Saturday, March 05, 2011

Raceless, Nameless, 13-Year-Old Convicted of First-Degree Murder, in Racially Motivated Stomping Slaying of White 81-Year-Old, George Leroy Baker III

By Nicholas Stix

George Leroy Baker, III

The first of the three black teenagers charged with stomping 81-year-old George Leroy Baker III to death on September 5 in Lynchburg, Virginia, has been convicted in juvenile court.

Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Jeff Bennett said a judge found the boy guilty Monday during a hearing in Lynchburg Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. He is set for sentencing on April 6.

Prosecutors at the Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office have refused to name the boy because he was 13 at the time of the attack. Under Virginia law, a child 14 or older charged with murder must be prosecuted as an adult, although if found guilty, a judge may sentence the child under juvenile or adult penalties.

Because the boy was 13 at the time of the offense, he was prosecuted as a juvenile and faces a maximum penalty of being sentenced to the custody of the Department of Juvenile Justice until his 21st birthday.

State law also provides generally that records and proceedings for a child 14 or older convicted of a crime that would be a felony if he was an adult are open to the public. Bennett said that given the child’s age at the time of the act, "that is open to interpretation."

According to testimony in preliminary hearings for codefendants Vernon Jackson, 16, and Kenneth Jerome Davis Jr., 17, the boys attacked George Leroy Baker in the 1100 block of Main Street. Witnesses at the preliminary hearing testified Davis had been drinking and instigated the attack to show off for some girls. Witnesses said the boys struck Baker -- an Arizona resident in the area for his granddaughter's wedding -- knocking him to the ground, then kicked him before running away.

[“Teenager guilty of murder in Lynchburg beating death,”, by Chris Dumond, WSLS10, March 1, 2011.]

I wrote about George Baker’s murder at the time, in “In Lynchburg, Virginia, Still Another ‘Random’ Act,” and “George Leroy Baker III, Another of the Legion of Whites Who ‘Have No Memorial; Who are Perished, as Though They Had Never been; and are Become as Though They Had Never been Born.’”

An excerpt follows from, “In Lynchburg, Virginia, Still Another ‘Random’ Act”:

“If I were to die tonight, I’d die a happy man.”

Eighty-one-year-old George Leroy Baker III last Sunday to his son Greg, at the wedding reception for Greg’s daughter, now named Leslie Baker Gahagan. The elder Baker would be murdered a few hours later that very night.

Last night, my reader-researcher David in TN wrote me,

You know something? You just get tired of these stories. Literally.

George Leroy Baker III, an 81-year old Arizona man, is in Lynchburg, VA for his granddaughter’s wedding. A group of “teens” beat and kick him to death. Guess what the police say?

“This seems to be an unprovoked, random violent act. What a tragic event.”

This story was just on HLN (Headline News). It must have been because a family member came on to say he wants to forgive his grandfather’s killers.

All George Leroy Baker III wanted to do was walk down Main Street, from the hotel where his granddaughter’s wedding reception had just been held, to a restaurant for dinner. It was only 10 p.m.


George Leroy Baker III, with his granddaughter, Leslie Baker Gahagan, at her wedding reception, only hours before he would be murdered.
Baker, who had been widowed six years earlier, is survived by three children, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Presently in custody, at the Lynchburg Juvenile Detention Center, are three blacks: 16-year-old Kenneth Davis, who reportedly initiated the attack, 16-year-old Vernon Jackson, and an unnamed 13-year-old boy. The 16-year-olds have been charged with first-degree murder and, as per Virginia state law, are presently set to be tried as adults, with the U.S. Supreme Court having taken the death penalty off the table, due to their age.

Several American Renaissance readers waxed eloquently on the murder, and I quoted them at length, in “George Leroy Baker III, Another of the Legion of Whites Who ‘Have No Memorial; Who are Perished, as Though They Had Never been; and are Become as Though They Had Never been Born.’”

16 — elitist wrote at 3:43 AM on September 11:

For the first 45 years of my life, I was the rock solid liberal people here make fun of.

But reality - the moronic, violent, chaotic behavior of so many blacks - kept crashing through my defenses, and finally, I realized I had been lying all along:

There are plenty of admirable and honorable blacks, and plenty of scuzzball whites, but on the whole, blacks in the US have devolved into a kind of mindless mob, and and most blacks dream of only one thing:

Escaping from their own kind.

Blacks suffer from low cognitive ability and low impulse control, and could never have been integrated as a group into European societies.

Denial of the most obvious racial differences have led to catastrophe, including the ruining of dozens of great American cities.

There should be a running number posted somewhere representing the number of whites killed and maimed by blacks in the US over the past 50 years.

Could be very educational for liars like the one I used to be.

Since the newly convicted killer is only 13, he can only be confined, at the latest, until his 21st birthday—which is not bloody likely—and because he is nameless, when he is released and resumes his criminal career, unless he brags about his previous murder, and the press deigns to report this, the public will never know.

Should you try and find information about George Leroy Baker III in Wikipedia, or as I call it, The Pretend Encyclopedia, you’ll be wasting your time. The Pretend Encyclopedia is dominated by ideological enforcers who are determined to ensure that the public learn as little as possible about racist black-on-white murders.

(Hit this link for WSLS10’s continuing coverage of the George Baker case.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report. I presume the next two will be tried before juries unless there are plea bargains.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

"racist black-on-white murders"

What evidence do you have of racism being a factor in this case? And if none, why even bring race into the discussion? We have many cases of men killing women, but we do not put all those cases under the umbrella of "sexist male-on-female murders", so why do it for race?

Nicholas Stix said...

Dear Anon,

Before I make the mistake of assuming good faith on your part, and then wasting my time formulating, writing, and re-writing a response, I want you tell me the last time you concluded that a black-on-white murder was racially motivated.

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Anonymous said...

There was a frequent commenter at the Knoxville News-Sentinel during the Knoxville Horror trials similar to the above Anon. He asserted there was "no evidence of racism" on the part of the killers. He then said those angered by the crime were "racists."

He didn't require any evidence for the latter claim.

David In TN

Nicholas said...

Dear David,

Yeah, he just left four comments, rat-a-tat-tat, at four different pieces:

 Raceless, Nameless, 13-Year-Old Convicted of First...
 Shooting at Whitey: Running the Gauntlet in Chicag...
 New York Had a Taste of Spring Yesterday: Bang, Ba...
 Two Minutes on the Bus.

Each time he let his mask slip a little more, thereby confirming my initial suspicion.

I vaguely recall the Knox News lefty.

As you noted, the concept of “burden of proof” is a one-way street with these guys.

“I presume the next two will be tried before juries unless there are plea bargains.”

If Virginia law is really as strict as the article says, look for jury trials, but for the judge to sentence them as juveniles. I’d rather be wrong and pleasantly surprised, than too hopeful and be crushed.

Anonymous said...

It's possible that the anonymous comment before me is not a LB citizen and doesn't realize the amount of racial tension present.

Pretty much if any kind of violent act is perpetrated here my first thought is, let me guess, he's black?

This is the unfortunate state of the majority of blacks in this city.

As someone said previously, we have many awesome blacks who are kind, empathetic, well, pretty much what you would picture a typical white collar white person to be. But they are very far and few between.

I just found your blog trying to find out what happened to those teens when it came to sentencing. You see, that dude was full of shit when he said he will hit "the next person he sees". I was currently working late shift at a business downtown, I was off that day, but two of my co-workers weren't.

They were two white guys, 20s, and not small. The teens (including the girls from their account) tried bumming smokes off of them while they were out smoking. We were pretty used to this, so we usually just said,oh I left my pack inside sorry, or I'm out or some bullshit to make them fuck off. This was around 9 something.

Point is, instead of hitting two white guys in their 20s and in decent shape, they went after an old man. It's sickening.