Saturday, March 26, 2011

University of Kentucky Declares U.S. Constitution Null and Void, and Criminalizes Speech


LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) -- Campus police at the University of Kentucky are investigating two incidents in which a sign was hung that used a racial slur to refer to President Barack Obama.

Police spokesman Jay Blanton says a professor found the first one on March 15 hanging on a door to the UK School of Law and turned it in.

A law student found another sign Thursday on a bus shelter.

Blanton says campus police could charge whoever posted the signs with third-degree criminal mischief. He says it's not clear whether anyone from the school is involved, but campus police are investigating because the first sign was on university property.

[“UK police investigating racist Obama signs,” by Anonymous, March 25, 2011.]

Thanks to Ronbo at The Freedom Fighter’s Journal, who observes, “SO WHAT? PROTECTED SPEECH UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT.”


Ronbo said...

In regards to the "offensive racist poster" in question - It created from a 1975 movie and poster entitled, I kid you not! - "Boss Nigger" which was a 1975 Western where a racist black becomes the law over a small town of whites.

So in 1975 it was okay to plaster these posters all over town, but in 2011 it's mutiny on the Bounty for a modified poster of the same subject to be plastered on a wall at the University of Kentucky.

Those of us who grew up in the 60s and 70s are amazed that words like "nigger" have become so politically incorrect (for whites) that the media is afraid to spell them out, or say them over the air.

Of course, it is PC for blacks to call one another "nigger" and sing rap songs where every other word is "nigger."

I refuse to go along with this double standard on my blog, or in my speech. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Indeed, Barack Obama is a Communist BOSS NIGGER.

...and if you don't like me saying "nigger" then haul me into court!

I won't go quietly into the night like Dr. Laura who was fired for saying "nigger" in a discussion.

Californian said...

So the question is, why aren't race realists forming a civil liberties organization to take on such cases? Why not do what the left does (or did), and turn free speech into a major issue of the day. Expose the multicult establishment for its repression?