Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Auster: Producer Suspended for Saying Minority Characters Wouldn’t Fit in His Program about English Village Life


once a historically all-white or majority white country admits vast numbers of immigrants who are conspicuously different from that country’s majority and historic population, the majority population lose their freedom to carry on their normal existence. They lose the freedom, which they used to have, to speak frankly about other groups. They lose the freedom, which they used to have, to discuss whether they want to let other groups immigrate into the country or keep them out. They lose the freedom, which they used to have, to create high and popular culture that reflects the country’s historic and familiar identity and experience….

The producer of a successful British TV program has lost his job because he said that nonwhite characters would not fit in the show’s stories about life in a traditional English village. To repeat: once a white country admits vast numbers of nonwhites, the country’s own culture becomes morally criminalized. If the nations of the West are to regain their freedom, their identity, their very existence as historically recognizable countries, they must stop and reverse the diversification process.

And if someone says to you, “This is monstrous and wicked—you are talking about treating people who are living in this country as if they they didn’t belong here,” your reply to that person should be: “But what do YOU believe in? YOU believe in an immigration policy and a demographic transformation that result in the majority population of this country being treated as though they didn’t belong here. So why is YOUR policy of dispossessing the historic people and culture of this country morally GOOD, but MY policy of trying to stop that monstrous act of dispossession is morally BAD? And if you are unable to answer that question, then you must admit that your entire rationale for diversifying this country into a nonwhite country and suppressing as evil all criticism of that diversification has fallen apart.”

And whenever you hear a mainstream conservative or libertarian or Randian talk about our wonderful new diversity which transcends race differences, tell him about the British producer who was fired for making a show about a familiar English village that doesn’t include nonwhites among its characters. And if he says, “Oh, well, that’s just political correctness run amok, we all know that race doesn’t matter,” you should reply to him, “Political correctness or not, it is what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING in the diversified Britain that YOU believe in and insist must become ever more diverse and nonwhite. So your diversity is not so great, is it? What your diversity actually leads to is the criminalization and suppression of whites and their culture. So race does matter, doesn’t it?”

We must never let mainstream conservatives get away with spouting their ideal of how harmonious and beautiful and universal a diversified society will be. We must stick in their faces the things that are actually happening to whites as a result of that diversification

And by the way the democracy promoters need to be treated the same way as the diversity promoters. Whenever they boast of the “success” of democracy in Iraq or Afghanistan, don’t let them get away with it. Remind them of the deadly violence against Christians in Iraq which has turned much of the Christian population into refugees, remind them of the ongoing capital prosecutions, under Afghanistan’s sharia-based legal system, of Christian converts in that country, and point out how these FACTS make a total lie out of their boasting of a democratic Iraq and a democratizing Afghanistan….

[“Producer suspended for saying minority characters wouldn’t fit in his program about English village life,” by Lawrence Auster, View from the Right, March 15, 2011.]

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