Thursday, March 17, 2011

White Parents Sue Oklahoma City Public Schools, Alleging Two Years of Racist Bullying and Assaults by Black Students, and an Assault by a Black School Bus Driver (Who was the Head Bully's Aunt!)



Nation of Cowards has a video from October about the attacks on the girl and her father.

The following section consists of a press release from the parents’ law firm, Absolute Legal Services, LLC. Thus, it is an example of advocacy—like most of what passes for journalism these days—yet I have not read or heard anything that exculpates the black students on the bus, the driver, or the school, John Marshall High School. And the story that Carrie and Henry Holeman told reporters about what they said their daughter endured for two years, has been backed up by neighbors who witnessed the last attack in October, and even by the Oklahoma City Police, of all people!

OKLAHOMA CITY – March 5, 2011 The parents of a thirteen year-old student at John Marshall High School, are suing the Oklahoma City Public Schools and school administrators for failing to protect their daughter from bullying, harassment and abuse. In a lawsuit filed Friday in the District Court of Oklahoma County, Carrie and Henry Holeman, claim damages for prior acts of bullying and harassment upon their daughter. The Holemans allege school administrators failed to appropriately address the bullying of their daughter for two school years, which led to the October 18, 2010 attack on their daughter while she rode home on an Oklahoma City Public Schools bus.

In that incident, several other students pushed the Holeman’s daughter to the ground and began violently attacking her. Henry Holeman, tried rushing onto the school bus in order to rescue his daughter, but the bus driver immediately thwarted his attempts by removing him from the school bus. The Holeman’s daughter continued to receive punches and kicks, until being removed from the bus by her mother, Carrie Holeman. “I was just doing what any parent would do if they were in my situation and saw their daughter being attacked,” says Carrie Holeman. “We want this to be an example and a statement for other victims.”

The lawsuit alleges that the bus driver physically assaulted Henry Holeman and his daughter, and actively prevented her from leaving the school bus safely. The Holemans also allege that their daughter suffered physical and emotional damages because of bullying and the October 18th attack. The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of $75,000.00.

When discussing the lawsuit, the Holeman’s attorney, Jeffrey Taylor, stated, “We know the end result of these kinds of hateful attacks. We have a history of bullying cases that end badly. We believe that this lawsuit will act as a reminder to every school district that they need to take a more active approach in addressing these kinds of sensitive issues. Our schools need to do more to protect our kids’ safety, especially when they are on notice of the bullying and harassment.” The Oklahoma City Public School District stated that it does not comment on pending lawsuits.
In spite of the yeoman work that thousands of reporters and editors have undertaken, in order to ensure that stories of the violent, racist attacks that black students daily commit against white students and educators never see the light of day, over the past 15 years I have nevertheless read hundreds of such stories from around the country. Meanwhile, the best that said reporters and editors can come up with, regarding white-on-black school discrimination are frauds like the Jena Hoax, and counterfeit claims asserting that since black students get disciplined more often than white students, it must be due to racial discrimination, rather than black students' astronomical rates of rule-breaking, harassment, and violence. For more on this topic, I recommend the chapter on education in the NPI report, The State of White America-2007, edited and co-authored by yours truly.

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Anonymous said...

Last year, a 10-year old boy I know whom I will call Chris lost his father. A boy on the bus taunted him about it. The taunter was a year younger but taller and heavier.

Chris' mother told school officials her son was being verbally abused on the school bus, but nothing was done. After enduring harrassment for several days, Chris beat up the boy taunting him.

Finally, the school officials did something about it. The one who started the trouble was taken off the bus (for a while). Chris was told that while it wasn't his fault, not to do it again.

It took about a week, but the school did do something. Everybody involved was white, by the way.

David In TN

jeigheff said...

I have absolutely no doubts about the accuracy of this story. But I would like to know more details. For instance, what has become of the bus driver or the bullies since this matter has become public? I'd be interested to know if the driver has put on leave or anything at all, pending the outcome of the lawsuit.

I can only imagine the reaction of the bullies themselves: "Huh, we didn't do nuthin!", accompanied by smirks.

I wish the parents all the success in the world with their lawsuit.

Nicholas said...


Good for Chris! Of course, had the taunter been black, the school authorities would have reacted much differently.

Nicholas said...


A report one day after the first report said that the OKC Public Schools had said the driver would not drive the bus the rest of the week. The reporter did not use the word "suspended."

I searched for more on the driver, but came up with nothing, not even her name. My hunch is that that is because nothing was done about her, and the OKC schools sought to sweep everything under the rug.

OKC is only 58.25% non-Hispanic white, which means that the public schools are generally a bad place for white kids to be.

I haven't done a lot of research on OKC, but I studied two earlier cases, in which black supremacists had taken over public
schools there during the past 10 or so years. In one case, they let the black female principal retire without any charges being pressed and the investigation being stopped (apparently, she got her pension, and then got a new job as a professor at a segregated black college), while in the other case, nothing happened to the black female principal.

Dutch Boy said...

Dear old dad was kept off the bus by a FEMALE bus driver? Pathetic.

Nicholas said...

I’m with you, Dutch Boy, she wouldn’t keep me off, but… consider the following facts and reports:

1. I saw the woman. She must weigh over 300 pounds. If she stood in the doorway, the only way to get on would be by first incapacitating her and dragging her out;
2. She allegedly hit father Henry Holeman in the throat; and
3. Mother Carrie Holeman says she got on the bus and rescued her daughter, presumably while her husband was tussling with the driver.

Had Mrs. Holeman not been there to make it on the bus, Mr. Holeman might have succeeded at getting past the driver and rescuing their daughter, but it might have taken a minute or two longer, at which point their daughter might have been stomped to the point of being maimed or dead.

If the races had been reversed, I have no doubt that this would be national news, and that the alleged perpetrators would have been charged with everything, up to and including federal hate crimes.

But the national media have more important stories to cover, like white “racist” UCLA student, Alexandra Wallace. And at the time that the attacks on the Holeman family were being reported in Oklahoma, the national media were busy promoting the race hoax, in which they sought to turn black college student Danroy Henry’s failed murder attempt on three white policemen into their "murder" of him.

Anonymous said...

Two Years! Two years of racist bullying and assaults by blacks? Holy Cow! And the bus driver is in on the assaults.
If the races were reversed this would have made headlines around the world. The New York Times would have been carrying this above the fold for two years. Katy Couric and Wolf Blitzer would be doing standing interviews with the blacks, but all this makes is the internet.
This finally comes to a head after the parents take a stand and get clobbered.
The future looks very dark for whites.
The so-called Justice Department has said it will not prosecute so-called minorities for hate crimes against whites. Where do we go from here?

Anonymous said...

Here's a bit more in relation to this story:

This is common among negroids, (attacking non-negros at every chance).

- WhipCracker

Dina said...

I just have to say, I still recall more than thirty years ago, a riot broke out at Eisenhower Middle School in OKC. I was in eighth grade. Eisenhower was a school with more than 50% black students. I was beaten up during that riot - for now other reason than being white. My bus driver stopped it, thankfully. This kind of thing has not stopped.

Anonymous said...

Europeans started the whole race thing. The Bible says live by the sword DIE by the sword or better still the least shall become the greatest, reap what you sow so on and so fourth in other words the Black folks learned their behaviour from Europeans.

Unknown said...

We lost the lawsuit. For "lack of evidence". We had plenty of evidence, they just failed to take it to court. People will do anything to keep attacks of this sort in hiding. But once it's white on black, it's all over the place. I still never got justice.

Unknown said...

We lost the lawsuit. For "lack of evidence". We had plenty of evidence, they just failed to take it to court. People will do anything to keep attacks of this sort in hiding. But when it's white on black, it's all over the place. I still never got justice.