Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Ex-Cons May Gain Affirmative Action Status in Madhouse Seattle


By Nicholas Stix

A day doesn’t pass, without one of my reader-researchers sending me a story of a black or Hispanic felon who was aided and abetted by de facto criminal justice affirmative action, which enabled him to rape and/or murder, when he should have been in prison or already executed.

Seattle, home of the nation’s craziest white folks, wants to take such affirmative action a step further, and make it legal. The pro-criminal Seattle Office for Civil Rights, run by Julie Nelson, wants to force employers and landlords to favor ex-cons over the law-abiding in hiring and renting and selling homes.

[“Should ex-cons be a protected class in Seattle?” by Tonya Mosley, KING 5 News, March 6, 2011.]

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights’ Web site asserts,
At the Seattle Office for Civil Rights, we envision a city where all people enjoy equal rights, equal opportunity and freedom from illegal discrimination. SOCR promotes racial and social justice for everyone in Seattle through education, policy work, and enforcement of civil rights laws.

To borrow from Mary McCarthy, when she spoke of Stalinist Lillian Hellman, every word in the above statement is a lie, including “and” and “the.” Nelson promotes favoritism for blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, homosexuals, cripples, women (depending on the other privileged groups in the mix), criminals in general, illegal alien invaders in particular, while disenfranchising and dispossessing white, heterosexual, law-abiding men, especially Christians and conservatives.

Multiculturalism is a totalitarian, zero-sum mentality: Not only do multiculturalists not believe in “equal rights,” within their attitude, such legal equality is both theoretically impossible, and undesirable, as a practical matter.

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