Monday, March 14, 2011

Israeli “Model” Orit Fox Kills Snake with Prosthetic Breast

By Nicholas Stix

The model thought that licking a boa would make for a sexier shot. The boa disagreed—I can understand—and bit the model/actress/whatever’s left prosthetic breast and, according to journalistic rumor, subsequently died of silicone poisoning.

If I owned the snake, I would sue, and demand the “model” be arrested for animal cruelty and for impersonating a woman.

I already knew I disliked prosthetic breasts, but I didn’t know they could kill a fella.

[“Snake bites model Orit Fox's breast during photo shoot, reportedly dies of silicone poisoning,” by Jaime Uribarri, Daily News, March 14th 2011.]

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's amazing that silicone didn't come shooting out of there like a geyser.