Wednesday, March 30, 2011

“Kiss Me Like a Woman”: Career Criminal George Anthony Brown Goes on Homo/Hetero Sexual Assault, Stabbing, and Shooting Spree


BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - A stabbing and assault spree has one man behind bars. Independence County Sheriff's deputies arrested George Anthony Brown after they say he held several people at knife point, and injured two others. But it's what led to the assaults that's so disturbing.

Three bizarre assaults. Sheriff's deputies say all by 43 year-old George Anthony Brown of Batesville. Detective Brian Leutschwager says it started with a kiss. "Brown went over to one of the male subjects, grabbed him by the throat, and shoved him up against the wall. He then actually proceeded to kiss him," said Leutschwager. Brown reportedly told the victim to "kiss him back like a woman."

"The victim declined the offer. At that point, Mr. Brown stabbed him in the side with a pocket knife," said Leutschwager.

The wound was minor, but then the suspect turned to the victim's girlfriend. "Brown grabbed her and reportedly licked her from her chin to the top of her forehead. I think Mr. Brown reportedly told her that he would take her soul," said Leutschwager. According to the report, Brown threatened he would kill the victims if they called police.

The second incident occurred when police received a phone call from a residence of another victim threatened. "The suspect had been there earlier that day. He was going around to the sides of the trailer banging on it, making general threats. When he went to leave, they witnessed him pulling out a hand gun and firing shots off as he drove off," said Leutschwager.

It wasn't until the assailant came back that night, that the victim called police. But, he was gone before deputies arrived. Minutes later, a deputy was dispatched down the road, where Brown was reportedly inside assaulting more victims. "The deputy made entry into the residence and there he actually found Mr. Brown on-top of the victim, holding a knife to the victims throat," said Leutschwager

The victim suffered a small stab wound under his chin. It was there that guns were drawn and Brown was taken into custody. Leutschwager said this isn't Brown's first run-in with police. "He has been convinced with possession with intent to deliver, has a conviction of assault, also fleeing and disorderly conduct."

Now he has to face a courtroom again. Brown is charged with second and third degree battery, aggravated assault on a family or household member, false imprisonment, and terroristic threatening. Brown is currently in the Independence County Jail. His bond is set at five-hundred thousand dollars. Brown is scheduled to make his first appearance in court March 29th.

[“Police Arrest Man Involved in Stabbing Spree,” by Amanda Hanson, posted March 28, 2011, 1:30 PM EDT; updated March 29, 2011, 6:36 AM EDT.]

An ever growing percentage of black boys and men display violently polymorphous perversity.

Let me guess. While in prison, Brown got a taste for “white meat.” And as the Baytown Rapist case (Keith Hill) showed, even black men who haven’t yet been inside have become obsessed with raping white men. It’s yet another front in the war.

Suspect George Anthony Brown.

There is a sexual side to what Richard Lynn has analyzed in terms of race and the “psychopathic personality.” Note that the race war and psychopathic aspects are complementary, rather than mutually contradictory.

See also my report, “Another Associated Press Scandal: Wire Service Covers Up Black-Male-on-White-Male Rape Spree.”

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Unreconstructed said...

If a sleazy black had kissed me when I was twenty, I probably would have been too stunned to react. (I'm a man, BTW.) Long experience with black deviance now allows me to avoid shock and simply react as necessary to black provocation. I mention this because I would have instantly begun kicking, punching, gouging and biting if I had been on the receiving end of Mr. Brown's affections. I wonder what the police would have thought about that. I doubt that I could or would beat him to death, but suppose that I incapacitated him. What would the cops say if I told them that I beat him down after he kissed me? That seems like a difficult situation. What do you think, Mr. Stix?

Nicholas said...

"What would the cops say if I told them that I beat him down after he kissed me? That seems like a difficult situation. What do you think, Mr. Stix?"

In New York?

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one..."