answer.

In Fight Against Whites (aka “Gentrification”), New Orleans City Council Loosens Density Restrictions

By A Texas Reader

At the New Orleans Times Picayune.

“Politician” vs. “Statesman”

By Nicholas Stix

The usual difference between "politician" and a "statesman" is that the former is still active, and people remember much of the bad he has done, while the latter is dead, and his wickedness forgotten.

Dozens of “Teens” Rob, Ransack Gas Station in Crackron, er, Akron


At the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Greece, the Musical (Video Parody)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

A tip ‘o the hate to Catallaxy Files.

Published on Jul 11, 2015 by Spencer Case.

The Greek debt crisis, as explained through Grease, the musical.

Written and directed by Spencer Case

Starring: Spencer Case and Jessica Harrop

Audio editing: Dylan Case

Film editing: Spencer Case

Baltimore: 13 Shot, Three Fatally, so Far in Violent Weekend That is far from Over!

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

At the Baltimore Sun.

Cincinnati Campus Cop's Fatal Shooting of Black Man being Investigated

By Prince George’s Count Ex-Pat

Why do cops never shoot Amish farmers?

Aren't the Amish armed with pitchforks and torches?

At the Chicago Tribune.

Black Department Chair at Racially Segregated University Whose Most Famous Alumna is Murderer/Rape-Hoaxer Crystal Gail Mangum, and Whose Leading, Racist Faculty Sought to Railroad the Duke Three, Charges School with Pressuring Him to Use “Racially Discriminatory Hiring Practices” on Non-Black Employees


“James Pearce, who is black, has been at North Carolina Central University as a department chair since 2008. Pearce says the school pressured him to use ‘racially discriminatory hiring practices’ on non-black employees.”

At Campus Reform.

Film Noir, or Film Blanc?

By David in TN

[Previously, by this writer:

Angel Face: When Jean Simmons and Stewart Granger Almost Murdered Howard Hughes.”]

A bonus of films noir is that they often shot them on location in Los Angeles to save money, which makes them a time capsule of sorts. Ironically, these films are supposed to be “dark,” but the city looks pretty civilized, compared to today.

Racial Socialism Permits No Learning Curve: Supreme Court, New York Times “Reporter,” Mortgage Scam Ideologue All Demand that We Submit to Minority Mortgage Meltdown II

By Nicholas Stix


Who are Bernie Sanders’ Most Powerful Allies—Economic Populists, or the GOP Leadership?


Bernie Sanders

GOP Chairman Reince Priebus

By Nicholas Stix


Sunday, July 26, 2015

The American Cuckservative (Poster)

Breaking News Alert: Bobbi Kristina Brown, 22, Daughter of the Late Singer and Entertainer Whitney Houston, Has Died



By Nicholas Stix

I am not aware of a single positive influence this young woman had in her life.


Obama’s Affirmative Action Program for Destroying Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

By Nicholas Stix


From Hello Dolly: “Put on Your Sunday Clothes” (Video)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

This is from the 1969 movie version, starring a young Barbra Streisand.

Published on Nov 5, 2014

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group North America

Put on Your Sunday Clothes
Words and Music by Jerry Herman


Out there
There's a world outside of Yonkers
Way out there beyond this hick town, Barnaby
There's a slick town, Barnaby
Out there
Full of shine and full of sparkle
Close your eyes and see it glisten, Barnaby
Listen, Barnaby...

Put on your Sunday clothes,
There's lots of world out there,
Get out the brilliantine and dime cigars,
We're gonna find adventure in the evening air,
Girls in white in a perfumed night,
Where the lights are bright as the stars!

Put on your Sunday clothes,
We're gonna ride through town,
In one of those new horse-drawn open cars,

Cornelius & Barnaby:

We'll see the shows at Delmonicos,
And we'll close the town in a whirl,
And we won't come until we've kissed a girl!


Put on your Sunday clothes,
When you feel down and out,
Strut down the street,
And have your picture took,
Dressed like a dream your spirits seem to turn about,
That Sunday shine is a certain sign,
That you feel as fine as you look!

Dolly & Ambrose:

Beneath your parasol, the world is all a smile,
That makes you feel brand new down to your toes

Dolly, Ambrose, Cornelius, & Barnaby:

Get out your feathers, your patent leathers,
Your beads and buckles and bows,
For there's no blue Monday in your Sunday...
No Monday in your Sunday...
No Monday in your Sunday clothes!

Townspeople, All:

Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out,
Strut down the street and have your picture took,

Dolly, Townspeople, All:

Dressed like a dream your spirits seem to turn about,
That Sunday shine is a certain sign,
That you feel as fine as you look!


Beneath your parasol, the world is all a smile


That makes you feel brand new down to your toes,
Get out your feathers,
Your patent leathers,
Your beads and buckles and bows,
For there's no blue Monday in your Sunday clothes!

[Dance interlude]


Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out,
Strut down the street and have your picture took,


Dressed like a dream your spirits seem to turn about

Townspeople, All:

That Sunday shine is a certain sign,
That you feel as fine as you look!,
Beneath your bowler brim the world's a simple song,
A lovely lilt that makes you tilt your nose,
Get out your slickers, your flannel knickers,
Your red suspenders and hose,
For there's no blue Monday in your Sunday clothes!


Ermengarde, keep smiling, no man wants a little ninny!
Ambrose do a turn, let me see!
Mr.Hackl, Mr.Tucker, don't forget Irene and Minnie,
Just forget you ever heard a word from me!

All Aboard!


All Aboard!


All Aboard!


All Aboard!




All Aboard! All Aboard! All Aboard! All Aboard!

Put on your Sunday clothes there's lots of world out there,
Put on your silk cravat and patent shoes,
We're gonna find adventure in the evening air,


To town we'll trot to a smoky spot,
Where the girls are hot as a fuse!




Put on your silk high hat and at the turned-up cuff,
We'll wear a hand-made gray suede buttoned glove,


We wanna take New York by Storm!


We'll join the Astors,
At Tony Pastor's,
And this I'm positive of,
That we won't come home,
No we won't come home,
No we won't come home,
Until we fall in love!

In Yet Another Revelation of GOP Treachery, Ted Cruz Exposes Mitch McConnell as Having Lied to His Republican Colleagues in Private, as Republican Voter Support for GOP Plummets



By Nicholas Stix


Angel Face: When Jean Simmons and Stewart Granger Almost Murdered Howard Hughes

By David in TN

I just watched my DVR recording of Angel Face. In his introduction, Eddie Muller tells us that the film came about because RKO boss Howard Hughes wanted to torture Jean Simmons. Hughes had wanted Simmons for other reasons than her acting ability, and she and husband Stewart Granger hated Hughes so much they thought of killing him to put an end to "Hughes' unwanted advances."

Jean Simmons was obligated to Howard Hughes for one last film, before she could escape his clutches. Hughes decided to put her through the ringer.

Hughes took a rejected script, hired Otto Preminger from Fox and ordered him to "make life hell" for leading lady Simmons. She was afraid she might not survive making Angel Face.

Hughes and Preminger forced Simmons to have her hair chopped off and wear a wig, "a stunt done just to aggravate Stewart Granger."

Muller said "Angel Face has an especially dreadful and despairing tone, even for a film noir." He considers it one of his favorite film noirs.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

AP and San Diego Union Tribune: Inmate Found Dead in His Cell was in Prison for Slaughtering Zebras, or Something

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

'Zebra killer" [sic] inmate JCX Simon found dead in San Quentin prison cell
By Associated Press
2:37 p.m. March 13, 2015
San Diego Union Tribune

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — 'Zebra killer" [sic] inmate JCX Simon found dead in San Quentin prison cell.

That was the entire story!

All comments:

James Clifford ·
SF State University
Buried the race angle. Sounds like he killed animals.
1 · Mar 13, 2015 9:26 p.m.

Nicholas Stix ·

I'm glad you and Thomas Stump remembered the real story. The MSM have been workiggn for years to bury the Zebra Murders, not to mention the Nation of Islam's coast-to-coast racist murder campaign that they were a part of.

Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

Thomas Stump ·
University of Phoenix

It is sad that he lived so long. A peacful death, unlike the horror he unleashed on whites...
1 · Mar 13, 2015 7:14 p.m.

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The NOI Ambush Murder of New York City PD Patrolman Philip Cardillo;

Domestic Terrorism: The Nation of Islam and the Zebra Murders; and

The NOI’s Oklahoma City, OK Murders.

Jared Taylor Video: Donald Trump Shot to the Top of the Polls, because He’s the One Candidate Who Cares About Real Americans!

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

He’s the one candidate with backbone.

Why Donald Trump is Leading the Pack
By Jared Taylor
June 17, 2015
American Renaissance