Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Longtime Reader Meditates on Jahmell Crockam

In response to “Accused Cop/Serial Killer Jahmell Crockam is an Innocent, Churchgoing, Fall Guy, and Victim of Police Brutality and Racism, Says Family,” a longtime reader sent three brief letters, which I am publishing together.

1. (“Crockam was quiet throughout the proceedings — but appeared to be whispering ‘I love you’ to some of his family in the courtroom.”)

Among the items listed in the “Fifty things that Mike Royko hates,” was the instance of when the 39-year-old grandmother stands outside of the jailhouse and complains that her “baby” ain’t killed nobody. In parentheses next to “baby” was [23-year-old]!

Here Johnny Cockeroo ain’t done nothing to nobody.

2. Stix: “Since New Jersey has no death penalty, Crockham can allegedly kill as many people, in and out of jail, as he wants, without ever facing justice.”

Right. Here in IL, they just “abolished” the death penalty. And that is correct. Kill one, or kill a dozen, and it does not matter, the penalty is just about the same now that death has been done away with. Kill one or kill a dozen and you get the same punishment, life without so-called parole.

And kill another inmate, a whitey you are extorting in prison, or kill a prison guard, and the punishment cannot be any greater, if any more punishment can be done, you are already serving life “without the possibility of parole”!

Wonderful, isn’t it?

3. Haneef, Rasul, etc. All these fambly members of Johnny Cockeroo have the Muslim names? Those Muslims get a good education in the joint? Know that much better to hate and kill whitey. Such a world.

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