Sunday, January 31, 2021

Google CEO, HBCU Leaders Meet

By R.C.
Sun, Jan 31, 2021 12:57 p.m.

Google CEO, HBCU Leaders Meet

R.C.: "Black leader."

"Lazy Amish."

Which one is true?

N.S.: Neither?

Chicongo: Operation Safe Pump: lesbian negress Mayor Lori Lightfoot is Lying about Chicago's Carjacking Problem

By "W"
Sun, Jan 31, 2021 4:09 p.m.

Chicongo: Operation Safe Pump

"W": Feeble attempt to deal with the consequences of negritude in the wake of 166+ carjackings so far this year. Lesbian negress Mayor Lightfoot says it is a "region wide" problem. No, it is really a negro and latino problem world-wide. 19-Year-Old Arrested in Frisco Shooting that Left High School Student Dead and a Man Wounded

By A Texas Reader
Sun, Jan 31, 2021 1:19 p.m. 19-Year-Old Arrested in Frisco Shooting that Left High School Student Dead and a Man Wounded, Police Say


18 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago; Only One Dead (Leaded Law in Effect)

By R.C.
Sun, Jan 31, 2021 11:08 a.m.

18 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

Eighteen people were shot, one fatally, Friday into Sunday morning across Mayor Lori Lightfoot's (D) Chicago.

R.C.: A.W. Hawkins has a PhD in history from Texas Tech University.

He’s no dummy.


Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force Has Submitted to Racial Socialism, and Will Go from Hunting Gangs to Helping Them

By R.C.
Sun, Jan 31, 2021 12:04 p.m.

The Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force would stop using the GangNet database that catalogs thousands of gang members and gang-affiliated persons in the DC Metropolitan area over complaints that the database includes a ‘disproportionate number of m

Virginia Task Force Drops Gang Database After Complaints It Has Too Many Minorities In It | ZeroHedge The Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force would stop using the GangNet database that catalogs thousands of gang members and gang-affiliated persons in the DC Metropolitan area over complaints that the database includes a ‘disproportionate number of minorities’.. According to the Washington Post, it will be the first law enforcement entity in the area that would stop using GangNet.

R.C.: Disparate impact.

Use it in a sentence like the Roman Catholic nuns taught me how to do in grade school.

"White inventors have had a disparate impact in the fields of computers and electronics."

R.C.: See.

That was easy.

Since in many jurisdictions, black and Hispanic gangs account for the overwhelming majority of crimes, if the Gang Task Force may no longer ctalogue them, there is no reason to steal the taxpayers' money to pay for it. Of course, if the police can no longer pursue black and Hispanic gangs, the taxpayer will ultimately pay even more.


Self-Driving SUV Crashes into a Busy Houston Supermarket, Wounding 8

By A Texas Reader
Sun, Jan 31, 2021 12:34 p.m.

Just Another Drunken ROACH. No Big Deal, at Least No Leetall Keedsz were Hurt by Speedy GONZALEZ!

N.S. More racial socialist usage. The SUV didn't crash, its driver did. Is this another unwitting giveaway that a Hispanic illegal human being was behind the wheel?

ATR: Uh oh.

Word is getting around about "Latinos" and their pathologies.

Did a Driver with Two Heads Die in a Car Accident? Fake News Outlet is Much More Concerned with Racial Socialist Politics than with Doing Basic Reporting (This is Not Your Father’s Texas)

By A Texas Reader

N.S.: Look at the following “thing.” wfaa operative Jennifer Prohov is devoted to feminist/sexual psychopathic usage, but has no devotion to getting even the basics of a story, for instance, “Who?”

Either a man or a woman died in the accident, but Prohov refuses to say. She doesn’t say that troopers refused to provide any information about the victim. It is she who refused to provide any information about the victim.

Actually, it’s probably improper for me to speak of a “victim.” One thing Prohov got right, was in speaking of a “driver.” After all, the dead thing was speeding, and not wearing a seat belt. Thus, he wasn’t a victim. (Though Prohov did not make this explicit, you don’t get thrown from a car, if you’re belted in.) Didn’t Prohov ask troopers who the decedent was, and why he was speeding like crazy and got himself killed?

msm operatives like Jennifer Prohov force the public, including journalists, to fill in the gaps, where they refuse to do their jobs. Then the operatives can accuse those filling in the gaps of being “racist,” etc.

Let’s see. It’s 4:35 a.m., and a speeding driver loses control of his car, without being hit, goes off the road, and gets ejected from his car, while the car continues on, hitting a guardrail and a sign support.

Typically, reporters call such an accident a “one-vehicle accident,” because the decedent allegedly did not collide with the other driver. At the same time, seeing as it is common for drivers to be driving at 80-85 mph in much of the country, even by daylight with plentiful traffic, the dead guy was probably hitting 100 mph or more, and may have nodded off.

It sounds like a classic drunken Mexican. They routinely speed like crazy, after drinking enough alcohol to give themselves triple (give or take) the legal blood alcohol limit, and never wear seatbelts.

This stuff is so basic that we shouldn’t have to speculate about it. But that’s what passes for journalism under racial socialism.

Why bother presenting such “things,” if you refuse to provide basic information, thereby making them worthless as journalism? Because reporting isn’t important to fake newsmen. What’s important is destroying the English language for totalitarian political reasons, and filling time between commercials.


One person killed in crash on Sam Rayburn Tollway, troopers say

The driver was ejected from the car at some point during the crash, according to officials.

Credit: wfaa
Author: Jennifer Prohov (wfaa)
Published: 10:18 AM CST January 31, 2021
Updated: 10:18 AM CST January 31, 2021

One person died early Sunday morning in a crash on the Sam Rayburn Tollway, officials with the Texas Department of Public Safety said.

The crash happened around 4:35 a.m. near the Independence Parkway exit.

The driver was headed north in a Dodge Challenger at what troopers described as a “high rate of speed.” They had been in the center lane and as they approached another vehicle headed north, the driver lost control of their car. The Challenger went onto the grassy shoulder of the tollway before hitting a guardrail and a large metal sign support, officials said.

The driver was ejected from the car during the crash, according to officials. They were the only person in the car at the time and died at the scene.

Troopers are currently investigating the crash.


A Celebration of Ben Son Johnson, with Peter Bogdanovich and The Last Picture Show Along for the Ride! (Videos, Videos, Videos!)

By Nicholas Stix
Corrected on Monday, November 13, 2023

I saw The Last Picture Show on TV almost 50 years ago, and Ben Johnson burned the scene in which he does a monologue as Sam the Lion so into my soul that I was saying some of his lines before he did, just now.

(The picture was based on one of the many Texas novels of Larry McMurtry, who was born, raised, and last I checked, still lives in Archer City, Texas, at the age of 84. Years ago, I corresponded, and may have spoken with, Ceil Cleveland, the dark-haired heartbreaker and childhood pal of McMurtry’s, who was turned into a blonde for super model Cybil Shepherd, Bogdanovich’s longtime girlfriend, who played her in the picture.)

His name was Ben Johnson Jr. (1918-1996), and, living in the shadow of a legendary father (rancher and world champion rodeo cowboy), his lifelong nickname, at least among those who’d known him the longest, was “Son.”

He had Irish blood on his father’s side, and Cherokee or Osage on his mother’s. Johnson was married to the former Carol Elaine Jones for 52 years, until her death on March 27, 1994. Unfortunately, the union was without issue.

At the end of their respective lives, mother and son lived within the same retirement community within walking distance of each other, where he visited her daily. Ben died of a heart attack on April 8, 1996, while visiting his then app. 96-year-old mother. The old lady lived practically forever, dying on October 16, 2000, at the age of 101.

Ben Johnson first got a peek at Hollywood, when Howard Hughes (1905-1976) asked him to take a shipment of horses from Oklahoma. He stayed a while.

“I’d been making a dollar a day as a cowboy, and my first check in Hollywood was for $300. After that, you couldn't have driven me back to Oklahoma with a club.”…

“When I left Oklahoma, I wasn’t even sure which direction Hollywood was, but I could ride a horse pretty good. I had no formal education to speak of. I was a cowboy from the time I hit the ground. I knew if a cow weighed 1,000 pounds and bought [brought?] $10 a hundred, I knew how much that was. But I was fortunate because people accepted my character. I ran my life a certain way. I didn’t hobnob with the elites because I didn’t do drugs and I didn’t drink a lot of whiskey . . . oh, I might take a drink now and then, but you know what I mean.”

Son started out as a stunt rider and horse wrangler, and was soon considered Hollywood’s greatest horseman. Early on, he quit Hollywood to win the 1953 world rodeo rider championship, like his father before him, but found that being the world champion cowboy cost as much as it paid. Off he went, back to Hollywood.

Although Johnson hated talking on camera, he had a rich, baritone voice that audiences first learned to love as Trooper/Captain Tyree in Ford’s She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949).

(In the picture, which was in part a dramatized version of Lincoln’s sublime, conciliatory Second Inaugural, Johnson’s character had been a captain in the army of the Confederate States of America, and served as a mere cavalry sergeant in the postbellum Federal Army. Confederate former officers were not permitted to serve as officers in the Federal Army. Another, aged character, who is killed late in the picture by Indian raiders, served as Federal Trooper “John Smith,” but had been Brigadier General Rome Clay—his real name—in the Confederate Army.)

Johnson was briefly a member of the John Ford Stock Company, but the Old Man became fond of Ben, and that was a problem. The more Jack Ford (1894-1973) liked a man who worked for him, the more he abused him. He loved John Wayne more than any other man, including his own son, and so he abused Wayne the most.

Well, in real life, Ben Johnson embodied the creed spoken by John Wayne (1907-1979) as The Shootist, John Bernard Books, in Wayne’s 1976 swan song. He treated people with respect, and expected the same in return. So, after five pictures, including a star turn in Wagonmaster (1950), he told Pappy to go to hell. Much later, they reconciled, and Johnson served, er, performed in an uncredited role in Cheyenne Autumn (1964).

(Unlike Billy Crystal, Jack Ford did not destroy a man merely for backtalking him.)

Other great directors also intuited that here was a man who could do a lot more than ride a horse.

The “super chief,” George Stevens (1904-1975), cast Johnson as Chris Callaway, one of the vicious thugs who do the bidding of the chief heavy, murderous cattle baron Ruf Ryker (Emile Meyer), in Shane (1953).

Johnson was the focus of three pivotal scenes: In one, early on, he pours a bottle of soda pop on Shane (Alan Ladd) in a saloon, humiliating him in front of many witnesses. (The idea was to provoke Shane into slugging the much bigger man, at which point, Ryker’s other goons would join with Callaway in beating Shane half to death.) In the second scene, Shane fights Callaway, wins, and then Ryker has the rest of his men brutally beat the little guy, until something happens that Ryker didn’t count on, and the scene ends up—with powerful assists from Stevens, Director of Photography Loyal Griggs (who won the Oscar that year for color cinematography), and composer Victor Young, into arguably the greatest movie fight ever. In the other, quiet scene, Callaway, who has had a moral epiphany, changes his ways, and saves a righteous man’s life.

(Shane is such a masterpiece that I feel like I’m toying with hyperbole, in referring to any scene as “pivotal.” The picture proceeds from one masterful set piece to another.)

In the eponymous Jack Shafer novel, Shane was a strapping, black-haired, six-footer. Stevens cast against type with the blonde, 5’5” Laddie. My title for an unpublished essay on Shane is, “From Superman to Man.”

I count Shane as the greatest Western of them all, and the sixth greatest talkie ever made, after The Best Years of Our Lives, Citizen Kane, tied: The Godfather and The Godfather, Part II, and It’s a Wonderful Life.

In 1969, Johnson played one of the Gorch Brothers, Tector, in Sam Peckinpah’s masterpiece, The Wild Bunch.

(Warren Oates played the other Gorch brother, Lyle) The Wild Bunch was one of those miraculous pictures, in which you had a large ensemble cast, and yet Bill Holden was clearly the star, and Ernie Borgnine clearly the second banana. And they were all brilliant.

Bunch is third on my list of the greatest Westerns, after Shane and The Searchers (1956), and before Unforgiven (1992) and High Noon (1952). It is 31st on my list of the 35 greatest talkies, right after The Searchers.

As the hilarious interview below with Peter Bogdanovich reveals, Ben Johnson did not want to appear in Bogdanovich’s The Last Picture Show, because his character had to talk too much, and also to say some words Son found were likely to offend his mother, if he were to take her to see it.

“No, Pete, there's too many words, and some of them are dirty.”

Johnson turned down Bogdanovich three times, and only accepted after the director got Jack Ford, who was fond of the young critic and director, to act as intermediary. Bogdanovich cleaned up Johnson’s dialogue.

“You got the Old Man on me.”

Johnson’s performance as Sam the Lion led not only to a richly deserved Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, but to more substantial roles. (I thank my big sister for sending me the link to the interview, which started the ball rolling on this profile).

In 1973, he was paired with Warren Oates in the John Milius biopic, Dillinger, as FBI agent, Melvin Purvis. Although the picture was nominally a biography of America’s Most Wanted Man, John Dillinger, with Milius’ support, Johnson was so powerful and had so much screen time as Purvis, that it became a doppelgänger movie, and the producers should rightfully have given Johnson co-star status.

Right after Dillinger, a then unknown youngster named Steven Spielberg talked Johnson into playing a charming but murderous Texas Ranger in The Sugarland Express.

Late in Johnson’s career, he still got plenty of work, but it was typically in pictures whose names are a mystery to me.

Johnson wasn’t much for drinking, and didn’t care for cursing, but he spent an awful lot of time around men who couldn’t get enough of either.

Ben Son Johnson. Now, there’s a fit subject for a biopic. But who could do justice to the script, the direction, or “Son”?


The Death of Trooper Smith/Brigadier General Rome Clay, in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon



Taps for Brigadier Gen. Rome Clay, CSA, in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon



Peter Bogdanovich on Casting Ben Johnson in the The Last Picture Show (with TCM's Josh Mankiewicz)



The Last Picture Show – Sam’s Monologue



Ben Johnson Wins Supporting Actor: 1972 Oscars



Ben Johnson - "Explore the West" (Bio)



On the Beheading of Statues and Humans: Excerpts from the Manual, Tails I Win—Heads You Lose

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, January 31, 2021 at 12:24:00 A.M. EST

In the U.S., people from blm and antifa behead statues as practice, until real Whites are targeted. REAL heads will come off much easier than a statue’s—according to the manual, Tails I Win—Heads You Lose.

Page 23: “Fellow Marxists, the human head—especially the White, human head—is designed for removal at the throat in one easy stroke. Keep your blade sharp, and follow through at impact.

Page 366: “Cleaning of the blade involves boiling water, not that the black police force will question you, if blood is spotted—it’s just the removal of blood allows for continued blade sharpness—y’all.”



Thomas Sowell Biography: Common Sense in a Senseless World - Full Video

By An Old Friend

AOF: It's a companion to a book bio of Sowell, by the WSJ’s Jason Riley, due out mid-year.

Interesting throughout, includes clips from interviews of (the late) Walter Williams, Victor Hanson, Larry Elder and Steven Pinker ruminating about Sowell’s work and life.



Free to Choose Network

Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World traces Sowell's journey from humble beginnings to the Hoover Institution, becoming one of this era's greatest economists, political philosophers, and prolific authors. Hosted by Jason Riley, a member of The Wall Street Journal editorial board, this one-hour program features insights from Sowell and interviews with his close friends and associates, revealing why the intensely private Thomas Sowell is considered by many to be “one of the greatest minds of the past half-century” and “the smartest person in the room.”  


State Restrictions Could be Lifted in Austin as Soon as Saturday

By A Texas Reader
Sat, Jan 30, 2021 4:50 p.m.

State Restrictions Could be Lifted in Austin as Soon as Saturday

Austin remains in stage five, however, health officials said they believe hospitalization rates will soon be less than 15 percent of total capacity.


Saturday, January 30, 2021

Breaking News Alert: Rep. Marjorie Greene: "Yes There is an Enemy Within": But are There Any Friends within?

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News Alert: "Yes There is an Enemy Within": Rep. Marjorie Greene

"Despicable Act": India Condemns Beheading of Gandhi Statue in California (Photos)

By R.C.
Sat, Jan 30, 2021 5:05 p.m.

"Despicable Act": India Condemns Beheading of Gandhi Statue in California (Photos)


R.C.: From the folks who have practiced open defecation for thousands of years.


B--ch Set Me Up! Married Texas Police Chief Accused of Cheating Resigns after Arrest

By A Texas Reader
Sat, Jan 30, 2021 5:06 p.m.

Married Texas Police Chief Accused of Cheating Resigns after Arrest

ATR: B--ch set me up!


Famous Private Eye Jack Palladino Gravely Wounded in Robbery

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat
Sat, Jan 30, 2021 7:03 p.m.

Famous Private Eye Jack Palladino Gravely Injured in Robbery

PGCE-P: Nancy Pelosi, was that you?


Name-Stripping from 44 SanFran Schools

By An Old Friend
Sat, Jan 30, 2021 8:33 p.m.
Name-Stripping from 44 SanFran Schools


Gandhi Statue Toppling Provokes Notable Online Comment

By An Old Friend
Sat, Jan 30, 2021 10:41 p.m.

Gandhi Statue Toppling Provokes Notable Online Comment

Here's the comment: