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uk: starting saturday sexual psychopaths banned from female sports competitions

By "W"
fri, mar 31, 2023 1:30 p.m.

uk: starting saturday trans "females" banned from female competitions

BTW, the dis-united uk is where Great Britain used to be.

the fiercest vaccine advocates are starting to admit the truth about the mRNAs

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fri, mar 31, 2023 12:41 p.m.
The fiercest vaccine advocates are starting to admit the truth about the mRNAs

The fiercest vaccine advocates are starting to admit the truth about the mRNAs
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The fiercest vaccine advocates are starting to admit the truth about the mRNAs
. I am as shocked as you are.

Alex Berenson
Mar 31

Even the new york times can’t hide reality about the mRNA jabs forever.

Last week, the times published an article headlined, “should you get another covid booster?”

The article’s subheadline noted “britain and canada have authorized another round of booster shots,” implying the united states has somehow been negligent in not doing so.

And the piece was written by Apoorva Mandavilli, among the worst covid reporters. So I assumed the article would be filled with the usual nonsense, especially since the first person Mandavilli quoted was dr. Celine Gounder, who has loudly pushed mRNA jabs.

— After Gounder’s husband died of an aortic aneurysm, she lashed out in January at mRNA skeptics (including me) who questioned if the shots might be linked to his death - even though doctors have repeatedly reported cases of post-jab aneurysms.

In her january piece, Gounder even complained congress’s repeal of the armed forces covid vaccine mandate “threatens military readiness.” (Nonsense, of course. Frontline soldiers and marines are young, fit, and healthy, putting them at far higher risk from mRNA-related myocarditis than covid itself.)

So I was stunned that Gounder offered the most tepid possible recommendation for further mRNA doses to Mandavilli.

Most people should not have boosters, even once a year, she said. She endorsed regular shots only for “immunocompromised people and people in nursing homes.”

The real tell there is “nursing homes.”

In mentioning them, Gounder was not suggesting that everyone over 65 - or even 85 - should get more shots. Nursing homes are effectively hospices for most residents. About one-third of their residents die each year, a 2018 study found; a 2010 study had even grimmer findings, reporting a median survival of five months after admission.

What Gounder was saying that only the very frail - who likely have little risk or benefit from the shots (or, in reality, any medical intervention) - should still receive them regularly.

In contrast, in October, Gounder offered very different advice, recommending boosters for everyone over age 50 “as soon as possible.”

(Celine Gounder sees the light.)

Gounder’s rejection of annual boosters is particularly stunning because she and other public health specialists happily promote annual flu jabs despite their demonstrated uselessness. The theory seems to be that flu shots get old folks out of the house, or boost walgreen’s profits, or something. Anyway they probably don’t do any harm even if they don’t do any good, so why not?

Yet Gounder is no longer applying the same logic to the mRNAs. I do not think that annual boosters for everyone makes sense.

Which implies either Covid is now even less dangerous than the flu (possible but unlikely), or the shots are even more useless (which would imply negative efficacy), or else… they’re actually more dangerous than inactivated virus flu jabs.

Which they are.

But Gounder was not the only vaccine advocate quoted in the times piece. Mandavilli also talked to dr. Paul Offit. No one will ever confuse Offit with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - he is director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

In april 2021, Offit had this to say about the mRNA jabs:

Certainly, no one would have predicted that these mRNA vaccines would have worked as well or been as safe as they are… I don’t think you could have devised a vaccine that appears to be more perfect.

Less than two years later, Offit rejected more doses of those “perfect” vaccines.

For everyone. Even the immunocompromised.

But even more stunning than Offit’s rejection were the words he used:

“Given the lack of data, I don’t think it’s fair to say to people, ‘Inject yourself with a biological agent,’” said Dr. Paul Offit.

(Perfection no more…)

Vaccine advocates strenuously avoid this kind of language, for obvious reasons.

Inject yourself with a biological agent? Yeah, I’ll pass.

But the failure of the mRNAs is now so obvious that Offit and his fellow vaccine advocates have no choice but to try to ring-fence it if they want to save other jabs.

planned robbery, or a planned hit? curser Brian Thompson, aka btb savage, murdered after talking about killing would-be robber

By A Texas Reader
fri, mar 31, 2023 8:36 p.m.

"rapper btb savage reportedly killed after interview about robbery gone wrong [sic]"

"the rapper recently described an attempted robbery at his downtown San Antonio home."

N.S.: His girlfriend is tough. So was he. Not very bright, but plenty tough. So was the first incident a planned robbery, or a planned hit?

James Kunstler on President Trump's [garbage] indictment [brief]

By An Old Friend
fri, mar 31, 2023 8:37 p.m.

James Kunstler on Trump's [garbage] indictment [brief]

Just another day in what's become the largest-ever banana republic ...

"Reading all the 2016 warnings from the Normalcy Guardians and self-professed Democracy Protectors about how there's literally nothing more corrupt or dangerous than craving the prosecution of your political opponent — especially for trivial crimes — is really quite something." — Glenn Greenwald

                            Inline image

   the new york times enjoyed its long-delayed tantric Trumpgasm so much today that it rolled out the full-page banner headline format usually reserved for the commencement of world wars. (They took the banner down before seven o'clock this morning.) For many of the cat-ladies employed as "reporters" at the once-august paper, it was the first Trumpgasm they've ever experienced in a lifetime of emotional displacement, over-eating, and furious knitting of pink polyester hats for the crusade to root out patriarchal wickedness.
     This fulfillment of a years-long psychodrama, starring the feared and loathed occult persona of a gold-coiffed "Daddy" figure who once presided in the political household, came at the hands of dragon-slayer manhattan da Alvin Bragg, archetype of the many long-oppressed victims worked to death in the bilges of our slave ship of state — now turned righteous woke deliverer of cosmic vengeance!
      This oh-so-satisfying climax, of course, is brought to you by the party of hoaxes, flimflams, and mandated death shots, so it's amusing here on the sidelines to see the times's op-ed writers squirm with post-coital pleasure underneath the full-page Trumpgasmic headline. The lead editorial declares: "even Donald Trump should be held accountable"— overlooking the utter absence of accountability that has been the norm in every recent insult to the nation's dignity from wholesale and repeat election fraud, to six years of lawless depravity in the fbi, to overt support of antifa and blm street havoc, to the forced, deceitful administration of deadly "vaccines."
      "how a President's arrest can strengthen a democracy," honorary cat-lady Nicholas Kristof opined, repeating the bad-faith trope that his legions of wokery have an interest in political rectitude — when, in fact, they are solely preoccupied with coercing, censoring, cancelling, persecuting, punishing, and defenestrating anyone who objects to their grifts and hustles. "only love and a leap of faith can break through distrust. that is why a credible form of patriotism is so important right now," explained the times's official superintendent of platitudes, David Brooks, to soothe consciences grated by this loutish gambit to shove a political adversary off the game board in advance of an election. "Joe Biden may not be your cup of tea," Mr. Brooks summed up his civics lesson, "but he's restored sanity, effectiveness and decency to the white house."
     Oh, really? That will surely come as news to casual observers who are watching the "Joe Biden" wrecking crew in wonder and nausea as they dismantle every institution and undermine every norm in American life. A more credible form of patriotism would be, say, a general strike against this cabal of degenerates, serving to remind the cabalists that at least half of the public still cares about the Constitution, the rule of law, and actual decency (not a depraved simulacrum of it). Otherwise, why would "Joe Biden's" doj lock-up scores of Jan 6 protesters in the DC jail for years on misdemeanor charges without taking them to law? Why does the "Joe Biden" state department persist in destroying [the] Ukraine and pounding billions in taxpayer money into the place to accomplish it? Why has the "Joe Biden" regime adopted the drag queen as its mascot? What part of all that evinces "sanity, effectiveness and decency"?
    It's a little early to assess the knock-on effects of the left's ecstatic Trumpgasm. A common theme flying across the Web is that Alvin Bragg's jerry-rigged case will only make a martyr of Mr. Trump, neatly illustrating and personifying the government's apparent war against its own citizens — making it clear that these wokester-jacobins will stop at nothing and no one to enforce the corrupt bureaucracy's will against the public — and that the net result will be to ensure Mr. Trump's reelection in 2024, if such a thing as a fair election is still conceivable after the skeezy lawfare work-over the rules suffered back in covid-time.
      This comes at a time when that government — the "Joe Biden" regime — presides over the collapse of what's left of America's economy, the crack-up of the banking system, and the shocking loss of our country's influence in the geo-political arena. All of that is manifesting as increased general hardship across the u.s. population: a whole lot of citizens going broke, going hungry, losing their property and chattels to bankruptcy, losing their children to woke-induced psychopathology, and — the final insult — being subjected to a medical racketeering operation that ruins and murders them when they get sick.
     The party of chaos looks pretty smugly secure for the moment. If Alvin Bragg's flimsy case in new york falls apart, as many expect, fellow partisans have grand juries lined up against Mr. Trump in other jurisdictions, waiting patiently to take their turns at the political assassination of this supposed "threat to our democracy." Former house speaker Nancy Pelosi declared yesterday that Mr. Trump "has the right to prove his innocence." She apparently forgot how our legal system is supposed to work, which is that defendants are presumed innocent and it's the government's burden to prove someone guilty.
     As to qualifications to be president, the Constitution simply states: a presidential candidate must be a natural born citizen of the United States, a resident for 14 years, and 35 years of age or older. There is no language in Article II that might legally prevent someone convicted of a petty crime, fairly or otherwise, from running for the job. Which means that the golden golem of greatness could be back … cue the cat-ladies' righteous, wrathful meows.

leftist racism teachers' workshop canceled, Good Grief!

By Merlin
fri, mar 31, 2023 11:04 p.m.

leftist racism teachers' workshop canceled, Good Grief

"anti-White nyc teachers union's workshop 'harmful effects of Whiteness" cancelled not because of message, but due to Whites Complaining and making host feel uncomfortable over 'hate' she/he/it faced"


It wasn't the message causing the anti-white "Holding the Weight of Whiteness" seminar in new york city – put on by a teacher's union representing 190,000 educators – forcing its cancellation… nope, it's that White people complained about the course, forcing organizers to cancel it over hateful messages. ["nyc teachers union's workshop on 'harmful effects of Whiteness' canceled after influx of 'hate,'" new york post, March 27, 2023]:
"a controversial seminar about White privilege that had been planned by the city teachers' union for monday was abruptly canceled — because its host was inundated with 'hate [sic] messages and disparaging comments.
"the united federation of teachers — which represents more than 190,000 teachers, paraprofessional educators and child care workers in the five boroughs — had planned the virtual 'holding the weight of whiteness' seminar for 4 to 6 p.m. before it was postponed over blowback from politicians and online commenters.
"scheduled presenter Erica Sandoval, a queens [sic] licensed clinical social worker, said in a statement that the event addressing the 'harmful effects of whiteness in our lives' was canceled when she received 'hate [sic] messages and disparaging comments being left in my email inbox and on my social media platforms.
"'Because of this, uft expressed concern and we collectively decided to postpone the discussion,' Sandoval said.
"the union sent out an email to members sunday night informing them that the $25 virtual workshop would not go on as scheduled, a source told the post.
"the optional course for licensed mental health professionals was focused on 'cultural humility and inclusion' and sought to teach educators 'how Whiteness relates to privilege and identity, and how both become normalized and invisible,' according to literature promoting the event.
"'participants will leave the workshop with a better understanding of how to center ourselves as a form of resistance against the harmful effects of Whiteness in our lives, the organizations we work for or direct, and the communities in which we serve,' according to a promo on instagram.
"attendees would have earned two hours of credit for their continuing-education resume, which eventually results in higher pay.
"calls and emails to union officials about the nature of the cancellation were not immediately returned.
"more than half of the teachers in the nation's largest school system are White — and tasked with educating a mostly minority student body in which 72% of the students are economically disadvantaged [sic], according to the city doe.
"Sandoval, an ecuadorian native, told the post that the event was 'misinterpreted [sic] by certain members of the uft and the public at large.'"
Spreading anti-White hate: good.
Voicing opposition to anti-White hate: bad.
Welcome to 2023 America.

"Here’s what they’re trying to distract you from with the Trump indictment"

By R.C.
fri, mar 31, 2023 8:51 p.m.

"Here’s what they’re trying to distract you from with the Trump indictment"

bi--h set me up!

By A Texas Reader
fri, mar 31, 2023 9:52 p.m.

B--ch set me up!

James O’Keefe is B-a-a-a-ck! O’Keefe Media Group Uncovers Massive Money Laundering in democrat Political Campaigns (Video)

Re-posted by N.S.

With friends like that... "Sophia Negroponte is jailed for 35 years after stabbing 'best friend'"

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat and N.S.
fri, mar 31, 2023 3:46 p.m.

"Sophia Negroponte is jailed for 35 years after stabbing 'best friend'"

"The daughter of the former us national intelligence director has been sentenced to 35 years in prison after 'rage drove' her to stab her 'best friend' to death in a maryland airbnb.

"Sophia Negroponte, 29, was convicted of second-degree murder in january for killing Yousuf Rasmussen, 24, in february 2020.

"she stabbed him multiple times and delivered a fatal blow to his neck when he returned to get his cell phone following an argument between the pair.

"montgomery county circuit court judge Terrence J. McGann ordered her to serve 35 years behind bars on friday and said her pent up anger issues, made worse by alcohol, drove her to knifing her friend.

"She is the daughter of John Negroponte, who spent a long career in Washington as a diplomat before being named the united states first-ever director of national intelligence in 2005.

"Ahead of his sentencing McGann said: 'Rage drove Ms. Negroponte to stab her friend in the neck.'"

"Rage" didn't "drive" the killer to murder her "friend." "Rage" isn't some extenal force that drives anyone to do anything. Sophia Negroponte is, simply, a murderous, honduran thug. The dm buried that salient fact way down in the last paragraph (20th!) of the "thing," after a long headline, three subheds, and six repetitious photo captions: "Negroponte and his wife, Diana Negroponte, adopted five girls during their time in honduras - Sophia, George, John, Alexandra, and Marina." So, this was an immigration murder. No wonder the dm sought to bury one of the most important facts of the case.

More garbage:

"Sophia Negroponte and Rasmussen attended the same Washington high school and had been drinking at a maryland airbnb, along with another person, on the night Rasmussen was killed, montgomery county state's attorney John McCarthy said."

What's this passive voice crap? You expect that from the defense attorney, but not from the prosecutor. He's supposed to say, "On the night Negroponte murdered Rasmussen."

"'Neither the prosecutors nor perhaps the jury took into sufficient consideration the complexities and mitigating circumstances of the case - Sophia's past trauma and other factors that led to a very troubled existence. She's had severe alcohol use disorder.'"

"Complexities"? It's as simple as could be.

"Mitigating circumstances"? There were none; there were only aggravating circumstances.

"Sophia's past trauma"? The murderer has led a life of extreme privilege. I want me some of that "past trauma"!

"severe alcohol use disorder"? That's nine syllables worth of flim-flam, subsituting for one syllable: drunk.

So, was that a democrat defense lawyer speaking? No; it was her irresponsible, wimpy, republican "father"!

"following an argument between the pair." dm operative Kamal Sultan and Stephen M. Lepore make it sound like this was an objective fact, but it could only be a story concocted by the killer's defense attorney. A thug like Sophia "Negroponte" doesn't get in "arguments" with people, she batters and murders them. See "verbal dispute."

I'd love to know how many free crimes this monster had previously been issued. She didn't suddenly become a murderous thug at the age of 26. Nobody does.

I'd also like to know the backstory on her victim, "Yousuf Rasmussen." He doesn't look like any Rasmussen I've ever seen. And "Yousuf"? Was this an immigrant-adoptee-slaughters-an-immigrant-adoptee story? That's too interesting a story for the media to tell.

video: german school girl tortured by dusky females

By "W"
fri, mar 31, 2023 6:18 p.m.

video: german school girl tortured by dusky females


curser shot, killed by raceless, really tough music critics dressed in black near river oaks area

By A Texas Reader
fri, mar 31, 2023 9:24 a.m.

hpd: rapper shot, killed by suspects [sic] dressed in black near river oaks area


Or cliché?

N.S.: The line, "really tough music critics" comes from my old VDARE colleague, Brenda Walker. Bless you, Brenda, wherever you are.

"'Reducing costs': usaa lays off 475 employees, due to economic downturn"

By A Texas Reader
fri, mar 31, 2023 9:38 a.m.

"'Reducing costs': usaa lays off 475 employees, due to economic downturn"

"The San Antonio-based company says it is reducing costs to invest in technology and modernize its services. the financial and insurance services company says this means 'exiting unused offices, reducing management layers and expenses, and realigning staffing.'"

More technology.

Equals fewer employees.

N.S.: Oh, but we need unlimited immigration--more, more, more people!

28 years ago, Selena was shot and killed

By A Texas Reader
fri, mar 31, 2023 9:52 a.m.

28 years ago friday, Selena was tragically shot and killed

Selena forever!

Selena is dead.

Selena is dead forever!

I used to run around the office at Deloitte & Touche saying this.

Gee, wonder why I got fired?

the perfect snack for elected officials!

By R.C.
fri, mar 31, 2023 9:55 a.m.

the perfect snack for elected officials!

Thursday, March 30, 2023

push back dept: a little less "pride" in the nhl?

By "W"
thu, mar 30, 2023 9:57 p.m.

push back dept: a little less "pride" in the nhl?

I really enjoyed college hockey when I was based in north-west Michigan. The state teams often gave "scholarships" to players from Alaska, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, and the Russian Federation. All White players! Have you ever tried to stand and skate upright on hockey skates? I'm telling you, it isn't easy! I tried during the winters when I was a kid growing up north of Chicago. Now properly re-designated "Chicongo."

california police union director charged with importing fentanyl, other opioids

By R.C.
thu, mar 30, 2023 10:01 p.m.

california police union director charged with importing fentanyl, other opioids

Joanne Marian Segovia, 64, is accused of ordering [?!] thousands of opioids to her home and agreeing to distribute them in the united states.

N.S.: "Ordering"? Through amazon?

MASS SHOOTING: 7 shot, 2 dead outside prive restaurant

Thu, Mar 30, 2023 11:05 pm MASS SHOOTING: 7 shot, 2 dead outside prive restaurant, police say

Medieval Swahilis Had African & Asian Roots, New DNA Study Reveals

By R.C.
thu, mar 30, 2023 11:08 p.m.

medieval swahilis had african & asian Roots, new dna study reveals