Friday, March 25, 2011

Dispatches from a Dirty War with No Front Lines: Help Me Keep Reporting on It!

The John Doe calling himself Barack Obama finally has a war of his own! I’ll occasionally write about the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, the war in Libya, the war in … but that’s not the sort of warfare that I’m devoted to reporting and opining on these days.

For over 20 years, I’ve been researching and writing on the race war back home.

When we sent our boys into harm’s way in Afghanistan and Iraq, everyone understood that these were wars, though some people supported them, and others didn’t. But millions of blacks—now tens of millions—have been waging a race war on American whites, the vast majority of whom deny they are in a war. And the MSM and my good friend Mark Potok at the SPLC refer to me variously as a “white supremacist” or “white nationalist,” when they refer to me at all. Most of the time, they ignore me, because they don’t want anyone to learn about what I’ve unearthed.

If I tried to tell white New Yorkers that they are besieged by a race war, they would either have me committed or arrested. More than a few white taxi drivers understand what I’m talking about, but “respectable” people would write them off as being as crazy as the Mel Gibson character in Conspiracy Theory. (Of course, there are millions of ex-New Yorkers who understand me perfectly well.)

And yet, the bodies keep piling up.

And it’s not just the dead. It’s all the children who can’t get on a school bus or enter the schoolhouse doors, without getting beaten to a pulp. Punched. Slammed. Stomped. And of course, robbed. (And occasionally raped.) And the “educators” and “security” personnel who are variously complicit or outright accomplices.

It’s the whites who can’t drive down a public street, get on a bus or subway, or even leave their own homes without being brutally beaten and disfigured by murderous black racists.

It’s the constant race hoaxes.

It’s whites being arrested, prosecuted, and even imprisoned, without having broken any laws, indeed for engaging in behavior that is specifically protected by the First Amendment.

It’s about blacks openly threatening white voters at polling places.

And it’s about a government that is now explicitly, enthusiastically, waging war on whites.

The race hoaxes, disenfranchisement, illegal prosecutions and murders are all different acts in the same war, a war that the targets must finance, on their enemy’s behalf. Welcome to the multicultural welfare state!

At WEJB/NSU, you get all that, and baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet!

In a previous draft of this fund-raising letter, I tried listing the important stories I’ve published, but the list just went on and on. And of course, for every racist outrage that I write about, there are hundreds that I’ve read about—with the help of my dogged reader-researcher-legmen—but didn’t have time to write about, and thousands which were never reported , even at the local level.

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Nicholas Stix

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Californian said...

Your average white person seems to not have a clue. I've frequently raised the points you make in this article, and find that most whites buy into the liberal party line on race (even when the whites in question are not liberals). One reason is that since whites are still in the majority, they believe that they have nothing to worry about. They believe that by making X, Y or Z concession, we will come about to the promised land of equality, and then the black underclass will stop bothering them with crime and welfare dependency and burnt out inner cities.

Some of this is also a failure of what is, for a lack of a better term, "will to power." It's not easy to have to go out there and do the things you need to do in order to maintain power. This often means assorted unpleasantness, such as getting out the dogs, truncheons and riot guns. Much better to go along to get along.

These attitudes need to be explored more...