Monday, January 25, 2021

“Impeach Trump,” Says Romney—How about Impeaching Romney… and deBlasio and McCain, too, While We’re at It?

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Monday, January 25, 2021 at 2:33:00 A.M. EST

“Trump-hater Mitt Romney went on cnn on Sunday to continue his attacks on President Trump.

“During the conversation, Mitt assured cnn that impeaching a private citizen is constitutional.”

GRA: Assurances from Mitt are like news reports by Lesta Holt—fact free.

Why stop at impeaching Trump—who is out of office—when you can impeach other non-Presidents, i.e., bill deblasio—he’s not in the White House—impeach him anyways. N.S. can put together a list of impeachable offenses.

Romney RAN for president—he should be impeached for allowing Obama to win another four years! No greater offense than that. McCain should be dug up and impeached—ditto on the reason.

Trump will not run again. Odds are he will be a goner by 2024—his brother succumbed last year quickly, after a fall. Hopefully not, but why would he want to be sitting in a cold weather state of D.C. at age 80+, when he could be relaxing in Florida?

It was fun while it lasted (the Trump era)—not productive—but fun.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Yeah Trump was an interesting blip on the radar. His slight resistance to some aspects of the globalist agenda was refreshing but ultimately doomed him. I can't imagine him retiring to Florida though, it does seem crazy that somebody would want to deal with the drama and battles of politics when they could be sitting on a beach with a beautiful sunset but Trump is a type A guy, has been since he was a kid and while sunsets are nice, guys like Trump are bored senseless in 5 minutes with them. He needs to be the center of attention with activity and action going on around him at all times so I don't think we've heard the last of him, he'll find a way to stay the center of attention one way or the other.

Anonymous said...


GRA:"Inciting violence and attempting to prevent the election votes to be counted" is what commie Norah O'Donell cited as the article of impeachment was carried from the House side to the Senate side of Congress.

How illegitimate is the impeachment?You won't see SCOTUS Roberts presiding over this attempted White lynching--instead a fill in "judge",Pat Leahy(impartial,I'm sure),will oversee the ridiculousness.
17 GOPers are needed--actually 16--with Romney.


Anonymous said...

Trump was the RED PILL. He accomplished an amazing amount--at least six pages worth--while being opposed by virtually everyone in Washington--even those in his own administration. True, many accomplishments will be undone by the Fake President, but others will be harder to destroy--like his reform of the VA. But most of all, Trump pulled out things what will be hard to put back in the box. He woke people up to how China has been eating our lunch, he showed people that an enormously successful economy can be created by eliminating harmful regulations and by a huge tax break. It is lie that the tax break only helped the rich--my middle class family saved $14,000 in taxes because of the tax cut. The stealing of his landslide re-election revealed the massive corruption in our election system and showed that most Republicans are cowardly traitors. Now it will be Trump's populist party or it will be nothing at all. Trump showed that one man at the top cannot change a corrupt system. If Americans care enough to save their formerly free and prosperous country, they must elect populists from the bottom up. Then, if we are lucky enough to get another Trump, he will have the support he needs. As soon as the pandemic is over we need to elect populist Republicans from the local, state, and then the national level. And we must push for election reform--if the current system is allowed to persist, nothing but crooked machine candidates will ever be elected.

Anonymous said...

GRA:After the "impeachment",he should tell the RINO party to go eff themselves,but he's going to stick with the group that screwed him over every day of the week and twice on Tuesday.I hope he reconsiders.

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News:

Reports suggest that President Trump has abandoned the idea of creating a new political party, and that he will instead focus for the next two years on helping Republicans win back the House and Senate.

The notion of Trump abandoning the GOP and creating a ‘Patriot Party’ was floated last week with a report in the Wall Street Journal noting that aides had suggested Trump was considering the idea.

The idea was provided more credence with Trump’s comments during his farewell speech, as he announced that “the movement we started is just beginning,” and that he would be “back in some form”.

However, senior Trump adviser Jason Miller told reporters that “The President has made clear his goal is to win back the House and Senate for Republicans in 2022.”

“There’s nothing that’s actively being planned regarding an effort outside of that, but it’s completely up to Republican Senators if this is something that becomes more serious,” Miller added.


Anonymous said...

I wrote about "faux baseball" in 2020--why wouldn't a "faux impeachment" tale be concocted(and written badly)by Demopublicans in 2021?

If anyone was to come up with a more bizarre,ludicrous piece of time wasting governmental absurdity than what we're witnessing now,they would be hard-pressed to do so.

Now obviously,since the commies are "impeaching" Trump when he ISN'T president,there's little doubt the Demopublicans would have impeached Trump if he had won--for SOMETHING/ANYTHING.

The upcoming exercise in irrelevance is so unconstitutional that Dem oldie,Pat Leahy will be stopping by to do an impersonation of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court--the real one not deemed a necessity for this faux trial--by Roberts himself.

It isn't an impeachment--it's a roast--and not a "well done" one at that.


Nicholas said...


I'm glad Trump is not interested in forming a third party. He screwed us, and he blew it. If he were to hang on as leader of a new party, he would just siphon off patriotic energy, the way the GOP has already done for generations.

Anonymous said...

So what--or WHO'S left to salvage the country?

Anonymous said...

This Mormon dude I guess is preparing to become the main Republican man. Run again for the Presidency.