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Small Talk in South Africa: ‘You Raped My Daughter, and Gave Her AIDS!’; ‘Who’s Your Daughter?’

Siyanda Khumalo: Did he escape murder... or justice?

By Nicholas Stix

If a stranger approached me on the street, accusing me of having raped his daughter and infected her with HIV, I would immediately run away, while shouting over my shoulder, “No, I didn’t!”

I wouldn’t need to know who his daughter was because, except for in the feminist sense in which all heterosexual sex entails a man raping a woman, I’ve never raped anyone.

Not so in South Africa, where 25 percent of black males polled admitted to having committed rape, and which has one of the world’s highest rates of rape, HIV infection, and full-blown AIDS. You’d think that a rapist with any sense would also immediately run away, shouting “No, I didn’t!”

Apparently, 27-year-old Khangelani Mdluli is a thoughtful sort of rapist, er, chap, and needed time to ruminate over the accusation.

And so it was, when a 34-year-old, black former professional rugby player’s daughter told him she’d been gang-raped and infected with HIV, he started hacking the men she’d identified to death with an ax, killing three (perhaps four), one of whom, Ndodo Hlongwa, he decapitated. Khangelani Mdluli and Siyanda Khumalo got away. Mdluli recounted his brush with mortality.

Mdluli told the Cape Argus newspaper that he was walking in the suburb of Lamontville last week when a car drove past him slowly.

The driver turned into a driveway, made a three-point turn and drove up behind Mdluli. "He stopped the car, jumped out with an orange plastic bag and walked down the road towards me," Mdluli was quoted as saying by the paper. "I continued walking but I looked at the plastic bag. He said to me: 'Did you know we would ever meet?' "

The man then allegedly accused him of being a rapist, telling him: You think I'm stupid. You infected my daughter with HIV."

Mdluli told the Cape Argus that he asked the man, who was looking agitated, who his daughter was, but the man pulled an axe out of the bag.

"As the axe came down towards my head, I ducked and it scratched my stomach. I started running down the road as he followed me and swore at me. He eventually gave up and turned back to head to his car, which was parked up the road."

Just when Mdluli thought he was safe, he spotted the man driving along another road. "We looked at each other. I ran back and looked for back routes to get home, making it difficult for him to follow me because he was driving. I went straight home and got into bed."…

[“Mystery rugby player in Pretoria arrested over decapitation; Victim who survived another alleged attack says the suspect told him he was seeking revenge for his daughter's rape,” by David Smith,, Wednesday 30 March, 2011, 21.33 BST.]

In case you were wondering, whenever I escape someone trying to hack me to death with an ax, I always go straight home, and jump into bed!

By the way, note the Daily Mail’s unwittingly comical take on the crime:

Meanwhile some fear the tragedy could create fresh fissures in South Africa's fragile race relations.

The vast majority of South African rugby stars are white and it is possible the suspect could be accused of deliberately targeting black victims.

[“Ex-South Africa rugby star 'murders at least three people with an axe in revenge for gang-rape of his daughter,'” by Stewart Maclean, the Daily Mail, last updated at 3:33 PM, on 30th March 2011.]

We wouldn’t want anyone to think that white South Africans were deliberately targeting black victims!

A tip ‘o the hat to Lawrence Auster.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

“Kiss Me Like a Woman”: Career Criminal George Anthony Brown Goes on Homo/Hetero Sexual Assault, Stabbing, and Shooting Spree


BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - A stabbing and assault spree has one man behind bars. Independence County Sheriff's deputies arrested George Anthony Brown after they say he held several people at knife point, and injured two others. But it's what led to the assaults that's so disturbing.

Three bizarre assaults. Sheriff's deputies say all by 43 year-old George Anthony Brown of Batesville. Detective Brian Leutschwager says it started with a kiss. "Brown went over to one of the male subjects, grabbed him by the throat, and shoved him up against the wall. He then actually proceeded to kiss him," said Leutschwager. Brown reportedly told the victim to "kiss him back like a woman."

"The victim declined the offer. At that point, Mr. Brown stabbed him in the side with a pocket knife," said Leutschwager.

The wound was minor, but then the suspect turned to the victim's girlfriend. "Brown grabbed her and reportedly licked her from her chin to the top of her forehead. I think Mr. Brown reportedly told her that he would take her soul," said Leutschwager. According to the report, Brown threatened he would kill the victims if they called police.

The second incident occurred when police received a phone call from a residence of another victim threatened. "The suspect had been there earlier that day. He was going around to the sides of the trailer banging on it, making general threats. When he went to leave, they witnessed him pulling out a hand gun and firing shots off as he drove off," said Leutschwager.

It wasn't until the assailant came back that night, that the victim called police. But, he was gone before deputies arrived. Minutes later, a deputy was dispatched down the road, where Brown was reportedly inside assaulting more victims. "The deputy made entry into the residence and there he actually found Mr. Brown on-top of the victim, holding a knife to the victims throat," said Leutschwager

The victim suffered a small stab wound under his chin. It was there that guns were drawn and Brown was taken into custody. Leutschwager said this isn't Brown's first run-in with police. "He has been convinced with possession with intent to deliver, has a conviction of assault, also fleeing and disorderly conduct."

Now he has to face a courtroom again. Brown is charged with second and third degree battery, aggravated assault on a family or household member, false imprisonment, and terroristic threatening. Brown is currently in the Independence County Jail. His bond is set at five-hundred thousand dollars. Brown is scheduled to make his first appearance in court March 29th.

[“Police Arrest Man Involved in Stabbing Spree,” by Amanda Hanson, posted March 28, 2011, 1:30 PM EDT; updated March 29, 2011, 6:36 AM EDT.]

An ever growing percentage of black boys and men display violently polymorphous perversity.

Let me guess. While in prison, Brown got a taste for “white meat.” And as the Baytown Rapist case (Keith Hill) showed, even black men who haven’t yet been inside have become obsessed with raping white men. It’s yet another front in the war.

Suspect George Anthony Brown.

There is a sexual side to what Richard Lynn has analyzed in terms of race and the “psychopathic personality.” Note that the race war and psychopathic aspects are complementary, rather than mutually contradictory.

See also my report, “Another Associated Press Scandal: Wire Service Covers Up Black-Male-on-White-Male Rape Spree.”

Thanks to Nivius Vir and JuneBugJig.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Your Muslim Bakery Trial: Laughter about Revenge Killings, and Killing "White Devils"

Chauncey Bailey Shooter Laughed at Killings
Murder victim Chauncey Bailey.

By Henry K. Lee, San Francisco Chronicle, March 29, 2011

To certain members of Your Black Muslim Bakery, murder was a laughing matter, a confessed bakery hit man said Monday.

Confessed killer DeVaughndre Broussard.

Devaughndre Broussard chuckled in the trial of bakery leader Yusuf Bey IV and another member of the group as he recalled how one victim tried to run away before Broussard emptied an assault rifle at him.

Accused crime boss, Yusuf Bey IV.

Bey and the other member, Antoine Mackey, made fun of how another victim’s leg flew up in the air when he was riddled with rounds from a rifle, Broussard said.

In between the chilling details of those two slayings, Broussard testified for the first time about the shooting death of Chauncey Bailey, whom Bey allegedly ordered killed to prevent the Oakland journalist from writing about the black empowerment group’s financial collapse.

Bey told Broussard to learn where Bailey lived and “find out his routine,” Broussard told the jury in Alameda County Superior Court in Oakland. “He wanted us to take him out before he wrote that article.”

Asked by Deputy District Attorney Melissa Krum what that meant, Broussard replied, “Kill him.”

It was Broussard’s second day on the witness stand in the murder trial. He has confessed to being the gunman who killed Bailey with three shotgun blasts on Aug. 2, 2007, as the Oakland Post editor was walking to work at 14th and Alice streets in downtown Oakland.

Bey ordered up another slaying less than a month before Bailey’s death, telling Broussard to kill Odell Roberson, 31, the uncle of the man who shot and killed Bey’s brother, Broussard said.

He said Bey had initially wanted him to kill the father of Alfonza Phillips, who shot and killed Antar Bey during a botched carjacking in 2005.

Bey “wanted him whacked because his son killed his brother,” Broussard said, adding that Bey believed in “an eye for an eye.”

But after Broussard reported that he and Mackey couldn’t find the elder Phillips, Bey told him to kill Roberson, a “dope fiend” and transient who lived on the streets of Oakland near the now-defunct bakery, Broussard testified.

“Take him out when you get the chance, because it seems like we can’t get his pops,” Broussard said Bey told him.

Broussard, 23, burst into laughter on the stand when he recounted how Roberson had tried to run away when he leveled an SKS assault rifle at him. He said he had fired the rifle “until the clip was empty,” about eight to 10 rounds.

Broussard pleaded guilty to two counts of voluntary manslaughter in exchange for a 25-year sentence and a promise to testify against Bey and Mackey, both 25, in their murder trial.

Mackey is accused of killing a third victim, 36-year-old Michael Wills, in July 2007. Bey, who is accused of ordering the killing, boasted about “getting” a white “devil,” Broussard said.

Mackey and Bey made fun of how Wills’ leg flew up after he was shot, with both men shouting, “It’s good!” while raising their arms straight up, simulating a field goal, Broussard testified.

(Thanks to reader-researcher “W.”)

Isaiah Doyle Accomplishes the Near Impossible: Gets a Jury to Sentence a Black Man to Death!

Murderer Isaiah Doyle.

By Nicholas Stix
Revised at 3:06 a.m., on Monday, April 4, 2011.

It seems to be getting easier for whites, even white women, to receive the death penalty. After all, in spite of being a woman, and having not even been in the room where her victims were murdered, Shawna Forde was recently sentenced to death. By contrast, in Vanessa Coleman’s diary, she celebrated her participation—“I've had one hell of an adventure in the big TN,” and “Ha Ha”—in the Knoxville Horror gang rape-torture murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, yet Coleman was acquitted of rape and murder, and only convicted of “facilitation” of rape and murder.

The difference: Forde is white, while Coleman is black.

In many states that have the death penalty, it has become virtually impossible for a prosecutor to get justice for the People, no matter how heinous the crime, when a black killer is in the dock. Every sort of subterfuge that was irrelevant in my childhood suddenly comes into play. ‘He didn’t pull the trigger.’ ‘He had a dreadful childhood, with a miserable, unloving family.’ ‘His family loves him.’ (Knoxville Horror killer Letalvis Cobbins actually used both of the foregoing defenses, at different times!) ‘Because a disproportionate number of black men have been sentenced to death, it would be racist to sentence my client to death.’

‘My client is mentally ill.’ Even, ‘My client suffers from low I.Q.,’ from the same crowd that, the rest of the time, insists that I.Q. doesn’t exist, and that blacks are just as smart as whites. (In case someone should object that we’re talking about individual cases, the “low I.Q.” scam is reserved solely for blacks.) ‘Too many people from the same jurisdiction have been condemned to death.’

Since-disgraced Knoxville Horror Judge Richard Baumgartner instituted busing schemes, in order to stack three trials’ juries full of blacks.

Chief Justice Judith Kaye of the New York State Court of Appeals went so far as to find a non-existent constitutional violation in New York State’s death penalty statute, in order to impose her will.

Among juror groups, the worst demographic is blacks (followed by white women), who can’t even be trusted to convict a black murderer caught red-handed.

Of all of the thousands of black murderers in recent years, I know of only two blacks, offhand, who managed to screw up their trials enough to receive just sentences: The Knoxville Horror’s Lemaricus Davidson and New Orleans’ Isaiah Doyle.

Davidson confounded Judge Baumgartner’s best efforts to scuttle justice. The jurist wanted to bus in sympathetic black jurors from Davidson County, instead of having Davidson face a predominantly white panel from Knox County, where he’d committed the atrocity. Davidson insisted, however, over the objections of both the Judge and his own lawyers, on being tried by a Knox County jury, which duly voted to give him the ultimate sanction.

Which brings us to Mr. Isaiah Doyle.

Doyle, 28, killed Hwa Lee, 26, on Aug. 4, 2005, even though she complied with his demands that she give him cash from the register behind the counter of her parents' Barataria Boulevard convenience Store.

He blasted her with four .45-caliber rounds and initially told Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office detectives it was an accident. For that, he was convicted of murder by a jury Thursday night.

But, after warning court officials for days he'd take the witness stand, he testified Friday during his penalty hearing that the shooting was no mistake.

“The only reason she was shot four times is because the gun jammed,” he told the jury. “Otherwise, I would have emptied the gun in her f------ head.”

The jury had to consider whether he was mentally retarded, meaning a life sentence in prison was automatic, or to recommend he receive the death penalty.

His attorneys, Kyla Blanchard-Romanach, Bruce Dodd and Cesar Vazquez - argued he was mentally retarded. Under a 2002 U.S. Supreme Court decision, executing the mentally retarded is considered cruel and unusual punishment.

The prosecutors, Vince Paciera and Jackie Maloney, argued he faked his illnesses.

Doyle testified against the advice of his attorneys and said he had no remorse for what he did to Lee. He said he had no sympathy for her or her family. And he lashed out at the jury.

“I hate every last one of you, especially him right there,” he said pointing to a man on the panel. “I wish I could cut his head off.”

At another point in his testimony, he said, “If I had an AK-47 (assault rifle), I'd kill every last one of you.”

His mother and two sisters pleaded with the jury to spare his life and said he wrestled with mental illnesses since he was a child.

Lee's sister, Jamie Lee, testified with a heavy Korean accent about how her mother cries every day and her once-lively father lives a life of lethargy.

“Right now, we are alive, but we are not alive like normal people,” she testified.
She said she [sic] news of her sister's death forced her to give birth to her child three weeks early.

Now the birthdays blend with the anniversary of Hwa Lee’s death, Jamie Lee testified.
“It was the same day as my sister’s death,” she testified. “I can’t even celebrate my baby’s birthday.”

She cried while at the witness stand and as she walked out of court.

Jurors passed a box of tissue, some of them dabbing the tears from their eyes.

[“Jury recommends Isaiah Doyle be executed for murder of store clerk,” by Paul Purpura, The Times-Picayune, last updated at 12:26, on Saturday, March 26, 2011.]

Hours later, the jury, which included nine women, condemned Doyle to death.

Note to all aspiring black murderers, and black murderers who have not yet been tried, in death penalty jurisdictions: Remember not to talk about wanting to murder the jury, before it has pronounced its sentence.

Thanks to reader-researcher RC.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Justice Department Quota Queen Loretta King: FDNY Must Pay Minorities for Failing; Will Whites Have to Pay Blacks and Hispanics for Murders, Too?


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(Beginning at about 4:14 of the Fox News clip, Washington Times writer Quin Hillyer discusses outlaw Justice Department quota queen Loretta King, who is behind this, as well as so many other governmental racial atrocities, including the unconstitutional railroading of Jeremiah Munsen.)
By Nicholas Stix
Last revised at 10 p.m., on Sunday, March 27, 2011.

Crimeblogger extraordinaire Nivius Vir writes, on the Justice Department’s “discrimination” lawsuit against the FDNY,

Our friends at the Department of “Justice” are at it again. When they’re not ignoring Black Panthers that are terrorizing whites at voting precincts (here and here), they’re trying to force fire departments to compensate minorities for failing test grades.

They ask such perplexing questions on these “unfair” tests (with an open-book option) as, how many fire-hydrants do you see? The DOJ is demanding that minorities should be able to pass their tests after missing “as much as seventy percent” of the exam.

The “Justice” Department has also demanded that Dayton, Ohio police allow incompetent police officers to join their ranks, forcing police to accept terrible test scores as passing.

[“FDNY Forced to Pay Minorities for Failing?” by Nivius Vir, Nivius Vir, March 27, 2011.]

Such political and judicial demands are all based on racist, anti-scientific, anti-moral “disparate impact theory,” one of whose logical consequences is that once a certain number of blacks or Hispanics has been arrested—say a number equal to the number of whites arrested in the previous year—that either no more blacks or Hispanics may be arrested for the rest of the year, or every member of a (unconstitutionally) protected class who is arrested, once the quota has been met, must be released and paid a hefty settlement, even if he was caught red-handed, committing murder.

The foundations of “disparate impact theory”—i.e., “affirmative action,” “multiculturalism,” and “diversity”—are these:

1. Race war presupposition #1: A racial and ethnic zero-sum game, in which blacks and Hispanics (and any other unconstitutionally “protected class”) benefit only to the degree that whites (or heterosexual white men) are harmed; and

2. Race war presupposition #2: All blacks and Hispanics are “victims,” and all whites are “oppressors,” and as long as one white is left, the worse or more incompetently blacks and Hispanics act, the more whites must be punished. For all eternity.

“Disparate impact theory” is thus a program for the promotion of racism, failure, and evil.

The DOJ commented to Fox News that “they don’t make any race-based decisions.”

A little Justice Department humor there.

To see the effects of early affirmative action—most modest, compared to what Loretta King envisions—on the San Francisco Fire Department, read the 1998 whistleblower report by fireman Ray Batz, in American Renaissance: “Quotas in the San Francisco Fire Department; A report on ten years of mischief.”

To see the greatest realization, to date, of Loretta King’s diversitopian vision for law enforcement, read the chapter on crime, particularly the section on New Orleans, in the NPI report which I edited, The State of White America-2007, and co-authored with VDARE contributors, economist Edwin S. Rubinstein (The Cost of Diversity; PDF) and historian Robert J. Stove (The Unsleeping Eye: Secret Police and Their Victims).
If whites submit to becoming a minority in their own country, in which case both private and government anti-white terror will increase, will the multicultural alliance re-define Asians as “oppressors”? It certainly won’t re-classify them as “victims.”

As numerous incidents, most dramatically, the Alexandra Wallace case have shown, many younger Asians are tired of being the “model minority,” and want to get in on the fun of terrorizing whites. Could they really be so stupid, as to seek a coalition with those who have a murderous hatred for them, and against those who have welcomed them with open arms?

If You Go to These Mooks for Food for Thought, You’ll Starve!


David Brooks, left; David Frum, right.

Charles Krauthammer, left; Bill O'Reilly, right.

Thomas Friedman, left; Peggy Noonan, right.

John Podhoretz, left; Bill Kristol, right.

Jonah Goldberg, left; Michael Barone, right.

Linda Chavez, left; Dick Morris, right.

Leading “pundits” such as Charlie Kraut will give you writing that is low on truth quotient (TQ). They will tell you only partial or half-truths. But as the saying goes, a half-truth is a whole lie. Please support me, so that I can continue to give you the whole truth, to the best of my knowledge.

Thank you.

Nicholas Stix

Saturday, March 26, 2011

University of Kentucky Declares U.S. Constitution Null and Void, and Criminalizes Speech


LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) -- Campus police at the University of Kentucky are investigating two incidents in which a sign was hung that used a racial slur to refer to President Barack Obama.

Police spokesman Jay Blanton says a professor found the first one on March 15 hanging on a door to the UK School of Law and turned it in.

A law student found another sign Thursday on a bus shelter.

Blanton says campus police could charge whoever posted the signs with third-degree criminal mischief. He says it's not clear whether anyone from the school is involved, but campus police are investigating because the first sign was on university property.

[“UK police investigating racist Obama signs,” by Anonymous, March 25, 2011.]

Thanks to Ronbo at The Freedom Fighter’s Journal, who observes, “SO WHAT? PROTECTED SPEECH UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT.”

White Detroit News Columnist (Almost) Tells the Truth about Former Motor City’s Decline!

By Nicholas Stix

Frank Beckmann is a radio host at WJR-AM, and a Detroit News columnist.

For anyone from Michigan it was sad to learn that our biggest city, Detroit, is now smaller than Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus? Really?

The reality that the Motor City is now just the 18th largest in the U.S. appears to have set off the proper alarms about how far Detroit has fallen. We know the tri-county area has the population to support a reversal — almost 3.9 million people still live in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties combined — but we don't know if the city has the resolve to rebound.

A reversal of the biggest nonemergency exodus in the history of the census — the 25 percent drop in population since 2000 is only matched by New Orleans after Katrina — won't happen without meeting certain realities.

First must come an admission that Detroit is simply not an attractive place to live right now.

Crime is too high, despite statistics showing its incidence has been dropping; the schools are lousy; too many people are hooked on entitlements; too many neighborhoods look like Kabul; and too many businesses don't want to locate in the city.

All of that is tough to admit, especially in a city as thin-skinned as ours… But if Detroit is going to mount a comeback, it's time those outside assessments are welcomed and seriously considered for the potential they offer in suggesting areas of change.

The most recent example came when Fox News analyst Glenn Beck suggested a parallel between Detroit and Hiroshima, the Japanese city that was destroyed by an atomic bomb during World War II.

Detroit had its typical knee-jerk reaction, even to the point of two pastors seeking a meeting with Fox TV officials to voice their displeasure.

Lost in the emotion was a clear-headed examination of Beck's real points, that Detroit has been destroyed by a half-century-long string of liberal programs and policies beginning with the "Great Society" ideas of social engineering initially proposed by President Lyndon Johnson in a speech at the University of Michigan in 1964….

In 2009, [black conservative Star] Parker wrote that LBJ's war on poverty — the biggest war our country has ever lost — seeded a welfare mentality in black homes that caused a major decline in the number of African-American families with married parents living at home.

Most blacks lived in "nuclear" households when LBJ's effort began, and by 1995 only 1 in 3 black homes had married parents….

Parker points out that the incidence of poverty in black homes is only 10 percent (below the national average) where the parents are married.

The war on poverty, with all its entitlements, caused the collapse of the black community, bringing with it crime, drugs, promiscuity, abortion and worse while it brought politicians the entitlement of guaranteed votes.

The only thing that will permanently change Detroit for the better is the rejection by citizens of any politician who comes with more addictive handouts or any other promises of special favor.

These entitlements have destroyed the self-motivation of Detroiters for over 50 years and the city won't change as long as those programs continue and the politicians who provide them are chased out of office….

[“Handouts are to blame for Detroit's steady slide,” by Frank Beckmann, Detroit News, March 25, 2011.]

Beck’s analogy to Hiroshima is ludicrous. The Japanese didn’t destroy their own city, but they did rebuild it. Conversely, Detroit’s blacks destroyed their own city—literally burned it to the ground—after they had declared war on the whites who had built it, and stolen it from them. And now, blacks expect whites to rebuild it for them, at a cost of countless billions of dollars of the whites’ own money.

Nobody forced welfare on blacks, just as nobody forced illegitimacy, anti-intellectualism, drug abuse and crime on them. They chose their fate, and they gloried in it, when they weren’t complaining that all of the negative consequences of their wicked choices were the fault of (white) “racism.”

“Handouts are to blame for Detroit's steady slide.” No, Mr. Beckmann. Blacks are to blame. They destroyed what in 1950 was America’s wealthiest and most beautiful city. Detroit cannot be saved, as long as it remains “diverse.” Detroit’s black voters repeatedly chose Coleman Young and Kwame Kilpatrick, the former of whom was retired only by old age, and the latter only by a jail cell.

The reader who kindly sent Beckmann’s column remarked,

Detroit sucks.

It has drive-byes.

But not as many pederasts as Kabul.

Thank God for small wonders—if that is indeed the case.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dispatches from a Dirty War with No Front Lines: Help Me Keep Reporting on It!

The John Doe calling himself Barack Obama finally has a war of his own! I’ll occasionally write about the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, the war in Libya, the war in … but that’s not the sort of warfare that I’m devoted to reporting and opining on these days.

For over 20 years, I’ve been researching and writing on the race war back home.

When we sent our boys into harm’s way in Afghanistan and Iraq, everyone understood that these were wars, though some people supported them, and others didn’t. But millions of blacks—now tens of millions—have been waging a race war on American whites, the vast majority of whom deny they are in a war. And the MSM and my good friend Mark Potok at the SPLC refer to me variously as a “white supremacist” or “white nationalist,” when they refer to me at all. Most of the time, they ignore me, because they don’t want anyone to learn about what I’ve unearthed.

If I tried to tell white New Yorkers that they are besieged by a race war, they would either have me committed or arrested. More than a few white taxi drivers understand what I’m talking about, but “respectable” people would write them off as being as crazy as the Mel Gibson character in Conspiracy Theory. (Of course, there are millions of ex-New Yorkers who understand me perfectly well.)

And yet, the bodies keep piling up.

And it’s not just the dead. It’s all the children who can’t get on a school bus or enter the schoolhouse doors, without getting beaten to a pulp. Punched. Slammed. Stomped. And of course, robbed. (And occasionally raped.) And the “educators” and “security” personnel who are variously complicit or outright accomplices.

It’s the whites who can’t drive down a public street, get on a bus or subway, or even leave their own homes without being brutally beaten and disfigured by murderous black racists.

It’s the constant race hoaxes.

It’s whites being arrested, prosecuted, and even imprisoned, without having broken any laws, indeed for engaging in behavior that is specifically protected by the First Amendment.

It’s about blacks openly threatening white voters at polling places.

And it’s about a government that is now explicitly, enthusiastically, waging war on whites.

The race hoaxes, disenfranchisement, illegal prosecutions and murders are all different acts in the same war, a war that the targets must finance, on their enemy’s behalf. Welcome to the multicultural welfare state!

At WEJB/NSU, you get all that, and baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet!

In a previous draft of this fund-raising letter, I tried listing the important stories I’ve published, but the list just went on and on. And of course, for every racist outrage that I write about, there are hundreds that I’ve read about—with the help of my dogged reader-researcher-legmen—but didn’t have time to write about, and thousands which were never reported , even at the local level.

Please hit the gold PayPal button at the top, so that I may continue my work.

Thanks in advance!


Nicholas Stix

“I lost it man. I shot the black lady”; Prison Guard Confessed to Murdering Women Because They Only Had $63 in Henning, Tennessee Post Office Killings

But Pleads Not Guilty
By David in TN

Henning Postal Workers Killed Over $63:

On Tuesday, in Memphis federal court, a hearing was held for Chastain Montgomery Sr. A video of a February 15 interrogation was played.

“I lost it man,” Montgomery told postal inspectors. “I started shooting. I shot the black lady.”

Montgomery faces six federal charges related to the October 18 shootings of Paula Robinson, who was black, and Judy Spray, who was white.

The hearing offered the first details of the killings at the Henning, Tennessee post office. Montgomery told investigators that he expected the post office to have $25,000 when he and his 18-year old son went to rob it because they were low on money.

Montgomery told investigators that after he shot Robinson, his son, Chastain Montgomery Jr., shot Spray.

Chastain Montgomery Jr. was killed in a February 14 shootout with police in Mason after they tried to stop him in a stolen truck. The younger Montgomery started firing at officers with two guns before he was shot dead by a deputy.

His father was arrested on evidence tampering when he went to the crime scene and tried to get in the truck, authorities said. The father drove to the scene in a car matching the description of a possible getaway vehicle from the post office shooting, according to authorities.

Montgomery gave details several details of the crime in his interrogation. Only $63 was missing from the office safe.

NS: Look for Montgomery to recant his confession, claiming that it was coerced, and for his lawyer, Michael Scholl, to claim that his client was a victim of “racial profiling.” He is pleading “not guilty,” and Scholl is emphasizing that Montgomery is a paranoid-schizophrenic, suggesting that detectives interrogated him without first giving him his meds. Scholl is bound to play the race card, the crazy card, or both.

Previous WEJB/NSU reports on this case by David in TN:

“$25,000 Reward, No Description of Suspects”;

“Reward for Information on Raceless Suspects in Henning, Tennessee Post Office Double Murder Increases to $50,000”;

“Almost 10 Days After the Henning, TN Post Office Double Murder: Faceless, Raceless Killers Still at Large”; and

“Henning, Tennessee, Post Office Double Murder Suspect in Court.”

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Antifa Fad: Totalitarian Anti-Fascism

By Michael C. Tuggle, Taki’s Magazine, March 24, 2011

Four young men in black-denim jackets and hoodies closed in when the man they’d been waiting for emerged from the Mecklenburg Government Center. One of them yelled, “Jared Taylor, you’re a f———asshole!” Reporters turned shocked faces toward the protesters. The police stood their ground, alert but expressionless. Dressed in a suit and overcoat, Jared Taylor shrugged and continued. He’d heard it all before.

The protesters glared from the crowd’s rear as they listened to Taylor address reporters. Taylor demanded an apology from Patrick Cannon, Charlotte’s Mayor Pro Tem, who had pressured local hotels to deny Taylor, a self-described “racial realist,” a conference room for his organization, American Renaissance.

When Taylor concluded his remarks, the reporters turned to the black-garbed protesters, who identified themselves as members of the Anti-Racist Action Network. All four were white. One of them, Michael Behrle, boasted, “American Renaissance will not hold a convention in Charlotte. If they try, it’ll be just like Canada,” referring to Taylor’s talk in Halifax in January, 2007, which protesters effectively canceled by physically removing Taylor from the meeting hall.

I had interviewed Michael Behrle minutes earlier, having spotted his anti-Nazi arm patch. Twenty-two, white, with reddish-brown hair and a short beard, Behrle heads the Charlotte, North Carolina branch of Anti-Racist Action. He’s a barista who enters latte art competitions. I asked him why he’d come.

“We’re here to show Jared Taylor we’re not going to allow him to take away our rights.”

“But Taylor’s group just makes speeches about immigration.”

“Anarchist and communist intellectuals preached that violence in a holy cause was an act of purification and renewal.”

Behrle’s jaw clenched. “That’s because they’re white supremacists. They want to bring back segregation, and that’s simply not going to happen. Our action here will show other fascists they’re not welcome in Charlotte.”

Fascists? I wanted to probe more, but he shook his head and turned back toward the other protesters, his eyes fixed on me as he walked away.

For Michael Behrle and many others like him, those are the battle lines in post-Cold War, multicultural America: on one side, fascists, and opposing them, the antifa.

The word “antifa” comes from Antifaschismus, the German term for anti-fascism.

Dressed in their preferred street garb of black clothes, boots, balaclavas, and anti-Nazi patches are young people, almost all white, driven by an ideology as powerful and magnetic as communism. French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut has warned, “I think that the lofty idea of ‘the war on racism’ is gradually turning into a hideously false ideology. And this anti-racism will be for the 21st century what communism was for the 20th century: a source of violence.”

What’s frightening is that antifa believe conservatives, immigration-control activists, and Tea Party protesters are clandestine fascists. Behrle’s group, Anti-Racist Action, makes this explicit on its website:

“The National Socialist Movement and similar open fascist forces are seeking greater political legitimacy. They want greater influence within larger white nationalist and reactionary social and political forces, such as the anti-immigrant movement, the ‘tea-baggers,’ and the re-emerging militia movement.”

Antifa activists do not debate their enemies; after all, their enemies are fascists and thus have no legitimacy. Their goal is to confront and silence them. From the Anti-Racist Action website:

“If you can get away it [sic], carry weapons, or if there’s a chance you might get searched by cops, carry items that can be used as weapons in a pinch (hefty flagpoles, thick placard sticks, batteries, maglights, bike locks)….And don’t forget your masks—nothing makes the fascists tremble like a group of black-clad, balaclava-wearing Antifa bearing down on them.”

The “Greatest Generation” fought and won World War II, while the Boomers marched in Civil Rights protests. What’s left for the present generation to do? Plenty, as the antifa see it. In their minds, they have taken up both unfinished struggles, which have resumed with the emergence of nationalist and anti-immigration parties in Europe and America. The Civil Rights movement and World War II have not only merged; they’ve globalized. And the battleground is the streets.

A few days after Taylor’s press conference, Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project (OPP) congratulated a small group of antifa in front of the Martin Luther King, Jr. statue in Charlotte’s Marshall Park, where he shook hands with Michael Behrle. “We just used our free speech,” Jenkins told supporters. “We just used our First Amendment rights before they had the chance to take them away.”

I contacted Jenkins and asked how Taylor’s group threatened his First Amendment rights. He replied that American Renaissance’s efforts to separate themselves from blacks constituted an attempt to effectively silence them. Jenkins further assured me his organization rejected violence. When I asked about Michael Behrle’s threat to forcibly disrupt Jared Taylor’s meeting, he responded, “I just chalk it up to bravado.” However, his website links to Behrle’s Anti-Racist Action Network, which clearly endorses the use of force. Jenkins also told me, “I don’t care what happens to white supremacists.”

Many antifa identify themselves as anarchists and communists. Both earlier movements secularized Christianity’s message that a chosen few will guide the world away from evil and toward the good, which today’s antifa warriors envision as a raceless, classless, unified world. But to get there, the old constraints must be broken.

Anarchist and communist intellectuals preached that violence in a holy cause was an act of purification and renewal. Prince Kropotkin, who never harmed a fly or a single detested royal in his life, once wrote, “A single deed is better propaganda than a thousand pamphlets.”

Or as Daryle Lamont Jenkins put it, “If someone wants to be involved with OPP, they have to remember that it isn’t about putting out propaganda.”

During the 1930s, Soviet Stalinists came up with the inspiration that to be a Communist was to be an “anti-facist.” The usage has remained to the present day, though it is today adopted by anarchists and communists. (At about the same time, they came up with the idea of using blacks as foot soldiers in their wars of totalitarian conquest. The notion of "anti-racism" emerged as a sophistic tool, in the service of communist ideology.)

The usage has always presupposed a zero-sum game: If you’re not a communist, you’re a fascist (the English spelling has changed over the years, from “facist” to fascist”). And fascism derives from capitalism, which is the source of all evil: War, imperialism, genocide, racism, sexism, you name it.

The first time I visited East Berlin, in September, 1980, some sort of Party Congress was taking place, and banners proclaimed, “… Gegen Krieg und Faschismus!” [“…against War and Fascism!”; I can’t recall the opening, maybe “Together”].

For over 60 years, German communists have mocked non-communists, by asserting that the latter considered Nazism a “Betriebsunfall,” “a factory accident,” of capitalism, to which they counter, “it was no accident!”

No one but a communist (or perhaps an anarchist today) has ever used the framing device of Nazism as a “factory accident.” So, not only is this a straw man argument, but a straw man argument that the Reds have repeated for over 60 years. That is how shameless they are, that they would be willing to tell the same ridiculous lie through the generations.

Their shamelessness in lying is inseparable from their love of violence, totalitarianism, and genocide. Thus, their “First Amendment rights” exist only in silencing anyone who dares to disagree with them, and their right to exist inheres only in killing their opponents. And as I showed following their success at using death threats to shut down the 2010 American Renaissance conference—i.e.,
before racist Charlotte City Council Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon illegally shut down the 2011 American Renaissance conference—they have the force of the state behind them.

Oh, and their answer to “capitalistic greed” is to steal all private property, and award it to … themselves!

However, the history of success of communists in America is not the history of groups such as the ones Michael Tuggle reported on above. Had they been the face of the Left, they would have inspired such a violent resistance, that the notion of a black supremacist—even if he’s genetically as white as he is black, and was raised entirely by whites—holding the White House under occupation in the year 2011 would have been laughable.

Beginning in the 1930s, white American communists were much smarter than that, and founded the civil rights movement, which through black front men espousing non-violence and their comrades in the press, eventually effected a takeover of America’s political, educational, and legal systems.

For my reports on the shutting down of the 2010 and 2011 American Renaissance conferences, respectively, see:

“‘Obama’ and Holder are Victorious, as Communist and Anarchist Terrorists Use Death Threats to Shut Down American Renaissance Conference”; and

“City of Charlotte, NC, to Whites: Drop Dead”.

A tip ‘o the hat to American Renaissance.

East Coast Rapist Suspect Aaron Thomas Screwed Up Jail Cell Suicide Attempt

East Coast Rapist suspect Aaron Thomas.

By Nicholas Stix

According to law enforcement officials, Aaron Thomas had no problem pulling off “17 rapes and other attacks in Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island and Virginia that began in 1997,” and continued at least through Halloween night, 2009, but he couldn’t get a lousy hanging right.

Thomas’ live-in girlfriend and her two sons, 15 and five, are all broken up over the suicide attempt. Now that he’s behind bars, she’s “scared to walk out [her] door.” Apparently, when Thomas isn’t allegedly raping females, he’s a real nice guy. Well, at least as long as you don’t complain about him illegally parking his loud tractor-trailer in a residential neighborhood, in which case he’ll clock you.

Police: Serial rape suspect tried to hang self
By John Christoffersen, Associated Press – Sat Mar 5, 7:27 pm ET

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Authorities say the man they believe is the East Coast rapist tried to hang himself in his cell and is in a Connecticut hospital.

New Haven police Officer Joe Avery said Saturday night that Aaron Thomas is expected to survive his suicide attempt and undergo a psych evaluation. Avery said it's not clear how long Thomas will remain hospitalized. [A psych eval? Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah, it was from Pat “Crazy Card” Aydelott, defense attorney for accused mass and serial murderer Sam Conway).

Authorities say Thomas, an unemployed truck driver, is the East Coast rapist, suspected of terrorizing women with sexual assaults from Virginia to Rhode Island over 12 years.

New Haven police say DNA linked Thomas to the assaults. He is charged in both Connecticut and Virginia.

Thomas could not be reached for comment; it was not clear whether he had legal representation. [NS: Since when do you reach a defendant in jail for comment?! But what do you expect from the AP’s John Christoffersen (also also here) who depicted thieving, racist, black mass murderer Omar Thornton as a victim of white racism?]

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

Some neighbors considered Aaron Thomas an odd nuisance, a man who lifted weights in the front yard, parked a loud tractor-trailer in their residential neighborhood and ran or rode his bike unfathomable distances. His girlfriend's son called him laid back.

But authorities say the unemployed truck driver is the East Coast rapist, suspected of terrorizing women with sexual assaults from Virginia to Rhode Island over 12 years. New Haven police said Saturday that DNA confirmed Thomas is the East Coast rapist.

"It's just shocking to me," said 15-year-old Dashawn Golding, who said his mother is Thomas' girlfriend. "She's crying a lot," he said of his mother.

A woman who answered the phone where neighbors said Thomas lived with his girlfriend said she was devastated.

"I almost died," the woman told The Associated Press before she hung up without giving her name. "I'm scared to walk out my door. I'm just as innocent as the next person."

The woman, who said she met Thomas outside a hospital where she works, said Thomas' 5-year-old son was crying when he learned of the charges. There was a heavy police presence Saturday as investigators searched the house, a yellow colonial with blue shutters and a security sign on the front lawn.

Lt. Julie Johnson said DNA was collected and subsequently matched by the state police forensic lab confirming 39-year-old Aaron Thomas was the East Coast Rapist. Investigators reportedly got Thomas' DNA off a discarded cigarette….

The East Coast Rapist is wanted for 17 rapes and other attacks in Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island and Virginia that began in 1997. The cases were linked by DNA….

A neighbor said Thomas was living with a woman in at the house in a desirable neighborhood not far from where the mayor lives. The woman, who refused to give her name, said Saturday that Thomas is a truck driver and parked his tractor-trailer in the residential neighborhood, but he seemed to be unemployed and would offer to paint or rake leaves for neighbors.

The woman said Thomas once punched her husband in the face after they got in an argument over his truck.

Another neighbor said Thomas would ride his bicycle as far as Hartford and jogged many miles.

"He liked working out," said the neighbor, who would only give his first name as Jason. "He could run all day long and never stop."

Thomas was not entirely unknown to law enforcement: He had been arrested in September in Woodbridge, Conn., on a larceny charge and was released on $1,000 bond, according to public records….

In some instances, the attacker wore a mask or hooded sweat shirt to conceal his face. He typically approached women outdoors on foot and threatened them with a knife, screwdriver or a handgun, investigators say.

The only attack in New Haven came on Jan. 10, 2007. Police said the suspect entered a 27-year-old woman's bedroom through an open window and threatened to kill her sleeping infant son before assaulting her.

The last known attack occurred on Halloween night in 2009, when two teenagers on their way home from trick-or-treating in Woodbridge, Va., were raped, authorities say.

“Punch-and-Run” Assault Video in Austin, Texas


Punch and Run Assaults Continue Downtown:

These sucker-punch attacks have been going on for a couple of years, at least, in fashionable, downtown Austin. This video is from June 20, 2009. At the time, one victim was a homosexual, and so the MSM was able to misreport the attacks, disinformation-style, as anti-gay “hate crimes.” But the homosexual angle was so transparently phony, due to the tiny proportion of attacks on gays, that the hate crime subterfuge wouldn’t hold, and so the media went back to not reporting the attacks. In the meantime, there have been no reports of mass arrests of racist black thugs in Austin.

“The Crime is being Here Illegally”: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Interviewed by Blogs4Borders on August 18, 2008!

Part I:


Part II:


Thanks to jakejacobsen!

A Longtime Reader Meditates on Jahmell Crockam

In response to “Accused Cop/Serial Killer Jahmell Crockam is an Innocent, Churchgoing, Fall Guy, and Victim of Police Brutality and Racism, Says Family,” a longtime reader sent three brief letters, which I am publishing together.

1. (“Crockam was quiet throughout the proceedings — but appeared to be whispering ‘I love you’ to some of his family in the courtroom.”)

Among the items listed in the “Fifty things that Mike Royko hates,” was the instance of when the 39-year-old grandmother stands outside of the jailhouse and complains that her “baby” ain’t killed nobody. In parentheses next to “baby” was [23-year-old]!

Here Johnny Cockeroo ain’t done nothing to nobody.

2. Stix: “Since New Jersey has no death penalty, Crockham can allegedly kill as many people, in and out of jail, as he wants, without ever facing justice.”

Right. Here in IL, they just “abolished” the death penalty. And that is correct. Kill one, or kill a dozen, and it does not matter, the penalty is just about the same now that death has been done away with. Kill one or kill a dozen and you get the same punishment, life without so-called parole.

And kill another inmate, a whitey you are extorting in prison, or kill a prison guard, and the punishment cannot be any greater, if any more punishment can be done, you are already serving life “without the possibility of parole”!

Wonderful, isn’t it?

3. Haneef, Rasul, etc. All these fambly members of Johnny Cockeroo have the Muslim names? Those Muslims get a good education in the joint? Know that much better to hate and kill whitey. Such a world.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Accused Cop/Serial Killer Jahmell Crockam is an Innocent, Churchgoing, Fall Guy, and Victim of Police Brutality and Racism, Says Family

By Nicholas Stix
Thoroughly updated and expanded at 3:49 a.m., on Wednesday, March 23, 2011.

TOMS RIVER — A grand jury in Ocean County on Friday indicted a man in the shooting death of a Lakewood police officer in January.

Jahmell Crockam is charged with shooting Officer Christopher Matlosz after the officer pulled his police cruiser alongside the 19-year-old.

The grand jury indicted Crockam on charges of murder, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and also unlawful possession of a weapon.

The indictment alleges two aggravating factors that could result in Crockam being sentenced to life in prison without parole: that the murder was committed to avoid apprehension, and the victim was a public servant carrying out official duties at the time of his killing.

Crockam is being held on $5 million bail. No trial date has been set.

“Suspect indicted in Lakewood officer's killing,” by Anonymous, Associated Press/Asbury Park Press, March 18, 2011.

Crockam is reportedly a member of the racist, black Bloods gang, in a small town overrun by black and Hispanic gangs, and illegal Hispanic human beings—except that, officially, Lakewood has no gang or illegal alien problem.

Update, 3/23:

You Gotta Represent

When police first sought Crockam for Officer Matlosz’ murder, the Bloods—of Lakewood’s non-existent gang problem—announced that unless they backed off and let Crockam go about his business unmolested, they would start (read: continue) assassinating police at will.

Family Values

Although Crockam—street name “Sav,” short for “Savage”—was only 19, at his first court date on January 18, after being apprehended in Camden, he was indifferent to the proceedings, and—shades of the
Knoxville Horror’s Vanessa Coleman—only concerned to let his family know that he loved them. (“Crockam was quiet throughout the proceedings — but appeared to be whispering ‘I love you’ to some of his family in the courtroom.”)

“Small-Town Gang-Banger Makes Good”

Three days later, Crockam was charged in an earlier murder that police had tied him to while seeking him for Patrolman Matlosz’ murder.

Jahmell Crockam and a co-defendant, Darius Johnson, appeared in court Friday afternoon to face murder charges in the October 2010 shooting death of Justin Williams of Jackson Township.

[“Cop shooting suspect faces 2nd murder case,” by Anonymous, AP/ABC6/WPVI-TV Philadelphia, PA, January 21, 2011.]

If both charges stick, that would make Crockham a serial murderer at 19, a pretty ambitious record, even for this day and age. The New York Times could headline him, “Small-Town Gang-Banger Makes Good.” Since New Jersey has no death penalty, Crockham can allegedly kill as many people, in and out of jail, as he wants, without ever facing justice.

About a generation ago, criminologists such as James Q. Wilson began using the term “super-predator,” to refer to the predecessors of Jahmell Crockam. Today, we know better. Black and Hispanic cut-throats and their fans have since taught us that the term “super-predator” is “racist to the core,” and has a “disparate impact” on the self-esteem of suspected and actual cut-throats from underrepresented minorities, whom they prefer we instead referred to as “victims” and “heroes.” Using a term like “super-predator” is a classic case of “blaming the victim.”

8 Bojangles215
1/21/11 10:28 AM EST
#3: Whatever...and let me guess the cop was a perfect angel? Why did he PROVOKE this guy to shot him???

58 slj7336
1/22/11 8:53 AM EST
Matlosz was laid to rest Thursday after a funeral attended by 10,000 law enforcement officers. He was gunned down as he sat in his patrol car a week ago. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHAT..BOOO HOOOO

[“Cop shooting suspect faces 2nd murder case,” by Anonymous, AP/ABC6/WPVI-TV Philadelphia, PA, January 21, 2011.]

Family: Crockham is an Innocent, Churchgoing, Fall Guy, and Victim of Police Brutality and Racism

Perhaps I am being unfair to Jahmell Crockam, and so I will cede the floor to his devoted family.

The family of Jahmell W. Crockam, who is accused of two murders, says he is a churchgoing 19-year-old who is not the soulless monster authorities and the media have portrayed.

“What happened to innocent until proven guilty?” asked Vernetha Shontell Crockam, Crockam's 36-year-old mother… “They're just looking for someone to blame.”…

“How can someone say this boy has no soul? He goes to church every Sunday,” said Crockam’s aunt, Raquel Pressley….

“They've painted my son as a monster,” Ms. Crockam said. “We're raised in the church, and we're still going.”…

The Crockams attend Sunday services at the Intercessory Tabernacle Ministry church on Arlington Avenue. The church pastor, the Rev. Thomas E. Simpson, said he was shocked by the news that Crockam was charged with two murders this week.

“He was a nice kid. I never knew him to get into trouble at all. . . . This has knocked us all down.”

Simpson has known the Crockam family for years. He was a congregant of the Church of God on E. 5th Street when the late Rev. Thomas Crockam — Jahmell’s great-great-grandfather — was the pastor there.

Crockam is a 2009 graduate of Lakewood High School. He had applied to the adult program at Ocean County Vocational and Technical School, but was placed on a waiting list, his mother said. She couldn't answer what he planned to study.

He was also working, said Pressley, who would not say where or what type of job….
Crockam’s family said they believe that the police case against Crockam is built on hearsay, rumors and speculation.

“The cops aren't doing their job,” said Pressley, Crockam’s aunt. “They shouldn't be listening to the street.”

Hours after Matlosz was murdered, police circulated Crockam’s photo and description through social networking sites and text and photo messages.

Crockam’s family believes the person who started that message chain is “out to get” Crockam. They pointed to injuries he may have received after he was arrested Sunday.

Crockam has two black eyes and a gash on his head, according to Pressley and his mother.

A review of photos and video from a Tuesday court hearing showed that Crockam appeared to have a discoloration under his left eye. The other injuries could not be confirmed.

Crockam is being held at the Ocean County Jail in Toms River in lieu of more than $7 million cash bail….

Crockam is not the first family member or associate of his aunt to have run-ins with the law.

Pressley’s son, Razear “Shag” Shabea Muldrow, of Woodlake Manor Drive, Lakewood, was one of three men charged with Dec. 4, 2009, murder of Luis Enrique Garcia, 17.

Garcia was shot in the head in a wooded area between New Hampshire Avenue and the Woodlake Manor Apartments.

Muldrow, Rahim “Radio” Sharif Loyal, 28, of Newark and Jamil Parson, 27, believed homeless, were indicted on murder, conspiracy and witness tampering charges in August. They have pleaded not guilty. No trial date has been set.

Pressley, who is Loyal’s godmother, told a reporter in earlier interviews that the charges against her son and godson are “bogus.”

Pressley’s brother, Rasul K. Allen, pleaded guilty in May 2006 to aggravated manslaughter in the death of Haneef Thomas, 24, a Burlington County man who was shot to death in September 2002 while sitting on the front porch of a house in the 300 block of Ocean Avenue in Lakewood. [NS: That used to be called first-degree murder.]
Dennis Singleton, 24, who was sitting next to Thomas at the time, was also shot but recovered. [That used to be called attempted murder.]

In 2005, Pressley and her husband, Calvin Pressley, now 39, were charged with murder in the 2002 case. Charges against the couple were later dropped. Raquel Pressley pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of obstruction, was sentenced to 217 days time served and placed on two years probation. [From murder to “obstruction.”]

Pressley questioned some media's portrayal of Crockam as a street gang member.

“Why does every black man have to be in a gang?” Pressley asked.

Authorities have declined to comment if Crockam belonged to a street gang.

[“Family of Jahmell Crockam, accused of fatally shooting Officer Christopher Matlosz, say case built on hearsay, rumors,” by Matthew McGrath, Jean Mikle and Kathleen Hopkins, NJ Press Media, January 21, 2011.]

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Black Bethesda Yoga Store Worker Brittany Norwood is Charged with Killing Her White Colleague, Jayna Murray: Five Videos

Brittany Norwood Appears in Court Monday, March 21


Who is Brittany Norwood?


More on Brittany Norwood


Brittany Norwood’s Financial Troubles


Reactions to Norwood’s Arrest


A tip 'o the hat to TBD.

Kant Attack Ad



Re-publication of this hilarious video should not be construed to mean that I support the candidacy of the nihilistic relativist, Friedrich Nietzsche.

Have you ever wondered what Nietzsche is hiding behind his huge walrus mustache?

Thanks to KingHotPants. A tip ‘o the hat to Larry Auster.

Henning, Tennessee, Post Office Double Murder Suspect in Court

By David in TN
Revised at 2:37 a.m., on Tuesday, March 22, 2011.

Previous WEJB/NSU reports by David in TN:

“$25,000 Reward, No Description of Suspects”;

“Reward for Information on Raceless Suspects in Henning, Tennessee Post Office Double Murder Increases to $50,000”; and

“Almost 10 Days After the Henning, TN Post Office Double Murder: Faceless, Raceless Killers Still at Large.”

Remember the Henning, Tennessee Post office killings last October? Nearly a month ago, a suspect was arrested and charged. Here is an account of Chastain Montgomery Sr.’s appearance on March 1 before a federal court in Memphis.

During a brief hearing, Montgomery told the judge he plans to hire his own attorney, but doesn’t know who or when. Montgomery faces two counts of killing a government employee, and other charges in the October 18 shootings inside the Henning, Tennessee post office.

An indictment says Montgomery fatally shot Judy Spray and Paula Robinson while robbing the post office with his son. The son, Chastain Montgomery Jr., was killed in a shootout with police on February 14. The elder Montgomery was jailed on charges related to the shootout, before he was indicted last week in the post office shootings.

Montgomery is a former prison guard at the West Tennessee State Prison in Henning. This prison is where Knoxville Horror ringleader, Lemaricus Davidson, served a token sentence for a previous carjacking, and was a member of the racist gang, the Black Gangster Disciples, and where two other Knoxville Horror perpetrators, Letalvis Cobbins and George “fuck-that-white-girl” Thomas, are presently incarcerated.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bethesda Cops: Black Yoga Store Worker Murdered White Colleague, Made Up Story about Masked Rapist-Killers, in Order to Avoid Jail for Thefts

Murder victim Jayna Murray.

By Nicholas Stix
Revised at 10:08 p.m., on Monday, February 21, 2011.

It was a strange story that Brittany Norwood had told Bethesda detectives, because it contradicted all known profiles and stereotypes. In the real world, criminals follow certain profiles and stereotypes most of the time. But Norwood’s story didn’t make any sense.

She told police that she and her colleague, Jayna Murray, had closed the Yoga store they worked in at 9 p.m., locked up at 9:45 p.m., and began heading home, but that one of them then remembered she’d left something behind, called the other, and met there.

They unlocked the store, and were immediately fallen upon by two masked intruders who robbed the store, and raped and brutally beat the women, killing Murray.

The store, Lululemon Athletica, is in a target-rich environment, full of shops patronized by the well-to-do, and next to an Apple store, so why would two robbers target the Yoga shop?

Murder suspect Brittany Norwood.

Both victims in Bethesda yoga store attack were beaten, raped

Dan Morse, Monday, March 14, 8:58 PM (Washington Post)

The masked assailants who slipped into a Bethesda yoga store raped two workers, beat one of them to death and beat and bound the other, Montgomery County police said Monday.

It was the first time that police have said how Jayna T. Murray was killed.

Police have collected forensic evidence from the store but lack video surveillance and have not formed a solid theory about why the attack happened. But they think the attack was random and have found no evidence that either victim knew the attackers.

“We have no indication at this point that this was anything but a random crime of opportunity,” Montgomery County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger said Monday, as officials announced a $136,000 reward for help in solving the case.

Manger also provided a more exact time line of the slaying than had been released previously:

At 9 p.m. Friday, Murray, 30, and a fellow employee closed the Bethesda Row yoga store Lululemon Athletica. At 9:45 p.m., they set the alarm, locked the store and left.

A short time later, one of the women realized she had left something behind, called her co-worker and the two met back at the store. They entered the front door at 10:05 p.m., Manger said.

“We believe that the two suspects in this case followed them in just seconds after the two victims entered the store,” he said.

The men wore dark clothing, gloves and ski masks, Manger said. One is thought to be 6 feet tall, the other 5 feet 3.

Both women — one age 27, the other 30 — were violently attacked. Murray received “catastrophic” injuries that rattled even longtime law enforcement officers, sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing said.

The surviving woman was discovered Saturday morning after another employee came to open the store. It is unclear whether she couldn’t move because she was so tightly bound, unconscious or both. She was hospitalized and her condition continues to improve, police said.

The store is adjacent to an Apple retail outlet, which began selling its hot new iPad 2 about 5 p.m. Friday. That has led some to speculate that the assailants wanted to be near the store at closing time, 9 p.m., to rob customers going to their vehicles.

But the sources said they’ve uncovered no evidence to support the theory. The draw of many well-heeled Apple customers might be a coincidence, they said….

The answer, according to police, is that Norwood had been stealing from the store, and planned and carried out the murder and fake rape(?)-robbery, in order to avoid going to jail for theft.

Makes perfect sense. Why settle for a larceny rap, and an almost certain sentence of probation, when you can go all the way to murder one, and be eligible for the death penalty?

Former Federal Way high-school soccer standout charged in D.C.-area murder
By Eric Tucker, AP, Seattle Times

Brittany Norwood is accused of killing a co-worker in Maryland last week.

A former standout high-school soccer player from Federal Way has been charged with murder in the death of a co-worker in an affluent suburb of Washington, D.C.

Police in Bethesda, Md., said Brittany Norwood, 28, a 2000 graduate of Decatur High School in Federal Way, made up a story about being attacked inside a yoga-clothing store where she worked to cover up the bludgeoning and stabbing death of co-worker Jayna Murray, 30, of Arlington, Va.

Norwood, who went on to play soccer at Stony Brook University in New York, told police on March 12 that two masked men had entered the Lululemon Athletica store in Bethesda the night before and attacked and sexually assaulted her and Murray. The next morning, another store employee found Murray dead in the shop and Norwood injured and bound.

But after six days of investigation, police now believe that neither woman was sexually assaulted and that Norwood killed Murray after a dispute, according to Montgomery County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger.

Norwood was arrested Friday and charged with first-degree murder, the chief said at a news conference. She is being held at the Montgomery County detention center in Rockville.

Manger said Norwood's account didn't mesh with forensics and medical evidence that police recovered.

Manger said police found only two sets of footprints inside the store, contradicting accounts that more people were inside, and that workers at the adjacent Apple store reported hearing two women arguing.

He also said blood and forensics evidence believed to be connected to Norwood were found inside Murray's car several blocks from the store.

Asked to explain the evidence, detectives said Norwood said the two assailants let her leave the store but told her to come back in 10 minutes or they'd kill her, according to court records.

Officials said Saturday that detectives are looking into whether the killing stemmed from Norwood "being suspected of stealing merchandise." A police official said Norwood has a Washington state address.

Thanks to reader-researcher "W."