Wednesday, January 27, 2021

One Doctor Murders Another (a Gorgeous Blonde, at that!) during a Hostage Situation, before Saving the Taxpayers Some Money, but the msm Maintain Silence? We Have the Answers!


War crime victim, Dr. Katherine Lindley Dodson, 43


By Jerry PDX
Wednesday, January 27, 2021 at 3:39:00 P.M. EST

This happened a week ago, but I can barely find a mention of it in the msm: .

Ordinarily, a doctor killing another doctor merits wall-to-wall national headlines, but I checked all the mainstream media outlets, cnn, aol, ny times/post, et al., and the only one that covered it was msn. Even Breitbart and fox didn’t cover it, except for one local fox affiliate station somewhere.

I spotted the article on a news aggregator site called just by chance, but otherwise would likely never have known about it. I also noticed the article spends most of its time lauding the victim, rather than analyzing the perp. Almost certainly because of his name: Bharat Narumanchi.

Is he a Muslim? According to the article he was a doctor who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, which makes you wonder what his motivation was. I'm going to guess he wanted to take a woman into the afterlife with him and a blonde, white woman was what he lusted after and probably couldn't get in regular life, and while Allah promises devout Muslim males a stable of virgins in their version of heaven, he wanted to be sure he had the woman he wanted. Or maybe he's an Indian Hindu and that religion promises something similar, I really don't know but judging from the media disinterest there's likely to be little analysis to discover what was motivating the killer. He's not white enough for them to care.

Dr. Bharat Narumanchi was named by Austin, Texas, police as the doctor who barged into a medical office and took hostages at gunpoint before murdering a fellow pediatrician on Tuesday, January 21, 2021. The 43-year-old Narumanchi was found dead by police of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, authorities said.

Austin Police identified the victim as 43-year-old Dr. Katherine Lindley Dodson. She went by Dr. Lindley Dodson. According to police, Dodson did not know Narumanchi, but he had recently applied to work as a volunteer at the office where the hostage situation and shooting occurred. According to police, Narumanchi murdered Dodson and then killed himself at the scene.

N.S.: The killer had somehow gotten a look at her, tracked her to her clinic, and asked her out. She declined, and so he murdered her. “Diversity is our strength.”

“Bharat” means India.









War criminal, Bharat Narumanchi


Anonymous said...

Fifty years ago,without blacks,Mex and Muslim/Hindu in most of our cities,you never heard about any of the type of vicious,evil crimes that occur on a regular basis today.

How do liberal sociologists explain or even condone the constant reports of minority murder?

With a wave of the hand--it's all worth it to them.Why?I have no idea.


Anonymous said...


GRA:Indianapolis--six dead--nothing.
South Carolina--White child killed by adoptive black monsters--censored.
White woman doctor killed by Muslim doctor--silence.

What the producers decide to air is...

NFL Whitey,"Chad Wheeler,arrested and released after being charged with domestic violence.The Seattle Seahawk player locked his girlfriend in a bathroom and attacked her.He claimed it was a bi-polar episode and afterwards,the Seahawks announced that Wheeler is no longer with the team."

The hate of NBC to air this particular story is beyond racist,while refusing to report the previous ones mentioned,is unprofessional at best and outright evil in its intent--at worst.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
How delusional is this guy? He's got weeks to live with terminal cancer and thinks he's going to form a relationship with this woman? Though maybe he didn't really have cancer, maybe it was just something he said to get pity from women, those Indian dudes can be pretty pathetic when it comes to women and I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case.

Anonymous said...

Right. Probably a Hindu. Terminal cancer. He was a doctor and obviously knew what was what. But to do this?