Friday, January 29, 2021

How Do Racial Socialist Sociology Professors Explain, and Even Condone the Constant Murders Committed by blacks and Other minorities?

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Wednesday, January 27, 2021 at 6:33:00 P.M. EST

Fifty years ago, without blacks, Mex and Muslim/Hindu in most of our cities, you never heard about any of the type of vicious, evil crimes that occur on a regular basis today.

How do liberal sociologists explain or even condone the constant reports of minority murder?

With a wave of the hand—it’s all worth it to them. Why? I have no idea.


N.S.: The fundamental explanation? They’re evil and racist. The modus operandi? They blame all wicked and evil acts committed by blacks and other “minorities” on the White man, in terms of “slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation,” or “colonialism and its legacy.” They’ll also use terms like “poverty” and “inequality” as causal explanations, but they are merely euphemisms for the same thing: The White Devil. Thus, when social scientists (and not just the fake ones) use phrases like “poverty, inequality, and racism” (e.g., in Left Behind in Rosedale), they are merely saying the same thing three times.

The claim that poverty causes crime has been scientifically refuted in a series of three powerful American Renaissance/New Century Foundation reports, all entitled, “The Color of Crime.”

The 1999 first edition:

The 2005 second edition:

The 2016 third edition:

However, racial socialist “social scientists” cannot explain how Whites “cause” blacks to commit these crimes. Thus, they must resort to slogans, jargon, and pseudo-science, within what my old VDARE colleague, John Derbyshire, has called an “Empire of Lies.” Lies upon lies upon lies.



Anonymous said...

So by our pulling them out of Africa to be slaves,the sociologists say blacks--in the long run--are worse off than if they had remained in the jungle?

Actually WE(Whites)are worse off because of that horrific idea two or three centuries ago--blacks have fed off Whites and benefitted from being in our country--not the other way around.

It will only get dramatically worse.


David In TN said...


Remember our phone conversation months ago when I told you in my "dark moments," I believed white left-liberals condoned (or worse) black on white murders?

Anonymous said...


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Police are investigating after multiple people were stabbed in southeast Grand Rapids early Thursday morning.

The Grand Rapids Police Department said officers were called around shortly after 1 a.m. for a report of a shooting with multiple victims on Cass Avenue SE between Pleasant and Sycamore streets.
(GRA:80% black area,18% Mex.)

After further investigation, officers determined that the victims were stabbed not shot.

Three adult victims were taken to local hospitals with injuries that are not considered life-threatening but police believe there may be a fourth victim, according to a GRPD news release.

No suspect information was released Thursday morning but the police department said there is no threat to public.
(GRA:Especially if you avoid the area where the nig with the knife is).
It’s unknown what led to the stabbings.
(GRA:Some black got a blade as an early Valentine's Day gift and tried to cut a few other blackie's hearts out--that's all.)


Anonymous said...

“'slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation,' or 'colonialism and its legacy.' They’ll also use terms like 'poverty' and 'inequality' "

White witchcraft. Juju.