Sunday, January 31, 2021

Did a Driver with Two Heads Die in a Car Accident? Fake News Outlet is Much More Concerned with Racial Socialist Politics than with Doing Basic Reporting (This is Not Your Father’s Texas)

By A Texas Reader

N.S.: Look at the following “thing.” wfaa operative Jennifer Prohov is devoted to feminist/sexual psychopathic usage, but has no devotion to getting even the basics of a story, for instance, “Who?”

Either a man or a woman died in the accident, but Prohov refuses to say. She doesn’t say that troopers refused to provide any information about the victim. It is she who refused to provide any information about the victim.

Actually, it’s probably improper for me to speak of a “victim.” One thing Prohov got right, was in speaking of a “driver.” After all, the dead thing was speeding, and not wearing a seat belt. Thus, he wasn’t a victim. (Though Prohov did not make this explicit, you don’t get thrown from a car, if you’re belted in.) Didn’t Prohov ask troopers who the decedent was, and why he was speeding like crazy and got himself killed?

msm operatives like Jennifer Prohov force the public, including journalists, to fill in the gaps, where they refuse to do their jobs. Then the operatives can accuse those filling in the gaps of being “racist,” etc.

Let’s see. It’s 4:35 a.m., and a speeding driver loses control of his car, without being hit, goes off the road, and gets ejected from his car, while the car continues on, hitting a guardrail and a sign support.

Typically, reporters call such an accident a “one-vehicle accident,” because the decedent allegedly did not collide with the other driver. At the same time, seeing as it is common for drivers to be driving at 80-85 mph in much of the country, even by daylight with plentiful traffic, the dead guy was probably hitting 100 mph or more, and may have nodded off.

It sounds like a classic drunken Mexican. They routinely speed like crazy, after drinking enough alcohol to give themselves triple (give or take) the legal blood alcohol limit, and never wear seatbelts.

This stuff is so basic that we shouldn’t have to speculate about it. But that’s what passes for journalism under racial socialism.

Why bother presenting such “things,” if you refuse to provide basic information, thereby making them worthless as journalism? Because reporting isn’t important to fake newsmen. What’s important is destroying the English language for totalitarian political reasons, and filling time between commercials.


One person killed in crash on Sam Rayburn Tollway, troopers say

The driver was ejected from the car at some point during the crash, according to officials.

Credit: wfaa
Author: Jennifer Prohov (wfaa)
Published: 10:18 AM CST January 31, 2021
Updated: 10:18 AM CST January 31, 2021

One person died early Sunday morning in a crash on the Sam Rayburn Tollway, officials with the Texas Department of Public Safety said.

The crash happened around 4:35 a.m. near the Independence Parkway exit.

The driver was headed north in a Dodge Challenger at what troopers described as a “high rate of speed.” They had been in the center lane and as they approached another vehicle headed north, the driver lost control of their car. The Challenger went onto the grassy shoulder of the tollway before hitting a guardrail and a large metal sign support, officials said.

The driver was ejected from the car during the crash, according to officials. They were the only person in the car at the time and died at the scene.

Troopers are currently investigating the crash.



Anonymous said...

If anyone else in the car they took off. Never to be seen again hopefully.

Anonymous said...

"They" were the only person killed in the crash.Jennifer sounds like SHE'S just learning pronouns this week--unsuccessfully,so far.

Could be a stolen car also--along with the drunk Mex theory.For a change this potential killer(usually of a White bride-to-be in an oncoming car)did NOT cross the centerline and massacre into a million pieces,an unlucky driver,who I just described.Nurses are driving home at that hour too--and are disproportionately killed by Mexican drunks.
He only killed himself--a happy ending to this story.