Saturday, January 30, 2021

Did Miami Herald Alleged Reporter, Julie K. Brown, Get a Slew of Awards and an over $1 Million Book and TV Deal by Stealing Other People’s Work?

[“Revealed: Jeffrey Epstein Squeezed Two Billionaires for at Least $200 Million.”]

By David in TN
Saturday, January 30, 2021 at 12:00:00 A.M. EST

A few days ago, there was a story in the Miami New Times about the supposed reporter Julie K. Brown who is stealing the credit from others by claiming to have “broken” the Jeffrey Epstein story in 2018.

There had actually been two books on Epstein and numerous internet articles, but no MSM-major TV network coverage of Jeffrey Epstein. Now, Brown has cut a former co-author who was a major investigator out of a book-movie deal.

Julie Brown and her MSM colleagues only discovered Epstein as a way to attack Donald Trump and his Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who was a typical Trump mistake. He had to have a Hispanic in the cabinet.

Brown’s story downplayed Palm Beach County DA Barry Krischer, who had jurisdiction and would not charge Epstein at all. Krischer is a partisan Democrat who spent three years going after Rush Limbaugh for his pill addiction. A case that Krischer knew would never go to trial, or amount to anything.



Anonymous said...

There are NO scruples in communism.


Anonymous said...

Won't be the first one who got a lot of awards for nothing.