Friday, March 25, 2011

“I lost it man. I shot the black lady”; Prison Guard Confessed to Murdering Women Because They Only Had $63 in Henning, Tennessee Post Office Killings

But Pleads Not Guilty
By David in TN

Henning Postal Workers Killed Over $63:

On Tuesday, in Memphis federal court, a hearing was held for Chastain Montgomery Sr. A video of a February 15 interrogation was played.

“I lost it man,” Montgomery told postal inspectors. “I started shooting. I shot the black lady.”

Montgomery faces six federal charges related to the October 18 shootings of Paula Robinson, who was black, and Judy Spray, who was white.

The hearing offered the first details of the killings at the Henning, Tennessee post office. Montgomery told investigators that he expected the post office to have $25,000 when he and his 18-year old son went to rob it because they were low on money.

Montgomery told investigators that after he shot Robinson, his son, Chastain Montgomery Jr., shot Spray.

Chastain Montgomery Jr. was killed in a February 14 shootout with police in Mason after they tried to stop him in a stolen truck. The younger Montgomery started firing at officers with two guns before he was shot dead by a deputy.

His father was arrested on evidence tampering when he went to the crime scene and tried to get in the truck, authorities said. The father drove to the scene in a car matching the description of a possible getaway vehicle from the post office shooting, according to authorities.

Montgomery gave details several details of the crime in his interrogation. Only $63 was missing from the office safe.

NS: Look for Montgomery to recant his confession, claiming that it was coerced, and for his lawyer, Michael Scholl, to claim that his client was a victim of “racial profiling.” He is pleading “not guilty,” and Scholl is emphasizing that Montgomery is a paranoid-schizophrenic, suggesting that detectives interrogated him without first giving him his meds. Scholl is bound to play the race card, the crazy card, or both.

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