Sunday, March 06, 2011

Anonymous Black Woman Genius Smacks Down Roger Clegg!

On February 24, I published, “Anonymous Black Woman Genius (ABWG) Puts White Male in His Place.” Today, in a related post, an ABWG does the same to Roger Clegg. On March 3, the Washington Times published Clegg’s op-ed, “At age 50, affirmative action looks tired; Efforts increasingly counterproductive and unhinged from history,” which inspired the following exercise in ABWG erudition.

• isiscey

Roger Clegg, its obvious you got a steady job. Its obvious that you are working underground for the GOP to try to get rid of the Affrimative Action. The last person you tried to say the same thing as you did in your article was Condi Rice. Condi Rice got a beat down from every corner of USA from the National Organization for Women (NOW), to all Women rather they be White, Black, Mexican/Latino's, Native American Indian, etc... that her political career is gone/done. The only time you will see her on TV for interviews, to give anaylsis of what the current adminstrators are doing from her leaving the Bush administrators is in the wee hours of the morning, when most mothers/Women are asleep! Oh one time of 15 minute fame with Arthea Frankling singing her playing the piano. So, what, no one is interested how she can play the piano for Aretha Franklin.

I can't believe you work for EEOC to be a Chief of this organization to say " because we have more Multi-racial, and Seven out of 10 Mothers bored children etc.. without fathers is the reason why we shouldn't have Affirmative Action in place"?

The Affirmative Action bill if you EVER READ IT, from your article you haven't read the Affrimative Action bill. [NS: There is no “Affrimative Action bill.”] As to whom it is for. Let me give you a small crash course on Affirmative Action bill.

"Its about women of Color -(White, Black, Asian, Native American, Latino Women have the assurance, from build up skills over the years of their profession have the right to applied for CEO's, Presidential, in other words high ceiling positions as their White Male Counterparts.

Mr. Clegg, I don't know who or what you look like, but if you are a Black Man that is a Chief of EEOC, to think for one minute that your credentials and explicitity of communications would have gotten that job you hold today without the Bill of Affirmative Actions. You are deadly wrong and very ignorant.

So, for you to write this article if you are a Black/African American, what did the "Man promise you"? A membership to club that all White Males go to exchange ideas in a smoked filled rooms to give you a pat on the back to say "what a good negro you are to write a stupid article in the Washington Post, to encourage Americans to get rid of Affirmative Action Bill".

If you are a White Man, I bet any amont of money, you are under alias name to write this article in the post, because you have to deal with every White Woman that is in your family. To explain why you wrote an article to squash the chance of "Miniorities in this Country to have jobs that mostly White Males held back in the 1960's!?

(NS: But she wasn’t done yet.)

• isiscey

I forgot to mentioned that a Black Man or any man of color regardless he is White, Asian, Latino, Native American, etc.. with all the degrees, proven skills and explicit communication wouldn't have a CEO job either without the Affirmative Action Bill place to work in a White Private Sector, Corporations, Military etc.. Black Firms like Johnson Ebony Magazines, Household Magazines, etc..Marketed towards Black Communities in the early 1920's to 1960's. In order to make more money these Black firms hired White Men to CEO jobs to Market more revenue into their Black Companies within White Communities this is being done to this Day of the 21st Century! Because a White Man couldn't work for a Black Company back in the 1920' b4 the signing of the Affirmative Action Bill in 1960 if he wanted to live in a neighborhood of his choice-which is usually among White folks-and maybe a few Blacks that have the same values and principles as his to raise a family or not. "Money/Revenue Talks and BS Walks when it comes to any Corporation, Regardless who is running it Black/White males to create jobs to talented people and put money into the pockets of the owners/families!

If you noticed once pple like yourself try to squash the Affirmative Action publically on TV. Every White/Black man is on the phone calling every female to granny. To protest against anyone that threatens their livelyhood. You never ever see a White/Black/Asian/Latino/Native American, etc...
males with women in the USA to protest against ANY lawmaker that would dare to change or try to get rid of the Affirmative Action Bill! Guess what you won't because, they are men and they know there Women!

White Women have been consider as a 2nd class generations since the time of Colonizations of Europeans of Kings/Queens to there own men got tired of Kings/Queens taxing the hell of them to being Settlers of robbing and killing America Native Indians ancestors of their land, for their own men to mistreat them of their Rights of a new land and still treat them as 2nd class b4 Slavery and After Slavery. White Women ain't going back to that life or near that life. White Women have been protesting in the streets since the 1800's to 1960's of the Affirmative Action Bill.

The Affirmative Action Bill will stay in place for another 50 years as long as Women are in America and you got Males that love there Mother's, Sisters, Granny, Aunts, Wives and just plain Women.


John Robert Mallernee, KB3KWS, in Vernal, Utah said...

I'm not sure WHAT it was I just read.

Nicholas Stix said...

Yeah, she's something, ain't she? And while someone is bound to say she's an extreme, the truth is that there are millions just like her, and they're running the damned country!